Fashion bangs 2018: new photos, the latest trends

Choosing a hairstyle, we do not always know what we want, and what the haircut will look like in the final.

For those women and girls who strive for perfection, selecting each time new variations of hairstyles and haircuts, we recommend playing with the bangs.

Fashionable haircuts with bangs - this is the perfect solution for those who are looking for their unique image, loves to change, and is not afraid of creative experiments.

Fashionable haircuts with bangs of different lengths and shapes can be performed on short hair, medium length, and long curls.

Properly chosen haircuts with bangs can not only refresh the appearance of any woman, but also adjust the appearance, hide the most unsuccessful facial features, and even rejuvenate.

Today, we will show you chic ideas of how to cut your hair, showing fashionable haircuts with bangs of different types for different hair lengths, as well as voiced tips from stylists who will tell you what hairstyles with bangs today are most relevant and relevant for a particular type of person.

Fashionable bangs with a bang 2018-2019: trends, trends, new solutions

Fashionable haircuts with bangs 2018-2019 should be chosen, first of all, taking into account the features of the face.

Haircuts with bangs of short length reduce the appearance, and the variant with long bangs on the contrary - visually pulls the shape of the face.

Chunky beauties stylists are advised to pay attention to haircuts with bangs oblique of different lengths, so as to achieve a perfect oval.

If you are the owner of an elongated face, model haircuts with smooth, thick bangs are an acceptable option for you.

The ideal, according to stylists, is the oval shape of the female face. Here, any experiments with bangs are permissible and possible. Therefore, the representatives of the weaker sex with this form, lucky.

Pear-shaped face requires special attention, because here it is important to achieve harmony in creating a balanced image of the upper and lower part of the face, which can be realized by choosing a straight bang to the eyebrows, as well as a trendy version of the haircut with a bang oblique, elongated shape.

If your shape is a triangle, we recommend stylish haircuts with bangs at medium length. You can also consider the elongated version of bangs with parting.

But fashionable hairstyles with a torn bang will suit those whom nature has presented with a square and rectangle shape.

Before going to the hairdresser, we advise you not to regret time, and choose some options that are appropriate for you. So the master will be easier to determine the ideas of your ideal image.

Fashionable haircuts with bangs 2018-2019 straight shape

Straight bangs - the usual solution for long hair. It is characteristic that this type of bangs looks the most advantageous on straight and thick hair.

Women with curls will be quite difficult to manage with this kind of bangs, because the natural power of curls will always make a parody of a direct texture, forcing to periodically straighten the bangs.

Amazingly look fashionable haircuts with bangs of this type on medium hair, such as bob, bob bob, elongated bob.

Fashionable haircuts with bangs 2018-2019 on two sides

Parting on two sides in the middle or on the side, slightly extending the face, so many fashionable women choose. Such a solution on long hair in cascade technique looks amazing.

Note that such bangs look good on straight strands. Haircuts with bangs 2018-2019 on two sides of medium and long length have many styling options. They are also easy to put in everyday and evening hair.

Fashionable haircuts with bangs 2018-2019 oblique shapes

But oblique bangs - just what you need girls with chic curls. It will be well combined with naughty curls, harmoniously fitting into an asymmetrical or cascade version.

Also the trend of the season was the elongated bob with oblique bangs, examples of which are actively used by celebrities in the cinema and show business.

Fashionable haircuts with bangs 2018-2019 semicircle or arch

A popular trend today are fashionable haircuts with a bang in a semicircle, for example, a bob in a shortened and classic version, which look perfect on thick hair, and fit to an average length. If your shape is an oval, you can afford such a bang.

Fashionable haircuts with bangs 2018-2019 asymmetrical and torn

If there is a desire to be bright, original and spectacular, asymmetry and torn strands will be just for that.

Fashionable haircuts with bangs 2018-2019 with asymmetrical and torn locks will look great on any type and length of hair.

They are chosen by courageous representatives of the fair sex, because such a decision is very extravagant.

The effect of torn and asymmetrical haircuts is achieved through filing and creating a multi-level form that allows you to simulate the required volume, giving the image a slight playfulness and rebellious nature.

Fashionable haircuts with bangs 2018-2019: length

Much depends on the length of the bangs, because the length can drastically change your image.

So haircuts with bangs 2018-2019 of short length make a woman mysterious and romantic, and bangs in a long version, for example, straight, will give an image of elegance and restraint.

An extended variant of the bangs is the hit of the season, and in various variations themselves: from asymmetry to an even cut.

Each option is able to give a special mood to your appearance, the poet choose bright images, express your individuality with the help of a haircut, and be unique.

How to choose the right bangs?

Before you pick up the bang you need to remember the following:

  • with heavy and voluminous hair will look good thick bangs. Most suitable cascade bangs, and better if there are strands of "torn" and of different lengths.
  • for thin hair more suitable bangs with the edge, going to the ladder, it will hide a wide face.
  • with a full figure, it is better not to make a very thick bang, otherwise the face will appear more rounded and flat.
  • evenly and shortly cropped bangs will not suit a rounded face, since the line is clear and horizontally passing visually makes the face wider.

The most audacious experiments can be performed on your bangs, and with hair in general at a young age. When the issue of style concerns older people, then cardinal and rash actions should be avoided, since these decisions can contrast with the already harmonious and accomplished style. If you want to make yourself a lush, voluminous hairstyle, then a thick, fluffy bang will suit her.

It is desirable that the bangs start from the middle of the hair. Have a tall, slim figure? Then long and straight bangs can disrupt the ratio of body parts. With a small height should be avoided very lush bangs. It is better not to cut a bang on curly hair, if you still want to get a bang, then by all means consult a master.

Well, in conclusion, you should not make the bangs too short, because if the result does not cause delight, then it will be very difficult to stab her.

Stylish oblique bangs 2018: options

The most recognized hairdressers recognized oblique bangs as the most relevant trend of 2018. Disheveled oblique bangs with lengthening look bold, multi-layered and easy. This is good news, because the bangs of this kind visually rejuvenate, look fresh and give a naughty look. In addition, these bangs successfully beat any person.

So, oblique fashion bangs in 2018, how to cut them? Slanting bangs are quite difficult to cut. It is better to turn to an experienced master. This fashionable bang starts from eye level, comes to the chin or earlobe, the transition line should look soft and as natural as possible. This type of bang gives femininity and a certain aristocracy, stretches the face and smoothes the features. Adding creativity, audacity, consider this fact, if your position involves a serious look.

Fashionable straight bangs 2018 photos

Classic straight bangs do not lose their popularity. But you need to worry about the presence of torn strands in it. Because smooth and straight bangs, which close the eyes like a curtain, have become the ultimate anti-trend. According to the assurances of fashion stylists, this is one of the most popular and desired variations of the bang, which remains relevant to the present day.

Such bangs do not fit square face or rough features. In this situation, direct bangs are not profitable to beat the appearance, and emphasize the disadvantages. The advantages of such bangs: it favorably emphasizes the view, and its owner seems younger. One of the most universal variations of such a bang is the straight line, reaching the level of the eyebrows. It may be thicker, less often, filleted, “torn” choice depends on the taste of the owner, trends and, in fact, the haircut itself.

Straight bangs, in the new year, it is desirable to wear to the side, so part of the hair, dropping, slightly hiding the eyebrows. Because the line bangs should not be straight. This tendency will externally make the bangs look thick and add the desired volume.

If, however, you prefer curvy and fluffy hair, you can choose a fluffy bang. These bangs are also quite relevant in 2018. The only difference is that there will be sharp contrasts in fashion. For example, the bangs are short and the rest of the hair is not, or the long bangs, and the rest of the hair is vice versa.

Stylish short and ultra-short bangs 2018

In addition, short, and ultra-short bangs hit the fashion trends. This is surprising, given the popularity of elongated and long people. Short bangs can be combined with haircuts of any length. In the case when you want to experiment, you can experiment with this bang. But keep in mind that this option can both give youth and transform, and vice versa.

Fashionable bangs custom shapes

Not so long ago, unusual, creative haircuts were fashionable. This contributed to the appearance of bangs with a non-standard line in 2018. Most often in this trend there is a triangle shape, either by lines, beveled to one side or in the form of an arc. In addition, very short haircuts of strict geometric shapes are relevant. Now a very clear haircut line is in fashion, and in addition there is a relaxed bang.

Fashion bangs 2018 suggest laying to the side, this is the "trend" of next year. Wavy or perfectly flat, cut off or not, thick bangs or vice versa is better to wear diagonally. Their plus is versatility. They fit almost any image. In addition, these bangs fit almost any shape of the face.

Colored bangs

One of the innovations in 2018 will be bright, colored bangs. For example, bright red bangs will look great with red hair color, and a brown-haired woman can lighten hair in this area of ​​the head. But not all stylists support this trend. If you like to experiment, but are afraid of sudden changes, then highlight the bang color closer to your hair tone.

Bangs in retro style 2018 - photo examples

Bangs in retro style are back in fashion in 2018. The fact is that retro style was again at the peak of popularity, as well as the fact that retro gives an incredible femininity to the image. But what is considered retro in 2018? The retro style refers to the style from 1920 to 1990, inclusive. In the 2018 fashion style retro refers to the bangs in the form of a wave.

All of the variations described in the article are unique. And to highlight the individuality and energy, perhaps, will help one of the above trends. And the other to make it calmer and give femininity. So before going to the master, decide in what way you want to come in the new year. And then you will understand which of them will be your fashion bang 2018.

The most fashionable trends and combinations of haircuts with bangs in 2018

According to fashionable expert opinions, several key tendencies can be emphasized, which should be reflected in the formation and improvement of hairdressing silhouettes:

  • the presence of the largest possible number of asymmetric elements in the haircuts,
  • volume haircuts,
  • the presence of creative and bold elements (in particular in the segment of youth haircuts and haircuts for informal personalities - shaved whiskey, nape, curly patterns, etc.),
  • easy negligence, which will demonstrate the naturalness and natural beauty of the hair texture,
  • It is important to highlight slanting lines, torn edges, asymmetry both in the haircut pattern and in the bangs style.

Thus, fashion trends in 2018 focus our attention on the harmony and flawless combination of several elements of the female image: natural, asymmetric or creative elements, as well as the ability to correct certain features of the exterior.

Trendy bangs in 2018 fit perfectly into such trendy haircuts as asymmetrical bob on hair of different lengths, a separate category of ultrashort haircuts, pixie, various variations of square with shaved elements, bob-caret, and cascading silhouettes.

The fashion for bangs in 2018 does not negate the traditional features of the choice of their style, which must necessarily take into account your face shape, length and color of hair, certain features and appearance features

Fashionable oblique bangs in 2018

The fashion for light negligence and minimalism of regular, even cuts was reflected in the hairdressing cult of oblique lines, which was completely projected on the actualization of oblique models of bangs. In 2018, oblique bangs just soared to the peak of their popularity. This style fits perfectly into any haircut and adorns any face shape, and full practicality and unpretentiousness in grooming became for a huge number of women the determining factor of choice.

If you want to fully comply with the new trends of 2018, then it is desirable to profile the oblique bang and leave it carelessly to the side. Working through the most varied variations with the angle of cut and the length of oblique bangs, you can perfectly beat your strengths of appearance and completely hide any flaws.

Universality of oblique bangs is undoubtedly beyond doubt, but it should be noted that this style will be the most optimal for the following characteristics of female appearance:

  • round face (oblique cut line bangs designed to visually lengthen the face and leveling completeness),
  • very expressive and massive chin (in combination with cascading haircuts, oblique bangs perfectly distract attention from unwanted elements of the exterior and visually make such a chin more accurate),
  • square face (oblique bangs with a long slope and spectacular volume can instantly transform a woman's face and make the image softer, more feminine, smoothing out the most angular shapes as much as possible).

Stylish and spectacular ripped bangs in 2018

Bangs with torn edges - not only fashionable, but also quite an interesting trend in the coming 2018. The eccentricity, complete disregard for the symmetry and evenness of the hairline, has led to the appearance of a renewed hairdressing image that can make any woman’s face not only younger, more attractive, but also add a certain personality, charm and charm to the exterior.

Ragged bangs have long fallen in love with the representatives of the weaker sex, as it is characterized by versatility, the ability to adapt to haircuts of any category and complexity.

Processing the edges of the bangs in a tattered technique, the master models the beautiful and natural volume on fine hair

The technique of this method of working on the tips of the bangs provides for the initial cutting of hair along one length, in order to specify the main length.Then follows the work with individual strands, which are slightly shortened by the vertical movement of the hand with the tool. In this case, the dissonance in length between the shortened and initial strands can be different - quite obvious or easy and unobtrusive.

The most recent and trendy combinations in 2018 include:

  • torn bangs as part of a classic style haircut,
  • torn bangs as part of a pixie haircut,
  • torn bangs as part of a haircut cascade.

A separate newfangled line is made up of ultra-short torn bangs, which worthily adorn many varieties of female haircuts. At the same time, this bang length perfectly corrects the type of face that needs to be visually lengthened. And in cases with the need to divert attention from the high forehead, you can simulate a torn elongated bang.

In 2018, it is fashionable to cut out various sections of a haircut in a torn technique, but the most accent and noticeable element, of course, should be a bang, the style of which can be arbitrary - oblique bang, asymmetrical, straight, figured.

Torn bangs will never bring the expected showiness and attractiveness if it is cut off on curly, curly or excessively sparse hair

Creative and non-standard lines in bangs, fashionable this year

The cult of non-standard, sometimes going beyond all the boundaries of hairstyling haircuts, found its continuation in the new modifications of bangs that appeared on the pages of the 2018 fashion. The vector of creativity and bold forms has always been a source of inspiration for the best world-class hair stylists and today they intend to draw the attention of fashionistas to fresh ideas of bangs.

At the moment, such bold trends include bangs, on the basis of which curly elements are cut out - a triangle, an arch, an oblique slice on one side, a composition of several curly elements at the same time, for example, two angular cuts. The main thing is the perfect evenness of the lines along which the cuts themselves pass and the smoothness of the curls forming the bangs.

In addition to the fashion for certain hairdressing trends in the creative and unusual models of bangs, you can clearly notice the unique ability to adjust appearance. For example, bangs with a pronounced elongation in one direction instantly draw out the shape of the face and can safely hide any flaws that are present on the skin.

Ultra-short fashionable bangs in 2018 completely open the face and accentuate attention to the eyes, while visually making the face stretched from nature more proportionate and close to the ideal oval.

New trend of 2018 - bangs in a semicircle

The bangs in a semicircle represent a separate fashion of 2018, which brought to life an extremely classic look. The elegant and feminine arched shape of such a bang elegantly outlines the beauty of the eyebrows and eyes with the edges of the bangs. Combining this style of semi-circular bangs, which has again become a fashionable trend, is better with haircuts that imply thick, straight and naturally falling curls.

The originality of the style of semicircular bangs is not always characterized by universality, so it is important to emphasize those features of the exterior that will harmoniously combine with such a kind of "arc":

  • female face, which has the shape of a triangle or oval,
  • eyebrow line of perfect shape, a beautiful section of the eye, able to focus on the attention of others,
  • healthy, thick hair with a straight curls texture.
As an exception to the rules, you can call square faces, with coarse and large features - with such characteristics, a bang in a semicircle will not become your decoration, but rather the opposite - it will bring even more disproportions into the existing look

Trends in the long and elongated bangs of 2018

For some women, long and elongated bangs become the subject of additional time and physical expenses for styling and modeling a stylish, complete image. But, it is worth noting that all these efforts are worth it - with a long or elongated bang, your image will be as feminine, natural, permeated with hints of romantic thoughtfulness.

In the way of such styles bangs, stylists recommend in 2018 to be guided by the following recommendations:

  • long bang laid with the formation of parting in the center of the hair,
  • long or elongated bangs should have a certain touch of carelessness on the background of long, perfectly smooth hair,
  • the most fashionable trend of 2018 is bangs with elements of lengthening on the sides - such a chic and sophisticated hairdressing image more and more often flashes on model catwalks and stage,
  • It is recommended to cut the long bangs in cascade and lay them to the side, while the bangs do not have to be straight - you can slightly experiment with its texture - curl the ends of the bangs a little or decorate the bangs with special hairpins. In any case, elongated bangs on the side throughout the 2018 will look interesting, stylish and fashionable.

Both long and elongated fashion bangs are completely universal and can make your appearance flawless. Such styles stylists often recommend to girls with round, elongated and square shapes of faces - graceful and elongated hair lines will present such a distinctive appearance in the most advantageous light.

Fashion 2018 for asymmetrical bangs

Within the framework of hairdressing, asymmetrical elements have always been designed to individualize female images, to make the ladies look more attractive and interesting to others. In this format, the hairdresser's fashion for bangs in 2018 particularly noted the reception of modeling asymmetric lines.

Asymmetrical bangs are obtained as a result of the use of torn techniques, as well as thinning - all this contributes to cutting out the line of a bang of a multi-level character with additional bulk.

The relevance and beauty of short bangs

A short bang will always attract the courage and beauty of its silhouette. Short length is not always and not for everyone - your appearance should be as close as possible to the standards of beauty, and this is the shape of the face in the form of an ideal oval, perfect skin, regular and proportional facial features, etc. Short models of bangs are so “picky” because with such a bang your face will be completely open and aimed at demonstrating your exceptional attractiveness.

With a short bang, you will not only become a follower of the most fashionable and fresh images of 2018, but also the owner of a rather “capricious” and hairdressing element that requires constant care. Short bangs, as a rule, crave daily styling with a variety of styling tools.

Direct bangs in the line of hairdressing trends

The classic trend in fashion hairdresser still continues to occupy an authoritative position. Fashion trends in 2018 state that straight bangs can be worn in interpretations with any length, the main thing is to abandon the ideally straight lines - light trimming or a few torn tips will now be most welcome.

Today’s haircut variations with straight bangs are very diverse - you can model your future image with straight bangs that would completely merge with the side strands or beat straight bangs as a completely independent hairdressing element of the hairstyle. And making a straight long bangs on its side, you immediately get one of the most relevant in 2018 looks.

Straight bangs at first glance seem very universal, but still there are some limitations that imply a complete rejection of this style - these are women, whose face is characterized by a pronounced similarity with the square shape and massive features of the face. In this case, direct bangs are not able even to partially level obvious flaws.

Stylish oblique bangs 2018 photo examples

Leading stylists agreed that the most relevant option in 2018 would be a sloppy shaped oblique fringe. Well, this is great news, because the slanting chelok always looks youthful and even a bit hooliganism, giving the image originality. Moreover, the oblique line of the bang is the most versatile of all known variants.

It fits any type of appearance and is able to mask the flaws in facial features. Options for length and angle of the haircut can be selected according to your personal preferences and features of appearance. So, if you are the owner of long hair, then you can stop at the variant of elongated bangs, starting from the line of the eyes and up to the chin.

For owners of short and bold haircuts, chelochki are recommended, which begin 3-5 centimeters longer than the hairline, and end at the level of the eyebrows. However, a fringe should by no means be rare - the fashion for “feathers” has remained in the distant past. In 2018, bangs must certainly be thick, voluminous and multi-layered.

Fashionable bangs on the side of the photo 2018 new items

Next year, the front strands of any length and shape should be worn on the side, this is a kind of "chip" in 2018. Wavy and straight, short and long, sparse and thick bangs should be brushed to one side. The advantage of the side bangs is their good compatibility with various images. In addition, it is precisely laid on the side front locks perfectly fit to the square, rectangular and triangular face, not to mention the classic oval or circle.

Thinned elongated bangs, laid on one side, look slightly casually, perfectly fitting the fashion trend of naturalness and naturalness. However, the hairstyle with the front strands trimmed in this way looks more airy, adding to its wearer of lightness and freedom.

Cascade bangs, emphasizing the beauty of thick hair and giving volume to thin curls, are also in trend in 2018. Fashion designers advise not to be afraid of experiments and to combine graduated front strands with the most diverse haircuts in shape and length. Both harmonious (long hair - long bangs) and contrasting (short bangs - long haircut) options are welcomed.

Stylish torn bangs 2018 photos new options

Torn tips will make trend bangs in 2018 more versatile, adapting them to a variety of fashionable haircuts and different types of faces. In addition, thick and long front locks with torn tips look extremely elegant, emphasizing the freshness of the youth of very young girls and visually hiding the age of older women.

A ragged edge in the bangs of any shape is a win-win option, referring to the most fashionable solutions of 2018. Extremely stylish this solution looks on thin curls, because the hair immediately seems thicker and more voluminous. In addition, the trendy short haircuts of the next year - square, bob, pixie and cascade - are perfectly combined with torn bangs of various lengths.

The trend for short hairs pretentiousness led to the appearance of a fashion for unusual chelochki. The front strands can take the form of a triangle or arch, be curved or barely noticeable beveled on one side. In the trend of ultrashort options in combination with shortened haircuts of geometric shapes. In this case, the styling should be as smooth as possible, and the cut line of the hairstyle should be as flat as under the ticker. The overall severity of the image is only emphasized by the misbehaving carelessness of the fringe.

2018 long bangs photos new options examples

Bangs at different times may be popular or not popular. Today they are back in fashion. Stylists argue that the most popular is a long oblique fringe. Such bangs give the appearance of mystery, and even rejuvenates the face. Modern business women choose it, and for good reason, because its owners are more risky and reckless, mischievous and energetic.

To have a long ragged oblique fringe, it is not necessary to immediately contact the salon. Following the simple rules of haircut, you can play it at home. The first thing you need to have is sharp scissors. Such a fringe does not tolerate irregularities and should not crumble into strands. It is better to cut oblique bangs on dry hair, so that there is no incident with a shortened bang when the hair is dry.

Care for oblique bangs is very easy, using hair spray and hair dryer. Also, oblique bangs can be smoothed with hair foam and decorated with a hairpin. Summing up we can say that there is no face to which it would be impossible to pick up a fringe, so say the stylists. If you have a narrow face, you can visually expand it with a thick, smooth bang.

2018 short bangs photo new trends

Despite the trend of elongated / long bangs, short and very short trimmed front locks will not lose their relevance. In this case, you can use them together with haircuts of any length, but in this case, preference should be given to the options laid on its side. Short bangs is a very peculiar attribute of hair. Someone she is able to rejuvenate and beautify, and someone will ruin the whole image.

If we take into account the fact that short bangs are again in fashion today, it is understandable that many people wish to make just that for themselves. But let's see who is this bang, and who should give it up in favor of other models. Also see what options today at the height of fashion. Short bangs on long hair looks very extravagant, it is a game of contrasts. This hairstyle is ideal for girls with a round face, because this combination extends the face well and straightens. Hair can be ideally pulled out by the iron, put special varnishes that they shone. This option looks amazing on brunettes, it gives mystery and severity to the image.

For short haircuts short bang is very suitable. It complements the minimalist style, emphasizes the face, especially the eyebrows. A very short bang goes to girls with a square and oval face shape. It goes well with haircut "under the boy." Having made a slight ruffling and putting the bangs upright, you will look very young and perky. But a short bangs well complement and smooth square. In this case, the hair should be ideally arranged - hair to hair. Particular attention with this hairstyle should be paid to make-up, it should be perfect.

Stylish bangs for a round face photo 2018 examples

Bangs for round face is selected taking into account the individual characteristics of each woman - her age, build, structure and length of hair. But before you cut it, you need to make sure that the face is really round. To do this, it is necessary to make 2 measurements: from the hairline to the end of the chin and from the leftmost point of the face to the rightmost one at the level of the cheekbones. If the lengths are equal, the shape of the face is really round.

When selecting, do not forget about the following rules. For heavy bulk hair suitable bangs of medium thickness. A good option would be multi-level bangs with strands of different lengths. Thin hair decorate bangs with edges, turning into a ladder. This form visually narrow wide face. Full low women should not choose thick bangs, they will additionally flatten and round the face. Short straight lines are contraindicated for owners of a rounded face, as clear horizontal lines visually widen the face.

Oblique bangs are ideal. A slanting cut line will stretch the face and give the face a more elongated shape. Oblique bangs can choose for themselves as young ladies and older ladies. In any case, it will look appropriate. Straight bangs for a round face fit no less perfectly.The only condition: it should be at the level of the eyebrows or slightly lower, but in no case higher. Otherwise the face will appear disproportionately wide.

Bangs for an oval face 2018 photo variants of the novelty

The oval face shape is considered to be ideal, as of all types of appearance, this one is considered the most proportional and harmonious. Therefore, choosing a bang for an oval face type, you can safely focus only on your own taste and fashion trends. However, there are some nuances, because we select the hairstyle also in accordance with the individual features of the appearance and type of hair.

Straight bangs are considered not out of fashion classics. Its main advantages: it emphasizes the eyes and makes its owner visually younger. Universal option - straight strands to the eyebrows. This option will visually reduce the heavy chin and emphasize the perfect eyebrow line. You can choose a thick straight bangs or strongly milled, "torn" - it all depends on the overall concept of haircuts.

Short bangs to the middle of the forehead - a great choice for girls who love to stand out from the crowd. It will give its owner a young, mischievous look, as well as visually expand the narrow face. Usually this option is advised to make fashionable women with not very high forehead. It is also impossible to disregard and oblique bangs, because it looks extremely impressive and fits all happy owners of an oval face. It allows you to make the hairstyle unique, can soften the features, correct heavy eyebrows and divert attention from too high a forehead.

Beautiful ragged haircuts in 2018 with bangs photo

The bang is able to correct the shape of the face, hide the flaws if they exist and refresh the image. Properly chosen bangs can make a person younger, visually reduce the nose, hide the forehead flaws, put emphasis on the eyes and cheekbones. Apparently, therefore, many girls often experiment with their appearance, cutting off, lengthening and changing the shape of the bangs.

In 2017, it was fashionable to comb a long bang, especially with a hairdo horns and tufts, and now lovers of bangs can safely cut it off, giving a natural look. Indeed, in 2018, in a trend, naturalness, femininity and freshness. The time has come when you can opt out of the abundance of cosmetic styling products for fixing the hair and fashionable haircut 2018-2019. It is time disheveled and playful ease.

It is worth going to the stylist at a certain time, which is indicated in the lunar calendar of haircuts for September 2017, then both luck and well-being will haunt you for a long time.

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