How to quickly grow bangs

Bangs increase in two ways:

  • The first method is identical to the usual hair extensions. Strands are attached using a special machine. From them you can make a short, long bangs, straight, milled.
  • The second way is an invoice bang that cannot be changed. It needs to be fixed so that it seems natural.

Choosing an invoice bang, please note:

  • Chignon color is selected by the color of your hair as possible. It will look natural
  • the thickness of the hairs should coincide with your thickness,
  • choose material chignon.

The laid on bang happens: artificial, natural. Natural hairpiece can be painted, tinted.

Fake bangs - bad option for you? Contact the salon. Specialist need to carefully select in order to keep the hair. Before the procedure, read the reviews on the work of specialists.

Feature of capsular capacity is the inability to make a high tail, as will be seen capsules. If you had a bang, you just extended it - freely do any hairstyle.

We recommend to read: how to care for hair extensions.

Methods and technologies

There are several safe extension methods:

There are two types of bang extensions: cold, hot.

With hot technology, incremental strands are attached to yours with hot resin.

Most experts use the Italian method. He is considered more simple, aesthetic. To attach taken strands with ready-made capsules of keratin. Less commonly, masters use the English method. It is more labor intensive. The hairdresser takes a strand, attaches the resin to it himself.

With the cold methoduse special clips. Using the Spanish method, strands attached to a special glue. It will be noticeable in brunettes, and will not be - in blondes, brown-haired. The Japanese method can be used with a short head of hair. Strands are fastened with special clips at the very roots. The fastest hair extension method is German. For fastening strands using silicone strips. German build-up requires frequent correction.

Hair extensions are warranted from two to six months.that depends on the technology and method. The Italian method has the longest guarantee, the Japanese one the shortest.

Is it possible to increase bangs on short hair

The simplest and fastest way to lengthen the hair in the past few years is fixing donor strands to the roots of relatives. Such a procedure, even from a short haircut, creates a luxurious thick mane, but if it is difficult to notice on the main canvas of the capsule due to its density, the bangs are more dynamic. Is it possible to subject it to the same procedure?

  • If the master selects very small capsules - less than 1 mm - bangs can be built up, although the danger of detecting attachment points remains.
  • For the procedure, you need to have about 3 cm of native length, for which the donor strand should catch and mix, otherwise you can not wait for a beautiful result.
  • A bang with a smooth cut will be noticeable, no matter what technology the specialist is working on, therefore it is better to do asymmetrical on one side.
  • Some girls do not have to think about how to quickly grow bangs due to the high activity of the hair follicles: they will have to go to the salon more often for correction.
  • Experts believe that you should understand, not “how to increase the bang”, but “how to handle it after” - donor strands require a special attitude to themselves, do not allow overdrying, washing with hot water. Laying the extension bangs is more difficult - it can not be too actively treated with styling products.

How to grow a bang very quickly

If you decide that you want to open the forehead and other areas that were in the shade, and to release the length of the front strands as soon as possible, you need to prepare for the process to take several months. In comparison with the bulk of the hair, bangs are characterized by rapid growth, but not so much that in a couple of weeks they can already be able to comb it and put it back into their hair.

How to grow a bang? Experts give some tips:

  • Get ready to wait. The period of "indefinite" length, when strands are still difficult to start back, but you can’t walk with them any more, it’s not stabbed at all, since they can interfere with the view, lasts several weeks. The main thing here - do not break and do not cut everything back.
  • Stock up with styling products, buy a bezel or a lot of pins - you'll have to learn how to make a beautiful styling / hairstyle, weaving in the growing strands.
  • Update the slice more often - you will remove the tips from the section and activate their growth. However, make sure that the master removed only a couple of millimeters, and did not make you a short haircut again.
  • Do not forget to care for your hair in general: the right shampoo and balm that moisturize and nourish, a soft comb that does not traumatize the scalp is the basic minimum for those who want to have long hair.
  • Folk and cosmetic products that should help grow bangs, can not contribute to changing the genetically incorporated parameters. If you are doing well with the speed of hair growth, there are no internal failures, the process will not go faster, even if you use them constantly.

How to grow bangs with massage

There are 2 classic ways to accelerate blood circulation to activate the bulbs: the standard use of a comb with balls at the ends or a manual massage. How to quickly grow bangs? According to professionals, the effectiveness of these procedures is at the same level:

  • If you use a comb, make 100 neat movements from the roots to the ends each evening. Efficiency will increase if at the same time to use any essential oil.
  • For manual massage you need to gently press with your fingertips on the scalp, pulling it off. Circular and spiral movements. The duration of the procedure is 3-5 minutes.

Growing bangs with cosmetics

Anything that can affect the bulbs will be useful: experts assure that it is necessary to grow a bang in the same way as the bulk of the hair. Standard oils are used: castor, burdock, olive, etc., burning substances: pepper vodka, cinnamon, mustard. Mixtures of various vitamins are also aimed at rapid growth: A, E, Group B. Factory cosmetics are for the most part the same folk recipes that are wrapped in beautiful packaging and seasoned with “chemistry”, so they don’t carry much value.

How to quickly grow a long bang almost from scratch?

  • An onion mask is a great way to give follicles nutrition and strengthen hair. The disadvantage is too bright and persistent aroma. The recipe is simple: the onion is crushed, scalded with boiling water, and the pulp is applied to the head. After an hour and a half washed off.
  • Any oil mixture is a good option for strengthening the bulbs and sealing the ends. Burdock and castor oil can be rubbed solo into the roots. The rest of the base (almond, avocado, etc.) is better to combine with honey, yolk, sour cream, and put on the length. Keep in mind that you need to wash your hair after them very carefully.
  • Those who are looking for a way to quickly grow bangs, professionals recommend pepper tincture.

How to lay a grown-up bang

Headbands, Invisibles, Barrettes, Headbands and Styling Tools are your best friends for the length of the release time:

  • With a short haircut, comb the regrown strands back, sprinkle with varnish.
  • With long hair they should be stabbed at the temples with stealth or plaited.
  • Spit of bangs over his forehead - a good option for everyday hairstyles.
  • Make curls - a simple way to remove the growing strands, because the more uneven curls, the more interesting the image. Especially effective way to create a beach styling.
  • With high activity, you need to well stab the growing bangs or cover with a bandage - this will be as reliable as possible.

Do I need bangs. For a good hairstyle price is not important

If a woman is oppressed by doubts about the need for bangs, then there is only one reason for doubt - the woman of fashion did not find her version of the length and direction of the hair. Be sure to increase the bangs if:

  • you want to look younger
  • the shape of the forehead or nose seems imperfect,
  • Appeared doing add zest to the image.

The prejudice that playful hair is the privilege of teenagers and schoolgirls are gone. The slyness of the eyes from under the disobedient strands will be to face of the fair sex and you should not deny yourself the pleasure of being forever young.

This may be straight or oblique bangs, long or short, with straight or uneven edges. It is most difficult to make a choice and find your own choice, but if the search was crowned with success, the love of a new image remains for a long time.

Choosing hair for bangs on long and short hair

Each of the methods of hair extensions has its advantages. This may be the “cold” or “hot” method, natural or natural strands. If earlier the build-up took place only with natural hair, then now artificial hair strands are coming to replace it. They are made from Japanese algae or from collagens and are much lighter than natural ones. It is impossible to distinguish artificial hair from real hair by color and touch. At the same time, they also have disadvantages:

  • when photographing, the flash exhibits additional brilliance,
  • service life of not more than six months,
  • when coloring non-natural color can differ from natural.

An experienced master will choose the option for specific conditions, the advantages of natural curls are not always justified. It is worth remembering that you can only increase the bangs, in all the rest it will be enough natural hair.

Universal oval face

Oval is an ideal base for creating bangs on the eyebrow or slightly lower. It is reliably known that, if desired, you can use any shape, as the facial features allow you to do this. The oval silhouette is positioned as a reference. This fact is confirmed by the fact that other silhouettes are fitted under the perfect oval by bangs. Owners of such a face have almost infinite space for choosing hairstyles. Bangs can be ultra-long, super-short, bumpy, straight, ragged and so on. Today, a large number of representatives of show business wear long oblique bangs, and in all cases it really adorns the oval face. To create an original image, you can use extremely short version. Oval can not be spoiled even by such a bang under zero. In office images, the classic shape will be most welcome. Bang-arc suitable for long hair business women.

Non-standard elongated face

Imperfect facial shapes can be corrected and made more harmonious, if you add the correct bangs to the long hair. In this case, fit a straight long or graduated model. Bangs contributes to the visual expansion of the face and the harmonization of its proportions. Sometimes there is a combination of an elongated shape with an abnormally high forehead. Such a look will be balanced with the help of a long graduated bang, laid from the face to the side. When creating a hairstyle, you need to proceed from the goal of smoothing coarse features, this can be achieved by milled strands that reach almost to the eyes. If you choose a bang with a sharp contour or a significant amount, then the face will get an undesirable rough silhouette.

straight thick bangs

Unusual square face

There is a huge number of beautiful women with angular face shape. With proper selection of haircuts and makeup can create a stylish image. The appearance will be beautiful with asymmetrical bangs, which visually narrows and balances the square face. Today the oblique long form is relevant, it is combined with haircuts for long hair. Experts suggest another variation of the curvature of the contours of the face - by adding straight short bangs. The main thing that the hairstyle was carried out by the professional. This approach in most cases allows you to highlight the eyes and reduce the face. A win-win is considered an option when rare strands of bangs reach the eye zone. It should thoroughly think about the hair, as you can accidentally ruin the whole image. With such a face, a sharp contour and a substantial amount of bangs are contraindicated.

Face heart

We continue to disassemble the bangs for long hair and wish to emphasize that not every haircut goes to the heart-shaped face. Changing the image, you can follow the example of celebrities with a similar appearance. The best option - choose the average density of the bangs in the form of an arc. This option is well combined with many haircuts of different lengths, and also naturally softens facial features. To emphasize the attractive shape of the cheekbones of the face-heart, you can create a styling with bangs on the side, for a framing of the forehead a flat styling is better suited.

Miniature face

Small features create many problems for women. They are not contraindicated bangs. It is better to choose a ragged contour. Strongly long bangs are not suitable, which creates an undesirable effect of reducing the face and its features. A short, highly milled bang will look fine. You can use the asymmetric option, laying strands at an angle. Oblique bangs increase the volume of the forehead.

Constricted face

Too narrow shape of the face dictates its own rules in the selection of haircuts. In this case, harmoniously fit into the image with long hair, thick broad fringe, extending from one to the other ear. Other options should be used with great care. The wider the bangs, the better the effect of narrow face expansion.

thick oblique bangs

Round face shape

For girls with rounded facial shapes, ladder-style haircuts are combined with asymmetrical bangs. This approach allows to improve the cheekbones and reach the shape to the oval. The worst with such a face look short and rare bangs. Much better to focus on the density and the possibility of masking rounded cheeks. This goal is easy to achieve by parting on the side, and putting the bang on one side. You can do this yourself at home if you take a hairdryer and brushing the right diameter.

asymmetrical elongated bangs

Rectangular face

A considerable number of women with a clearly heavy chin, wear long hair and look great. The whole secret is that the filmed long bangs imperceptibly into the main mass of curls. Such a person may acquire male features due to a rough chin, so you need a professional choice of hair. Here the same rule usually applies as with a square face, namely the refusal of short bangs. Ragged oblique shape - the best solution. It is not necessary to completely turn out from the bangs, in this case it is designed to bring the face closer to the correct silhouette. Many difficulties with the selection of hairstyles are experienced by women with a sharply rectangular face or with a normal face, complemented by too wide cheekbones. In the last two cases rare long bangs will help out.

torn slanting bangs

Best haircuts with bangs for long hair

Girls who want to freshen up their long curls, can choose a suitable haircut from the most sought after:

  • haircuts in the style of a ladder - do not go out of fashion, are optimal for different ages and types of face,
  • haircuts with a hat - they create a volumetric attractive image, suitable for rare thin hair and almost all face shapes,
  • very long caret - can have length up to shoulders or a little lower, easily fit with a hair dryer or a flat iron, goes to many face shapes,
  • cascading haircuts - a multi-stage structure increases the volume of hair of any structure, combined with different forms of bangs,
  • torn haircuts - they are distinguished by a deeply filmed structure, sometimes performed with a razor,
  • asymmetrical haircuts - may have a short temple or different lengths left and right, suitable for straight hair. - online store of professional cosmetics

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How to stab a bang while growing - photos

In the process of releasing the length, you have to go through all the ways to remove the interfering strands beautifully. For study / work, you can simply lay your hair back, fixing varnish, or hide in a smooth tail. A photo selection of ideas in this block will help you figure out how to remove a bang so that it does not interfere, but at the same time the styling looks attractive.

Hair extensions as a way to restore beauty

Over time, the hair loses its density and attractiveness, and if you do not care for them, this time can come very quickly. Some are lucky - they have luxurious thick hair. But there are those who have already been born with weak and thin hair. And methods of hair extensions help to restore the beauty of the female head. The procedure itself is designed to make the hair thicker, and in some cases curly.

Initially, only natural hair was used for extension, which weighed down their own strands and the hairs were pulled out along with the bulbs. In addition, it was not always possible to choose one or another shade corresponding to the hair of relatives.

Today, the natural hair has been replaced by an artificial analogue for the extension procedure. The technology for the production of artificial hair is such that they practically stand out among natural strands. Artificial hair is difficult to wash, they are amenable to coloring and highlighting.

Among the safest methods of hair extensions are the following:

  • Italian method
  • spanish method
  • english method
  • method using special clips from metal ceramics

Extension technologies can also be either hot or cold.

Hot hair extension method

The most aesthetic way to increase hair stylists consider this method, in which artificial strands are attached pre-heated resin, which includes keratin. It is possible to care for artificial hair as if it were your own, that is: to wash, dry, comb and style it.

The most advanced method is Italian, which uses artificial locks with an attached keratin capsule (attached at the factory). Usually hair already have a certain shade. Strands are selected on a color palette.

The extension process takes place with the help of a special apparatus, in which, at a certain temperature, tweezers are heated and with their help the keratin capsule is heated and attached to native hair. To get the best result, experts advise to increase to 125 strand. The guarantee for such hair is six months.

With English methods, artificial locks do not have a capsule, it is made by a hairdresser by hand. To do this, the ends of the strands of 30-40 hair dipped into the prepared resin, after which a capsule is formed. Mounted strands as described above. Warranty life of such hair - up to four months.

Cold hair extension method

With this method of hair extensions, clips are additionally used, the variety of which makes their fastening in the hair imperceptible.

In the Spanish method, artificial strands are attached with a special fixer or glue, but it is not suitable for everyone. The fact is that on dark hair the composition of the fixer is noticeable, so this option is suitable only for brown-haired or blonde.

By the cold method can be attributed to the Japanese version of hair extensions, in which the strands are attached with clips of metal ceramics. The clips are small, only 3 mm, they are attached at the very roots of native hair and can be used even on short hairstyles. You can wear such hair for up to three months, and if with a periodic correction, then a little longer.

The German method of hair extensions - Hair Talk - involves the use of strips of silicone. The procedure takes only about half an hour, but the correction will have to be done in a couple of months.

Bangs extension

It will take a lot of time and effort to increase the bangs, but in the end this element of hair will acquire the necessary length and thickness. In addition, it will help to completely change the image. Increased bangs are amenable to painting and styling, and the additional curls on the sides do not make it heavier. Stylists offer extensions, both natural and artificial.

The advantage of the latter method is that artificial hair does not make it heavy; they can be removed at any time, since here it is attached with an invisible clip. For such a chelochka need to be monitored, because native hair grow back, they need to be adjusted. Paradoxically, but to increase the bang is much easier for long hair than short. The length of hair bangs, which is supposed to increase, should be at least three centimeters.

Any of the technologies for hair extensions may be suitable for bang extension procedures. The main thing is that the junction is not noticeable and well chosen shade. The most popular way to increase bangs - tape.

Belt method to increase bangs

This method is considered the most advanced, it does not use any devices and clips, only the hands of a professional master and his skill. The essence of the method lies in the fact that pre-prepared hair is collected in a tape about four centimeters wide and then attached.

Any way to increase bangs has two sides of the coin. This method is no exception. The advantages of the tape way to increase bangs include:

  • no impact: chemical, temperature
  • the procedure takes only 30 minutes to an hour
  • suitable for any type of hair
  • natural result
  • does not require special care
  • cost-effective tape-made strands can be used up to ten times
  • natural strand removal without chemicals
  • hypoallergenic procedure that will suit even lactating mothers, allergies

There are few minuses, but still they are:

  • high cost is determined by using only high quality materials
  • inability to create high styling or hairstyle (joints may be noticeable)
  • the procedure is impossible with problematic scalp or hair loss

What method of building you wouldn’t choose, it’s important to remember that beauty is created by us, not by us. Dare and experiment!

Cost and contraindications

Building bangs costs about 2 thousand rubles. Price may vary. Also, there are discounts that can significantly save.

The bang lengthening procedure has contraindications:

  • hair length is 5 cm or more. It is impossible to attach artificial strands to short
  • for building fit only healthy hair. Building bangs is prohibited when your native hair is exhausted. Before the procedure, go through a restorative treatment, drink vitamins,
  • build up can break if you are under 16 years old, or are pregnant. Then the girls hormonal failure occurs. During these periods, the hair is very vulnerable,
  • contraindications are skin diseases
  • It is forbidden to increase bangs when taking potent drugs. These include antibiotics, chemotherapy, hormones,
  • Capsules add weight to your hair. Therefore, migraine sufferers, bang growth is prohibited,
  • It is forbidden to increase the bangs, when the skin is sensitive, your strands are brittle.

Advantages and disadvantages

To plusesbuilding up refers to the ability to experiment. For example, to increase strands locally, where there is not enough volume. Or do you want to highlight, and do not want to be painted.

By cons include the following consequences:

  • after the procedure hair becomes brittle,
  • after the unfair work of the wizard, the boundaries between the extended one and your hair will be visible,
  • after building it is forbidden to visit saunas, sea beaches. From this strands deteriorate and begin to get confused.

Hair extensions - Before and After. 100 photos

If the length of your own hair does not allow you to create spectacular hairstyles, weaving will help to correct the situation. This procedure will not surprise anyone: almost all salons offer it. And the secret of popularity is that long hair adds attractiveness.

In today's issue of our women's magazine "Raznoblog" we will talk about hair extensions that are so fashionable these days. We will discuss the most famous and popular techniques today, as well as you will learn about the advantages and disadvantages of each type of building. Of course, we will present to your attention a large selection of photographs of our readers before and after this difficult procedure.

Pluses build

Too thin strands will increase capacity. It will give confidence and even get rid of the complexes. Building up is one of the cardinal ways to change the image and, quite possibly, life.

New modern technologies have made a reality of getting hair of any length. True, time will have to spend, as well as funds. But no one will distinguish hair extensions from their own.

This is clearly seen in the photos for this article.

After the high-quality procedure, the hairstyle acquires volume and looks natural. It is possible to play with color without coloring: you will not have to spoil the colors with chemical ingredients, and bright hair will refresh the dull tone.

Every day you can easily change the stylish hairstyles. And do not have to pick up special styling tools. Increased locks perfectly lend themselves to conventional styling products. The owner of the hair and curls can flaunt, and perfectly straight hair ironing done.

Burning or cold buildup, as if by magic, will provide the transformation of short, relaxed strands into a long luxurious hairstyle, as in the local photos. The master will recommend methods of care, select the appropriate means to maintain the strand in perfect condition as long as possible.

But to rush headlong to the nearest salon and it’s unreasonable to carry out the procedure with the first master who has come across: building up requires an investment of funds, and only a real specialist will be charged with the result. Yes, and a few building techniques. So it is important to start with the selection of technology and the choice of the master.

Types of building techniques

It is worth reading reviews about the salon, its masters, to get acquainted with the portfolio of a specialist, if there is such an opportunity. It is so fashionable to find out which method of building the master owns best and whether it is possible to contact him. Each technique has both disadvantages and advantages. So when choosing, it is worthwhile to carefully weigh all the arguments.

Fastening methods are divided into hot and cold technology. But the curls are fixed, and in fact, in another embodiment, glue or clamps (see photo). Microcapsule balls are formed at the attachment point.

• The English technique uses heated keratin. Clamps are not used.

• The Italian system involves the use of metal clips, heated to a tedious temperature in advance.

• Ultramodern technique - building up ultrasound. The clamps melt under the action of ultrasound.

At first glance, the English technique is the most gentle. The metal is not implanted into the locks, there is no glue, but then the strength is not high either. Extended hair strands are fairly easy to comb. In terms of reliability, the Italian way is more advantageous.

The most expensive option - building hot. The hair is attached to the head with a keratin fusion (see photo). The method ensures the strongest fixation of the strand and the imperceptibility of artificial hair. But the result depends entirely on the skill level of the specialist. This technique is suitable for girls who like to change hairstyles every day.

However, when using too large capsules, the roots of the native strands begin to come off under their weight, causing a partial loss of hair. This is one minus, but growing out takes so much time ... So minus, perhaps, the main one.

Cold build

For cold building use several techniques, some of which are represented in our photo gallery. With one hair pasted on a special tape. It is fixed near the roots of glue. The method is recognized as the budget and fastest. But the option is more suitable for blond hair because of the whitish shade of glue.

The use of metal clips similar to the tone of the hair - the second option. For him, any shade is good. Tape building - a method known for a long time. Strands on a glue base attached to the root part of the native hair.

The effects on the hair are chemical and completely unhealthy. And if you want to do the "tails" and weaving option will not work. But the option is ideal for loose hair: tape fastening imperceptible. But in the tail they are perfectly visible.

And from advantages and advantages - the technique is much simpler than hot build-up. When leaving, bath visits are not forbidden, since new strands are not afraid of high temperatures.

Afrokosichki allow do without negative impact. A head of hair is braided into “spikelets” and non-native hair is sewn into them. You can easily remove such strands at home. But the disadvantage is that the tension is quite high, and the roots lose their resistance, causing loss of native hair.

Heat treatment is absent even at cold build-up. Mounting strands - metal brackets. But the impact on the native hair cannot be called useful. So you should think about which way to choose. And the type of your own hair must be taken into account.

But the difficulties and possible negative consequences of fashionistas do not stop. There are advantages, and they clearly outweigh the dangers. Hairstyle will increase in volume by half, which is especially pleased with the owners of thin and thin hair. It is possible to extend the hair by seventy centimeters, changing the radical image in just a couple of hours.

With the help of capacity, coloring is available without staining the native strands. And you can use strands of any color. There is a desire to extend the bangs - building up will cope with this task. Add hair in the back of the head or on the temples - zonal extension!

There is the possibility of increasing the order with rhinestones, feathers, fastening dreads, braids (see photo). The procedure will hide the injuries on the head, noticeable with a short haircut. A build-up will fix an unfortunate hairstyle, because a smooth transition is created, in which the difference between native and non-native hair is imperceptible.

The advantages are obvious. But the shortcomings of the procedure are obvious, although they do not always appear and not in full. Obviously: whatever method is chosen, it uses foreign objects, from tapes and capsules to heat treatment and glue.

Removing strands thermo or chemically add negative. Hair thinning, becoming brittle. Then you have to decide on a short haircut.

And when removing there is a risk of losing up to half your own strand! Was such a goal set at the very beginning?

If metal clips were used for building, then they will be felt in the head of hair, at least at first. Yes, and a little pleasant to feel foreign bodies in the hair. Not only that the capsules are easily perceptible, and they are seen well. We'll have to show considerable skill to collect the hair in the tail so that the clips are invisible.

After building up with the help of clips or metal capsules, the first week will pass without sleep: it is very uncomfortable to sleep, the head itches and dandruff appears. In the places of attachment with regrowth strand more and more visible joints, correction is needed. The hair takes on the appearance of individual strands, and not the mass of hair. The boundaries between non-native strands and their hair are too noticeable, especially when loose strands.

We'll have to be careful when visiting the pool, sauna, swimming in the sea: non-native strands get confused and badly spoiled. And the "confusion" will become a constant companion, so for sleep you will have to collect a lot of curls in the tail or in a braid.

There are contraindications to the procedure. It is strictly forbidden to build up when baldness, loss, hypersensitivity of the skin.

You can not grow hair with vegetative-vascular dystonia, during chemotherapy, while taking potent antibiotics or hormonal drugs.

Even in the absence of prohibitions, there is a risk, after removing non-native strands, to spend a lot of time and effort on restoring the healthy look of your own hair.

Hair Extensions

And another important question: how to choose the strands for building? There is no sense in the procedure if hairs look unnatural. But artificial and do not apply: implant only human curls, similar in structure to their own, to make the difference imperceptible.

Pre-strands have been specially treated. And after it there are not very pleasant consequences: the hair is covered with silicone and polished. The appearance of this wins, but after a couple of washes, the strands can change beyond recognition.

They offer European, Asian and Slavic types of strand (see photo). China and Korea are Asian countries. Hair budget, but easily confused when washing, can stand on end and comb them very difficult.

Not everything is clear with the Euro-hair. Their quality is not too high, and the “origin” may turn out to be Indian or Latin American. This option is good for owners of pretty tough and dense strands.

Optimal Slavic version. After processing, the structure is preserved in the locks, and silicone processing is not applied. Blow-drying, a variety of styling and ironing are not contraindicated. But the cost of the procedure will be much higher, although the risk will noticeably decrease. But in any case, after building up requires special care for the hair.

Learn about it better in advance. In any case, you will have to forget about frequent visits to saunas and baths: high temperatures do not like accumulated strands. Even hot blow-drying can cause the glue or keratin to melt. So it is important to apply only the cold or warm mode.

How to care for hair extensions at home

Care for the hair after the procedure at home depends on the method of extension. However, there are rules common to all methods. To maintain a healthy-looking strand, B-group vitamins are needed. It is better to exclude thermo-effect on non-native hair, do not use forceps, an iron or a hairdryer.

Wash positions are vertical only. It is necessary to lower a head, and hair are confused. Balm when applied to the capsules should not get, also a considerable inconvenience. Yes, and about the daily washing will have to forget. And the massage should be carried out with great care not to damage the attachment.

Washing pryadok - on growth, without dropping forward. Recommended special shampoos for extended hair. Drying and quick combing? We'll have to forget about it! Yes, and you need to get a special brush with a natural bristle without balls at the tips or a rare-tooth wooden comb, so as not to reduce inadvertently the amount of hair.

At night, it is better to braid your hair in a clean braid. When visiting baths, saunas on the head, it is desirable to wear a special hat. After complying with all precautions when washing, wet the locks gently each with a soft towel, not twisting it on your head, so as not to confuse the hair. Dry gently, comb only dried curls.

And a correction is required on time. Half a year is not an indicator. It is likely that the salon will have to be poisoned in two months, when native strands grow. The build-ups will be removed and reattached closer to the roots. True, the procedure will cost less.

How is building up

Before the procedure, the native strands are washed and combed. A week before the start of building recommended drink a course of vitamins and antioxidants.

With a hot build-up the master uses forceps heated to a certain temperature. A keratin transparent capsule is formed in the place of adhesion, imperceptible in hair. With the Italian extension and "chemistry" you can do, and dye your hair, and swim in the sea. Load your hair withstand well.

A will be able to hold on from three months to six months. For removal use a special gel for soaking the capsules. Negative reviews about this method of building a bit. But it will take up to four hours, will cause inconvenience during sleep and will cost a considerable amount.

Capsular capacity differs in smaller size of nippers and capsules. Use not only keratin, but also wax soldering. Capsules do not interfere with sleep, and even less noticeable.

If the buildup is chosen to be cold, then clips, beads, and clips are used for fastening. To enhance the use of special pliers. Places joints invisible, because the master selects the clip for the tone of the native strand. Miniature beads fasten five millimeters from the skin.

The result will remain on the order of the month for a half or two. The adjustment does not take much time. There is an opportunity to build up short hair and even a bang. These are advantages of technology. And e cons - increased fragility, a small color palette of beads and contraindications for migraines.

When the tape method is used adhesive tape for fixation. The load on the strands is evenly distributed, the ribbons are pleasant to the touch, soft. Time holding will not take. And in the budget plan of procedures wins from the previous ones. It is easy to remove the locks, so the correction is easy.

But the build-up will last no more than a couple of months, and the ribbons will make the light shine noticeable. It is impossible to style hair due to the special arrangement of ribbons. We'll have to prepare for special care. They use Euro hair, and their quality is far from ideal.

To build on barrettes using strands on the "crab" or invisible. The method is suitable for self-mounting, you can not go to the salon. And remove the strands easily. But for a long time to bring them will not work, but the hairstyle for one evening will be great. And the choice of colors, length, quality, and even the cost is rather big.

After the procedure, you will have to restore the health of native hair. It is better to do it in the cabin, complementing the oil care at home. Masters will offer special peels, masks, mesotherapy, darsonval and hot scissors.

In any case, before you decide on a cardinal change of the image with the help of capacity, it is worth considering whether this transformation is really necessary.

Finding a master is not too difficult, and getting the desired results is easy enough. But to find time for leaving after the procedure and to allocate funds for carrying out is a task requiring preliminary preparation.

And does beauty require such sacrifices if fashion has relied on naturalness?

All about hair extensions: cost, reviews and effects

Hair extensions are a very popular procedure in Russian salons. With the help of extensions, you can quickly become a long-haired beauty that others pay attention to. However, many girls are concerned about the question of whether the extension causes harm to their own hair. Let's figure it out.

Any girl dreams of a long, lush head of hair. Strong, healthy hair is a sign of youth and beauty. But there are many problems that prevent the rapid growth of hair:

  • Bad ecology,
  • Improper nutrition
  • Age,
  • Heredity,
  • Lack of vitamins
  • Lack of time for hair care.

For girls with sparse, poorly growing hair, hair extensions have been developed.

What is build-up?

Hair extension is a procedure in which additional strands are attached to your own hair.

Pluses hair extensions:

  • The length of the hair increases
  • The hair becomes bulky,
  • Masked wrong hairline.

Strands do not fall for several months, after this period they need to be removed or re-fastened.

In building there are contraindications:

  • Hormonal drops,
  • Diseases of the skin epithelium,
  • Migraine,
  • Allergy,
  • Frequent staining
  • Baldness,
  • Dystonia.

Also not recommended for hair extensions people who travel a lot and often tolerate acclimatization, as well as those who have scratches on their heads.

Types of strands

Many girls are interested in where do you get hair for extensions. By supplier countries, hair is divided into:

Homeland Asian hair are China and Korea. Strands from Asia - inexpensive and low quality. They have a thick structure, curl badly and quickly split.

Such hair is confused, lose their appearance after washing, can not be colored and styled. Over time, they take the form of a rigid wire. The cause is incorrect treatment of Asian hair.

In the manufacture of their cleaned from the upper flaky layer, and then polished, painted and coated with a silicone layer.

European hair got its name due to a special processing technology. They can be not only from Europe, but also from Latin America or India. First, the strands are exposed to acid, then painted, and then treated with silicone. Scaly layer is destroyed. This type of hair suitable for owners of hard, porous hair.

Russian women fit Slavic strands. They are produced, keeping the upper scales. Slavic hair can be straight, wavy or curly. They keep their shape well after washing and styling. Slavic strands created for owners of thin, soft hair.

Hair extension process

A week before the procedure, you can drink a course of vitamins and antioxidants that will strengthen hair. Before building it is necessary to wash hair using special hair care products. The conditioner will give a smooth hair and obedience to the hair, strands will lie hair to the hair, which will prevent tangling after fixing the capsules.

When hot building silicone capsules melt a special iron, and when cold, they are simply attached with a clamp.

There are the following types of capacity:

  • Brazilian
  • Spanish,
  • Afroshoar,
  • French
  • Microlining,
  • Microbellargo,
  • German technology,
  • Capsular.

We will understand the main and most popular types.

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Building on keratin capsules - the most popular and reliable method. Strand capsules are made of keratin resin, which is melted with a special iron, heated to 180 degrees, and is attached to the hair. A transparent keratin capsule made from fused resin is invisible on the hair.

Such a capsule can withstand various types of loads. It is removed as easily as worn - with the help of a hot iron. The strands accumulated on the capsules are kept from 3 to 6 months.

Of the minuses capsular capacity can be identified:

  • The duration of the process of building. It takes up to 4 hours,
  • Capsules can irritate the scalp during sleep,
  • In the correction of regrown strands, an acetone solution is used that damages their structure,
  • A flat capsule will interfere as it grows.

Italian technology costs from 7 to 20 tr. and depends on the country of origin of hair, qualifications and stylist salon. In general, the capacity goes from 100 to 150 strands.

Strand prices formed depending on the quality of strands (European, Slavic) and length:

  • European and Asian hair cost from 50-70 p. for locks of medium length up to 100 r. long hair,
  • Slavic hair cost from 80-100 p. (average length) up to 250 p. (long hair).

A variety of Italian build is method using microcapsules. Their sizes are 3-6 mm, and small forceps are used to secure the capsules. In addition to keratin capsules, there are capsules of wax. Microcapsules are less visible, unlike conventional capsules.

In addition to the hot ironing, a special apparatus is used, which melts the capsules using ultrasound. This technique is more modern.

English capacity

The English technique is similar to the Italian one. The strands are attached using a special gun that squeezes the organic resin. English technique has a number of minuses compared to Italian:

  • In order not to damage the hair, the hairdresser must constantly monitor the temperature of the resin,
  • Strands fall faster. Their term is only 2-3 months,
  • Capsules are more noticeable
  • Capsules glow in clubs,
  • You can not go into rooms with high temperatures, otherwise the gel will melt,
  • Capsules can stick together,
  • Up to 20-30 percent hair loss per month
  • You can not blow dry hair.

Many are interested in how much hair extensions cost. The cost of hair extensions using the English method is from 10 thousand rubles.

In the English extension, you can combine multi-colored hair in one strand.

German technology

A distinctive feature of German technology is the fastening strands. with sleeveswhich are sealed by high temperature. Correction occurs due to the movement of the sleeves to the hairline.

Cons German build:

  • Sleeves soften after shampooing
  • Sleeves noticeable
  • Some care products cannot be used.
  • Some styling cannot be done.

The cost of such an increase will be 15 thousand rubles.

French technology

This technique to the types of capacity, which do not use hot irons. Strands are built up with Rueber glue. Its color adapts to the range of hair. Strands are removed using a solvent.

How much is hair extensions by french technology:

  • 3,000 - 4,000 rubles - Asian strands,
  • 5.500-15.000 rubles for strands longer than 45 cm.

The place of attachment is almost invisible. Cons of hair extensions according to the French method:

  • Painful correction procedure,
  • Hair fall out
  • You can remove hair only after 2 weeks from the time of extension,
  • If fake was used as glue, then it is safe to remove the strands, it will not work,
  • Sometimes you have to cut off tangles of hair,
  • You can not go into rooms with high temperatures and swim in salt water.

Tape building

Tape extension is done using adhesive adhesive tape. Strands are attached to the hair with adhesive sticky tape. Tape capacity costs from 7,000 to 10,000 rubles.

Advantages of tape extension:

  • The load on the hair is distributed evenly,
  • Strands are removed by spray
  • Hair can be reused, changing tape Velcro,
  • Build up quickly.

Tape building has several disadvantages:

  • Strands worn for no longer than two months
  • Ribbons can shine and shine through,
  • It is necessary to use hair care products,
  • You can not do some hairstyles because of the special arrangement of ribbons.

Consequences of buildup

Many people ask: hair extensions - is it harmful? To unequivocally answer this question, it is necessary to choose the right type of building and take into account the consequences.

Effects of hair extensions:

  • Loss of a significant part of hair
  • Inconvenience during sleep, washing and combing hair,
  • The entanglement of hair and loss of aesthetic appearance of hair.

It is necessary to choose technology, relying on the budget, structure of hair and personal preferences. Clarify information and consult better personally with a hairdresser-stylist.

Reviews of girls about building

By nature I have sparse and thin hair. I decided to increase the strands to give them volume. Order strands had from another city. The build-up took place within 5 hours, which was quite tiring. After building my scalp was constantly aching, I did not get enough sleep. I took the capsules myself in a month. Now I use only strands on hairpins. Elena, 35 years

Increased strands on keratin capsules. Capsules - small and inconspicuous, almost do not feel them. For building gave almost 20 thousand. I'm happy with everyone.Victoria, 20 years

I have my hair just awful - thin, confused, sparse. At one time, building up became for me discovery and salvation. After the first procedure, all doubts have disappeared, I have been walking with such hair for more than 6 years now! I always do it at one master at home, who already knows the characteristics of my hair. I advise everyone not to be afraid of building up, if their hair is bad. Svetlana, 30 years old

"The illusion of deception": Sprayed hair - instructions for use

You can cut a braid in an hour, but in this case you will not be able to grow long curls quickly. In addition, the natural density and strength of hair is different for everyone. Sparse curls do not look gorgeous.

If your hair is naturally fragile and weak, does not grow long, then you can use the procedure of extension. Visiting the salon, you radically change the image.

Lush hairstyle will make you more confident and attractive.

Types of hair extensions

The beauty industry is constantly evolving, new opportunities appear, to make a woman beautiful. There are several technologies for building up, each of them has its own characteristics:

  1. Hot way. In the process, additional strands are fixed to natural hot resin. The method is suitable for hard and durable natural strands. Thin hairs hot pitch can damage. Includes several capsule techniques: Italian, French and English.

The Italian way is considered sparing. Strands are attached to keratin capsules melted with warm tongs. Their temperature is not higher than 180 degrees. Abandoning saunas or sunbathing while wearing hair extensions is not required.

In the English technique uses a special gun with rods of refractory keratin resin. Strands are fixed to the natural and grow with them.

The French method involves the use of protein capsules. They fix additional strands in any area of ​​the head.

  1. Cool way. It is the most delicate build-up. Fixing additional strands occurs with liquid keratin. When interacting with oxygen keratin freezes.
  2. The Japanese method involves fixing the strands with metal beads.
  3. Tape method. The process uses strands on ribbons. They are fixed with special glue or scotch to natural hair.
  4. With the use of overhead strands pinned with hairpins. The most short-lived way, but is available in the home, even a beginner.

To determine the best method for you to build should an experienced master. In this case, the strands will wear well and delight the woman.

How to build hair at home

Start to use the build better with overhead strands. They require careful handling, but do not harm their own curls. Overhead strands are convenient to use to create hairstyles for parties. Buy invoices can be of any length. Their color should be in harmony with the color of your hair.

Clean hair is divided by a horizontal parting in the place where the strands will be attached. The part of the hair that is above the parting is collected in a bun.

A small strand is separated from the lower half of the hair; an artificial strand is fixed to its base with a clip or hairpin. Similarly, the remaining overhead curls are fixed.

After all strands are fixed, the upper part of the hair is dismissed and covers the attachment points of the strands. Finished hairstyle varnish.

If you want to get a long-term result, then use the technique of tape building. Capsule techniques are quite complex, so not everyone can get capsules themselves.

The strands on the ribbons are artificial hairs, fixed on strips with adhesive backing. They will grow with natural curls. The color of the ribbons is selected as close as possible to the natural. The top and sides of the hair pin up.

Strands on tapes are fixed at the base of the growth of their own curls in several places. Then the parting is done 1.5-2 cm above and the tapes are fixed again. After all the ribbons are used, the top and sides of the hair are dissolved. Handled with extended strands must be carefully combed gently.

When regrowth curls require correction. Glue is dissolved by special liquid.

If you want to get the most natural look of hair, then try the Italian extension technique. Prepare strands, hot tongs, separator and electric razor. The top and side of the hair is removed. Next, the separator separates a small strand.

At its base, fix the lock with the capsule. Warmed with forceps, the capsule is melted, artificial hairs are attached to the natural ones. Similarly, fix all the prepared strands. The ends of the accrued strands are aligned with the natural with an electric shaver.

When working with forceps, it is important not to burn the roots of your own hairs.

Short hair extensions

Standard extension methods are not suitable for short haircuts. Traditional capsules and tapes will be visible. The owners of short hair are recommended to use microlining.

This technique is based on the principles of hot build. The main difference from conventional capsular extension is the possibility of applying the procedure with a hair length of 5 cm.

Micro-suspension is recommended for weak and brittle curls. Pre-you can take a course of strengthening masks.

The procedure takes 4-6 hours, but the capsules are very small in size and weight. Such capsules are difficult to pull out when combing, they are invisible on short haircuts.

Only an experienced master can make high-quality microlining. It will take a creative approach, because the capsules are located outside the box. The haircut should have a cascade and thinning, so the hairstyle will look harmonious.

Capsules should be very durable, but invisible.

As with any cosmetic procedure, micro-styling has advantages and disadvantages. Advantages of the procedure:

  • The result is light curls that look natural.
  • Does not harm natural hair.
  • Microcapsules have a size of less than 1 mm, they are completely invisible.
  • There are no restrictions on the use of the sauna or swimming pool, sunbathing.
  • The technique allows you to add volume to problem areas: bangs, whiskey.

The disadvantages include the high cost of the procedure. Artificial strands will cost less than curls from natural hair. For full microlining it will take at least 5 hours. The first correction is carried out after 3 weeks. With such a technique of building it is difficult to achieve a large volume, it is possible only to increase the length and density.

If you decide to build up, then contact the professionals. They guarantee quality and will not damage natural hair.

Hair removal

Removal of the accrued strands occurs with the help of a remuver. This special liquid is applied to the place of fixation strand to soften the keratin capsule or glue. After a few minutes, the capsule softens, and the master with forceps tightens the extended strand. The slower and more accurate the master works, the less damage is done to the hair.

The duration of the removal procedure is 1.5-2 hours. It depends on the number of hairs and on the condition of the hair as a whole. If there are many tangles in the hair, the removal takes a long time. Also the duration is affected by the technique used.

If keratin capsules were used, the alcohol remover almost dissolves them. The remains of keratin are simply combed out from the curls. When using resin capsules in English technology or tape building time will require more. The resin and glue are more difficult to dissolve with the remuver.

After removing the hair, it is recommended to wash the natural hair with a shampoo with a balm.

Hair extensions

Holders of liquid or short curls resort to building up. After the procedure, you can get an increase in hair density up to 3 times. You can increase the curls in certain areas of the head, apply curly curls or lengthen the bangs. When using strands of a contrasting color, it is possible to obtain the effect of highlighting or coloring.

The procedure is popular after injuries, burns or head surgery. It allows you to hide the scars, birthmarks. After an unsuccessful haircut, coloring, damaged roots, extension allows you to create an attractive hairstyle.

However, the build has negative points. Hair care with hair extensions is complicated even when using a natural material. Foreign hair may cause a feeling of disgust. In addition, washing and care should be delicate. At night, the hair should be braided, combed only with a large comb. When the roots grow, a correction is required.

You should not increase the curls with increased sensitivity of the scalp, baldness, undergoing chemotherapeutic treatment, the use of strong antibiotics and hormonal drugs.

The greatest influence on the state of natural hair has the qualifications of the master. The cost of the procedure can not be low, otherwise the material may be of poor quality.

Hair extension

As the length of their own hairs grows, the extended locks will move downward and become noticeable. The need for correction depends on the rate of growth of its own curls, usually it is 2 months with capsule technique, 1 month for tape extension.

The correction procedure takes about 4 hours. First of all, all the extended strands are removed. If they have not lost their attractive appearance, then they can be increased again.

Natural hair after removal of the increased are painted and trimmed if necessary. After this, a new attachment of stackable straps occurs.

The number of donor strands is usually increased, since some of the hairs are lost or deteriorate when worn.

Hair Care

Increased strands will look longer attractive if you follow simple rules of care.

  • You need to wash your hair in the shower without tilting it forward.
  • Do not use care or styling products containing alcohol.
  • For combing used rare comb with large teeth.
  • To curls do not tangle, they need to braid in a braid.
  • In time you need to make the correction of accreted strands.
  • For washing and care apply specialized line of products.

Artificial strands are adversely affected by visits to the sauna, solarium, and swimming pool. Therefore, it is better to visit these places only if necessary.

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