Paint Kutrin: reviews, palette

Kutrin, whose palette includes 95 shades, is today one of the professional paints that masters use in hairdressing salons.

It does not contain ammonia, but it is based on arctic cranberry seed oil, which adds shine and youth to your hair, prolongs color fastness, prevents damage to the hair follicle, promotes easier combing, prevents loss of protein and split ends of hair. It also does not have a pleasant fruity and floral smell, which is very important for both the client and the hairdresser. The oily composition contributes to the penetration of the color pigment into the hair structure and provides a uniform application, serves as a kind of UV filter, which prevents color fading in the sun.

Apply Kutrin paint, much easier due to its formula, which does not create lumps when mixed, is evenly applied, which is especially important when gray hair, and therefore provides a 100% result.

The main advantage of paint is its naturalness, it does not contain fragrances, dyes, silicone, which undoubtedly makes it competitive in comparison with paints containing ammonia.

Before applying the paint, it is recommended to conduct a sensitivity test, and look in the instructions for contraindications to the use of paint to prevent allergies.

Application of paint: mix dye and oxidizer mix 1: 1 or 1: 2. Apply paint to dry unwashed hair. Depending on the intensity of the color, the dye time is from 20 to 30 minutes, if the hair is brightened, then from 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the structure of the hair and the intensity of the previous color. Under thermal exposure, the dye exposure time is reduced by 5 to 10 minutes. At the end of the time, make up the paint by adding some water and rinse it well with Curtis shampoo and conditioner for a more vivid and lasting color.

Kutrin paints, you need to paint only the masters of their craft, so that the result is as you want it to be, and all this will provide you with bright colors and high-quality painting, without harm to the health of your hair.

Kutrin, Reflection Demi palette:

This line includes:

Black (1 shade):
1.0 Black

Very dark brown (1 shade):
2.11 Blue-black

Dark brown (2 shades):
3.0 Dark Brown
3.3 Dark golden brown

Brown (4 shades):
4.0 Brown
4.16 Dark Lava
4.3 Golden brown
4.5 Brown Mahogany

Light brown (6 shades):
5.0 Light brown
5.3 Light golden brown
5.4 Light brown copper
5.5 Light brown mahogany
5.74 Chocolate
5.75 Mocha

Dark Blonde (6 shades):
6.0 Dark Blonde
6.16 Marble lava
6.4 Light copper
6.3 Nut Blonde
6.73 Dark wood
6.75 Rosewood

Blonde (4 shades):
7.0 Blonde
7.1 Ash Brown
7.3 Golden Blonde
7.43 Copper Golden

Light blonde (4 shades):
8.0 Light blonde
8.43 Light golden copper
8.7 Light brown
8.74 Caramel

Very light blonde (4 shades)
9.0 Very light blonde
9.1 Very light ash blond
9.37 Honey
9.7 Very light havanna

Pastel blond (2 shades)
10.0 Pastel Blonde
10.06 Silver Frost

Mikston (3 shades)
0.01 Silver Tint
0.06 Pearl Shade
0.33 Golden Micston

The best of nature

The demand for the company's products is growing year by year. The reason for this is a natural care complex without silicone, paraben and similar additives. Its basis is arctic cranberry seed oil, which deeply nourishes, moisturizes and protects hair from the destructive influence of the sun's rays. Also in the composition of the paints of this manufacturer is a complex care, which protects the hair structure from damage during the dyeing procedure.

Product Features

Paint "Kutrin", reviews give a positive assessment of both lines, divided into permanent SCC - Reflection and Cutrin Reflection Demi ammonia free.

Successfully selected composition provides:

  • persistent, intense color for 7-8 weeks,
  • easy renewal of your own hair color
  • uniform and full shading of gray hair,
  • no unpleasant odors, instead of them a floral scent,
  • delicate care and protection both during dyeing and after,
  • easy application, due to the oil-cream structure, which quickly permeates each hair.

The company "Kutrin" offers a fairly large line of tinted shampoos and conditioners, conditioners for the correction and maintenance of the selected color, including even the most extreme. Dye of any tone of hair dyes of this brand is suitable for all types of hair, and has a rich floral and fruity aroma.

Using paints "Kutrin" at home is not difficult, most importantly, do not forget to read the instructions.

The structure easily lays down, without leaving marks on skin. It can be applied without dividing the hair into zones or strands. The paint affects the curls gently and carefully, protecting the tips from the cross section and not destroying the natural hair dye.

The uniqueness of the coloring composition from "Kutrin" consists also in the fact that it can be used immediately after chemical perming or long-term styling.

All Kutrin products are tested for quality in several stages.

Hair dye "Kutrin": a palette of colors

Among the colors of "Kutrin" there are basic, standard shades, five interesting mixes and a decoiler used to change the depth of the shade. Paint "Kutrin", reviews can be found on any shade, has the following palette:

  • tones that enhance blond,
  • shade correction mixes
  • special tools that paint gray hair,
  • Nordic, natural tones,
  • cool ash matt shades
  • pastel-silver shades,
  • dark and cold colors
  • marble lava
  • golden brown
  • mahogany tones,
  • golden sand tones
  • saturated red shades
  • intense copper tones.

There are more than a hundred shades and colors.

Light shades

Light hair dye, as stylists believe, should be selected based on the time of year and type of appearance.

Popular in this palette resistant cream-paint light ash-blond (SCC-Reflection). The updated formula evenly colors every hair, reliably covers gray hair and gives the hair a deep light brown color. This paint is rich in active acids of linoleic acid and alpha-linoleic acid. They smooth the hair structure and moisturize it. Also included in tocotrientoles. These are antioxidants that protect hair from negative natural effects and prevent premature aging. Component polyquaternium-22 prolongs the durability of the coloring composition.

Special blond

This line of Finnish paint manufacturer consists of six shades that can lighten hair up to four levels of tone with simultaneous toning.

Blondes, getting acquainted with the paint "Kutrin", are always pleasantly surprised. Any chosen tone perfectly colors the hair, and eliminates the unpleasant yellow shade. The palette of blond shades includes caramel with golden and matte shades, as well as pastel, bronze, apricot and golden shades.


The tones of hair-dye from the Kutrin company have the following numbers:

  • 7 - Brown-purple pigment (Havana).
  • 6 - Violet-blue pigment (Violet).
  • 5 - Red-violet pigment (Mahogany).
  • 4 - Red-orange pigment (Copper).
  • 3 - Yellow pigment (Golden).
  • 2 - Green pigment (Matte).
  • 1 - Blue pigment (Ash).
  • 0 - brown pigment (natural).

Determine the oxide

Or, as it is sometimes called, an oxidizing agent. It is necessary to facilitate the penetration of coloring pigments into the hair structure, due to which the color becomes deep and for a long time retains its naturalness. There are six possible options.

  1. Two percent oxide - will provide a soft tint.
  2. Three-percent oxide - guarantees tint on tone, or intensifies a dark shade.
  3. Oxide in 4.5% - depending on the task, will lighten the curls or make the tone darker.
  4. Six percent oxide - will provide clarification no more than a tone.
  5. Nine percent oxide - is responsible for the clarification of two tones.
  6. Twelve percent oxide (concentrate) - provides perfect four-tone clarification.

Beautiful curls at home

For self-dyeing the hair will need disposable or rubber gloves, a flat brush with a hard pile, a glass or plastic bowl for mixing components, a comb and a waterproof cape.

Any, including light hair dye, should always be mixed one to two. That is, 40 g of oxide should be added to 20 g of paint. Clarification depends on its percentage (the more it is, the brighter the result).

It is not necessary to wash hair before coloring, unless it is covered with a large amount of styling products. So, at the first coloring, the sequence of actions is as follows.

Mixing the ingredients and wearing gloves you need to paint on the hair, stepping back from the roots by 3-4 cm. After 8-10 minutes, paint over the roots. Time staining depends on the desired result. It will take five minutes to tint; serious lightening will take at least 40 minutes.

Exposure to heat will reduce the time of the procedure by about one third. Be careful to warm the light brown color. Dye on the hair after heat treatment should take the ambient temperature, so you need to give hair a rest for 3-5 minutes (the same advice applies to the Special Blond line).

Now you can start rinsing. Having added a small amount of water to hair, it is necessary to lather means well. Then rinse hair thoroughly with water and then with shampoo. Experts recommend completing the staining procedure using an air conditioner or a balm.

If the hair is colored in the same tone or color, the second and subsequent times, then you need to act the opposite. First, the roots are stained, and only after 10-15 minutes minutes the composition is distributed along the entire length of the hair with a small comb.

Paint "Kutrin", reviews of ladies confirm this, it is very easy to use, the main thing is to follow the instructions clearly.

Gray hair coloring

The secret of successful dyeing of this type of hair is necessarily the addition to the main tone of the tone from the palette of golden, natural or matte colors Cutrin professional. Oxide is taken not lower than 6%. Only he guarantees the perfect paint. Hair with applied cream paint to warm up. Time staining at least 45 minutes.

If gray, the so-called vitreous, the mixture is prepared as follows: two parts of the selected dye are mixed with one part of a nine percent oxide.

Specialists from Kutrin recommend using Golden Havana (6.37G, 7.37G, 8.37G) for gray hair. They perfectly cope with any amount of gray hair and do not require the addition of dyes of another series. But you need to mix them only with a nine percent oxide.

Use mixton

Hair dye "Kutrin" has a line of mixton SCC-Reflection Season Mix. There are only six of them: 0.56 - purple, 0.44 - red, 0.43 - red, 0.33 - golden, 0.11 - blue. Used in case of correction of the unloved tone or to enhance the color effect. And 0.0 is pure tone. This is the resolver. It does not have color pigments, so this mikston is used to lighten the resulting tone or create a shade. Its volume should not exceed one third of the total mass of the coloring composition.

But it is better to entrust your hair to professionals.

Means for coloring Cutrin SCC in the base have natural components. But any effect on the hair is a chemical process that has a significant impact on the structure of the hair. As a result, they can become brittle, faded and weakened. A hairdresser or a stylist always visually inspects the hair before applying the coloring composition and analyzes its condition. And only making certain conclusions picks paint. And very often it turns out to be Kutrin hair dye. For it not only does not damage, but also restores, giving strength to each hair.

The master, selecting a shade, always takes into account the following factors:

  • sensitivity of the hair and skin of the head,
  • natural hair color
  • matching tones at the roots and ends of hair,
  • compatibility of intended shades,
  • sprout root length
  • the presence of gray hair and their volume,
  • the degree of clarification needed,
  • personal wishes of the ladies.

Coloring is not only color

Modern hair dyeing products can not only change the color of the curls, but also enhancing the structure of a single hair, give volume or hairstyle. A non-ammonia hair dye “Kutrin” will make the curls moisturized, soft, silky. This product gives the hair a healthy shine and a smooth, natural tone.

Professional care products

For the full care of dyed or tinted hair, the company "Kutrin" produces a series of shampoos, masks for hair and conditioners.

All products of these lines are hypoallergenic. It does not add dyes, synthetic fragrances and mineral oils. All hair care products from Kutrin have a pleasant aroma. Shampoo of this brand may be the usual colorless, white or pearlescent. But each of them protects each hair from negative external factors, and also nourishes, strengthens and gives a healthy shine.

Shampoo can be selected for any type of hair, as well as to solve any problem.

According to unofficial statistics, the best shampoos are:

  • Cutrin anti-green. It deeply cleans not only every hair, but also the skin of the head. In its composition there are elements that eliminate chlorine, copper and iron particles from the curls. This shampoo is the best recommendation for stylists, especially if dyeing, perm, long-term styling or other procedure affecting the hair structure is to be done.
  • Cutrin VolumiSM Shampoo. The main purpose of this shampoo is to add shine and add volume to the curls. The base of the composition is birch sugar and juice. Cutrin VolumiSM strengthens, moisturizes and tightens every hair. But it does not make them heavy.
  • Shampoo Cutrin Professional "Colorism". This line Cutrin professional is designed to care for colored hair. Loose hair gets nourished, strengthened, retaining the original color and shine of healthy curls. As part of this shampoo there is a UV filter that protects hair from negative sun exposure.

Why precisely “Kutrin”?

Any products from the lines of shampoos from this manufacturer is quite expensive. But the fact is a stubborn thing. It may be better to buy a product that once or twice the use of hair will restore health and beauty than to buy several packages of inexpensive products to achieve the same result. Another minor drawback is the lack of Kutrin products on the shelves of shops and supermarkets. It can be found only in the special points of sale of professional cosmetics.

So, Kutrin shampoos guarantee:

  • Speed ​​performance. The effect will be noticeable after the first application. Soft, docile hair will be easy to comb.
  • Security. The components of the shampoo do not cause allergic reactions, dryness and irritation.
  • Economical use. The consistency of the product is quite thick, which allows you to form a dense foam, which pulls out all the dirt. In addition, the company "Kutrin" shampoo produces bottles with dispenser.
  • Reliable protection of curls from adverse natural influences (dust, sun, wind, etc.).

Kutrin products

Means for dyeing hair Kutrin palette Finnish production is a modern paint made from natural ingredients. Its function is not only stable staining, but also in soft care for them. After dyeing, the hairstyle becomes healthy and lush. Hair stains well, while the color looks natural.

All Kutrin products are of high quality, hypoallergenic, and harmless to health.

To care for lokosya the release of hair products for ten years.


Paint Kutrin palette has found application in beauty salons, it is used in its work by professional stylists, and the demand for it continues to grow. This is not surprising, because the paint has a lot of advantages.

Among the advantages of this tool is worth noting the following:

  1. Persistent staining for up to 8 weeks.
  2. The paint lays evenly and completely fills the gray hair c once.
  3. The tool has a pleasant floral scent.
  4. Cares for hair.
  5. Ammonia-free.
  6. Protects the ends from the cut.
  7. Easy to apply and well absorbed.
  8. Contains natural dyes.
  9. Does not stain the skin.

The color palette is represented by completely different options and shades, basic colors are provided, as well as standard shades and mixes. Kutrin is used in hairdressing salons, but this tool can be used independently at home.

The main thing is to carefully study the instructions. You can buy shampoos, masks and balms produced by the same company. The firm takes

Color spectrum

Among the variety of colors you can choose any desired shade. Cutrin paint manufacturers offer a variety of options:

  • the colors increasing effect blond,
  • mixes with which you can adjust shades
  • coloring agents for gray hair,
  • natural shades
  • cold tones
  • cold ash matt
  • ash silver shades
  • warm golden
  • rich copper tones.

Hair dye Cutrin is represented by a huge variety of colors and tones, there are about a hundred of them. Each shade is assigned individual numbers.

Kutrin dye palette for hair is represented by different types, which depends on the characteristics of the dye. The tool is presented resistant and ammonia freebutskoy.

What is included

Kutrin Reflection Demi hair dye was developed in accordance with the latest technology. The updated formula allows you to carefully paint every single hair. Therefore, the paint Sutrin can completely paint over gray hair, giving a new natural color.

The paint contains active linoleic and alpha-linoleic acids. Their function is to align the structure of the curls. Also means consists of:

  1. Tokotrientol - antioxidants that protect hair from the negative effects of external factors.
  2. Polyquaterin-22 increases the duration of the paint.
  3. Oxide facilitates the penetration of dyes into the structure of the hair, it is responsible for the depth and color saturation.

More accurate data on the composition contained in the attached instructions.

How to calculate the required amount of oxide

Kutrin dye comes with an oxidizing agent, the function of which is to make coloring pigments better penetrate the hair structure. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to its concentration.

Oxide may be different saturation. The degree of its concentration is expressed as a percentage:

  • 2% - to give a soft tone,
  • 3% - the color in the same color or on the floor is darker,
  • 4.5% - for slight lightening or darkening,
  • 6% - for clarification on one tone,
  • 9% - makes it brighter by 2 tones,
  • 12% - intensive clarification.

Before the staining procedure, the oxide is mixed with paint, its concentration should be selected in accordance with the choice of tone. In order not to be mistaken, it is better to make measurements using a measuring cup. To prepare the solution take plastic and glass containers.

How to paint

To start the first staining, you should prepare some items that will facilitate the procedure.

To work will require:

  • a pair of rubber gloves
  • brush with a hard pile, flat shape,
  • any non-metallic packaging
  • hairbrush,
  • waterproof cape.

All dyes are mixed with oxide in the ratio of one to two. The more oxide taken, the brighter will be the final hair color. After the staining solution is ready, it is spread through the hair. The roots do not immediately stain, about 4 cm recede from them. After 10 minutes, they begin to stain the roots. Before starting work, wear gloves.

The duration of the procedure depends on the desired initial result. If you just need to toned hair, then 10 minutes is enough. Serious staining requires a longer time - up to 40 minutes. Hair can be slightly warmed up, then they will color faster.

At the end of the dyeing process, the hair is washed under running water, then washed with shampoo. It is advisable to rinse the hair with the use of air conditioning.

When re-coloring, when the hair is tinted in the same tone, first paint the roots and only then, after 10 minutes, comb it with frequent fine teeth and evenly distribute the paint over the entire length.

A professional stylist will help you to choose the right paint exactly, considering the condition of the hair. Therefore, it is better to entrust the staining process to a specialist who will pay attention to the following factors:

  • scalp sensitivity,
  • natural color
  • the ratio of the color of the rod and the roots
  • density and length
  • the presence of gray hair.

If all factors affecting the quality of staining were taken into account, the result will be amazing.

Hairdressers and their customers speak positively about Kutrin. Among its advantages ease in drawing is especially noted. Means is easily distributed. Customers are generally satisfied with the results. The colors are natural, and the hair itself is shiny and soft. Users like a diverse paint palette. Those who have tried Cutrin paint at least once, stop their choice on it and continue to use only this tool.

Beautiful color 6.16 marble lava and excellent paint quality

There was a time I was long and painfully coming out of dark hair, then they, poor things, restored, and was pleased with the result:) For quite a long time I enjoyed all the pleasures of blond hair, it is permanent dyeing, when the roots grow, and the fight with red and yellow, In general, I think all these manipulations are well known to owners of light hair. And at one point, I got tired of it all. I wanted a darker, richer color and most importantly a COLD color. And I stopped my choice on this paint. The hue of 6.16 marble lava did not dare to take darker, although there is a very beautiful color Graphite in the same paint, I don’t remember its number, but it’s too dark for me. This is paint for professional use, but I already have experience using such paints at home, and, by the way, much more positive than staining in the salon :) I have no luck with hairdressers. Creme oxide I used to take 6%. So this color was before staining. This paint with ammonia, and the smell of her appropriate. But the eyes do not eat away. The hair is well and quickly distributed. Hold for 30 minutes. My scalp did not pinch, but the sensations were not very pleasant present. When I washed it off, the hair was not very soft , at first it seemed to me that the paint had dried them decently, but when I put a balm on my hair, this turned out to be wrong. The hair is fine, I’ve gotten Loreal to dry their hair more than this one. And that's what happened. Photo with different lighting. The color turned out exactly as I wanted. Therefore, I can say with confidence that the paint met my expectations. Of the shortcomings I can only note what paints the skin, but this is not critical for me, it is the disadvantage of any ammonia paint. I definitely recommend it!

Steel Lava shade 7.16 I am almost black!

I am a victim of reviews on this site! Having read, I wanted to become an ashy light brown))) It's here:

It did not work out, I began to read further and thought that I do not remember myself as a brunette, or at least a brown-haired woman. I have brown eyes and I thought that I would look great with a brown-haired woman in the color of Kutrin 6.16 Marble Lava. Arriving at your favorite store, I requested this color, but fortunately for me it was not there and I was offered 7.16 with a 3% oxidizer. Grabbing this wealth, I ran home)))

After dyeing with Lisap 8.2, my hair color was no such:

with flash in daylight

no flash day

Here you can see the unevenly dyed hair roots))) I sometimes happen to be a scrub

Not fotkal paint, here and so full of these boxes in other reviews. Just mixed 60 ml of paint and 60 ml of oxide 3%. Held for 30 minutes washed away. iiii

By the window without flash

Wet. It seems nothing, right?

Immediately after 7.16 Oops! Cheyta I'm so black then a. Bliiin, I don’t have that color at all! I could not look at myself in the mirror (((Sorry, for this kind of nude)

But! I am a thrifty girl and I had a whole pack of Kapous washes! I quickly cleared this thing in one portion and it turned out like this:

photo without flash under electric bulbs

flash + daylight

roots flash

Well, nothing like, but I’m restless. the next day I made two more washes, like everything was done according to the rules, put it under the hair dryer for 20 minutes, took it off with napkins, applied fresh composition again, 20 minutes, washed away, put oxide 1.9% held five minutes, everything was okay, not dark head was so bright, just fine, the color is at level 8 exactly, not yellow why I didn’t take a picture. but the next day I again became level 7. weird. In general, now, as a result of staining Kutrin 7.16 and three washes, I got this color:

flash + el lighting

Without a flash, it seems yellow, but I think this is due to the fact that the wallpaper is yellow and the chandelier with yellow shades.

And here is a photo in the kitchen in a more white light, also without a flash:

On all photos, hair just washed with shampoo and balm. I do not use irons and curling irons, nesmyvashkami and other Labuda. Only shampoo without SLS and the usual any balm.

About the paint I will say that the hair did not spoil a drop, a wash, however, everything was as it was before dyeing.

Few stars just for the fact that very much the color goes into a blackout.

In the near future, I plan to lighten up on two tones and paint with Kapous 900 paint. Moreover, it has already been bought from me and is waiting for its high point!))) It remains only to choose what to lighten up in order to bring minimal harm to hair.

Girls thank you for your attention! And I will be glad to advice on clarification!

Good colors, but not in that color ((

Passed on without ammonia paint. Cutrin is the second I tried after Matrix Color Sync. Buy went to your favorite store Caramel. I looked at the palette and stopped at 7.43 - Golden Copper. Well, I really want a golden-copper color, not red, not brightly red, but golden-copper.

The oxygenator needs 2%, it was not from Cutrin in small portions, and I did not want to take 1 liter, so I took 1.9% from Londa. It is necessary to mix with paint in proportions 1: 2.

Hair color before dyeing: incomprehensible reddish-red, rolling at the ends into something reddish, brown-haired at the roots, plus gray hair. My hair itself is thick and hard.

Mixed paint in the specified proportions and applied for 30-40 minutes (held 40 minutes).

The result as I expected was not the same as in the palette. In general, he gave a red-copper shade. Not that. In the sunlight With natural light In the sun In the sun I will display and brighten with oil masks, in order to try again a shade that is lighter for a couple of tones, it can take.

The very feeling of painting: the paint does not smell when painting, it is applied easily, it does not flow. Wash off hair too easily. Hair after dyeing is soft and silky, there is no feeling of dryness.

In general, the paint is good, but to match the color - you need to guess it ((

from BLOND to RUSNY !!) + photo SUPPLEMENT! or my experiments tone 8.0 and 7.1

I am now in such euphoria that I decided to write a review about this paint ..) my story began with that. that the devil pulled me to paint their own natural. ashy blond hair in blond .. went to the salon .. I did a fine highlights and dyed the ends .. I don’t know just why. They said that it was better not to paint the whole head at once .. The result. I'm yellow .. shorter than kapets .. Naturally, after all the manipulations, my hair was like straw .. I decided to dye my own color .. I read reviews .. about the fact that the blonde is turning green .. gray and violet)) in short, I mixed 8.0 (natural light blonde) and 9.1 (light pale ash blonde) Kutrin has such a thing that the colors are darker than in the palette. so kept only 20 minutes .. but the color turned out super .. in short, those who want from blond to blond! then this is what you need) hair after this dye in perfect condition!

my natural color. in the afternoon in the sun)MY NATURAL COLOR

what I did in the cabin. phew .. scary to watch.BEFORE

what I did, with the help of this miracle paint!)) hair came back to normal again .. they became soft alive ..8.0 + 9.1 IMMEDIATELY AFTER COLORING

FORMULA8.0 30ml + 9.1 30ml + 3% oxidant120ml

Decided to add your review)

A month after staining Kutrin 9.1 + 8.0, my hair looks like this,8.0 + 9.1 LATER MONTH the color naturally subsided. first all the ash was washed away ..

and here the idea came to my head to paint KUTRIN 8.0 .. more precisely, I just had this paint after the previous toning. Well, I thought that it would not be bad and put it on all the hair. the result, to put it mildly, did not make me happy .. I turned out RED. but this is not what I wanted .. 8.0 ARTIFICIAL LIGHTING 8.0 ARTIFICIAL LIGHTING 8.0 AFTERNOON 8.0 AFTERNOON how I got rid of this redhead

CONCLUSION: sticking to the same formula 9.1 + 8.0 I haven’t found the best combination for myself.

She found her first experiments with toning paint kutrin, so to say how did my acquaintance with her begin .. I had a small highlights in my native colordecided to paint it KUTRIN 7.1 since in the palette it seemed to me very similar to my own. but I mistaken the color actually turned out to be much darker and with a copper tint. the first days the color looked gray-greenish with brownish ..under daylight the color looked like this7.1 AFTERNOONbut in the evening with artificial lighting he really liked me so cold brown7.1 ARTIFICIAL LIGHTING 7.1 ARTIFICIAL LIGHTING


There are no particular difficulties in using Cutrin dye, but there are certain points, if you observe them, you can get the maximum expected effect.
Next we let's get acquainted with them.

How to choose an oxide.
Oxide (also known as the oxidizer) facilitates the entry of coloring pigments into the hair shaft, due to which you get a spectacular coloring, the color retains its brightness for a long time.

All offered such oxidizer options:

  • 2% oxide - guarantees soft toning,
  • 3% oxide is used when it is necessary to perform a tone-on-tone dyeing or to give the curls a darker shade,
  • oxide 4.5% - will darken the hair or a slight lightening,
  • 6% oxide - brightens the curls by one tone,
  • 9% oxide - brightens the curls by two tones,
  • oxide 12% - is the most concentrated, provides clarification to three or four tones.

How to prepare the composition.

It is necessary to mix the coloring matter with oxide. This is done in a 1: 1 ratio, but for the Special Blond palette, the ratio will change and will be 1: 2 for more effective clarification. The use of a special measuring cup or precise electronic scales will help to observe the exact proportions.

It is important to perform mixing in a non-metallic container until a uniform consistency is formed.

The mixture is used immediately, it can not be left for later.

And what is the composition of the shampoo Sulsen, you can learn from our article.

The composition and instructions for use of shampoo Paranite in this article.

How to apply

Ready cutrin dye is applied to dry curls. It is not necessary to wash them before dyeing, but if there are fixing or any other chemical agents on their surface, it is important to clean the hair and dry them before dyeing.

If you are dyeing your hair for the first time, first distribute the composition over the entire length, at the same time retreat a couple of centimeters from the root area, and after 10-15 minutes, paint the roots with the remaining mass. In the case of re-staining, it is necessary first, on the contrary, to paint over the roots, and after 15-20 minutes to distribute the composition throughout the length.

How much to keep.

To answer this question you need to understand what particular result do you want to achieve:

  • in the case of soft staining, the period of exposure does not exceed twenty minutes,
  • to make a stable stain, leave the mixture for half an hour,
  • for clarification on a couple of tones, the dwell time is 30 minutes,
  • for a three to four tone clarification, this figure increases to 45 minutes,
  • if thermal effects on the hair are expected, the dyeing time should be reduced three times,
  • in the case of using the technology of opposite tones, the period of holding the paint, on the contrary, is extended by 10-15 minutes.

How to flush

When the specified time has expired, you need to wash the dye from the hair. But first it is necessary to emulsify the mixture, adding a little warm water to it and foaming well with the help of massaging movements. It is important to completely wash the dye from the hair until the water is completely clear.

Coloring tutorial

Total collection of Cutrin dyes contains several varieties, namely:

  • resistant paint - which provides a lasting effect from the procedure,
  • ammonia free paint - allowing to perform a soft coloring, as well as differing in the gentle care of curls,
  • direct exposure dyeswhich tint the hair and change shades without disturbing the hair structure.

About indications for use of shampoo Sebozol can be found by reading this article.

Color palette

In the process of creating new shades of Cutrin paint, beauty experts took into account the wishes of their customers, so the color palette is represented by 95 juicy and bright colors.

From this color splendor every girl and woman will not be difficult to find the most suitable color for themselves. Consider the color palette in more detail.

For blondes

This paint will pleasantly please blond ladies due to the presence of a wide selection of different shades of blond. Using this dye, you completely forget about such troubles as badly stained curls and yellowness.

The collection of blond shades is represented by matte, caramel tones that have an attractive ash or golden overflow.

When choosing the right shade, it is important to take into account the type of your appearance, so, for example, the girls of the “summer” type have very fair hair colors to face, and on the “winter” young ladies they will not look the best way.

Read more on how to use hair conditioner.

Dark haired

Brunettes who want to change the color of their hair will also have plenty to choose from.
The color palette for them is represented by such cold shades:

If you prefer warm colors, pay attention to the dark shades with the presence of chocolate, red or coffee overflow.

For gray hair

Also, the Cutrin color palette offers a large number of shades suitable for dyeing gray hair.
In this case, you can get the most stable result and delay the next staining for a long time.

Read reviews about hair dye Ryabina.

Product Feature

Hair dye Cutrin has two lines: permanent paint SCC - Reflection and non-ammonium paint Cutrin Reflection Demi. The formula of paints Kutrin guarantees:

  • the dye withstands intense color for two months; the pigment is not washed out while washing the head,
  • there is a line of tinted shampoos and balsams of various shades to maintain color,
  • The dye will work fine if you want to return your natural color: it is easy for a blond to change color to dark, and for brown-haired women to become lighter,
  • The dye is suitable for any type of curls, evenly covers and paints over 100% of gray strands,
  • there is no sharp odor when painting, the dye has a floral and fruity aroma,
  • the oil texture of the paint is easy to apply, the mixture in the form of a cream quickly penetrates into the structure of the order,
  • the palette has a diverse color range, from natural to the most extreme tones,
  • Kutrin paint can be used at home, the main thing: strictly follow the instructions,
  • All Kutrin products undergo a lot of quality checks.

We also recommend to look at the hair dye Igor and Ollin.

Style Features

The color scheme of Kutrin includes basic shades, 5 mix-tones and a clarifier to change the depth of tone. In such a variety of shades you can easily choose your own style. The palette consists of several rows with specific tones:

  • tones for enhanced blonding,
  • mix tone to enhance or correct color,
  • special colors for gray hair coloring: 6.37, 7.37 and 8.37, in which you do not need to add tones from other rows, they are ready,
  • Nordic natural tones,
  • pastel-silver blond,
  • dull tones are cold-ash,
  • dark cold row
  • golden brown
  • golden sand
  • intense copper,
  • saturated red,
  • mahogany,
  • marble lava.

The rich color palette of Cutrin hair dye offers more than 100 positions, see the photo on the hair on the official website. The dye can be used independently at home.

  • brush,
  • plastic bowl (iron is impossible),
  • hairbrush,
  • gloves,
  • cape on the shoulders.

  1. Hair dye Cutrin is always mixed in a ratio of 1: 2, for example: for 25 g of dye you will need 50 g of oxide. Oxide is selected depending on the desired result. The higher the degree of clarification, the more percent must be in oxide.
  2. It is desirable that the curls were dry and unwashed, an exception: the use of a large number of styling tools.
  3. Apply the cream-paint carefully at the first dyeing (if long strands), first full length, retreat no more than 3 cm in the root zone. After 10 minutes put on the roots.
  4. The time is chosen individually from 5 minutes at toning, up to 40 minutes at clarification.
  5. Rinse your head thoroughly with conditioner and shampoo.

All actions are quite simple, just carefully read the instructions. The color palette of paint for curls Kutrin can be viewed n photos in the gallery.

Hairdressers Reviews

Inna: Our salon switched to Cutrin six months ago, it turns out gorgeous ash-blonde blondes, the colors are very delicate. It fits very well on gray hair, even non-ammonia toning stains.

Anastasia: I also work with the Cutrin brand, I like powder for clarification, odorless and ammonium. Blondes fall on him superbly. Dyes and care above all praise.

Elena Star: I have been working on Cutrin hair dye for a long time, I often hear positive reviews from other artists, we even published photos. Excellent brand with excellent quality and reasonable prices. If someone is going to try this brand, then I strongly advise.

Today, the cosmetic industry is a huge selection of dyes for hair. There are brands that are similar in action and composition Kutrin:

  • Dixon Color Premium,
  • Keune Tinta Color,
  • Estelle De Luxe,
  • Vella Color Touch,
  • Revlon Professional.

Each selects the color and brand individually, it is important to consider all the necessary characteristics. The company Cutrin produces dyes for curls with a focus on high-quality product with a careful coloring, the palette is constantly updated with new tones.

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