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  • Evening hairstyle: how to create a flawless image
  • How to choose the perfect hairstyle
  • How to make an evening hairstyle

For any evening hairstyle, you must have styling and fixing hair, barrettes, as well as decorative accessories and a hairdryer.

1. Spectacular styling

Since it is beautiful to make an evening hairstyle with a clear construction in a short time and without the right to make mistakes, you can make a very stylish styling. For example, it may be a styling made of hair that visually looks wet. This hairstyle is beautiful on any hair, thus, even in the absence of a luxurious mane, you can get an excellent result. However, to perform this styling without specialized tools that create the effect of "wet hair" is simply impossible. The technology of styling is the following: a foam is applied to the moistened hair, then the strand is twisted and dried thoroughly and only after that it is straightened and fixed with varnish. So you need to process all the hair.

2. Baby hairstyle

Very fashionable and fairly simple in execution is a baby hairstyle. However, additional accessories are necessary for its implementation: small hairpins in the form of bows, as well as rims with bows in romantic colors, for example, pink.

This hairstyle involves appeal to the distant 60s, and it is not necessary to have a clear form. To make a haircut, first of all you need to perform hair styling at the back of the head, the volume is important here. To do this, slightly comb the hair and fix the fleece with varnish, then the hair on the back of the head should be beautifully laid. Then you can give freedom of imagination: put on a cute pink bezel with a bow, and dry the ends of your hair so that they are wrapped outside, or you can put your hair in the form of a roller on the back of your head and fix with hairpins. This hairstyle looks great and a little funny, like baby hairpins, but it is very important that they fit perfectly with the outfit and image in general, as the naive baby dollar style doesn’t fit well with the classic and strict clothes in dark colors.

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Headdress hairstyle is not an obstacle - says the stylist Yevgeny Mayorov. The main hairstyle to do right. To prevent the hair from becoming electrified under the cap, spray carbonated mineral water on them, dry it a little with a hairdryer and spray with varnish. Separate the hair into the temporal and occipital-parietal zones, separate the thin strands and wind up to half the length. Curls are ready - give shape. To curls were lush and voluminous, you need to stretch them a little, fluff and comb. The whole emphasis on curls. The volume at the roots of this hairstyle is not needed. Feel free to wear a hat. We got to work, took off his hat. Lift strands above the ears and stab invisible.

For short hair - bulk styling. Cool loops on top. Slightly more than necessary. A means of strong fixation secure at the roots. Spread the strands and shape the hairstyle. An ordinary sock will help make curvy curls on long hair. Cut the toe, the rest of the twist in the form of a donut. Treat hair with foam and collect in a high tail. Smooth the hair on the toe from the tips. The bundle is ready. Secure it first with hot and then cold air. Replace the cap with a scarf. Warm, feminine and most importantly do not spoil the hair. Already in the room, dissolve the bun and beat the hair with your fingers. And the head is not frozen, and the hairstyle is flawless.

How to keep hair under a hat?

Braid, stab or curl hair can be different, but in any case, you still have to solve two problems:

  1. Static electricity on the hair. Dry hair that “pops” is a nuisance that owners of hats made of synthetic materials often face.
  2. Individual hairs knocked out of the hairstyle (as a rule, this occurs at the hairline and on the crown).
    What to do? To minimize the problem of static electricity, moisten hair: after washing, use a moisturizing conditioner or balm. And just before wearing a hat, you can sprinkle hair with a moisturizing spray as needed.

Let all this cosmetics not so miraculous, as they say in advertising, but the mechanism of its action is very simple - if moisture penetrates into the structure of the hair, then it can no longer “crack” and “spark”.

Actually, you can replace the spray with ordinary water (that is, slightly wet your hair), but the water dries quickly, and you will not constantly walk with a wet head?

As for the knocked out hairs, this problem can be reduced to a minimum, if you know how to wear a hat, so as not to spoil the hairstyle. It depends on the type of hairstyle you wear.

So, if you braid your hair, tie it in a tail, or pin it in a bun, then any hat, especially a narrow one, is worn by moving it from the forehead back to the back of the head - that is, in the direction of hair growth. In the case when the cap is worn on loose hair, separated by a parting, it should be worn downwards from the top of the head.

What hairstyle under which hat?

You do not know how to choose a hairstyle for your favorite hat to get a harmonious look? Site "Beautiful and Successful" will tell!

  • Under a small fitting hat - loose hair, hairstyles with braids, low horse tail or two tails.
  • Any hairstyle is suitable for a voluminous knitted hat, but it is advisable to somehow arrange the front part: let out a bang or short facial haircuts.
  • Under the cap-snud, zveroshapku, cap-hood - a bunch on the back of his head, braid or tail. Loose strands under such a cap will be tangled and interfere.
  • Under the cap is a bun, a “roller” over the neck, other variants of hairstyles with hair matched to the back of the head.

Hairstyles under the cap for long hair

Long-haired girls have the largest selection of hairstyles for a hat in winter. Conventionally, all options can be divided into 4 groups:

  • Horse tails Under the cap is comfortable to wear a "low tail", tied under the neck.
  • Braids. The tighter the hair in a braid (or several braids) are braided, the less they will be tattered. Therefore, a good solution for winter is all kinds of “French” braids, “spikelets”, five-strand braids, braids-braids and other weaving options. If you master hairstyles based on French braids, which allow you to braid your hair all over your head, then consider that the “nodding” problem does not concern you! On such hairstyles you can even wear a fitting hat!

  • Tight bunches. The bundle under the cap is correctly worn as follows: it is made in the place where the cap is at the top. It is especially convenient to hide the tufts in the socks, which have some free space inside.
  • Loose hair If you decide on this option, then you need to take care of how the ends of the strands will look, looking out from under the cap. If you are wearing a voluminous knitted or fur hat, then you should not make complicated curls, simply flatten your hair with a flat iron. In other cases, the ends of the hair can be slightly curled or make a light "wave". Cool curls are not necessary at all, everyday styling should be natural!

Hairstyles under the cap on medium hair

Hair of medium length (just below the shoulders) also allows you to make hairstyles based on French braids. But to collect such hair in the tail under the cap is not worth it. Small “scanty” bundles under the cap are also poorly preserved. It is much better to just comb the hair, if necessary align with a flat iron, spray with a spray and wear loose.

No matter how long your hair is, if you have bangs, it is worth slightly letting it out from under the cap - this is very animated by the image.

For girls who are ready for extreme experiments on their own image, we can recommend dreadlocks or afro-braids as a hairstyle - this will definitely solve the problem for at least three winter months!

3. Use less styling products.

If possible, keep the amount of gel or varnish to a minimum. First, if the styler does not dry out, you will get the same result as with wet hair. Secondly, the gel in the hair + cap = dirty hair (they can be clean, but they will look sloppy). Stylists advise to use sprays for the volume with a heat-protective effect: after them the hair will not stick together.

12. Collect long hair in a bun

For long hair owners, we advise you to make a bundle (you can be low so that the cap is pulled over your head), and then indoors dissolve them and shake them a little. You will get soft waves and natural volume.

If you have bangs, stylists recommend raising it at the roots, then throw it back up and gently put on a hat (and the bang should be 100% dried - see point 1).

13. Do a head massage

If styling without volume is not your option, then do the following: after removing the cap, lower the head down, gently massage the hair at the roots for 30 seconds (movements from the nape to the forehead). Such a simple massage will return the volume of hair and eliminate the creases of hair that appeared from behind the cap.

15. Look for an alternative to a hat.

Last and perhaps the most banal advice: gently cover your head with a warm scarf. The head will not be cold, and the hairstyle will remain in its original form. However, in severe frosts, such an alternative to the cap will not save.

Bandages, headphones and berets can also be included here: the styling will remain, but there is a risk of freezing.

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