Vichy remedies for hair loss

Hair loss is a disease that has many causes. In normal condition, the hair is strong and shiny, characterized by resistance to damage. Few people know, but loss of up to one hundred hairs per day is considered normal. But if there is a dullness, a sharp and abundant loss, then a whole complex is needed to restore the health of hair.

Shampoo for hair loss Vichy is a great addition to the general treatment of hair, its general improvement and strengthening.

Indications for use

As a rule, the disease of the hair, the internal restructuring of the body affects the overall condition of the whole body: the skin grows dull, the hair weakens and falls out.

There are several reasons for abundant hair loss:

  • hormonal changes - first of all, transitional age, pregnancy, lactation or menopause in women, as well as severe stress in men,
  • side effect of taking heavy medication, for example, antibiotics. Medical procedures can also affect the condition of the hair in a bad way,
  • a sharp failure of the hormonal and mental state on the background of stress. This also includes depression and chronic fatigue,
  • quick change of temperature - frequent or daily use of a hair dryer and straightening tongs,
  • avitaminosis,
  • iron deficiency in the body against the background of the diet,
  • long lasting mental stress.

There are also mechanical causes that contribute to weakening and thinning hair:

  • building curls,
  • use of dreadlocks,
  • chemical damage
  • tight tails
  • African braids.

To restore the density of the hair, you need to follow simple rules: adjust nutrition and get rid of stressful conditions.

It is also recommended to contact a trichologist. As a rule, the doctor prescribes a therapeutic course, which includes special medical cosmetics. The therapeutic drug Vichy "Dercos" against hair loss will be one of the best supplements.


Company Vichy has a long history. It was formed in 1931 in a natural area of ​​France called Vichy. It is there that is the source of thermal waters, which are present in all the cosmetic products of the company.

Learn more about this shampoo from the video.

Thermal waters have unique properties and literally have a healing effect. Shampoos based on this component include more than thirty useful vitamins, minerals and up to twenty salts of the mineral type.

Hair products from the company have a tonic and revitalizing effect.

A huge number of shampoo tests "Dercos"proved that the therapeutic effect comes after a few weeks of its use: the structure of the hair is restored, saturated with moisture, and the roots are strengthened.

Read more about this shampoo in the next video.

The tool restores the tone and is used against hair loss. The line of drugs is presented for women, and a separate series is released for men.

With regular use, the complex stops hair loss and may contribute to the activation of dormant hair follicles.

When purchasing a product, it is necessary to carefully read the inscription with the following notations: there are types for oily, dry and combined hair types.

The overall effect of Vishy Dercos shampoo:

  • intensive nutrition of the scalp with vitamins and microelements,
  • activation of the restoration of the inner layers of the dermis,
  • strengthening hair follicles,
  • increased protection of each hair (against loss of moisture and damage),
  • elimination of the cause of hair loss.

Since shampoo Vichy dercos It is not only a means of cleansing, care of hair, but also a therapeutic drug, it can be applied to all types of hair. You can use it from the age of 14 both for the prevention of hair loss and for the treatment of curls.

The main purpose of the tool is to increase the density of the hair. It is recommended for use for weak, lifeless and brittle curls. According to manufacturers, the condition improves in several ways:

  • hair becomes thicker
  • power appears
  • curls attached a larger volume
  • strands are reinforced along the entire length,
  • restored shine.

The active ingredient in the shampoo is Aminexil - A special molecule that fights with collagen formations inside the hair.

It nourishes the hairs along the entire length, and due to the cleansing of the layers it returns shine.

For about a dozen years, scientists have been trying to remove the aminexyl molecule.

Experiments were conducted in many laboratories around the world, which served as successful results. In addition to the above properties, the molecule strengthens the hair shaft and restores the water-salt balance of the epidermis of the head. The actual effect of the molecule is to soften the hair root and slow down its aging processes. After this effect, all nutrients can easily penetrate deep into the bulb.

The active ingredients of the shampoo:

  • Amineksil,
  • vitamin PP - promotes blood circulation in the vessels, delivers the active ingredients directly to the hair follicles. It regenerates the damaged areas of the hair, removes seborrhea and helps to retain precious moisture inside the cells,
  • pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) - indirectly fights hair loss, prevents skin diseases, heals dryness and flaking. Thanks to this acid, all the beneficial vitamins are absorbed faster,
  • pyridoxine (vitamin b6) - soothes irritated epithelium of the head, actively moisturizes and normalizes sebum secretion. It protects the curls from aggressive environmental influences and eliminates dandruff,
  • Vischy thermal waters - as the company assures, this complex nutrient complex completely restores the structural changes of the curls.

According to research results, the first structural changes and reduction of hair loss are noticeable after fourteen days of use. The number of lost hairs is reduced by 78%, and 76% of the subjects confirmed the effect of the shampoo: hair gained vitality and shine. 154 people participated in the testing, and the research time was three weeks.

How to use

Tonic is recommended for use in complex treatment with a capsule solution of Aminexil Vischy. The shampoo strengthens the strands, and the ampoules with the molecule concentrate treat internal damage. It creates a complete recovery along with nutrition of the scalp.

The tool is used for brittle and dull locks: it supplies useful substances to the intracellular layer of follicles.

Frequent use can also activate new hair growth.

Strands are saturated with keratis, and the patented Dercos complex is designed to eliminate the main problems: fragility and split ends. Cosmetic product suitable for daily use.

Causes of baldness

The main reason for the sudden strong baldness most doctors consider stress. But trichologists can name at least several factors that can provoke rapid hair loss:

  • hormonal imbalance
  • lack of vitamins and minerals
  • severe dehydration
  • scalp diseases
  • the use of unsuitable shampoos,
  • frequent staining
  • perm,
  • hot styling or blow-drying
  • negative environmental impact
  • bad habits: smoking, alcohol, drugs.

Nobody canceled genetics either. If your parents have lost their hair early, the risk of premature balding is also high.

Eliminate all the above reasons, no tool can not. But it is quite possible to significantly slow down this process from the Vichy complex. And this will give time to deal with internal problems, not having time to go bald completely.

Mode of application

Shampoo and balm from the Derkos series can be applied daily. Shampoo well washed hair 1-2 times, and then on wet (not wet!) Hair, apply a balm, evenly distributing it over the entire length. The tool should definitely be left for 2-5 minutes, and then thoroughly rinse with pleasantly warm water.

Aminexyl capsules should only be used 2-3 times a week. There are 18 of them in the set, so the course of treatment takes 1.5-2 months. It is easy and convenient to use them:

  1. Wash and dry hair (light humidity is acceptable).
  2. Take one capsule with the drug and the applicator.
  3. Install the applicator on the lid of the capsule, tightening it to the very end.
  4. Distribute the remedy over the entire head to the hair roots (special attention should be paid to the alopecia foci).
  5. With a fingertip, gently massage into the scalp.

If there is Darsonval in the house - great. In the process of darsonvalization, the useful components will be able to penetrate even deeper, moreover, it perfectly improves the blood circulation of the hair and has antibacterial and antifungal effects. But if the device is not there, then just wait until the serum is completely dry and you can do the styling or do your usual activities.

To get the maximum benefit from the drug, you can not wash it off for 12 hours. Consider this by choosing the optimal time for application. It is best to treat your hair in the evening and leave it overnight. Moreover, during sleep, regeneration processes are most intense.

Important! You should not save money by stretching one capsule into two applications. After opening the package, the serum evaporates quickly and loses its beneficial properties.


Of course, the remedy for Vichy for hair loss is not a cheap pleasure. But, although there are many analogues of other companies on the market, those who have tried it at least once, give the Derkos series a preference because of a number of clear advantages:

  • Does not weigh down hair and does not leave greasy marks on the head.
  • It is quickly absorbed and allows drying and styling within a few minutes after application.
  • The tool is hypoallergenic and approved for use even during periods of pregnancy and lactation.
  • Hair preparations "Vichy" do not have withdrawal syndrome, and the quality of the hair after the completion of the course of procedures with proper care does not deteriorate.
  • With a strong hair loss, two courses can be consistently used, extending the treatment period to 3 months.

Vichy has developed a special tool to accelerate the growth of hair, which is recommended for use after you have managed to cope with baldness. This allows you to stop the loss as soon as possible and to make the hair thick and strong again.

According to the research, in 90% of cases, the use of drugs with amineksilom gives a lasting positive result. But 10% of people do not react to it at all. It is impossible to predict this in advance, so you only need to try.

The positive effect is observed after 2-3 weeks of use. But in order to consolidate it, one must undergo a course of treatment to the end.

In the absence of contraindications, it is useful to simultaneously drink a good multivitamin complex with zinc or selenium to strengthen the hair and the entire body from the inside.

If even after a three-month course of treatment with anti-hair loss remedies from Vichy, the situation has not changed - immediately go to the trichologist. Perhaps the cause of persistent baldness has become a serious disease that must be identified and treated.

Do not forget about the subsequent quality care for restored hair. They need vitamins and minerals that are easier and healthier to get from food. So, it is worth reconsidering your diet and make it more healthy.

Protect hair from the harmful effects of the environment and not too often tormented with paints and hot styling. And then it will long please you with pomp and brilliance.

Vichy from hair loss: Vichy Dercos line

The products of the Vichy Dercos line take into account the individual characteristics for different skin types, but suitable for any hair. They stimulate their growth, increase life expectancy and strengthen the structure.

Unique components give high efficiency:

  • Aminexyl 1.5% - interferes with hardening of the connective tissue of the walls of the hair follicles, which prevents their dying off, helps to improve the blood supply,
  • highly mineralized water Vichy SPA retains moisture in the skin, saturates it with microelements, quickly restores protective functions.

Vichy products against hair loss does not contain paraben preservatives, which reduces the risk of allergic reactions. The only negative Vichy Dercos - high price - pays off its efficiency.

Toning shampoo

Pearl gel is sold in bottles with exclusive design 400 and 200 ml volumes. Often used in conjunction with Dercos Aminexil Pro.

The composition of the shampoo includes:

  • vitamins B5 (pantothenic acid), B6 ​​and PP (niacin) - return the hair cuticle firmness and elasticity.
  • Vichy Spa water
  • Aminexyl 1.5%

The tool is designed specifically for oily skin and recommended for regular shampooing. Gives plentiful, but easily washed away foam. After applying the massage directly onto the hair, the shampoo is washed off with water after two minutes. Hair becomes strong and elastic after 3 weeks of use.

Aminexil Intensive 5

Transparent liquid inviscid consistency. Sold as a set of 21 single doses (6 ml) and an applicator for application to the skin. Available in two versions - in white box - for the treatment of hair loss in women and in black - for men.

The dose is issued in the form of an airtight ampoule for hair loss, equipped with a plastic cap. Before use, the applicator is screwed to the ampoule until it clicks. It is used to stop intense hair loss. Renders combined effect on the entire hair structure and scalp.

The structure includes components:

  • SP94 complex - from glucose and vitamin F, which has a beneficial effect on the hair roots,
  • complex Oktein - fights germs and eliminates skin irritation,
  • arginine - stimulates enhanced nutrition of hair follicles,
  • vitamins B5 (pantothenic acid), B6 ​​and PP (niacin),
  • Vichy Spa water,
  • Aminexyl 1.5%

Apply evenly on the skin in the parting between well-washed and dried hair.

With intensive hair loss a course of two complexes is recommended with applying one dose per day for at least 42 days.

When the loss is not so strong, it can be limited to three doses per week for the same duration of treatment. Visibly slows hair loss within six weeks.

Aminexil pro

Quickly absorbed liquid. Sold as a kit for women or men from 18 single doses (6 ml) and an applicator for application to the skin. Method of use and treatment is similar to the means Dercos Aminexil Intensive 5.

The composition includes:

  • SP94 complex,
  • arginine
  • Vichy Spa water,
  • Aminexyl 1.5%,
  • patented components.

The remedy for hair loss Vishy Aminexil Pro has become a real breakthrough in the fight against hair loss. An integrated approach to hair strengthening in combination with proprietary technologies and many years of experience in scientific research was embodied in a highly effective drug with a miraculous effect.

Hair loss dramatically reduced to 30% already in the second week of treatment. By the end of the course, the hair becomes much stronger and thicker.

! Vichy AMINEXIL PRO hair loss remedy is more effective, but less expensive than Dercos Aminexil Intensive 5.

Toning firming conditioner

Sold in a plastic tube 150 ml volume. It is perfectly combined with Vichy toning shampoo against hair loss Dercos.

It includes:

  • ceramides - natural lipids that give the skin elasticity, prevent drying and peeling, as well as the ingress of dirt and germs,
  • vitamins B5 (pantothenic acid), B6 ​​and PP (niacin),
  • Vichy Spa water,
  • aminexyl 1.5%.

A small amount of conditioner smears wet hair with shampoo after washing for 1-2 minutes and rinse with water. The effect of the application comes immediately. Hair easier to comb, retain their volume and shine, without becoming heavier.

The conditioner well protects dry, fragile, and also colored hair and scalp sensitive to damages.

The secret of efficiency

The effectiveness of the action is based on two factors:

    The fast restoring and rejuvenating effect of mineralizing water Vichy Spa on the skin as a source of healthy and strong hair. It is made from water of thermal sources of volcanic origin.

Her healing properties were noticed by Georges Guerin, the founder of the Vichy trademark, as early as 1931 during the treatment of a long non-healing leg wound with mineral water from the Lucas source located in the vicinity of the city of Vichy.

  • High penetrating ability of organic components that saturate the skin and hair with lipids, amino acids, vitamins and polysaccharides.
  • In remedies for hair loss Vichy Dercos contains all the necessary substances that are in dire need of skin and hair with metabolic disorders caused by improper diet, stress, age-related changes in the body and diseases.

    Numerous studies conducted on groups of volunteers have shown that over 80% had positive changes in the hair structure and improved scalp condition already on the second week of using Vichy Dercos products.

    The products of the Vichy Dercos line successfully combine mineral and organic components in the treatment of abundant precipitation and have a complex regenerating effect. They are well suited for the rapid restoration of the scalp and improve the structure of the hair and after illness and stress.

    Why does hair fall out intensively?

    On average, we lose up to a hundred hairs from our body per day. New ones grow to replace them. When everything happens within the normal range, we do not notice this process. If hair growth slows down or increases loss, it can lead to alopecia or alopecia.

    The main causes of rapid hair loss:

    • The lack of iron in the body, which can be a consequence of the abuse of various new-fashioned diets.
    • Exposure to very low or too high temperatures. Most often, those who like to feel the consequences are those who like to walk on a frosty day without a hat.
    • Violation of the hormonal level in the body.
    • Reaction to certain drugs. These include some antidepressants, contraceptives, as well as antihypertensive drugs.
    • Stress.
    • Poor immunity.
    • Infectious diseases of the scalp.
    • Insufficient blood supply to the hair follicles, etc.

    In general, hair and scalp treatment is a long process. It is clear that I want an instant result. So that with one wave of the magic wand everything is decided. But this happens only in a fairy tale. In real life, everything is different.

    In a month, a new hair will grow only by 1-1.5 cm. Such is anatomy and nothing can be done about it. Therefore, we gain patience and grow hair 🙂

    Vichy company has developed very effective hair loss remedies. There is a main active agent - it is ampoules Dercos Aminexil pro. And as an additional tool is proposed tonic shampoo. Let's sort them out in order.

    INTENSIVE 5, hair loss remedy for women, Vichy

    The main active means of ampoules is Aminexil. He struggles with the hardening of collagen in the hair follicles. Also returns health to hairs and prevents hair loss. Many leading dermatologists recommend Vichy ampoule therapy for hair loss.

    A noticeable result can be noted after 2 weeks. The molt is reduced by 72%. About 86% of consumers stressed that their hair became thicker and stronger. A side effect is dizzying volume and brilliant shine 🙂

    Manufacturer Details

    Vichy was founded in 1931 in the French town of the same name. All care products are made on the basis of thermal water, which has a positive effect on the human body. It is especially useful for hair. It consists of 30 trace elements and 17 mineral salts.

    The use of Vichy shampoo allows you to make your hair more healthy. The tool eliminates inflammation and irritation of the skin, eliminates dandruff and accelerates the growth of curls.

    Vichy firming shampoo with amineksil improves the elasticity of the skin in the root zone. Due to this hairs do not break and firmly held in the skin. The effectiveness of the shampoo is proved by clinical tests.

    The tool can improve the immunity of skin cells to combat the factors that have a negative impact on the human body.

    Causes of hair loss

    Many factors lead to a decrease in the density of the hair. Therefore, before choosing a shampoo for hair loss, you need to accurately determine the main cause of this process. As a result, you can get rid of many problems: save time and money on the purchase of such funds.

    Trichologists identify several factors that can cause hair loss:

    • weakening of the immunity due to a previous illness,
    • genetic predisposition
    • the presence of an infection that causes scalp disease (seborrhea),
    • chemotherapy,
    • poor nutrition,
    • the influence of aggressive factors (perm, hair coloring),
    • state of stress.

    To unequivocally find out the cause of hair loss, you need to visit the trichologist. Only a specialist can determine the exact cause of the pathology and prescribe the correct treatment.

    Vichy products are aimed at solving hair loss problems. This is due to the special composition of the funds.

    The composition of the tool

    According to reviews, "Vichy" (shampoo for hair loss) contains:

    1. Thermal water. It is a special development company.
    2. Sodium laureth sulfate. The means providing foaming.
    3. Amineksil (Diaminopyrimidine Oxide). Prevents baldness and prevents follicle atrophy. The properties of aminexyl include softening of the scalp and restoring the natural balance. Hair stops falling out, regardless of the nature of the problem.
    4. Citric Acid (Citric ACID). Provides shine and normalizes acidity.
    5. Disodium cocoamphodiacetate. Reduces the negative impact of active substances and gives the gel a thick texture.
    6. Sodium chloride. Makes the product thick.
    7. Ammonium hydroxide. Ensures the release of nutrients into the blood.

    The strengthening Vichy shampoo with amineksilom does not include substances that cause allergic reactions and can destroy the hair structure. The active ingredients add shine to the curls and strengthen them.

    Vitamins B5, B6 and PP normalize the work of the sebaceous glands and increase the protective function of the bulbs.

    The main properties of shampoo

    Sharp hair loss, the appearance of seborrhea and dandruff indicates the occurrence of dangerous diseases. If the hair is sick, then they need to be treated both inside and outside.

    According to reviews, shampoo "Vichy" from hair loss has the following qualities:

    • Improves hair growth.
    • Effectively prevents baldness, especially in the early stages.
    • It has a pleasant aroma.
    • Normalizes the root system.
    • Prost in application, the instruction is located on packaging.
    • The product was developed with the participation of cosmetologists and trichologists.

    "Vichy" in its arsenal has a universal care products (for women, men). Ideal for weakened curls.

    Shampoo is most often used in the treatment of complex forms of baldness. He is prescribed by doctors for seasonal alopecia, vitamin deficiency and for the recovery of strands in women after pregnancy.

    Application of the remedy

    According to reviews, Vichy Dercos shampoo ("Vichy Derkos") is applied to the hair with light movements, making a scalp massage for 5-7 minutes. This time is enough to soak up the hair. Shampoo foams well and has the ability to wash curls from the first time. Therefore, re-soaping is not required.

    The tool can be used regularly. It can provide effective assistance not only in the treatment of hair loss, but also as a preventive measure. Shampoo can be used not only for women, but also for men.

    Keep in mind that the tool has medicinal properties, so do not use a large amount of it. A few drops are enough to get enough foam. An excess of aminexyl can adversely affect dry hair.

    According to reviews of shampoo Vichy Dercos Technique, the tool has unique properties, but is not a cure. Rather, it is used for the purpose of prevention. For the result you need to use shampoo for an extended period. The remedy is best applied within 2 months. For 12 months you need to spend 2-3 such courses.

    Studies conducted by the company confirmed that over 80% of people within 2 weeks experienced positive changes in the structure of the hair and improved the condition of the scalp.

    According to the reviews, Vichy Derkos shampoo for hair loss successfully combines mineral and organic compounds in its composition, so it can be used in the treatment of hair after suffering stress and other diseases.

    How to enhance the effect of use?

    The consistency of the "Vichy" of hair loss for women has a creamy structure, so experts advise to put it on the curls in the form of a mask. To do this, before the procedure with a means to treat the strands along the entire length.

    It is necessary to maintain a similar mask on the hair for 30 minutes. If you carry out this procedure daily, the positive effect will come much earlier.

    When will the result be noticeable?

    Does Vichy help you from falling out? Using the tool, after a few days of application you can notice an improvement in the condition of the hair. Loss of curls will decrease, they will become more durable and will be easier to comb.

    A more obvious result will appear after a few weeks of use. If you use the shampoo constantly throughout the year, you can achieve a significant improvement in the appearance of the hair.

    You must understand that the problem of prolapse is better to prevent than to treat for a long time.


    According to reviews, shampoo "Vichy" from hair loss has not only positive properties, but also has some limitations. The tool is not recommended for people who have individual intolerance to aminexyl.

    Fully negative impact has not been proven, but the manufacturer does not recommend the use of funds for women during pregnancy and lactation. Changes in hormonal levels sometimes cause a negative reaction to any means of care, despite their therapeutic effect.

    Opinions of experts

    Reviews trichologists shampoo "Vichy" from hair loss are positive. After all, not only cosmetologists but also physicians took part in its creation. They believe that Vishy shampoo is an effective remedy for combating baldness, and attribute it to therapeutic drugs. Therefore, it can be purchased at pharmacies. From the very first day of use, the tool enters into battle with baldness.

    Experts note that shampoo can not only restore hair, but also get rid of their abundant loss. It does not include substances that adversely affect the hair follicles. The main advantage, according to reviews, of Vichy Derkos shampoo from hair loss is the absence of components in it that can cause allergies.

    Experts say that regular use of the tool in the early stages of baldness will help to remove its symptoms, unless the disease is caused by genetic factors or other pathologies.

    Customer Reviews

    Real reviews of shampoo "Vichy" from hair loss indicate its positive effect, very often it is considered the leader among the products to combat baldness.

    Many people are very happy with the tool. They note a significant decrease in the number of fallen hairs. The result appeared after a few weeks of use.

    Customers are pleased with the pleasant aroma and texture of the product, as well as its convenient dispenser. The effect occurs when used correctly. Shampoo "Vichy" is best applied courses, and then take a break.

    According to reviews, the negative points include the price of Vichy shampoo from hair loss, which is quite high.

    Some buyers claim that the product, despite the high cost, does not always have the desired effect. It foams poorly and it is impossible to wash the hair after it. The temporary effect of "Vichy" is also noted, after the end of its reception the hair begins to crumble with greater force.

    The number of negative reviews is small, mostly buyers are satisfied with the effect.

    Shampoo "Vichy" - a tool that effectively helps get rid of the problem of hair loss. After using it, the curls will get a healthy and beautiful appearance. According to reviews, the price of Vichy shampoo for hair loss can vary from 700 to 1100 rubles. Drugs in capsules are even more expensive.

    Why hairs in men and women fall out intensively

    For 1 day a person loses about 100 hairs - in a similar situation, new ones grow on the site of old hair.

    When everything happens within the normal range, a person does not notice hair loss. However, if hair loss is slowed down or intensified, then alopecia or baldness is formed in a man and a woman.

    The main causes of rapid hair loss

    Today, the girls intensively begin to fall hair for these reasons:

    Modern pharmaceutical company Vichy produces effective drugs for hair loss. More often than not, girls use such a proprietary product - ampoules of Dercos Aminexil pro, as well as additional shampoo-tonic.

    Ampoules Vichy neogenic for hairs - reviews

    Today, many girls leave positive feedback about Vichy ampoules from hair loss.

    Alice: “Good drug. After 14 days of application to the head, the hair strands no longer fall out - the growth of hairs began. However, vichy hair ampoules are expensive. But it is better to fork out for your health than to have a bald head. ”

    Tanya: “After the 7-day use of the drug, the hairs now no longer fall off in shreds. These Vichy ampoules for hair are a good remedy,

    Alain: After a 2-week application of shampoo with Vichy ampoules against hair loss on the head, the abundant hair loss stopped. In addition, this drug has a pleasant smell.

    How to use ampoules for hair growth

    Pharmacists sell Vichy ampoules in packs of 12 or 18 pieces. On the packaging of the drug there is a step by step instructions on how to use such drugs.

    The applicator comes in a set with ampoules of Vichy - a cover with a “nose” made of rubber. The volume of 1 ampoule of Vichy hair loss is 6 ml.

    The duration of the treatment course is 6 weeks. In this situation, the girl puts on her head 1 ampoule of the drug per day.

    Such a curative serum is considered a non-tacky solution that looks like water. The shelf life of this drug is 3 years. When the vichy ampoules are opened, they can no longer be stored.

    When using such ampoules, the girl performs the following actions:

    Serum instantly evaporates and leaves no shine on the hair strands.When using this drug, the girl should not save - she should not use 1 ampoule several times. In this case, you must follow this rule: 1 ampoule - 1 procedure.

    If the girl uses part of the ampoule, then the next day the active serum evaporates and the positive effect from the use of ampoules disappears.

    After applying the serum on the hair, the girl can not wash her hair for 12 hours. Otherwise the hair will remain in the same condition.

    Hair loss shampoo Vichy Dercos: price and quality in one bottle

    Vichy Dercos shampoo is considered pearly white gel, which girls use during the passage of ampoule therapy.

    This tool relieves the girl from weak and brittle hairs - successfully fights with the loss of female hairs.

    Manufacturers produce Vichy Dercos shampoo in bottles, the volume of which is 200 ml.

    Such a cosmetic product forms a lot of foam and is quickly washed off the female hair.

    How to use Vichy Dercos shampoo

    With proper use of this shampoo, the girl performs the following actions:

    With proper use of the above shampoos, the girl uses a specific balm for hairs. After all, shampoo only removes dirt from hairs and nourishes hair follicles, and without the use of balm, hair scales remain open. As a result, the hair structure of the head is destroyed.

    In the end, after getting acquainted with the above information, each girl can quickly stop the abundant hair loss - with proper use of ampoules, shampoos and other cosmetics for hair.

    Principle of operation

    Problems with the health of the hair and scalp are found in almost all people at different stages of life. Statistics say that baldness is more of a man’s problem, since in men hair is sensitive to fluctuations in sex hormones, and in women hair bulbs are located much deeper in the scalp. If you do not take action in a timely manner, it may result in complete loss of hair.

    In 2 weeks the bald spots began to drag on! I just every day.

    Vichy's line of hair loss for men can help in solving the problem. This brand of shampoo with this designation contains the necessary substances to stimulate hair growth. If you use the shampoo according to the instructions for a long time, the tool guarantees the following effects:

    • improving the work of the root system of the scalp,
    • accelerated blood supply and nutrition of hair follicles with necessary resources,
    • accelerating hair growth
    • slowing down hair loss,
    • acceleration of metabolism and the regeneration process.

    Also, the valuable composition of products guarantees the strengthening of the roots and structure of the hair, thereby extending the life of each hair. And if the majority of cosmetic products contain aggressive chemical components that exacerbate the problem of baldness, the composition does not contain allergens and toxic additives in Vichy products.

    Composition and benefits

    Vichy from baldness in men is not just a cosmetic, it contains a lot of drug components, vitamins and minerals, thanks to which the problem is solved in a complex. The following components guarantee high effectiveness in the treatment of hair loss:

    • Aminexyl 1.5% - the component accelerates the blood flow, improves the blood supply to the hair follicles, does not allow the connective tissues of the walls of the hair follicles to solidify and die off against this background,
    • Vichy SPA - highly mineralized water, which contributes to the retention of moisture in the scalp, saturation of the hair roots with the necessary minerals, increasing the protective function.

    Experts attribute significant advantages of Vichy products to the fact that they contain no parabens or preservatives that dry the skin, thin the hair, and also cause allergic reactions. The composition is enriched with a complex of important vitamins, this and vitamins B5, B6, as well as vitamin PP, which give the hair vital energy and strength. If you apply shampoo in a complex with ampoules, masks from Vichy, you can achieve the effect after 3-4 weeks of therapy.

    When applied

    At the first manifestations of male pattern baldness, it is important to visit the doctor of the trichologist and be examined at the clinic. This is done to clarify the diagnosis, as well as establish the reasons for which hair falls out. After neutralizing any provoking factors, the doctor may prescribe a course of local therapy with anti-baldness remedies Vichy. Indications for the use of shampoos, masks and ampoules Vichy are the following manifestations:

    • accelerated hair loss
    • slow growth of new hair,
    • a sharp decrease in the density of the hair,
    • formation of bald spots on the head,
    • doctor diagnosis alopecia first or second stage.

    If you use the tools in the complex with a ruler, as well as comply with all the doctor's prescriptions, in this case, Vichy pharmacy cosmetics will help solve the problem of baldness. In this case, the course of therapy should include measures to eliminate the provoking factors inside or outside, whether it is bad habits, unhealthy lifestyles, internal pathologies, hormonal disorders or avitaminosis.

    Today, the Vichy brand offers many different types of anti-baldness remedies, including shampoos from different series, various ampoules for rubbing into the skin, masks and balms for additional hair treatment. For example, Vichy Dercos shampoo in pharmacy offices will cost about 600-900 rubles, dandruff shampoo - 550 rubles, from hair loss with amineksilom - 850 rubles, for hair growth with with stemoxicin - 750 rubles, for volume and density - 780 rubles.

    Today, the Vichy brand is recognized by pharmaceutical cosmetics with natural and harmless composition, as well as the content of medicinal components. Therefore, you can purchase all the lines and series of funds only in the pharmacy offices. Ampoules that need to be rubbed into the skin to further stimulate hair growth and prevent baldness in pharmacies will cost about 2,300 rubles for 12 pieces.

    Advantages and disadvantages

    To understand the feasibility of using Vichy against baldness, a man needs to become familiar with the main secrets of the effectiveness of this brand. The manufacturer names two factors that determine the effectiveness of the means, namely:

    1. The rejuvenating and regenerating effect of Vichy Spa mineralizing water. It is extracted from thermal natural sources of volcanic origin.
    2. Organic composition that guarantees high penetrating ability, saturating the scalp, hair follicles and their structure with amino acids, vitamins, lipids, polysaccharides.

    The advantages of Vichy include the absence of parabens and preservatives, hypoallergenicity and numerous recommendations trichologists. By cons - the high cost of funds due to the valuable multicomponent composition, the need for a long course of use (at least one and a half months), the presence of some contraindications. After the cancellation, high results may deteriorate somewhat over time, so periodic repetitions of therapy will be needed.

    Useful videos

    Vichy is the only cosmetological and at the same time pharmacy brand that has won the trust of almost all dermatologists and trichologists. The manufacturer offers a separate series of products for all types of hair, taking into account the features of the scalp. There is also a line of anti-hair loss products and to enhance their growth. This includes shampoos for men, and special balms, as well as ampoules for the effective complex treatment of alopecia.

    Ampoules Vichy Amineksil for hair reviews

    About this tool I was very impressed by the reviews. Read for yourself.

    Alice: Remarkable tool. I noticed that the strands stopped falling out, and the hair began to grow better. The price he, of course, tall. But it is better to pay than to be bald))

    Tanya: I've been using it for a week now. I can not say that the molt completely stopped. But the shreds no longer fall out, as before.

    Alyona: This is not the first time I've been saved by this miracle cure. After the first few treatments, hairfall stops. And the smell is pleasant at the facility. I use ampoules with shampoo. Only 2 weeks have passed, I will continue to use

    Sonya: I thought that after giving birth I would go bald. I decided to try this famous instrument on myself. Already a week later, she noticed that the intensity of the fallout had significantly decreased.

    Lyudmila: Entire strands remained on the comb after each combing. I used these capsules with shampoo derkos and saw fish oil. Loss stopped. Only now the density has not returned. I don't know what to do now

    How to apply

    Ampoules vichy dercos aminexil pro are sold in packs of 12 or 18 pieces. On the back of the box there is an instruction, where step by step signs how to use. Also included is an applicator - a cap with a rubber "spout." The volume of each ampoule is 6 ml.

    The treatment course lasts 6 weeks at the rate of 1 ampoule for one day. If it is really pitiful, after the main course expires, you can conduct additional therapy for another 6 weeks. During this period, I recommend performing procedures not daily, but 2-3 times a week.

    The very same serum is a non-sticky solution, the consistency of water. Smells a little alcohol. The shelf life of the elixir is 36 months. Once the ampoules are opened, the serum cannot be stored, because Aminexil will evaporate.

    1. Put the applicator on the ampoule.
    2. Twist it to the end. There is a hard protrusion inside the applicator: when tightening, it will cut through the lid of the ampoule.

    1. Apply serum to partings with zigzag movements. Hair should be clean, dry or wet.
    2. Gently massage your scalp.

    Serum evaporates quickly, leaving no greasy luster on the curls. Do not save: do not crush 1 ampoule several times. Remember: 1 ampoule - 1 procedure. If you do not use the entire vial, then the next day the active substance will already evaporate and there will be no sense from such savings.

    I found another video instruction:

    And to enhance the effect, I advise you to perform the procedure darsonval. Just wait until the elixir is completely absorbed, and the strands dry out. Alcohol present in the serum composition may adversely affect the operation of the device.

    And yet, in no case do not wash your hair for 12 hours after applying the serum! The effect will come to naught.

    Also, do not be superfluous to drink vitamins or dietary supplements with a high content of zinc. It is the main building material of hair. But consult your doctor before taking it!

    Additional Information

    1. Dercos Aminexil Pro is perfectly absorbed. After applying this serum, if desired, you can dry your head with a hairdryer.
    2. Do not be afraid to use drugs during pregnancy and lactation. Active components are not absorbed into the bloodstream, so your little one is not in danger.
    3. No withdrawal syndrome. There are no hormone-like substances in Vichy cosmetics. Russian legislation since 1998 prohibits the use of hormones in cosmetics. Therefore, the cancellation syndrome is not possible.
    4. Although the first positive results are visible after 2-3 weeks, it is better not to stop. A lasting result will be achieved only 1.5 months after the start of Dercos Aminexil Pro. Sometimes it may take 3 months.

    1. Often at the same time with hair loss occurs and thinning of the hair (the follicle enters the phase of "rest"). In this case, you must first stop the fallout. That is, for 1.5 months, use Dercos Aminexil Pro. Then stimulate the growth of new hairs with Dercos Neogenic. But this is another story about Vichy ampoules for hair growth.

    Shampoo vichy hair loss reviews

    Reviews of those who have tried the products themselves, will tell a lot about the effectiveness of this tool.

    Tatyana: I noticed that once a year my hair began to intensively climb. As soon as I see the first signs of impending disaster, I immediately buy this tool. Long wait for the result is not necessary. Already after several applications the molt is stopped J.

    Sasha: Shampoo does not help me. Already 2 weeks my and no result.

    Liza: I tried a lot of all kinds of tools. Most of them were ineffectual. But after careful study of the reviews, I decided that I would buy this shampoo. And not sorry. After several weeks of use, only 5 drops out, well, from the strength of 10 hairs per day. Well, that's the norm. I'm happy.

    Mila: Hair stopped to climb. It does not prikopaeshsya. But at the roots they became terribly fat. It seems that the oil is lubricated. And the scalp hurts. I was afraid to continue using this shampoo. I found a suitable option for myself. I wash it 1-2 times a week with this shampoo, on other days it is soothing without sulfates. And I feed the tips of the hair. Now my hair is shiny! Everyone thinks I'm painted крас

    Lyudmila: No need to hope for a miracle after the first application. The product should start working. I appreciated all the delights of shampoo only after I used the whole bottle. Hair stopped clumped. And I also liked the side effect - the freshness and cleanliness of the hair lasts longer. A nice bonus - they began to grow faster. I am impressed with the result.

    How to use Vichy Dercos

    1. Apply just a little toning shampoo on wet hair.
    2. Massage gently.
    3. Leave this remedy for 2-3 minutes.
    4. Rinse your hair.

    With any shampoo need to apply hair balm. Vichy Dercos shampoo is no exception. Why do I need a balm? The shampoo only washes away the dirt from the hair and nourishes the hair follicles. But without a balm, the scales of hairs remain open, so the fibers are prone to injury. Therefore, we feed and strengthen the tips.

    For the best effect, I recommend alternating Vichy Dercos toning shampoo with Aminexcil against hair loss and Vichy Dercos Neogenic shampoo to increase hair density. These cosmetics are intended for everyday use. You can use alternately. The first day - toning shampoo Vichy Dercos, and the second day - Vichy Dercos Neogenic, etc.

    Where it is more profitable to buy

    I order Vichy products on the official website of the manufacturing company Enumerate 5 reasons why it is more profitable to buy in the online store Vichy:

    1. With each order give gifts. These are free probes of a new line or already known series of tools. So nice!
    2. When shopping bonuses are awarded on the program Then they can be exchanged for a variety of prizes: free flights, equipment, toys, etc.
    3. There is a free delivery to any region of Russia (when ordering from 2000 rubles.)
    4. Often they carry out gorgeous promotions for one or another product line. Recently, I made a small order and, in addition to the probe, I also added micellar makeup remover Vichy Normaderm for free.
    5. Guaranteed storage conditions. It is on the official website that they will not sell you a fake or expired goods. All products, before reaching the buyer, are stored in the warehouse. Here she is provided with proper storage conditions.

    Therefore, I always order Vichy products only on the official website. Here are links to ampoules and shampoo:

    Watch the video: My HAIR LOSS story - how I fought it + hair growth tips (November 2019).