Top 12 Best Beard, Mustache, Ears and Nose Trimmers

A trimmer is a small device that is able to solve many problems of caring for face and body hair: put the “right” hair in order and remove unnecessary hair. To forever forget about the unsafe and tedious scissors cutting, you only need to buy home a high-quality and convenient hair trimmer.

Top Hair Trimmer Manufacturers

Search for the best hair trimmer is best to start with the choice of a reliable brand. The list of the best naturally includes companies that have gained fame as manufacturers of equipment for professional hairdressers and stylists, but at the same time they do not forget about ordinary consumers. Leading positions among them are occupied by the famous American brand Wahl, the German Moser (owned by Wahl), and the French Babyliss. The traditionally strong Philips, Braun, Panasonic, Remington home appliances are on the same footing. But cheap products of little-known brands, in order to avoid discomfort when using and for the sake of preserving nerve cells (and money), should be avoided.

The best beard and mustache trimmers

The Philips BT 7210 trimmer with a vacuum system is a reliable and efficient device that allows you to trim or trim the beard and keep the surrounding space clean. High-quality result of a hairstyle and comfort in the process of using a trimmer are provided with the following set of functions and characteristics:

  • Lift & Trim. This is a proprietary system that pre-lifts hairs, directing them to the blades. The result is a smooth bristle in one motion,
  • Stainless steel self-sharpening blades. Always sharp and do not require lubrication,
  • 20 options for setting the length of the slice. A special regulator allows you to set the desired value in increments of 0.5 mm. Setting range 0.5-10 mm,
  • Built-in container. Used vacuum system is able to collect up to 90% of cut hairs,
  • Long autonomous work. Only 1 hour of charging will provide 75 minutes of battery life.
  • Charging indication. Three levels are visually available - charging, charging, low charge,
  • Compact trimmer. Helps to trim beard and mustache lines
  • Simple cleansing. After the haircut is completed, the collected hairs are shaken out of the built-in camera, and the blades are removed and washed under running water.

Why exactly trimmer

Due to its size, this small device is not suitable for high-quality haircuts, nor for a full shave. Its advantage is lightness and miniature size. These qualities allow you to perfectly remove hair in remote places, and exactly repeat the intricate contours of the chin.

To choose the best trimmer of 2017-2018, you need to pay attention to several criteria:

  • possible length of haircut,
  • number of modes (levels),
  • the presence of interchangeable nozzles and their number,
  • vacuum bristle removal system,
  • recharge time
  • battery life,
  • type of food
  • quality of the blades and the possibility of their replacement.

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Trimmer selection rules

To choose a good trimmer for a beard and mustache, as well as other parts of the body, you need to consider a few rules:

  1. Cutting width. The more corners and zigzags your “beard” has, the narrower the trimmer head should be. This, of course, will slow down the process a bit, but it will become much more convenient to use the trimmer.
  2. Replaceable nozzles. Their presence and number significantly increases the cost of the device. Therefore, before buying, think about what accessories and what you really need.
  3. The ability to adjust the height of the haircut. The overwhelming number of models has such a function. But the number of levels can vary.
  4. Blades They are stainless steel or ordinary steel. The trick is that you cannot sharpen them yourself. Dull blades must be replaced. But their price is often comparable to the cost of a new trimmer. So the choice of trimmers for a beard and mustache with self-sharpening knives is one of the most faithful.
  5. The quality of cleaning blades. There are three possible options: dry, wet and vacuum. The latter, of course, is most preferable, but such models are much more expensive.
  6. Battery life Before buying a trimmer, ask how long it can work without interruption. For most models, this figure is at the level of 45-50 minutes. But there are also "long-livers". Some devices can work on a single charge for 1.5–2 hours or more.
  7. Full recharge time. Of course, it is best to buy a device that restores its performance quickly. But you can give preference to the fact that charging 3-4 hours. They often cost much less. And if you are going to use the device not constantly, this time may be enough.
  8. Ability to work from the network. Some models do not have an electric cord and are able to work only from a battery or battery. It is very convenient to travel, but very unprofitable in everyday life.
  9. The availability of items for the care of equipment. Many models come with a carrying case, cleaning brushes and special oil for moving parts.
  10. Voltage switch There are trimmers that can operate from the mains in the range from 100 to 240 V. This can be a powerful argument for those who often travel to different countries.
  11. Options Some models of 2018 are equipped with laser pointers to achieve perfect lines. This is very important in the formation of model hairstyles from mustache and beard.
  12. Reviews It’s more important that it’s not the presence of positive comments, but the absence of negative ones. Probably not worth explaining why.

Interesting fact. In 2018, the manufacturer of robotic vacuum cleaners, the Okami Group, immediately launched 3 successful models, one of which topped the overall ranking of robotic vacuum cleaners. The best choice in the segment up to $ 500 (30 000 rubles).

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Philips BT 7210

Let's start with the model BT 7210 from Philips. This convenient, effective and reliable device has such functions:

  • Lift & Trim system, which lifts hairs, creating a comfortable shaving environment,
  • vacuum suction of cut bristles,
  • self-sharpening blades,
  • 20 modes of operation in the cut-off range from 0.5 mm to 1 cm with a step of 0.5 mm,
  • visual charging indicator
  • small size
  • Wet cleaning system: blades can be washed under running water.

The only not very pleasant fact in this case is the rather high cost of the device. In different outlets for the trimmer of this model are asked from $ 110 and above.

Philips QT 4015

And here is another good model from a popular manufacturer. According to experts, the QT 4015 trimmer is the best choice for those who prefer the popular “three-day unshaven” haircut for a beard. Of course, this is not all that this wonderful and inexpensive device can do. In the list of its advantages are:

  • 20 levels of adjustment: 0.5–10 mm,
  • Titanium blades do not get blunt for a long time,
  • visual control of the charge level
  • rounded tips at the ridges and the canvas itself,
  • full charge is achieved in just 60 minutes, it provides up to one and a half hours of continuous operation of the device,
  • all nozzles can be removed and washed.

Of the unpleasant moments, it can only be noted that the quality of the plastic from which the ridges are made cannot be called very high. That, however, is more than offset by the price of about 50 "American presidents."

Braun BT 5070

Another model, ranked in the ranking of the best devices for cutting mustache and beard. BT 5070 is an excellent German quality at a very affordable price. The cost of such trimmer in online stores can start from 50-60 dollars. Such availability is most likely due to the lack of expensive and often useless “bells and whistles”. Instead, everything is arranged very simply and therefore as reliably as possible:

  • 25 lengths of haircut,
  • auto selection of electrical parameters, from 110 to 240 V, which allows you to adapt to electrical outlets in any country in the world,
  • battery light indication,
  • double battery: continuous operation –50 min, full charge - 8 hours,
  • possibility of cleaning with running water.

This excellent trimmer, however, is not suitable for those who would like to be able to shave “under zero” if necessary. This function Braun BT 5070 does not have.

Wahl 5546-216

A very inexpensive and effective model that can perfectly cope with vegetation in the nose and ears. The cost of the device is about $ 15, it works on two ordinary batteries (they are not included). The trimmer has a pair of interchangeable tips:

Sharp stainless steel blades will last a long time, and they can be cleaned under running water.

Moser 5640-1801

This trimmer is also quite affordable, about $ 20. However, it weighs three times less compared to the previous model, only 60 g. It is made in the shape of a pen and works on a small AAA battery. Using this trimmer does not cause discomfort and is completely safe. And your ear and nose will not suffer. Also, there is the possibility of wet cleaning the device.

Of the shortcomings, only one can be noted - it will be necessary to change the battery quite often, for a long time it is not enough.

Philips NT 3160

Of course, one of the leaders of such household appliances, Philips, could not but get on our list. Model NT 3160, although it is a bit more expensive, compares favorably with other similar products. Despite the seeming simplicity of the design, ProtecTube is used here, an innovative development by Philips engineers. Its essence is as follows: the cutting element consists of a pair of independent blades, which prevents the hair from being pulled out, and the thinnest mesh covering avoids cuts. Also, there are other pleasant moments:

  • the rubberized case will not slip even from a wet hand,
  • blades can also be washed
  • there are slits between the knives, which makes the process fast and of high quality,
  • works from usual "finger-type" AA batteries.

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Wahl 9818-116

This practical and inexpensive model is made by active Americans. Its cost is only about $ 20. For this fairly small money trimmer copes with all the tasks. In the case, made of stainless steel, there is a knife block to clean up the face, neck and ears. And now about the pleasant:

  • 3 different beard correction tips,
  • hairbrush,
  • 6 lengths, from 1.5 to 13 mm,
  • nozzle, shaving “under zero”
  • interchangeable head for ear and nose hair,
  • The lithium battery is fully charged in 1 hour and provides high-quality uninterrupted operation for up to 240 minutes,
  • there is a LED that indicates charging level,
  • excellent build quality.

Philips QG 3335

This trimmer is quite expensive and costs at least $ 45. However, he has every reason for this:

  • 6 various nozzles for all occasions,
  • hair step length regulator for 18 positions (1 mm pitch),
  • can be cut "under zero" and used as a razor,
  • there is a special nozzle for accurate modeling,
  • there is a comb with a variable length from 3 to 20 mm for the “hedgehog” on the head,
  • self-sharpening blades
  • able to work autonomously for an hour
  • "Wet" cleaning system.

Almost the only drawback of this model can be called a fairly long charge. A full cycle takes as long as 10 hours. So if you put in order only half of the face, and the second did not have time, you will have to wait a lot.

GA.MA T21.6IN1

This model can be successfully applied to almost any part of the body. The trimmer of this brand can save you from the "shaggy" in the nose and ears, tidy up the mustache and beard, "edging" the haircut on the back of the head, arrange whiskers. Moreover, they may even quite tolerably shave. And all this splendor works only from a simple AA battery.

Using the backlight will allow you to see the slightest nuances of the process, and even a wet hand will hold the rubberized body.

Well, the most pleasant moment: all this magnificence is worth about 15-17 dollars.

The best professional trimmers

If you plan to use the trimmer for commercial purposes, for example, to serve customers in a barbershop, pay attention to the following options. Here the power of the device and the possibility of long-term operation without recharging are particularly important.

Philips BT9297 Series 9000

This wonderful model has received the largest number of reviews by masters of hairdressers and beauty salons. The Philips BT9297 trimmer provides perfectly even and sharp contours. The desired cutting height varies and is smoothly adjusted using a special wheel. The device is completely waterproof and equipped with an information LED display. It can work autonomously for an hour, after which it can be used by plugging into the network.

Well, the main "trick" Philips BT9297 - a laser guidance system that can provide super clear lines, the perfect result.

As you understand, even a rather high cost (from $ 125) cannot be considered a disadvantage for this miracle of hairdressing equipment.

Ga.Ma GC614

This model, of course, is much more budgetary, but also copes with its responsibilities. Included is a hair clipper (4 lengths from 3 to 12 mm), thinning, edging attachments, trimmer for the nose, ears, whiskers, mustache and beard. In general, a complete set. What is important, after the depletion of the battery, the device can be plugged in and continue to work.

All blades have a special titanium coating that ensures their long operation. The cost of Ga.Ma GC614 is very good - from $ 30.

Mustache and beard trimmer: how does it differ from an electric shaver

The trimmer is a convenient small device that allows you to remove hair on different parts of the body. They make trimming, haircuts and shaving. There are special devices for the care of mustache, beard, sideburns and other areas. The main difference between an electric razor and a trimmer is that the former cannot work with long bristles. The working surface of the electric shaver has a round or rectangular mesh. The use of heads of this type does not allow for smooth and clear contours. The trimmer is equipped with a sharp comb, capable of performing such work.

Features and compact dimensions of the working surface do not allow using a trimmer as the only hair care device. The reason is that the appliance cannot perform a close shave. But it is indispensable for those who wish to have a beautiful mustache or beard.

This device serves to a lesser extent for shaving, its main purpose is to create a “hairstyle” for the face. Thanks to the appearance of trimmers, men had the opportunity to conduct experiments on their appearance - to create a small bristle fashionable these days or a neat beard.

Minus trimmer is that for stable operation it requires careful care. Knife drive mechanisms need systematic cleaning and lubrication. With the help of an electric razor, you can achieve a good clean shave, and the procedure itself does not take much time. In addition, the opportunity to get a microtrauma is minimized. The conclusion suggests itself: fans of a well-groomed neat beard need a trimmer, and those who prefer a minimum of hair on their face need a razor.

For those who want to use the properties of both devices to model a mustache or beard, a combination device - an electric shaver with a trimmer - will do.

Trimmer selection criteria

Choosing a trimmer, do not focus on the price and appearance of the device. These parameters still do not guarantee quality, sometimes a “cheap” device works no worse than an expensive device of this type.

Experts advise guided by a number of simple criteria:

  • functionality and support options
  • a set of interchangeable nozzles,
  • maximum and minimum slice length and number of levels,
  • the presence of a vacuum system for removing hairs,
  • type of power, the possibility of battery life and recharging,
  • quality of installed blade, possibility of its replacement,
  • accessories for cleaning, features of care of equipment,
  • ergonomics and comfort when using the device,
  • service services.

When choosing a tool you need to take into account the stiffness of the hair and their thickness. For a soft hair the inexpensive device with average technical indicators will be suitable. Rigid and unruly hair requires a device with better characteristics.

Haircut Length Adjustment

This is one of the parameters of the machine, on the size and limits of which depends on the ability to create the desired image. Correction of the length of the trimmed hair depends on the capabilities of the device and may be in the range of 1–20 mm.

Cutting height can be adjusted by installing different attachments, however this method is considered less effective. It complicates the selection of the required length and makes it impossible to remove all the hairs of the bristles. Most trimmers have a cut height adjustment function. In modern typewriters, it changes with the help of a switch. For example, in the Philips BT 7210, you can adjust the length of the hair in the range of 0.5–10 mm, while the adjustment step is half a millimeter.

Owners of the Philips BT 7210 trimmer have the ability to adjust the height of cut hair in the range of 0.5–10 mm

There are models whose pitch is 0.2 mm. The magnitude of the adjusted length is visible on the instrument body. Depending on your desire, you can create the effect of well-groomed stubble many days old. Using the switch level the length of the hair on the trimmer, you can achieve the desired degree of unshaven. For example, in some machines of the same Philips company, the number of cut lengths of hair reaches 18.

The Philips PHILIPS QG3335 / 15 universal trimmer has 18 slice length adjustments and can be used to cut mustache, beard and hair on the head.

Thanks to this function, you can quickly handle any, even inaccessible places of the facial contours.

Complete set nozzles

  • removing hairs from the ear, nose,
  • correction of hair on the head,
  • create the desired shape of a mustache, beard,
  • haircuts sideburns, eyebrows, etc. The Philips trimmer MG 7730/15 is one of the champions in the number of nozzles: along with the integrated blades, it has 16 different options for the care of vegetation on the whole body

Adjustable nozzles are conventionally divided into the following types:

  • for beards up to 35 mm,
  • for short beard and mustache 1.5–18 mm,
  • for bristles 0.5–5 mm.

Vacuum hair removal system

On the latest models of trimmers, an interesting function appeared for users - the system of hair removal. Vacuum suction makes the procedure more hygienic. Previously, beard, whiskers and mustache trim was accompanied by chaotic scatter of hair. Now, thanks to the proposed option, they fall into the available capacity. At the end of the haircut, the container opens and the hair is removed into a trash bag or bucket. It is at least convenient and allows you to save time on cleaning.

Trimmers with a vacuum cleaning system have a special compartment through which at the end of the work, you can remove all cut hair

Power type, charging time and autonomous operation of the device

Trimmers can operate on mains, batteries and batteries.

  1. Electric machines are not limited in time. The disadvantage of this device is the small length of the power cord, which, no doubt, will interfere with the haircut. When buying, pay attention to this parameter, the optimal cord size should be 2-3 meters.
  2. Trimmers working on batteries and accumulators are convenient in places where there is no power supply (fishing, camping, etc.). In everyday life it is inconvenient and unprofitable. Most often, preference is given to the combined variant when there are two types of power: from the mains and the built-in battery. Modern models can be used for battery life ranging from forty minutes to one hour.

Even more convenient would be the option if you buy a device with a battery that will work immediately after connecting to the network. In this case, you will not have to wait until it is charged, since the time of full recharge sometimes reaches four hours.

In recent years, machines capable of working offline for up to 75 minutes have appeared. There is also a budget version of trimmer models, in which the battery capacity lasts half an hour. No less important factor is the charging time of the device. When choosing a device, you need to know if it is possible to quickly charge the battery.

Blade typewriter

The best option is considered self-sharpening blades.. They serve for a long time and require almost no personal care other than standard cleaning.

Self-sharpening blades are made of non-uniformly quenched steel, held so that the cutting edge always remains sharp

Options, other instrument parameters

There are quite a few additional options, and this is not about the available for some money, but about the built-in functions of the device. In essence, they are all useful and provide additional convenience in the application. Therefore, when choosing, it is necessary to know whether you need them or not, since it is impossible to refuse them within the framework of a specific model.

Among them are:

  • built-in backlight
  • laser pointer
  • indicator to determine the degree of battery charge,
  • switch of steps of the used voltage and other functions.

Among the others can be attributed, and the possibility of power from the cigarette lighter. It is especially convenient for traveling and spending a long time in the car. It is also convenient and comfortable if the model is equipped with replaceable knives, wet cleaning is possible and other functions are present that facilitate the use and care of the trimmer.

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Philips BT7210 / 15
Pluses: beautiful and convenient in principle
Disadvantages: you can talk about them forever ...
The trimmer fits perfectly to the interior of my bathroom, it is quite convenient to shave a beard, it is also convenient to hold it in your hand, charging keeps but there was no time to evaluate the case. Hair is sucked into a special container. And then bang, the end of the pluses ... Most of the hair flies past the container declared above and they need to be removed. Despite cleaning the bathroom, you have to clean the trimmer from the inside ((. Remove the limiter, and fix it at the disposable level, then use a brush that is difficult to find with clean hairs ... It remains for small, nothing can be broken during assembly and disassembly) When I was given trimmer, I was thinking of parting with a razor, But he doesn’t shave clean. Now I shave with a trimmer and then if I need a razor. LOL When I look at the design and think whether to take it somewhere with me to rest, seeing how it falls out in pieces bags ... Thank you all!

Philips QT 4015
Advantages: self-powered, easy maintenance, stylish design, reliability
Disadvantages: price, cover could be more abruptly
They began to look for a model that would trim and cut at the same time. We opted for Phillips QT 4015 and, although it was positioned mainly as a cutting machine, our beard and mustache also did not lose. Trimmer (I will call this clipper so) works autonomously. That is, the cord from the network does not hang out. He took in hand and shave even in a room where there are no power sockets. Inside the battery, which lasts for an hour of full battery life.

What can be said in general:

- the device is reliable, powerful

- can mow “under 0” easily

- battery charges quickly

- without wires, the model is not straight, but curved, fits well in the hand

- ease of care: brush the blade with a brush, remove the nozzle and rinse with water.


Braun BT 5030
Advantages: convenient, wireless, not afraid of water.
Disadvantages: the trimmer charging indicator does not change its color when it reaches full charge. Quickly broke latch nozzles.
Bought a trimmer purely to maintain 3-day bristles. The Braun BT 5030 trimmer is comfortable, quite nice in the hand. The manual even says that it can be washed under running water. The trimmer itself on the battery, which is also very convenient. Charging lasts exactly 2 complete shaving, with what my hair is very hard, respectively, have more time to shave. It shaves perfectly, if you do not forget sometimes to lubricate the knives with oil, which comes complete with a trimmer. And also clean the hair from the machine, turning it upside down with its feet and shaking it in different directions when turned on. A lot of hair falls out of it. As well as snapping knives themselves to the side, it is cleaned from the inside.

It seems everything suits, but! The lamp of the battery charging indicator does not change its color when it reaches full charge, which is not very convenient and it is not clear when it is fully charged. I turn on for 2-3 hours with a margin.

The most unpleasant thing is that after half a year of use the nozzle latch, which regulates the length of the bristle to be shaved, broke off. Since hair is constantly stuffed in there, it must be periodically removed and shaken out of it, 2–3 times in exactly 1 procedure. How could I guess to make these latches on such thin mechanisms as thick as a toothpick, I do not know. Apparently this is a marketing ploy of a new century, broke-bought a new one and so on. Now, each time, in order to remove the nozzle, you need something sharp to press where these buttons were.


Panasonic ER-GB37
Pluses: well cut - smooth and pleasant - does not pinch the hair. Comfortable, fits well in hand. Recommend.
Disadvantages: not found
This model has become a gift for me - use time is about 4 months. (the price at the time of writing the review February 16, 2018 - 2990 p),
The first thing I noticed - how comfortable it is in my hand - like a glove - thanks to a notch in the form of diamonds on the left and right sides - this is important, because I used to take care of facial hair with foam or gel - and this is wet arms. Thanks to these “anti-skid strips” and the body with proper weight distribution (center of gravity in the center) and ergonomic thinning of the body in the “waist” of the device - it is comfortable and pleasant to hold it - there is not a shadow of a doubt that it will slip when you trim the beard.
The power button is conveniently located under the thumb - its shape in the form of a rhombus with edges and recessed middle part of the button - eliminates the possibility of accidentally turning on or off during the haircut, while not allowing even a wet finger to slip.
The tactile sensations of inclusion are pleasant - there is almost no vibration of the case - the sound is not annoying.
The trimmer is waterproof (can be washed under running water) and allows for both dry and wet haircut (including foam)
Large selection of haircut length: From 0.5 mm without a nozzle, up to 1 cm. With a step change in length after 0.5 mm - which allows you to set any styling on facial vegetation - let's say a mustache is shorter - 3.5 mm - and the beard itself is 8 mm, with a smooth transition from the beard for sideburns 5-6mm. In total, I counted 20 options for the available bristle length.
Maintenance / Care: Easy to clean and rinse - in the area of ​​the blades in the body there is a hole in which the cut hairs are easily washed out by a stream of water. Periodically, you can remove the blade and wash it entirely - everything is very accessible and easy.
Charging: 8 hours, convenient stand-charging Time from a single charge: 34 minutes. In fact, one charge is enough for a long time - for almost a month, if you cut one time and then gradually trim it over a month - adjust the length. If during a month periodically cut weeks for two weeks - everyone has different bristles and grows at different speeds


The use of trimmer for the care of a beard and mustache

Trimmer - an important element of men's everyday life. It gives the opportunity to take care of an overgrown beard and make the exterior well-groomed and respectable. In addition, there is no need to waste time and money on hairdressers, especially since using a trimmer is quite easy. The order of operation of this device is as follows.

  1. Decide on the desired length of the mustache and beard. After that, set the trimmer to the desired level of cutting or pick up a nozzle. If there is no vacuum hair collector, you need to put a tank in front of you to collect them. Lubricate the instrument with oil if instructed. To do this, apply a few drops on the blade of the knives and let the machine work. Use the grease supplied in the kit, in its absence, you can apply WD-40. Prepare the trimmer for work and set the necessary cutting height on it
  2. Start shaving with long hair. To remove them, we start the procedure with nozzle No. 3 or by setting the regulator to the maximum necessary height. If the change in the length of the mustache or beard has stopped, proceed to the nozzle No. 2 (reduce the cutting height to 3–4 mm). To achieve the desired result, the trimmer must be held at an angle to the flat part of the face. After giving the face the desired shape, we change the attachment to a short one and proceed to shaving the neck. We start from the Adam's apple and move to the chin. Using the nozzle number 1, you can leave a small beard under the jaw. Zero nozzle apparatus shaved neck in the area of ​​the Adam's apple.
  3. Perform shading. It is produced by trimmer without attachments:
    • take a comb with your left hand, the index finger is located on the teeth, while the big one lies on the butt,
    • we introduce a comb at a certain angle in the hair on the neck,
    • the hairs protruding along the surface through the teeth are cut off by a trimmer. To perform a beard shading, a special comb is needed, which limits the trimmer area
  4. Making the edging. Edging or treatment of the lower hairline is an important element of any haircut. Depending on the type, she is responsible for a “torn” or smooth hairstyle. In addition, with its help to smooth the flaws and blemishes made during the haircut. They do it, as a rule, at the finishing stage, though, in some cases, it is required at the beginning. The machine is kept in such a way that the knives are located perpendicular to the treatment area. Hair cut at the root can be using a shaving head. A prerequisite - you need to shave against the growth of hair. When performing trim trimmer must be kept perpendicular to the treated area
  5. At the end of the trimming of the mustache and beard the device is turned off and cleaned using the brush that comes in the kit.

When working trimmer must be kept at one angle to the skin, the movement should be smooth, slow and long.

Trimmer care: cleaning and washing

In order for the equipment to last longer, it must be disassembled and cleaned from hairs, if recommended by the manufacturer. The manual describes in detail the disassembly and assembly of parts of the device. To care for the trimmer you need to perform a number of simple operations:

  1. Shake fine hair from a trimmer in a bucket or a trash bag. To do this, remove the plastic nozzle and the head with knives.
  2. To clean the remaining hairs in the head with a brush (in the set), clean the grooves of the knives with a cotton swab.
  3. Wash nozzles with soap and warm water.
  4. Replace the blade head.
  5. Oil trimmer blades, remove excess grease with a dry cloth or cloth.

A good trimmer should have a combined power type, preferably with a quick recharge feature. Offline time must be at least 40 minutes. Preference is given to devices with self-sharpening blades. Length adjustment should have a minimum pitch setting. These parameters will be enough to get a machine of normal quality and average price. The remaining options remain at your discretion and financial capabilities.

Choosing the right professional trimmer is the best one?

We have prepared for you a rating of the 12 most popular models. All of them deserve an honorable place in the list and are quality representatives of their class. The results are based on several criteria, which include functionality, features, usability, prices and reviews from buyers of Aliexpress online stores.

11th place. Phillips MG 1100/16

Taken from

This model is great for use at home. She has a compact size and weight of 130 grams. The working area is 21 mm wide, and the blades themselves are made of stainless steel using DualCut technology with double sharpening. They will allow you to quickly and accurately trim the shape on the face and give precise contours to the bristles or goatee. Included are three comb nozzles for cutting from 1 to 5 mm. The device works on AA-batteries.

How to choose your trimmer

To choose a comfortable, durable and efficient beard trimmer, you should pay attention to the following device characteristics when buying:

  1. Equipment. You should not use the principle “the more nozzles and accessories, the better”, not all of them will be needed in the process of cutting.
  2. Ergonomic. Before buying, hold the device in your hand, evaluate its convenience, the location of the switch and weight.
  3. Type of food. Accumulator models are much easier to work with, but you should take into account the weight of the battery, such a beard clipper is heavier and your arm will get tired during long-term work.
  4. The kind of blades. The professional trimmer is equipped with stainless steel blades with a wear-resistant titanium or ceramic coating.
  5. Availability of additional functions. Some models of trimmers can be used as a hair clipper, equipped with a backlight, vacuum system or charge indicator.
  6. Manufacturer. You should not buy devices of little-known manufacturers - often they are short-lived, and the quality of the haircut leaves much to be desired.

Philips, Remington, Braun, Babyliss or Moser - a review of popular brands

The abundance of models on the market allows you to choose a trimmer with the desired characteristics of one of the well-known brands that have long proven their reliability:

  1. Philips (Netherlands) - the manufacturer offers a wide range of devices for home and professional use.
  2. Remington (USA) - a company with a two hundred year history, has been specializing in the production of hair care devices for 80 years and occupies a leading position in its industry.
  3. Braun (Germany) - offers devices with an ideal ratio of price and quality.

It is also worth mentioning the company Babyliss (France) and Moser (USA), which are among the leaders in the production of professional and household hair care devices.

An inexpensive beard clipper from a manufacturer with a dubious reputation is likely to last a short time, and the quality of the haircut will not meet expectations.

Top Trim Rating

Everyone selects a trimmer based on their needs, however, some models are particularly popular among bearded men:

  • Remington Touch Control - the device has unique characteristics that allow you to adjust the length of the hairstyle in the range from 0.4 mm to 18 mm with a step of 0.1 mm. The trimmer is equipped with a liquid crystal touch control panel.
  • Braun Cruzer Beard & Head is a convenient and inexpensive model with a floating head, comes complete with two nozzles.

  • Philips HC5450 / 80 - in many reviews this device is considered one of the best models of 2015 due to its ergonomic design, simplicity and ease of use, the range of length of the haircut (from 0.5 mm to 25 mm) and the possibility of long-term work (up to 3 hours) without recharging.

Vacuum trimmer: reviews

One of the drawbacks of using a beard clipper is the pollution of the surrounding space with cut small hairs. Often the subsequent cleaning takes more time than the haircut itself. The use of vacuum technology completely solves this problem, the air flow sucks the cut hair into a special container.

Choose a decent trimmer model and the beard will always be in order.

Consumer reviews point to the particular convenience of having such a function when it is necessary to bring a beard in order when traveling, on business trips, or on vacation.

Trimmer which company to choose

Braun is one of the leaders in the production of household appliances, including appliances that allow you to take good care of yourself. For almost 100 years, the company has been producing useful and high-quality products.

Production is carried out in the EU and China. The Braun hair trimmer range contains a large number of items that take into account the various wishes of customers.

The Remington brand appeared in 1937 as a manufacturer of home appliances for beauty and personal care. Today the brand belongs to the American concern Spectrum Brands. Production facilities are located mainly in China. Remington produces a variety of devices for hair, face and body care, this is the main activity. The range is wide - razors, trimmers, hair styling devices and much more. The brand is widely represented in Europe and is popular due to the fact that the manufacturer catches and implements the modern trends of fashion and beauty, while caring for the quality of products.

The Netherlands-based company with a history of more than 100 years is widely represented on the Russian market as a manufacturer of lighting devices, products for healthcare and consumer goods for various purposes, including household appliances. Philips personal care products are distinguished by their quality, innovative approach, convenience and reliability. In Russia, the company is deservedly among the leaders in sales of small household appliances.

The Japanese company has long been recognized as one of the best manufacturers of household appliances and electronics. Not surprising, because her motto is "Improving life, improving the world." Qualitatively and consistently satisfy the desires of consumers - a task with which Panasonic has consistently succeeded for almost 100 years.

The German brand is famous for its high quality, excellent product characteristics, exquisite design and price range, in which everyone can find a model that suits him in terms of cost and parameters. Moser is a brand that has proven itself as a manufacturer of professional hairdressing equipment.

Benzotrimmer from which company is better to buy

The most popular in the market are German, American and Swedish companies, although some Russian brands are included in the rating. For European quality, of course, have to pay a little more than for domestic.

The list of leaders includes the following five companies:

  • Stihl - The German company, which began its activities in 1926 with the production of gasoline saws. It has more than one factory located both in Germany and outside the country. Its product is not a budget, because the quality is very high.
  • PATRIOT - They were among the first to start producing gas trimmers. This brand of garden equipment is American, so prices here are quite high. In the range of the manufacturer more than 10 different portable models.
  • Husqvarna - Swedish industrial company offering a wide range of European quality products for garden care. Their priorities are functionality and power.
  • Huter - German brand, represented on the CIS market since the beginning of 2000. The company mainly creates 2-stroke models with engines with an average power of 1 kW. Almost all equipment is assembled in Chinese factories.
  • Carver - The brand is owned by Uraloptinstrument, founded in 1997. There are tools for both private and professional use. The company has a lot of certificates confirming high quality products.

Top petrol trimmers rating

First of all, we paid attention to the purpose of the device - cutting the roots of shrubs, grass, weeds, etc. The choice was also influenced by complaints about breakdowns and difficulties in equipment maintenance.

The list of characteristics taken into account when compiling the rating includes:

  • Power,
  • Dimensions and weight
  • Tank capacity
  • Components (belt, glasses, etc.),
  • Power,
  • Type of cutting element (fishing line and / or knife)
  • Grass width,
  • Engine starting speed
  • The noise level (normal is 70-90 dB).

Last but not least, the analysis included user feedback on the usability of the device and the quality of the assembly, as well as the manufacturer's reputation.

Top petrol trimmers

These are usually attributed portable models that are most in demand in the market. They are both comfortable and weigh less than classic lawn mowers, and they easily pass even in dense bushes. But one of the weighty arguments in their favor is the lower price compared to the wheel models.

The most reliable model

Stihl FS 55 - this product was included in the rating because of its power of 1000 W and a large number of revolutions per minute (9500). All this, in combination with a sharp steel knife, allows you to cut even the old, dry grass and thick weeds. The bonus is a knapsack belt and a protective cover for the mowing head. A great advantage is the presence of a gearbox knives with different numbers of blades (2, 4 and 8 pcs.). During work fatigue will not be due to the two-handed grip with a large grip. Equally important is the economical fuel consumption in half an hour takes about 300 ml.


  • Light weight
  • Knapsack belt
  • Comes with a build tool,
  • Convenient to hold
  • Power is enough
  • Low fuel consumption.


  • Difficult operation, difficult to understand without instructions
  • It’s hard to set idle
  • Very noisy
  • On uneven areas is not very convenient to mow a straight barbell.

Stihl FS 55 can be used for harvesting hay, clearing areas from undergrowth and mowing mixed lawn.

The best among the powerful

Patriot PT 3355 - this model has become a leader due to its power of 1300 W and the width of the slice, equal to 46 cm, which is almost two times more than the other products in the rating. Impressive and two types of cutting systems - knife and Leskovaya. Convenient adjustable handle will facilitate the operation of the device. Its mobility makes it possible to cut in hard-to-reach places, for example, around a tree. There should be no problems with the start, the primer is responsible for this. The trimmer weighs 6.6 kg, which is its disadvantage.


  • Easy to start,
  • Comfortable belt
  • Decent mows,
  • Good value for money,
  • Good power


  • For women it will still be difficult,
  • The junction of the rod for the season may loosen
  • Cools slowly
  • The coil is often clogged with grass.

PATRIOT PT 3355 is equipped with modern anti-vibration system AVS, therefore it does not cause discomfort.

Most versatile

Husqvarna 128R - this Swedish trimmer is distinguished by low fuel consumption (507 g / kWh) and a large number of revolutions per minute (up to 8000). It has a two-stroke engine, and at the heart of the cutting system is a fishing line and a knife, which increases the efficiency of work. The power here is not the highest - 0.8 and 1.1 kW, but this is quite enough for cutting not very tall grass. Its convenient operation is provided by an adjustable handle and a long handle, thanks to which the cutting part can be positioned parallel to the ground. Easy start is possible due to the fuel priming pump.


  • Quietly working
  • Quickly start up
  • Comfortable handles,
  • Good suspension system
  • There is almost no vibration.


  • Sometimes it brings power when the grass is wound on the head around the gearbox,
  • Not cheap.

Husqvarna 128R, judging by the reviews, buy most often for use in suburban areas.

The most convenient

Huter GGT-1000S - this best petrol trimmer has a rather capacious 0.7 liter fuel tank with translucent walls, which simplifies the control of fuel consumption. A power of 1000 watts allows it to quickly and efficiently pass even through weeds, and the fishing line and knife both make it easy to cut the lawn and remove weeds. True, for a long time without a break to use it will not work because of the weight of 8.58 kg. But this does not in the least interfere with its transportation due to the collapsible bar. Working with him is very comfortable due to the vibration damping system.


  • The presence in the kit and fishing line, and a knife
  • Foldable handle
  • Convenient to hold in hand
  • Copes even with weeds,
  • Inexpensive,
  • Quickly start up.


  • After purchase you may need to tighten the bolts,
  • No safety glasses included,
  • Low build quality,
  • Not the best materials (the latches can break and the drum can erase).

Most productive

Carver GBC-043 - a good budget copy of Chinese production (Russian brand). It is convenient to use it for daily work due to the powerful engine (1.7 kW), weight of 5.6 kg and a sharp knife. For trimming soft grass there is a fishing line here, and for hard grass - a disc. But for these advantages will have to pay a high noise level (110 dB). Comes with a shoulder strap, which will facilitate the operation of the product. There are no complaints about the tank capacity, which is 0.95 l.


  • Shoulder strap included,
  • Easy start
  • Good power
  • There is a disk for dead wood,
  • Good "harness".


  • Inconvenient mount
  • Vibration,
  • Bad fuel mix canister,
  • Not enough line in the set,
  • Failed mount.

What gas trimmer is better to buy

The following tips will help determine the choice of a particular model:

  • Employees ZhEKov for arranging common areas you can buy Huter GGT-1000S, it is quite powerful and less noisy than others.
  • Do not want to spend much money on the purchase - take a look at the Carver GBC-043, the budget model, but at the same time, excellently cuts.
  • Husqvarna 128R, equipped with a fishing line and a knife, will help those who are going to fight both weeds and grass at the same time.
  • If you need to reduce the time for lawn care, you will need a model with a wide grip of grass, and this can be the PATRIOT PT 3355.
  • Women, since they can not lift weights, you can buy a fairly light Stihl FS 55.

How to choose a gasoline trimmer, what to look for, you will learn from this video:

To choose the best gasoline trimmer, you must consider the full range of characteristics listed in the rating. For the rest, you need to proceed from the budget and the purpose of using the tool.

Watch the video: 5 Best Beard Trimmer Every Man Should Have (November 2019).