Possible consequences of hair extensions and how to reduce the risk of their appearance

Hello! It is possible to return the money. Try to convince the seller to voluntarily fulfill his duty, referring to Art. 18 and Art. 23 These articles state the following Article 18. Consumer rights when a defect is found in a product ”1. The consumer, in case of detection of defects in the product, if they were not specified by the seller, has the right to choose: demand replacement for the product of the same brand (the same model and (or) article), demand replacement for the same product of another brand (model, article ) with a corresponding recalculation of the purchase price, to demand a proportionate reduction in the purchase price, to demand the immediate gratuitous elimination of the defects of the goods or reimbursement of the costs of their correction by the consumer or a third party, to refuse to perform the contract upli sale and demand the return of the amount paid for the goods.

Hair return, how to get your hair back to the store and whether you can get money

Choose the hair structure you need and do not complain that the donors who donated this hair were not sufficiently Slavic :)

    South Russian hair fell off after swimming in the sea. Answer: the hair fell off not due to the fact that they belong to the South Russian category, but because something the master's work on fastening of the capsules was not performed professionally enough, or the keratin was of inadequate quality.

How to return money for substandard cosmetic services?

I have such a situation: I was building up the hair of a girl at home, I had to go with this hair for 3 months and then a correction. I went with them for three weeks and they began to fall. She turned to the master, she said that she was guilty of a bad product, and she no longer works with this supplier.
At the same time, she does not want to return money for her hair (or increase others for free), and then it turned out that she was not doing it legally at all. There is a photo of her hair at home before and what now, there is a correspondence with her.

Nika There is an answer. Answer: Isakova Marina Yuryevna Lawyer Hello! Return the money you can not, because You yourself voluntarily turned to a master who works at home and does not give any guarantees for your services. Dmitry Boykov answers Lawyer As I understand it, you want to return the money.

Poor hair extensions

There are sections with Frequently Asked Questions, and we offer a section with Frequently Asked Illegal Questions. Why incorrect - because the person who sets them is not well versed in this topic. And this leads to the fact that he makes mistakes when choosing the products he needs. And as a result - dissatisfaction with the purchase, the work of the master, disappointment in the method and a bad mood !.

It is important for us that your mood is always 5 plus. Therefore - read carefully, understand, and if you need to check with us! Common mistakes when choosing hair

    hair is tough, although they are called Slavic.

Many believe that Slavic hair is only thin, soft, etc., and can never be porous. Answer: very often people think this way, and do not understand that people living in “Slavic” territory have different hair structure).

Possible consequences of hair extensions and how to reduce the risk of their appearance

The price of a commodity is determined on the basis of its price, which existed in the place where the consumer’s demand had to be satisfied by the seller (manufacturer, authorized organization or authorized individual entrepreneur, importer) on the day of voluntary satisfaction of such demand or on the day of the court decision, if The request was not satisfied voluntarily. 2. In case of non-fulfillment of the consumer’s requirements within the terms provided for in Articles 20 - 22 of this Law, the consumer shall have the right to make other demands of his choice, established by Article 18 of this Law.In the text of the letter, just write: “In response to your request for goods for examination, I remind you that in accordance with paragraph 5. Art. 18 of the Federal Law "On Protection of Consumer Rights" the seller conducts an examination of the goods at his own expense.

  • 1 Application
    • 1.1 Contraindications
    • 1.2 Rules and recommendations
  • 2 Major implications
    • 2.1 Tape technology
    • 2.2 Technique interweaving
    • 2.3 Capsule capacity
  • 3 Consequences depending on the technique
  • 4 Useful Videos

Application The procedure is applied in such cases:

  • there is a desire to increase the volume and length of hair,
  • the desire to get the hair of a different color, without resorting to staining,
  • it is necessary to remove the consequences of unsuccessful haircuts,
  • need to hide the scars and other skin defects on the head.

We recommend to read: is it harmful to increase hair.

Another reason may be the structure of the native hair. You can not apply this method to owners of thin curls.

    Ultrasonic - damage and loss of strands.

The reason is master's inexperience and / or improper care. Use a special comb without balls at the tips.

So is hair extension harmful? Yes, if the native hair is unhealthy or there are contraindications.

No, if used on healthy strands. In most cases, all the sad consequences occur because the master did not have the necessary experience, poor-quality materials were used, or the terms of correction were not observed. In order not to regret about building up, choose a proven master and the best strands, as well as go for a correction in the recommended period.

Useful videos Horror hair extensions and improper hair care. Undesirable effects of hair extensions.


The procedure is applied in such cases:

  • there is a desire to increase the volume and length of hair,
  • aspiration buy a different color of hair without dyeing,
  • it is necessary to remove the consequences of unsuccessful haircuts,
  • need to hide the scars and other skin defects on the head.


You can not expose your hair by building:

  • length less than five centimeters. Otherwise, the strands will not be able to attach,
  • brittle and damaged native curls, they need to be treated,
  • under 16 years old since the hair is still very weak
  • of pregnancy. Changes in hormonal levels may affect the scalp,
  • VSD and frequent headaches,
  • strong fallout
  • with injuries of the skin on the head,
  • antibiotic - hormone and chemotherapy,
  • hypersensitivity of the skin.

Rules and Recommendations

The consequences after hair extensions are not as terrible as they are sometimes presented. The quality of the result is affected by:

  1. Master's experience. The professional will select the appropriate method of extension and conduct the procedure correctly in each case, based on the study of the structure and condition of the customer’s locks. He will correctly calculate the required amount of material and take care of its quality.
  2. Material. Only natural Slavic strands will give a well-groomed look for a long time. Artificial curls after a couple of sinks will become tough and will differ markedly from their relatives.

That hair after building looked well-groomed and suffered minimal damage, you should follow these rules:

  • before bedtime, the strands must be braided into a loose braid,
  • wash your hair without leaning forward and special means
  • comb gently and several times a day
  • give your relatives curls a rest,
  • time to go on the correction.

Tape technology

The basis of the method - attaching artificial curls to relatives using ribbons of different widths.

Important! Does hair deteriorate after a tape extension? It depends on how the procedure was carried out and how it was care after it.

Possible problems and how to avoid them:

  • visible attachment points. A disadvantage occurs when the technique is applied on sparse hair.An experienced master will not recommend a tape extension to the owners of such hair,
  • strands tangle, ribbons fall away, attachment points are visible. The reason is a delayed correction. The term comes in 1.5-2 months. And with the rapid growth of hair - even earlier,
  • tapes come off. This happens when the care products (balsams, masks) get to the attachment points. It is necessary to avoid such areas, as well as remove fatty cosmetics from everyday life.

Weaving technique

The foundation - weaving. Depending on the technique subdivided into afar and Brazilian. In the first case, the connection of stackable strands occurs by sewing tress to the prepared pigtails, in the second - by interlacing artificial and natural curls.

Consequences and ways of dealing with them:

  • formation of matted lumps - dreadlocks. They are difficult to remove, sometimes have to cut. To avoid the appearance of dreadlocks, you need to use balms after each shampooing. You should often comb the hair, braid in a braid before bedtime and keep it from tangling in the wind,
  • fragility of hair. In the spit, the curls are woven very tightly, this can lead to their injury. To avoid the consequences, timely correction will help, in which the braids are intertwined in other places. Injury in the care can injure hair. You can not comb the wet strands and go to bed without drying them.

Capsule extension

It is carried out in various ways: hot (Italian and English technicians) and cold (Spanish and Japanese technicians).

To find out whether hair extension spoils the capsular method of native hair, you should find out about the problems that are at risk:

  • "Slipping" capsules. A few pieces are fine. When they crawl en masse - this is a sign that the technology has been broken. An experienced master will help to avoid problems. Another reason could be improper care. Do not put cosmetics on attachment points and expose these areas to high temperatures. Avoid silicones and acid balms, shampoos,
  • large and / or “spiky” capsules. Lack of experience from the master. Look for a proven person
  • tangling. It is often necessary to comb strands and use special cosmetics. Confusion may occur even when the build-up was done by an inexperienced master, or low-quality materials (artificial or low-grade strands) were used. In the latter case, make sure that the use of Slavic hair. They are the most comfortable to wear.
  • the appearance of mats A small amount of hair loss is a normal process. When capsular extension hairs that remain are left in the capsules. Over time, they get confused and form mats. Carefully comb the strands and resort to the correction procedure in a timely manner,
  • visible attachment points. The reason may be a bad build. The more experienced the master, the less noticeable the capsules created.

Note, It is worth adhering to the recommended timing of socks and on time to go on a correction in order to preserve the beauty of the stretched strands and avoid problems with them.

Consequences depending on the technique

There are other consequences which are already connected directly using a separate technique.

  • In English - sticking pryadok. Used low-quality resin. Choose products of a proven brand.
  • Spanish - damage to native strands when removed. The reason is improper care, untimely correction, non-compliance with the technology during the procedure.
  • Japanese - Knocks on native strands when removed. Occurs when poor-quality building - strongly clamped rings. To hedge, it is better to use rings with silicone liners, they reduce the risk of injury. Another reason may be the structure of the native hair.You can not apply this method to owners of thin curls.
  • Ultrasonic - damage and loss of strands. The reason is master's inexperience and / or improper care. Use a special comb without balls at the tips.

So is hair extension harmful? Yes, if the native hair is unhealthy or there are contraindications. No, if used on healthy strands.

In most cases, all the sad consequences occur because the master did not have the necessary experience, poor-quality materials were used, or the terms of correction were not observed. In order not to regret about building up, choose a proven master and the best strands, as well as go for a correction in the recommended period.

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What is alopecia

For hair restoration, our readers successfully use Minoxidil. Seeing the popularity of this tool, we decided to offer it to your attention.
Read more here ...

Alopecia is hair loss that can occur on both the body and the head. The pathological process most often affects men over 50 years old, although under certain conditions women also face this problem.

What is a disease

Alopecia can be complete or focal. In the first case, most of the hair falls out, and in the second - only in certain places. Such a problem may occur in women during pregnancy, which is associated with hormonal changes in the body. Alopecia is also characteristic of the postpartum period.

Some medications can also trigger baldness. These include drugs that affect blood coagulation, oral contraceptives and retinoids. Constant stress can also contribute to alopecia, especially if it is combined with endocrine disorders. Lack of certain vitamins can be a provoking factor in hair loss. This concerns a lack of iron, zinc, etc. in the body. Improper diet often becomes a trigger.

In most cases, the disease develops gradually. Hair begins to thin in the parietal zone and from the side of the forehead. The skin becomes glossy, acquires a characteristic luster. The hair bulb gradually atrophies.

The most dangerous type of this pathological process is the loss of growing hair. This can lead to a complete alopecia. This problem occurs after radiation therapy, with various types of intoxication, including arsenic, gold, bismuth and some types of fungus poisoning.

Another type of disease is androgenic alopecia. It appears in men immediately after puberty. The pathological process continues up to 30 years or more. More often, this pathology is hereditary and appears due to excessive production of androgen hormones.

The clinical picture is a little different from other types of baldness. The normal structure of the hair shaft changes and gradual baldness occurs. At first, the hair becomes thin, then it resembles a down, which is devoid of any pigment.

Temples first appear on both sides of the forehead, and then they strike the parietal zone. The cicatricial type of the disease is characterized by hair follicle atrophy, which may be congenital.

Characteristics of the pathological process

Infectious diseases can cause alopecia. These include herpes, syphilis, and others. Disruption in the ovaries in women and the appearance of polycystosis provoke the development of alopecia. This problem may also occur in pathologies associated with the pituitary gland. The disease often affects people taking steroid hormones.

Frostbite of the scalp can cause baldness, which is attributed to the scar appearance. Alopecia areata is characterized by the presence of small and large foci that affect different parts of the human body. The etiology of this type of disease has not yet been studied. Additional clinical picture may not be pronounced. Only in some cases there is a slight hyperemia.

Mild hair may fall out. Moreover, if you pay attention to the root, then you can see a white dot at its end. This type of baldness is reversible. Seborrheic alopecia is allocated as a separate type of disease.

This form of the pathological process affects mainly adolescents in puberty and can last up to 23 years. In this case, the hair has a distinctive appearance for seborrhea. They are greasy, with the presence of such brilliance that the sides seem as if the hair is oiled.

Scales appear, the strands look untidy and stick together. The structure of the rod undergoes changes. The hair becomes thinner, then replaced with fluff.

The provoking factor of alopecia is often traumatizing - the habit of weaving tight braids, pulling out hair and exposing them to various kinds of effects. It is easy to recognize the disease and distinguish it from others, since there is a characteristic clinical picture.

To establish the cause is quite difficult. First of all, the doctor tries to exclude pathologies of the thyroid gland, and also asks about the medications that the patient is taking at the moment. It is important to determine the level of androgens in the blood, since in most cases it is this provoking factor that plays a crucial role.

Do not lose sight of the effect of immunity on the health of hair. With a decrease in the body's defenses, the risk of alopecia increases. In this case, if you pull the hair, then it is easily detached from the bulb. Systemic lupus erythematosus and lichen planus are often the causes of baldness.

What else you need to know about the disease

The process of hair loss can stimulate the wrong approach to hygiene. This is especially true for seborrheic alopecia, when a person tends to wash his hair almost every day, aggravating the problem. Despite the fact that hair becomes greasy very quickly, you need to wash your hair no more than 1 time per week. In this case, you should choose shampoos based on herbs in which there are no harmful additives, including sulfites. The best option would be a detergent designed specifically for oily seborrhea.

Alopecia can be slowed down if you start taking vitamins. Additionally, the doctor often recommends reviewing the diet. The diet should include cereals, vegetables and fruits, especially lemons and oranges. Fatty and fried dishes can only aggravate the problem.

If baldness is accompanied by the loss of mature hair, then there is a chance of recovery. To do this, it is recommended to minimize the amount of stress and normalize lifestyle. Additionally, you need to use special shampoos for baldness. The cicatricial type of the disease requires a more serious approach to therapy. Shows removal of modified areas and hair transplantation.

If the problem is caused by an increased level of androgens, then trichologists prescribe drugs that can correct hormonal levels. In case of polycystic ovaries, long-term treatment is necessary to eliminate the cause of baldness, and not its consequences. Treatment of alopecia in women, caused by an increase in testosterone in the blood, is carried out with the help of drugs that have antiandrogenic effects.

When the cause of the disease is a fungus, fungicidal preparations are used. With constant stress and psychosomatic disorders, the use of sedatives gives a good result.

Additional Information

Alopecia is a long-term disease that requires a comprehensive approach to diagnosis and treatment. Additional symptoms may be absent in some cases, but sometimes itching occurs, especially when the fungus or oily seborrhea serves as a triggering factor for the pathological process.

Intensive combing of the scalp provokes the appearance of a burning sensation in the area of ​​impact. Many types of alopecia respond well to treatment. Doctors prefer treatments based on the effects of herbs that stimulate hair growth. However, any event will not bring results if you do not adjust the lifestyle.

If a person works in hazardous production, then harmful conditions should not be excluded from the number of provoking factors. Hair restoration after alopecia is long and may take more than one year. The sooner the disease is recognized, the more favorable the prognosis.

This pathological process may have psychological reasons. Especially if there is an IRR in which blood circulation is disturbed. The hair follicle does not receive sufficient nutrition, and therefore there is a loss. Sometimes it takes a long time to clarify the cause, since it is rather difficult to identify IRR, especially if the additional symptoms are not pronounced.

An abrupt change of climate or food can trigger temporary alopecia, but it does not affect large areas of the head. Hair at the same time fall out evenly. The process stops after the adaptation of the organism to new conditions for it. When medication is the trigger, then immediately after they are canceled, the problem disappears.

Pros and cons of hair extensions

Hair extension is an affordable procedure, which is increasingly used by many girls who want to have long and beautiful curls.

If you build hair from an experienced master who can confirm his ability with a large portfolio and the presence of certificates confirming the completion of training courses, then you should not worry about the result of the procedure.

Your head will be decorated with long and luxurious curls that you will wear until the next correction.

Below in the photo you can see the result after the hair extension procedure.

But if you come to a hairdresser, unfamiliar with the nuances of extension technology, using inappropriate devices and equipment and offering poor quality donor strands to clients, the outcome of this procedure may not only please you, but also harm your body.

Technology hair extensions, though brought almost to automatism, but still not perfect.

Strictly speaking, any processes that have a mechanical, thermal or chemical effect on curls, spoil them, causing a section of the tips, dry strands, painful appearance and, as a consequence, the complete or partial loss of strands.

Despite this harm, many girls continue to increase their curls, hoping that they can avoid the negative effects of the procedure.

Some never even think that this is harmful. Others try to minimize this harm by choosing good craftsmen and proper care for hair after building up.

If you want to grow your hair and are looking for information about the varieties and techniques of this process, read this article.

From it you will learn about what is needed for hair extensions, which extensions cause the most damage to curls, which - the least, and you will be warned about all the pros and cons of the procedure you are going to decide on.

Reviews of girls who have ever increased their hair are almost equally divided into two parts - someone is pleased with the results of the process and extends his hairstyle with the help of this procedure for more than one year, and someone has had enough of it once, leaving behind him unpleasant effects.

Advantages of the procedure

Long hair is in trend again.The nineties of the last century brought the world androgyny fashion. Young girls wore ultrashort haircuts and painted their strands in non-standard colors.

In the tenth years of the twenty-first century, naturalness returned to fashion again. The modern generation of girls returns to natural beauty and grows their curls to the maximum length, from which they feel comfortable and attractive.

Long hair is an indispensable accessory in the photo of many modern girls.

Some time ago, only stars and models could afford to increase strands, but over time this procedure became available for ordinary women as well.

It has a relatively high cost, but girls who want to look perfect are ready to make any financial sacrifices in order to gain long curls.

First of all, we should talk about the advantages of building up, because it is because of them that many girls are ready to forget about the harm that artificial hair length can do to their hair.

New methods of building allow you to make donor strands attached to the head, invisible.

Technologies that are used during the build-up, help to place additional curls in such a way that they will be mixed with natural hair.

You can verify this by looking at this photo.

Donor hair, which is attached to the natural strands of customers, not only increase the length of hair, but also give it more density.

Girls with thin, curly locks are happy with this effect, and representatives with thick hair after the procedure enjoy real mane hair.

The extension of the strands in just a few hours allows you to increase their length to seventy centimeters. Such a cardinal change of image just will not pass invisible!

For example, the difference in time between these “before” and “after” photos is only a few hours.

The extension procedure allows you to add originality to the hairstyle, because instead of strands that perfectly match the tone of your hair, you can choose strands of contrasting colors that will look like a dramatic highlight or coloration.

In this natural curls will not suffer from the chemical effects of paint. An example of such an avant-garde hairstyle you can see in the photo.

Building curls - effective cosmetic measure that helps to hide the first signs of baldness in certain areas.

If for some reason your hair has thinned out in certain places, you can cover these bald spots with donor curls attached above an unaesthetic looking area.

The minimum length of hair on the girl's head, allowing for the extension procedure, should be about ten centimeters, approximately as the girl in the photo above.

Modern masters who want to please their clients, who have non-standard ideas about the beauty of their hair, have learned to build up braided pigtails, dreadlocks and strands decorated with feathers and rhinestones.

The most common reason for the appeal of girls who want to lengthen their curls with donor strands is a banal haircut, which does not suit them with their appearance.

Many of the fair sex, affected by the scissors of careless hairdressers, are ready to give any money to return to their usual length and look attractive again in the eyes of others.

Many girls who managed to get to a good master, leave laudatory reviews about their work.

Choose a proven salon and look through the portfolio of a hairdresser before you sit in his desk chair.

Disadvantages of the procedure

Despite the positive aspects of this procedure, there are a number of drawbacks that can darken the joy of acquiring new, long curls.

The hair extension techniques used by the masters, although they are improved every year, but still cause some harm to the natural locks of the clients.

Both hot and cold methods of hair extension injure the roots of the locks with thermal, chemical or mechanical effects that affect the health of the hair not only during the initial procedure, but also during each of the subsequent hairstyle corrections.

The consequences of hair extensions are as follows: curls that hold donor strands deteriorate and stretch out at the attachment site due to the large weight of the capsule, tape or other attachment, as well as due to the weight of the strand itself.

The rods of natural hairs are loosened, the hair follicles begin to ache and shrink. This damage caused by hair will be very difficult to replenish.

Hair extension using any technology is associated with the constant discomfort that will be present after the procedure.

It is not harmful to hair, but it is dangerous for the human nervous system. Whatever your master uses as fasteners - metal or plastic beads, ribbons or tresses, keratin or resin capsules - each of them will be painfully felt during sleep.

Before you go to bed, you will have to braid the braid in order to avoid strong hair tangling.

Reviews of some girls say that the feeling of a multitude of foreign bodies on the head disappears a couple of weeks after the procedure, while others claim that it does not leave them throughout the whole socks of donor strands.

Building curls restricts any of the girls in choosing hairstyles. Such strands look advantageous only in loose form.

Collect them in a bundle and do not demonstrate to others the attachment of donor strands will not work.

Cons of hair extensions on this are not limited.

Fastening artificial curls damage not only the structure of the hair, but also the scalp. From the constant rubbing of foreign objects about it, it can react with dandruff, itching and the appearance of inflammations.

If you are the owner of fast-growing curls, think twice before you do hair extensions.

You may have to do the hairstyle correction more often, causing new and new harm to your hair.

Few girls know that hair extensions deprive them of many possibilities - with such a hairstyle it is not recommended to swim in ponds and pools, to visit the bath and sauna.

From water and steam, the curls often become tangled to such a state that they cannot be combed.

Regular washing of the head will turn into a whole ritual for you, the details of which will be described by your hairdresser after he has finished shaping your hairstyle.

If the procedure is performed incorrectly, the consequences of hair extensions can become a real nightmare for any girl: increased hair loss can lead to baldness, the skin will be constantly irritated, and persistent dermatitis of the skin can develop later.

After you have read the section “hair extensions: pros and cons”, draw conclusions.

You can agree to the procedure, knowing the harm it will bring to your hair, or refuse to carry it out and begin to grow your curls with the help of taking vitamins and applying treatment masks.

How to increase curls?

If you still decide on hair extensions, choose for yourself the most appropriate way that will give you the least inconvenience.

  1. cold build
  2. hot build.

Cold hair extension technology involves the use of special adhesive bases or metal devices. Both are bad for curls.

Chemical formulas of glue can cause nausea, headache, as well as partially dissolve the top layer of hairs, thereby thinning their structure.

Mechanical action on curls with the help of special metal tongs, hooks and needles also causes damage to their structure.

Many people believe that cold treatments are more benign compared to other methods of extension.

There is some truth in this, since they do not have a thermal effect on the curls. On the other hand, they also cannot be called ideal, especially if you keep in mind the reasons outlined above.

If you want to see how to carry out the procedure of building with adhesive tapes, see this photo.

The technology of hair extensions in a hot way is really traumatic. Many girls know that the thermal effect on the curls has a harmful effect on their structure.

The hair rods deteriorate with the temperature that the master needs to melt and fix the keratin, silicone or resin capsules on the curls of the clients.

Some masters during the procedure can burn the scalp of the clients.

On the other hand, strands that are extended with the help of heat-setting, keep their curls tighter and blend better with natural hair.

Hairstyles, created on the basis of donor strands, look natural. You can verify this by looking at this photo.

After you choose the best way to fix the donor strands on your hair, read the list of mandatory rules that will have to be strictly followed after increasing the curls.

Refuse to sleep with wet hair. Before you go to bed, thoroughly dry your hair. Buy special accessories for extended strands.

The comb should have long straight teeth of the same thickness that do not end with balls at the ends.

Forget about using thermocameras. If you really need to make a festive styling, use a hair dryer or curling only at the ends of the hair.

Make sure that the attachment points of the donor strands are not heated.

Do not put balms and hair masks on the places of fixation of the strands: they can cause slipping of the attached curls. Regularly perform the build-up correction.

The longer you visit a hairdresser, the worse your hairstyle will look and the more money you will need to restore it later.

Reviews of many girls left in the network, often disagree. Many of them argue that building up is harmful and agreeing to this procedure is not worth it.

Others admire the result of the procedure and do not notice any negative consequences even after several months of wearing the overhead strands.

Does natural hair deteriorate after such a procedure? Definitely yes. Some people have more luck, and these changes are insignificant, while other girls suffer for years from the once wrong decision.

If you want to increase your hair, contact a proven hairdresser for advice.

He will tell you about all the nuances of the process and select for you the most optimal method for fixing donor strands on the curls.

Hair extension is not safe!

Hair extension is a procedure loved by many women, because you can get curls of any length in just a couple of hours. In addition to the visible benefits, there are a number of shortcomings and adverse consequences that the masters are silent about.

Negative effects of hair extensions

Many girls, going to the procedure for hair extensions, do not even think about the consequences. And the truth is, why think about something negative, as the information on perfect safety of the procedure and gorgeous photos of the final result are replete with everything around. In fact, practice shows something else.

The negative effects of building include:

- Dandruff, which appears due to the fact that it is simply impossible to wash the hair roots due to the proximity of the capsules.But this problem usually occurs if the work was done by an inexperienced master or you do not provide the necessary care for the scalp,
- Unpleasant sensations in the process of socks - there is a heaviness near the roots, there is a constant desire to scratch your head,
- Some girls say increased hair loss after removing the extensions. Actually, this is also an explanation - to carry out the procedure, if you have unhealthy hair or scalp, it is not recommended in order to avoid unpleasant consequences.

Not all those who have hair extensions, faced with problems. After all, as for other salon procedures, there are a number of contraindications. It is impossible to increase the curls, if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, you have problems at the hormonal level, you are less than 16 years old, etc. - All this and much more causes a number of troubles while wearing or after removing artificial hair.

How to avoid problems after hair extensions

Trichologists, as well as masters of capacity, say in a voice that the procedure is completely safe. But if the hairdresser does not clarify some nuances, the specialist in the treatment of hair makes corrections.

Before the extension, you need to visit a doctor to assess the condition of the hair and scalp, in other words, you definitely need to go to an appointment with a trichologist. Not every clinic has such specialists, so it makes sense to stay on paid clinics.

If during the inspection no problems were identified, you can safely proceed to the selection of an experienced specialist and materials for extension. How many bundles will be required for the procedure will be able to prompt the master. When using bad beams, it is difficult to judge the consequences, and the skill of the hairdresser plays an important role.

It is worth paying attention to the large beauty salons that specialize in hair extensions and eyelashes is not the first day. Small hairdressers often use poor quality materials that are held for a short period of time. The type of hair depends on a lot, so you need to be careful when dealing with the issue, because it is not always the way you want it!

How to restore hair after extension with available means

Transform instantly beyond recognition. Who can resist the temptation to have long strands in a few hours. Salons offer many options for lengthening strands, positioning them as absolutely safe. But is it? And if the strands are already injured, then how to restore the hair after extension?

Sometimes lengthening is necessary

Methods of lengthening the curls and possible trouble

The main thing - a good master and proven salon

Modern methods of instant transformation of a short hairstyle into a magnificent mane of curls are divided into two types of methods - hot and cold. Which of them is less harmful for the hair structure, and what could be the consequences?

Hot build - differences and features

In the photo - Italian technology

Any soldering of artificial strands to the tips is a process that traumatizes our strands, since there is a profound effect on the internal structure of the curls.

  • English technique - based on soldering hairs using a special adhesive, which is positioned as natural, but this is not always the case. Cheaper technologies use special glue, not natural resins. A transparent gelatin-shaped capsule is formed in the joints, requiring careful treatment and special care.

Important. The consequences for hair extensions with this method - when heated, the effects of the chemical components of cosmetics, visiting the sauna capsules can stick together, then you have to scratch and artificial strands, and their own curls.

The result of poor quality work "professional" master

  • Italian method of building - the principle is the same, but less traumatic.The capsules are smaller, but also have a deep impact on the curls,
  • French technology - the use of special adhesive composition ensures the formation of thin, barely visible connecting nodes. But when removing it is necessary to apply liquid with aggressive components, which greatly spoils the hair.

Important. Does hair deteriorate after extension? Yes, especially with sensitive scalp and susceptibility to allergic reactions. Even headaches and prolonged sleep disturbances can occur, especially with intolerance to the components of the adhesive mixture.

Mechanical "cold" building

"Cold" technology lengthening

Fastening of artificial strands occurs mechanically using clip clips. Naturally, there can be no question of any safety for the health of curls. Any physical impact, and long-term, injures the hair and deforms the bulbs.

Hair restoration after the extension can be very long - up to a year or more.

  • Korean technique - mount - mini rings, which are clamped at the junction. Metal can grind curls and cause constant discomfort. In some cases, itchy head after hair extensions, as the body reacts negatively to mechanical damage,
  • Spanish technique - fixing adhesives and special fixer. Less cons, but they also exist. Glue components can cause allergic reactions and thin the follicles.

Tape mount

  • Tape - the safest type of extension, since artificial curls are attached to a special invisible tape. But the principle - lengthening on scotch - is not a pleasant sensation, but after all, beauty requires sacrifice, isn't it?

Conclusion. Does hair deteriorate badly after hair extension? None of the methods of acquiring instantly long strands are safe and, in one way or another, injure hair.

The most effective methods of recovering healthy strands after building

Express restoration of very damaged strands

So, the price did not stop, the build-up was completed, but the result is not encouraging. How to quickly restore the health of the curls after unprofessionally performed elongation?

Important. Even before the procedure, ask for feedback on the professionalism of the salon masters and recommendations of those who did not disappoint the result. The procedure for recovery and treatment after an improper build-up can be very long. It is better to prevent problems than to deal with the consequences.

The follicles of curls under the weight of artificial hair are deformed, their own strands become dry, brittle and dull.

It is better to carry out the treatment in a complex, using external and internal rehabilitation complexes:

  • Reception of vitamins and minerals,
  • "Diet" for hair,
  • Wrap Masks,
  • Massage with the use of vegetable and essential oils,
  • Stimulation of hair growth with mesotherapy.

Important. Hair treatment after extension requires mandatory cutting to remove split and injured tips and relieve the load on the roots.

Vitamin complexes and oils for growth and strengthening of curls

Plus proper nutrition

The best doctor is a mixture of vitamins "A" and "E", taking pills is best combined with a scalp massage. Rub a mixture of an oil solution of vitamins (20 drops each) into the skin overnight.

The best complexes for the recovery of strands and follicle stimulation.

Tip To stimulate blood circulation, rub one ampoule of nicotinic acid (along the strand growth line) into the skin and take one tablet after a meal. Caution with increased pressure, causes a strong rush of blood to the head.

Oils and masks - required

Top user rating

The best vegetable oils for strengthening and growth of strands (can be used both individually and as part of masks) - flax, burdock, castor (heavily washed away, but the effect is remarkable), sea buckthorn and wheat germ extract.

How to cure hair after extension - the best oil shakes to strengthen, thicken and grow curls, according to customer reviews: "Aspera" and "Camellia" active ingredient - wheat germ), "Parachute" and "Blossom" (coconut oil), "Borges Extra Virgin ”and“ DeCeccoOlioExtraVerginediOliva ”(olive),“ Evalar ”and“ Mirolla ”(burdock).

Avocado Pulp - Great Regeneration and Strengthening

The negative effects of hair extensions, stimulation of blood circulation and the normalization of fat balance ensure the use of essential oils in the daily evening scalp massage. The best are orange, rosemary, cedar, fir, ylang-ylang, apricot kernels, lemon balm, mint and eucalyptus.

All masks for tired and weakened locks are aimed at moisturizing and stimulating growth, and therefore at improving blood circulation and normalizing the metabolism of the scalp. The compositions are easy to prepare with your own hands at home.

Active restoring components of masks: fatty kefir, yolk, flowery honey, yeast, apple cider vinegar, nettle extracts and burdock root. Regular use (twice a week) ensures complete recovery of the strands.

The main methods of building and the possible consequences

An important distinction of the procedures is hot or cold way to. The first is considered more traumatic due to the use of heat treatment. The second - due to the use of chemicals that can cause a negative reaction of the body.

Known division of these methods for several species. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. Consider what can happen to female hair after various procedures.

Cold build

The procedure does not imply heat treatment. The most popular are several species with various effects.

With this type of attachment adhesive tape is used. Negative is not excluded chemical reaction to chemical components adhesive base. It can be expressed in the form of loss of donor and own strands. Even small mistakes will lead to the appearance of mats. About tape technology can be read here.

Unsuccessful hair extensions

Not always building up is ideal, very, very much depends on the master, on his experience and skills. We offer to look at the work of "not very experienced" masters of capacity.

The first set - horrible capsules for attaching hair. Almost all of them are abnormally large, to put it mildly sloppy, and generally made unprofessionally.

Also look what happens if you build up too few strands. It all looks very unnatural.

If you still decide on hair extensions, very carefully Take the choice of a specialist. A good master is the lion's share of success.


Effective compositions for growth, density and strengthen the strands

Instant transformation without risk is almost unreal. But if the hair is strong, thick and healthy, then afford the elongation is quite possible. It is only important to observe the correct daily care for curls.

Presented video in this article will introduce the basic methods of building and allow you to choose the best option, depending on the type of strands.

Hair extensions, pros and cons, who actually did

bellargo system
What hair is used: factory made strands that have undergone special training.
The essence of the method: new hair is attached to the existing ones with the help of thermal clamps whose temperature reaches 120? C. With their help they heat up special sleeves, which fasten their own and artificial strands.
Duration: hair lasts up to 4 months, after which you need to either make a correction of hair, or remove the remaining strands.
Cons: thermal effects weakens and spoils your own hair.
Italian build Euro.So.Cap.
What hair is used: artificial hair strands with a finished keratin capsule.
The essence of the method: first, keratin capsules are melted using heated clamps. They are then attached to their own hair and heated again to achieve their soldering. At the end of the procedure, the capsule is further compressed with forceps.
Validity: new hair can be worn for 3-4 months. They are then removed in the cabin with an acetone containing solution.
Cons: on the hair at the same time affect chemicals, temperature and pressure, which inevitably injure them. In addition, sometimes it is impossible to remove the whole strand of hair extensions without damaging your hair.
English hair extension technology.
What hair is used: bunches of 35–50 pre-treated natural hair.
The essence of the method: new hairs are attached to their own using resin. Is it preheated to 170–200? C using a special electric soldering iron. Once the resin becomes liquid, it can hold strands together. Then it cools and becomes hard.
Validity: new long hair can be worn for no more than three months. After this period, they will be removed in the cabin, soaking the resin with an acetone-containing solution.
Cons: hair is exposed to strong thermal effects, which literally “burns” them.
Just ice
Spanish buildup Rueber.
What hair is used: bunches of 35–50 pre-treated natural hair.
The essence of the method: bunches of new hair are glued to their own with the help of a special glue of a light shade. Because of this, the technique is used mainly with the original blond hair.
Validity: hair extensions can be worn for up to four months. After that, the glue is soaked, and the strands are removed.
Cons: glue is applied directly to the hair and can damage its structure.
french hair extension technology
What hair is used: bunches of 35–50 pre-treated natural hair.
The essence of the method: the same as in the previous technology, only glue can be of different shades, so the technology is suitable not only for light, but also for dark or red hair.
Validity: up to four months, after which the glue is soaked and the strands are removed.
Cons: the same as in the technology Rueber.
hair extensions on clips.
What hair is used: bunches of 35–50 pre-treated natural hair.
The essence of the method: to attach new hair using small metal cylinders, which compress the strands.
Validity: up to 2 months, after which the clips must be removed.
Minuses: in places where the clips are applied, the hair is noticeably damaged, which is why they have to be cut off after removing the hair extensions.
Sergey KURAKIN, famous stylist, art director of the Moscow beauty salon:
“Any hair extension is an extra burden on your own strands. Not all hair can withstand extra weight. The most dangerous hot build. The hair is sealed with the help of heat, and because of this, it falls out of the natural rhythm of renewal. As a result, the follicles do not receive adequate nutrition and quickly "loosen" due to the additional load. It is believed that in one hot build up you can lose up to 30% of hair. And it will take a very long time to recover these losses. ”

Did hot build. Bonds could not be seen. But after some time, the color began to wash out, and from bright purple it became somehow purple-pink. At first it was difficult to get used to plastics in the hair, and constantly touched them when combing, but then I got used to it. Four months later, he cut four, although it could be removed in the cabin, without cutting off his strands. But in general, did not regret =)

Julia Mokhova

Why build up? ! Buy strands on clasps for hair. You can make the tail, braid braid, loose to wear.And the head is not harmful. At night can be removed. In principle it is convenient. Than to spend 8-15 tons, and if it’s not yet well known to you, and if you’re not going to stay bald))))) If you make a post, it will be more noticeable)))) Why do you need fawn ??

Elena Afanasyev

There are no consequences, it is expensive and taking care of them is a little annoying, well, judge for yourself, the capsules are attached to thin locks on the back of your head and temples, how can this ruin your hair? I went with dredging, I liked the principle)) So if you have an extra 8 thousand, I recommend

Lyub @ sha Smirnov @

Glue technology does not spare your hair.
In the UK, women who have increased their hair are increasingly suing, as a result of which they have problems with the scalp and their own hair. Doctors trichologists say that they increasingly see the painful consequences after hair extensions.
Experts reported that women complain of headaches, discomfort during sleep, as well as the fact that such hair can come off along with their own. Experts believe that such problems arise due to low qualifications of specialists in hair extensions. So, having decided to increase your hair, look for a good specialist and think again whether you really need it, scientists advise.

Hair is extended, nails are glued on the lips with silicone, in the chest it is beautiful, but expensive !! ! + Risky for health !! ! Everything that is not given by nature itself and changes at the request of man has always left bad consequences. Hair loss, a violation of the growth of the nail plate, a change in the sensitivity of the lips, a disease of the mammary gland ... etc. If you like, you can change everything and become like a movie star, it will be cool.

Hair extensions: photos before and after capsular and microcapsular methods

Hair extension is a procedure whereby extra long strands are attached to the natural hair of the available length.

To date, there are many ways to this procedure, the essence of all the ways is the same - to attach strands, but each method differs by the technology of fastening the strands.

In this article information will be placed, thanks to which fashionable women will learn about what constitutes a short-haired hair extension procedure, what are the pros, cons and contraindications for such a procedure. It will also be described in what ways you can do hair extensions, photos before and after the procedures will also be posted in the article for clarity.

Short cut

The modern beauty industry offers different methods of hair extensions for short hair, which should be chosen based on the state and health of the existing natural hair. You also need to focus on what is planned new length of the strands, their volume and material from which they will be made, as this can be either artificial strands or natural. Regardless of which method of extension was chosen, there are common advantages, disadvantages and contraindications for the procedure.

The pros and the reasons for which you can build, such as:

  1. if you have had unsuccessful hair-dyeing, or permed hair was poorly performed, thanks to the build-up, you can correct a bad result,
  2. if the hair is naturally devoid of volume, due to the additional strands, the hair can be made thick and opulent,
  3. If you are the owner of a short haircut, but suddenly needed an evening hairstyle for any celebration, the extended strands will help to cope with this task.

However, it is worth paying attention to the minuses, namely:

  1. the procedure itself is long and complicated, and the price for it is quite high, since the strands themselves are expensive, the materials to which they are attached and, of course, the work of the master.Therefore, it is important to choose a method of extension suitable for your hair and a good specialist to whom you will entrust the conduct of such a procedure.
  2. after the extension of the strands, frequent hairstyle corrections are required.

There are also contraindications that should be considered. It is strictly forbidden to do hair extensions if there are any health problems, especially if these are skin diseases.

Below for clarity, there will be presented photos that will demonstrate changes in hairstyle before and after the hair extension procedure.

Here is what the hair looks like before the extension procedure:

And so the hair looks after the procedure:

Hot way

The hot method is based on the method of fastening the strands with capsules. Capsular hair extensions are of two types: Italian and English, they differ due to the materials from which the capsules are made to bond natural and additional strands. For the procedure in Italian, the capsules are made of hot resin and fixed with clips, the extension in English is performed with the help of capsules made of hot resin, which are attached to glue.

In order to perform extension on very short hair, a special method of fastening the strands using soft wax has been developed. The wax is heated to ninety degrees, applied and hardened, thereby forming an elastic invisible compound - this is called microcapsular hair extensions.

Cool way

Cold hair extensions involve the use of not heating, but additional accessories, namely: tapes, clips or special glue.

How to remove accreted strands and what is the result?

The process of removing strands requires time, care and accuracy. If the strands were attached using hot capsules, the capsules must be dissolved with a special liquid. And if the strands were secured with additional accessories, they should be removed with special tools.

When deciding to grow hair, it should be remembered that whatever method of extension you choose, the consequences for the hair may not be the best. And most importantly - this is a general deterioration of the hair.

Selection of videos on the topic

In this article will be presented a selection of videos in which stylists will talk about what are the methods of hair extensions and demonstrate some techniques.

Effects of hair extensions depending on technology.

This procedure involves attachment to your donor strands. There are a lot of ways of fixing; they differ in technologies, materials and rules of care. Each extension method has its drawbacks.

English is an attachment of curls using ultrasound, solder strands of keratin resin to your hair. Spanish technology involves fixing a special adhesive composition. Also hair attached beads, ribbons and other devices.

The main negative consequences are the deterioration of their curls. For example, when attaching to glue, it is not allowed to use balms, oils and hair masks during care. And when removing the applied substance resembling acetone. If the hair was expanded with capsules, each time you need to dry only with a hair dryer, which leads to dehydration and damage. Loose strands of poor hold, lose their presentable appearance, begin to fall.

After capsular

This type of extension is the most popular. With the help of capsules is a hot mount. These include English, Spanish, Italian technology. Each has its own characteristics, but they are united by side effects.

Capsule capacity is fraught with the following negative consequences:

  • If your hair is oily, the skin sebum can dissolve the attachment.
  • Capsules can stick together, which greatly spoils the curls.
  • When removing hair extensions can be painful, and often the length of the shear.

  • Thermal effects during fastening and chemical effects during removal greatly weaken and damage the structure.
  • Capsules can interfere during sleep, cause insomnia.
  • They negatively affect the scalp, causing itching, damage to the skin.
  • Increased hair can contribute to the trauma of follicles, which leads to loss and poor growth of new ones.
  • With Spanish technology, capsules can change color. They brighten after solidification, therefore they become noticeable on dark curls. Even blondes may have such a problem.
  • Careful use of styling devices as high temperatures can damage the capsules. You can not swim in the pool and the sea, otherwise formed mats in her hair.

After tape

This is another popular type of extension strands. It refers to the cold type, that is, when mounting does not apply high temperature. Tape building is considered the most benign. Artificial strands are attached to their with a special adhesive tape. The disadvantages of tape building include:

  • Unpleasant feeling from the tape on the hair.
  • The impact of the solvent on the curls when removed, which greatly weakens the structure.
  • Tangle of accrued and own strands.
  • The formation of mats.
  • The danger of exposure to thermal devices on the adhesive tape.

This method of extension has significantly less negative consequences, but the hair still needs special care.

After japanese

This is also a kind of cold strand attachment. In this case, the build-up occurs without glue or resin, as well as exposure to high temperature. Therefore, damage to the structure thermally and chemically does not occur. But this type does not exclude the load on the hair, the effect on the scalp and the traumatization of the follicles. Therefore, fastening beads from metal-ceramic has such complications as:

  • increased prolapse
  • increased hair breakage,
  • discomfort after building up, during sleep,
  • probability of being noticeable.
Areas of baldness after Japanese hair extensions

After afronaschivaniya

It has a second name - Hollywood. This type of extension consists of sewing foreign strands into braids braided from their own. On the one hand, chemical compositions and high temperatures are not used, but, on the other hand, the hair is also subjected to additional stress. Therefore, the risk of loss, weakening of the bulb, and the formation of tangles increases.

In addition, the girl is very limited in the choice of hairstyles, as will be visible attachment of hair.

Tangled hair after afar

Rules for the care of curls to remove the negative effects

However, trichologists and specialists in building claim that all of the above minuses and complications arise with improper care and unprofessionalism of the master. An important role is played by contraindications. A good master should warn the client that in her case it is better not to build up or choose a more benign option. Contraindications include:

  • scalp damage,
  • fungal diseases
  • hypersensitivity of the scalp, allergies,
  • tendency to hair loss
  • weak and damaged curls and bulbs,
  • very dry, dehydrated or greasy hair.

If you do build up against these warnings, then complications will be necessary. The worst thing is that a girl can permanently ruin her hair, or even lose it altogether.

The skill of a specialist is also very important for a positive result. Even if you increase the quality of the hair and properly care for them, then the procedure performed not by technology will still lead to negative consequences. Therefore, you can not save on the master, contact the first salon.You should go to a proven specialist, whose work you can see, get true reviews.

And finally, strict adherence to care recommendations will help to avoid complications. These include:

  • You can wash your hair after building up at least in a couple of days.
  • You can not use masks, balms, conditioners, as well as acids like vinegar or lemon juice.
  • You can wash your hair only with a special shampoo for hair extensions.
  • When bathing can not tilt your head forward. You can wash it only by removing it back.
  • When combing and daily use, do not touch the fasteners.
  • Before going to bed, be sure to dry your head.
  • When using irons, pleyok, hair dryers it is important not to touch the attachment.

  • At night, the hair should be collected in a braid, it is desirable to wear a special mesh.
  • For combing you should use a special comb. You need to do this manipulation three times a day, but you should not be too zealous either. Can damage the mount.
  • It is important to use a minimum of styling products, preferably with a neutral pH.
  • If staining was performed during the buildup, then the master should do the correction. It will not be possible to touch the fasteners when painting. In addition, the funds should be used without ammonia, preferably natural.

Good help to restore hair home masks from the following components:

They can be used separately, as well as combined into masks. It is worth doing such procedures two or three times a week for a month.

Ready-made products will be effective. But you need to choose special masks, balms, conditioners, oils and shampoos for damaged curls.

Hair extensions can correct the lack of thickness and length. But in order not to aggravate the state of your curls, you need to know about the possible negative consequences.

In no case can not neglect the contraindications and rules of care. And if the hair has been adversely affected, it is necessary to conduct a course of remedial measures.

About care, correction, removal of hair extensions

Now consider the second item - care .

Hair extensions require a lot of attention and constant care. If earlier it took you 30 minutes to simply care, now this time can double, or even three, and new care steps will be added. You can only comb with a special comb with sparse teeth. At night, sleep only with a scythe or tail. It is not always possible to use chemicals, oils, masks, heating (it is necessary to clarify with the master the possibility of use), as this can destroy the compounds. Therefore, if you are not ready to spend so much time and effort on this, then it is also worth refusing the procedure.

In addition, every 1.5 - 2 months need to be corrected. And all because the hair grows, the compounds fall below and become noticeable. The correction procedure takes more than just a build-up, and all due to the fact that the artificial strands are first removed, processed and reattached, only higher.

The very procedure of correction or removal of hair extensions (especially with hot technologies of extension) can be considered one of the most serious consequences. Since during these operations a girl can lose up to half of her own hair.

Harm to your own hair and other effects.

Further, spoiled own hair .

No matter what the advocates and fans of hair extensions say, but most trichologists, specialists and simple girls consider that hair injury is inevitable. After all, when lengthening, the total weight of the hair increases dramatically (artificial strands are rather heavy), while the follicles are damaged and weakened. From this, their hair begins to fall out, but since they are combined with artificial strands, they remain there, but in a dropped out condition (the probability of the appearance of tangles rises sharply).After that, the hair becomes thinner, begins to break and split.

Hot extension technologies are considered to be one of the most traumatic, since the procedure itself and the elongation and removal are carried out either by thermal or chemical effects. One of the safest ways can be considered the French and Japanese buildup (neither temperature nor chemical substances are used). But they have a number of limitations and are not suitable for everyone.

Changes in hair structure after extension

The main traumatic effect for the hair is that improper buildup leads to disruption of the blood supply to the hair. Then you will need to carry out a long restorative treatment and hair and scalp.

After the extension and the removal procedure, the hair usually does not look very good: thin, dull, sometimes with split ends. Very often, girls have to resort to a short haircut. And all in order to maximize the correct hairstyle and get a more or less pleasant look. Or again to increase, in order to hide the effects of previous lengthening.

Last item - various individual manifestations .

In addition to all that has been described above, you can face some other negative points:

  • allergies to capsules, resin, glue,
  • dandruff,
  • partial baldness
  • mats
  • headaches and migraines,
  • insomnia,
  • itching and flaking of the scalp,
  • various dermatitis, seborrhea.

Is it worth it to get involved in building?

So, small summary.

What are the consequences of building you may encounter:

  1. You can not relate to someone else's hair for you.
  2. Care can be very time consuming and long.
  3. Your own strands and curls can change beyond recognition and most likely will have to be greatly shortened.
  4. May require treatment and recovery.
  5. Additional troubles in the form of allergies, itching, headache.

Personal experience (reviews) about building up in this video:

Before you decide on such a procedure as hair extensions you need to think very well. Weigh the pros and cons! Since the first pleasure and euphoria from owning gorgeous and long hair passes quickly enough, and the consequences will then have to fight for months. But if you still really want long hair, but you can’t grow it, then look for a good and competent wizard. That he will be able to minimize the negative effects of building.

How do the procedure?

There are 2 ways - hot and cold.

Hot build. It can be of 2 types:

  • English technology - straps are attached to the back of the head with resin and a pistol with a special glue. In places of bonding small capsules will be felt that hold the hair.
  • Italian extension - strands attached with clips and resin. They are heated, the junction of "native" and artificial hair look like capsules.

With hot buildup you can walk up to 6 months. Hair is not difficult to comb, but they need to be protected from heat.

Cool way

  • With metal capsules. Natural hair is fastened with specially selected clips, glue and heat are not used,
  • Building on the Spanish technology. They make blondes, artificial hairs are attached to natural hair,
  • Tape method. Strands that will grow, pre-attached to the tape, then with glue on their hair. Fast, cheap way, with him the border is almost imperceptible.

From a security point of view, capsular capacity is considered the best. In a tape way, hair is more confused, making hairstyles is not so convenient.

Hair extensions, reviews, the effects of the procedure

In the forums and reviews, the girls share their impressions after the procedure:

Expensive pleasure, require constant care. Consumption of balms and masks is increasing, such hairs need additional nutrition more than “live” ones.

the smell of something alien.It is unpleasant to wear, it does not erode even after washing the head, using perfume. Constant sensation of something uniform.

Feeling more confident. The flaws in the figure have become less noticeable with such luxurious hair. Special inconveniences do not deliver, for me they rush like their own.

It is difficult to find perfect strands similar in color and structure to natural. Now you can wash your hair only in an upright position; you need to braid the strands daily before bedtime in a braid or tail.

when your hair naturally falls out, it starts to stick out of the capsules. After removing the extension I did not regret it at all, I felt lightness.

with the correction you need not to delay, the procedure for building up and the subsequent corrections are expensive, it will be cheaper to grow your own.

I liked the tape extension more. Naturally looks, capsules are not felt.

after building up, multiple corrections after removal, found that their thick deteriorated. The master told me that this is more of a psychological effect, but I do not think so.

often did build up, in different ways. Carefully picked up the master, artificial strands. None of the ways to spare your hair, it is better to spend time and grow your own.

it is better to do not often, for example at some important event. If you wear all the time, your will not.

Hair after building a photo of the consequences show that their own strands become worse. Getting a short-term effect, after removing the girls are disappointed. Before you dare to hair extensions, reviews of the harm from the procedure are dominated by those to whom it is suitable. If your hair is thin, the bulbs are weakened, after the procedure, the loss may increase.

Watch the video: Hair Extensions Myths: Everything You Need To Know! (November 2019).