Shauma keratin strength

Schauma Keratin Strength with double concentrated keratin strengthens and protects hair from breakage.

• Formula with keratin complex strengthens the structure of weakened hair areas

• Deep hair restoration from the inside

• Up to 3 times easier combing *

• Up to 95% less brittleness *

* compared to untreated hair

D O C A Z A N N A A E F F E C T I B N O S T b

Schauma with INTENSIVE STRENGTHENING PROTEIN It carefully restores the structure and strengthens the weakened areas of the hair.

The principle of the complex

The medical complex Shauma is suitable for exploring the cosmetics, which has in its composition keratin. The usefulness of this element for the head of hair is difficult to overestimate.

Keratin is a substance consisting of peptide protein chains. It is the main element in the composition of the hair, in addition to water, pigment, lipids and minerals. Thanks to him, hairstyles withstand the adverse effects of the environment: polluted air in cities, tobacco smoke, temperature drops, etc.

Regular stress destroys the fibers, making them brittle and weak. To strengthen the need to use shampoo and other products with keratin, it restores the structure from the inside. This element fills voids and cracks. With it, hair becomes obedient and beautiful.

Important! Keratin-rich hair is easier to fit. Twist elastic curls or straighten strands will become much easier. Time for laying and care is reduced. Hairstyle keeps its shape for a long time.

How to use line tools

The Shauma series “keratin strength” includes 3 products: shampoo, conditioner and mask.

The Shauma Strength Keratin Complex consists of the following ingredients:

  • Cocamidopropyl betaine - consists of fatty acids, most often from coconut oil. It is added to impart an antistatic effect. It is safe, provided it is used as intended. This ingredient is permitted in the production of natural cosmetics.
  • Hydrolyzed keratin - keratin, extracted from sheep wool. Its composition is identical with the composition of the human hair. Responsible for their strength and durability, gives shine. It makes hair obedient and protects them from negative external factors. Keratin effectively restores their structure.
  • Simmondsia chinensis seed oil - Jojoba is a wax with a liquid consistency, its composition is similar to the subcutaneous fat of people. It has no analogues in nature. It creates a protective layer and provides nourishment to the skin or hair. Due to the contained vitamin E, it has anti-inflammatory and normalizing properties. Cleans hair very well when washing.
  • Sodium benzoate - preservative, dangerous when combined with the use of vitamin C in one tool. These two ingredients create a chemical reaction forming dangerous carcinogens. It is safe for humans. It is used both in the cosmetic and in the food industry.
  • Citric acid - citric acid, safe for the body. It can cause allergies if you are hypersensitive.
  • Various chemicals, including perfumes, foam and others.

The complex contains both natural ingredients and chemical compounds, which may cause buyers fear.

Step-by-step instructions for use

  1. Shampoo thoroughly.
  2. Apply a balm on the entire head, massage rub in the roots. Leave for 2 minutes.
  3. Rinse your head, put a mask on wet curls and leave for 1 minute.
  4. Rinse the head well with warm water.
  5. Dry hair and lay.

Important! To achieve results in strengthening and restoring hair means should be used in combination. The best result is achieved with regular use. Balm is used with every shampooing. Mask recommended to use 1-2 times a week.

Effect of use

Shauma Strength Keratin products have passed a scientific test that confirmed their effectiveness. The experiment was conducted on two strands. They have been combed 20,000 times. One was treated with keratin complex. She showed the best results and retained strength and healthy appearance.

In addition to scientific experiments, a lot of real buyers are satisfied with the effect. This is evident from the numerous reviews on the Internet. This is what the girls noticed after using the complex:

  • shampoo washes hair well
  • after using this line it is easier to comb them,
  • gain healthy shine
  • shampoo economical and very thick,
  • agents have a pleasant, lasting scent,
  • the hair stopped tangling
  • The shampoo foams well and is easily washed off.

Shauma Keratin Power products are not only effective, but affordable. A large bottle of shampoo 380 ml costs 115 rubles, and 225 ml - 97 rubles. Balsam and mask, tube volume 200 ml, can be purchased for 140 and 120 rubles, respectively.

Advantages and disadvantages

Note the positives:

  • strands are easy to comb,
  • affordable price,
  • gives the hair shine and healthy look
  • has a pleasant smell
  • well foams
  • convenient to use packaging
  • as part of no hazardous elements for health.

Some moments from the negative reviews:

  • hair becomes heavier, get dirty faster
  • regular use can harm, funds are calculated on the course,
  • individual intolerance is possible, of individual components
  • with serious problems can not cope, full recovery is not worth waiting.

It is worth noting that Keratin products are not suitable for people with greasy hair. It will make them heavier and create a greasy effect; you will have to wash your head more often. Holders of normal hair need to use a series of tools courses. This is done for prevention. Optimal conduct course with an interval of 3-4 months.

In general, the Shauma Keratin Strength Complex will not be superfluous in the cosmetic arsenal, it will help to cope with minor problems on its own and will take preventive measures. With the right approach, you will certainly be visited by a sense of your own attractiveness, because the hairstyle is a business card of a woman.

The comment of the leading stylist of Schwarzkopf & Henkel, Vera Mashurova:

Keratin - hair building protein. Differs in high mechanical, chemical and physical durability. It is badly dissolved in water, acids and alkalis. It consists of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, sulfur, iron, copper, zinc, manganese, vitamins A, B, P, C, D, 18 amino acids. In the keratin molecule, there are three types of bonds - disulfide, hydrogen, salt. Thanks to these connections, the strength of the hair is ensured. The strongest bond is disulfide. It exists thanks to the amino acid cystine, which is part of keratin.

Intermediate stages are present in the formation of keratin - first, keratin is in a cell in a dispersed state, then in a granular one, and then it begins to form into a spiral, completely repeating itself in its larger formations. All keratin helixes are nested inside each other, forming a protofibril, which is repeated 2 times, forming a microfibril - a super-coiled keratin structure. Since the outer side of the keratin helix is ​​moisture-loving, it needs protection from water — protected from water and mechanical damage to the hair by a cuticle, which consists of much stronger keratin and the scales of which are interconnected by a layer of fatty acids. Thanks to the lipid layer and disulfide bonds, the hair cuticle scales are tightly attached to each other. Due to the smoothness of their fit, that famous shine of healthy hair is achieved, which everyone is so eager for. To keep the hair structure strong, first of all, you should avoid excessive degreasing of hair, which will lead to brittleness and dryness, as well as to avoid rough combing hair in their wet state, so as not to disturb the connection and not damage the hair.

The complex Schauma Q10 is designed to extend the youth of your hair, so that every day they look better and delight you with their beauty!

The complex Schauma Q10 consists of shampoo and balm.

Shampoos for volume

Hair volume is the target of several products from Schaum. The European nation has thinner hair than, for example, Asian. The ecology of cities contributes to the oily scalp, drying curls along their length, especially the tips are affected. Both of these problems offer to solve the means "Volume and freshness", as well as "Volume and care."

The first type of shampoo, represented by a series of lilac vials, acts on the account of collagen, and the second, in green containers, includes proteins. Means do not contain harmful components, they do not contain silicones, but here you can find natural elements. As stated in customer reviews, they did not notice any noticeable volume or hair restoration. But those people who came to shampoo, satisfied with its cleansing properties.

Another series for volume is called “Push-up”, intended for normal or thin hair. Collagen is included in the composition, but there are practically no other natural components. But despite this, shampoo copes with its task. This series adds volume well.

“Flower Nectar” from “Shauma” is intended for weakened, dry or damaged hair. This shampoo has an excellent composition, positive reviews about it. Many people who used shampoo noticed an increase in volume without losing gloss and elasticity.

Other Women's Shauma Shampoos

"Fresh It Up" - This is the series in which the packaging attracts. She is cute and feminine. The composition also will not disappoint. The shampoo does not contain silicone additives, not the most aggressive sodium lauryl sulfate is used as a surfactant, and natural elements are present in the product. Reviews about the shampoo "Schauma" "Fresh it up" also pleased. It is possible to judge from them how the 100% strength that is mentioned on the packaging affects the curls. Fatty roots at the roots with dry roots are well washed with this agent. Many women note that they have been able to wash their hair much less frequently with this product.

"The power of keratin":

  1. The manufacturer promises to reduce fragility by improving the structure of the follicles using double keratin.
  2. On the official website and on the packaging there is a reservation that a good effect is possible in the case of applying shampoo in combination with balsam. This is quite logical.

A series of "phytocaffein":

  1. Caffeine in the composition of the cleansing agent "Schauma" affects the follicles, it helps to stop hair loss and accelerate their growth.
  2. Mostly positive reviews about this tool. Most women who have experienced this shampoo, speak well of him.
  3. In the composition there are natural elements.

Schauma 7 Herbs is not a novelty from Schauma. Women regularly use the "Schauma 7" herbs for more than 10 years.

For normal and fat prone strands:

  1. The composition of the shampoo is rich in plant extracts, and also contains natural oils.
  2. About this tool reviews are mostly positive, many women note that the tool helps to increase the volume, but at the same time the smoothness of the curls and shine is preserved.

"Shauma cream-care with argan oil" - reviews about this shampoo are contradictory, but still more positive. Perhaps, a tempting promise played a trick on the manufacturer: the shampoo contains cream, argan oil, and this is all just a name. The marketing campaign at the customer creates high expectations and makes you forget that shampoo is only a cleansing agent.

"Phytostrengthening" manufacturers positioned as a low-sulfate product, although laurite sulfate is in the list of ingredients in second place, as in all other series from the company "Schaum".

Many reviews note this fact. It does not serve to increase consumer confidence in a brand that uses such cheap marketing gimmicks. But many women say that the remedy is good.

"Freshness of cotton" designed for oily hair type. As stated in numerous reviews, after using it, the curls actually get dirty much less. Many girls use this shampoo after using oil masks. In addition to cotton extract, shampoo contains moisturizing elements:

Cotton oil, which is present in the composition of the shampoo, moisturizes the skin with essential fatty acids, while the hair is not weighted.

"Shauma" "Gloss of color" - This series is produced by the manufacturer for a long time. Those girls that shampoo came up, very pleased with the result. Hair after applying this tool beautifully shine, the color remains for a long time. This tool is perfect for washing curls that have been painted with henna. Shampoo moisturizes hair very well.

"Shauma" "Crystal Shine" - This is another tool that gives shine to hair that have no problems. The composition of the funds included:

In this series, the line of shampoos is presented in two colors: fuchsia, which will appeal to girls, and blue with the scent of chewing gum - this smell will help you remember your childhood. The manufacturer promises a beautiful shine, but it stipulates that this effect is possible provided that the shampoo is used together with Schaum oil-care.

Series for children

It is presented in two colors: blue and pink. Blue is traditionally designed for boys, and pink is for girls. Reviews about baby shampoos "Shauma" positive. Many mothers write that they themselves use these products. Cleansers for children have many benefits:

  1. The liquid is completely transparent, the composition of the product is not burdened with dyes.
  2. Baby product is neutral, does not dry the scalp, it can be used as a shower gel.
  3. Products without tears.
  4. The manufacturer has specially added a bitter substance to the composition, so that the child does not accidentally drink a nice-smelling liquid.
  5. Products have a pleasant smell - this is especially important for children who do not like to wash their hair.
  6. The composition does not include silicones, phosphates and sulfates.
  7. The third baby shampoo in the “Shauma” line is intended for infants, it can be used from birth as a cleansing product for hair or bathing.

"Super Power"

This product gives strength to hair, it includes guarana extracts to activate the work of follicles. From the product comes a strong smell of the sprite, which persists on the hair during the day. This product is designed for weak or loose hair. The product has a good composition:

  1. Keratin hydrolyzate.
  2. Panthenol.
  3. Herbal extracts.
  4. Natural oils.

Shampoo-shower gel and hair

In the men's section of the official site you can find two products that can be simultaneously used for body and hair. This is a shower gel and shampoo, which is called "Energy of Sport". This tool is designed for double action, it is very convenient for men who lead an active lifestyle. But the means of double action is better to use when necessary. It is recommended to use a separate hair cleanser and body wash.

Men's shampoo for volume

The manufacturers of Schauma have come to the conclusion that the volume is necessary not only for women, but also for men. Experts have created a special series for men, which included hops. Consumers gave this product a high rating, but the tool could not appeal to absolutely all people. For example, someone complains of dandruff, while others say that this is just a quality product and does not give any special effects. And this is quite logical, because the product does not rank among the remedies that should be used to treat curls.

Fresh mint

This cosmetic product is intended for hair that is susceptible to permanent pollution. Responses to this tool, as well as on most Shauma shampoos, are positive. Many women admit that they use it when it is necessary to wash off the mask from natural oils. But some say that the tool can dry the scalp.

Anti Dandruff Shampoo

Many men and women suffer from dandruff, it may appear due to some factors:

  1. Chronic infection.
  2. Hypovitaminosis.
  3. Improper hygiene.
  4. Disorder of the endocrine system.
  5. Diseases of the nervous system.
  6. Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
  7. Breaking the day regimen.
  8. Improper nutrition.
  9. Stress.

And also dandruff can form during puberty up to 25 years, when due to hormonal instability in the body the production of sebaceous secretion is disturbed. If dandruff is detected, it is necessary to promptly consult a trichologist, who will advise you on a screening program.

This will identify the underlying causes of seborrhea and help you find the necessary medicines. But if there is no time to visit the doctor, you can try the product "Schauma", which is struggling with this problem. On the official website, you can find three anti-dandruff products. Means with lemongrass fights with oily hair, dandruff products "Classic" and "Intensive" affect the zinc carotinoid.

Due to its powerful antifungal and antimicrobial effects, this substance perfectly fights many varieties of seborrhea, relieves itching and generally improves skin condition. The product works well on follicles and prevents hair loss.

"Shauma" "Winter freshness"

This product is intended for use in the winter. The manufacturer promises additional protection and gentle care. The product has a light unobtrusive smell. The bottle has a convenient lid, it is convenient to use when opening and closing the container. As many girls say, despite the fact that the product is not intended for oily hair, it copes with the problem of excessive greasiness.

After using the oily mask, the curls remain clean. The composition of the product included intensively strengthening protein. The product is intended for normal hair. It provides a mild care in the winter, protects the curls from temperature effects and helps from fat in the season of headdresses.

  1. Apply the product to wet hair and rinse.
  2. To achieve the best result, the product must be applied continuously.

Shampoo should be stored at a temperature of 5−25 degrees Celsius. Avoid contact with eyes. If this happens, then you need to wash your eyes with plenty of water.

"Energy of Nature"

In the sale of shampoo comes in a package of 400 ml. The product is intended for normal hair. The composition includes elements of 100% natural origin. Products are designed for natural beautiful curls from root to tip. Nettle is considered a natural source of healthy strength. Shampoo contains a complex of multivitamins. The green apple is rich in nutritious vitamins and minerals. The composition of the product with a fresh scent well refreshes and cleanses the scalp, makes hair smooth and soft.

Schauma justifies his title of family cosmetic brand. Products is one of the most worthy offers of the mass market.

Keratin-based restructuring agents against hair breakage

Schauma presents a line of products with double concentrated keratin Schauma Keratin Power. The active components of the products act on the hair from the inside, completely restoring its structure and restoring vitality to it.

Restructuring Schauma Shampoo Keratin Shampoo for thin and weakened hair will make them much stronger through the use of double concentrated keratin. Shampoo "works" from the inside, restoring the core of the hair and intensively nourishing it.
Recommended price: 380 ml - 95 rubles, 225 ml - 75 rubles.

Restructuring Schauma Balm Keratin Strength strengthens the hair structure due to double concentrated keratin and facilitates combing three times.
Recommended price: 75 rubles.

Schauma Keratin Strength 1-minute mask-care for thin and weak hair it allows to achieve a visible effect after the first minute of application.
The well-tolerated Schauma Mask Keratin Skin is confirmed by dermatological tests.
For best results, it is recommended to use the product regularly.
Recommended price: 120 rubles.

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