Who is nutty hair color suitable for?

Natural saturated colors will always be in fashion. Therefore, many girls, daring to change the color of hair, do not use bright and bright colors, but calmer and more natural. Today, on glossy magazines, it is increasingly possible to see how models adorn hairstyles painted in a nutty color. It comes in a variety of shades that blend perfectly with eye color and skin.

The presented color is universal, as it suits young girls to mature ladies. Walnut is an intermediate option between a blonde and a brunette. In addition, this is an ideal option for those ladies who want to refresh their hair a little. Walnut color has several tones, each of which is suitable for each beauty separately

Light walnut

This shade is the most popular. With its help, it is possible to give a new touch to the female image and make it younger. It is suitable for girls whose eyes are gray, green, and their skin is light, yellowish and brown. It is also a great primary color for going to Ombre for long hair.

If the girl decided to dye her hair in the color of light walnut, then initially their hair color should be light brown or golden.

Shade benefits

Walnut color has several advantages:

  • This shade is relevant for women of all ages and any color type,
  • Walnut is one of the best intermediate options between a blonde and a brunette. True, there is a risk to remain in it for a long time, because this color is very beautiful,
  • It is ideal for those who want to only slightly change the shade of strands,
  • Nutty hair color will accentuate any haircut, which will allow you to change the appearance almost every month. All nuances in the form of a ladder, torn tips and graduation are visible on it. Yes, and weaving, curls, waves, snails and braids look very nice due to the soft modulations,
  • This shade is very delicate, feminine and sophisticated,
  • And he is very close to natural hair.

How to choose the right paint?

Now on the shelves of stores there are different colors with a nutty tint. These are frosty chestnut, hazelnut, light chestnut and caramel. All of them mean the same hair color with a difference of one or two tones. It will be quite difficult to determine which one you need the first time. Try it by experience or go to the salon - an experienced professional will take into account all the important points and select the right tone. In addition, the basic shade (dyed or natural) plays a huge role. This is exactly the result of it.

Nut variations

Nutty hair color has several shades. Consider each one of them.

Hair color is light walnut - one of the most popular. He enlivens the feminine look and makes the lady younger. This shade is suitable for girls with gray, green or brown eyes and light, yellowish, freckled or dark skin. The best original hair color is blond or golden.

Saturated and deep. Looks just magically in a duet with fair skin and blue or brown eyes.

Hair color hazelnut resembles a juicy chestnut shade. It is created as if specifically for the skin with a pronounced yellowish, golden, beige tint.

The dark nutty shade is ideal for dark-skinned dark-eyed women with dark brown eyes, as well as owners of pale pink, porcelain and snow-white skin.

Do you have tanned or peach skin, dark eyebrows and eyelashes, a beautiful oval face and bright facial features? Then the golden nut is exactly what you need! It does not have a red pigment that women with non-ideal skin will be able to accurately assess (pigmentation, redness or rosacea). And the last - eye color. Dark green, brown and tobacco eyes are best for golden nuts.

He casts red bronze. Very good for pale skin.

This shade has not too annoying fiery pigment. Honey and amber eyes perfectly harmonize with it.

Walnut with silver shimmer

Light cold skin tone paired with warm color strands can give a very ugly gray-blue tint. To avoid this, the choice should be stopped on the colors with a gray undertone. They are very harmonious with complex eye colors - gray-brown, gray-green, turquoise, blue-gray and green-brown. Also silver tint emphasizes pale skin, making it noble.

Rules for painting strands in a nutty shade

Deciding to start painting, do not forget to read a few of the most important rules.

  • Rule 1. In no case do not overstate the coloring composition. Walnut - whimsical color, which is very dependent on the time spent on the hair. So if the instructions say half an hour, then you do not need to throw another 10 minutes for reliability.
  • Rule 2. Pre-dyed or streaked strands should not be painted independently. Getting a beautiful color will be incredibly difficult. To begin with, the master must level the tone with a special tool.
  • Rule 3. Dark hair will have to lighten up, otherwise the pigment will not be taken.
  • Rule 4. For painting thin and damaged strands, you should not use oxides of more than 2% - this is bad for the structure. Select 1% solution.

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How to create a complete image - clothing and makeup

With hazel color strands there are no restrictions in style. But some nuances still have to take into account.

Proper makeup for nutty hair involves the use of warm colors:

  • Shadows - brown or golden,
  • Pencil or eyeliner - brown or black,
  • Gloss or lipstick - coral, beige, golden,
  • The foundation is warm in color but not with a bronze shade,
  • Blush - peach or pink without sparkles.

As for clothes, you can use this range:

  • Green,
  • Violet,
  • Olive,
  • Yellow,
  • Mustard,
  • Chocolate,
  • Eggplant,
  • Lilac,
  • Orange,
  • Red.

Who is hazelnut hair color suitable for? (a photo)

Women tend to constant changes in appearance. Fortunately, hair coloring is available for each of us, which makes drastic changes to the image. New well-chosen hair color causes a surge of inspiration and adds self-confidence. More and more women today are choosing natural shades that blend harmoniously with the female appearance and create the impression of living natural hair. A lot of female fans have a “hazelnut” hair color, this shade best fits the hair of natural blondes and brunettes if high-quality dyes from reputable manufacturers are used. Beautiful and rich tone is relevant for each season. In summertime, strands of deep brown color will shine with gold in the rays of ultraviolet, and in winter days you will be pleasantly warmed by warm nut curls.

Hair Coloring in Hazel Color

It is best to choose the color of paint in accordance with generally accepted rules that guide stylists. The tone is in a dark range, so it is great for natural brunettes and brown-haired women. Hazelnut is not contraindicated in ginger and blondes. It is noticed that such color goes to dark-skinned girls by nature. The same can be said about those who have expressive dark eyebrows. If you have an idea about the appearance of color types, you will be able to see for yourself the successful combination of this tone with the spring and autumn types. See how well the nut color transforms straight, healthy hair, turning it into a noble shining matter. Nutty shade emphasizes the silkiness and smoothness of straight hair. The application of such paint will be successful if the eyes have one of the variations of the green color, and the walnut also goes to the brown eyes.

Hazelnut color: on long wavy hair

Hazelnut color: for long straight hair

Hazelnut color: for long hair with a light curl

A girl with long or medium hair of hazel color looks luxurious. If desired, these can be ladies with light skin and beautiful blue eyes. Hair will effectively contrast with the skin, emphasizing its pallor. In this case, pink blush will be appropriate, and delicate peach will also do. If natural hair has the color of blond or one of the blond versions, then hazelnut is also appropriate. But such a change of image implies a fundamental change in the image. For those who are not ready for drastic changes, but still want to get a nutty color, it is recommended to periodically dye their hair with other colors, gradually coming up and getting used to the new tone. Dark brown or other intermediate tones may be a transition between the original light and new nut.

Acquire paint only in specialized outlets offering products from famous brands. Most popular paint manufacturers offer nutty tones, there may be a few, but in all cases there is a dark base with a golden sheen. Hair color “hazelnut” has a lot in common with the “golden nut” tone close to it. The difference consists only in the copper shade inherent only in the golden nut, the paint organically merges with the natural red hair.

Hazelnut color: goes to the light skin

Hazelnut color: gives the hair a natural healthy look

Chic nutty hair can be styled in different ways. It can be perfectly straightened hair, romantic waves, long-term perm, complex braids and voluminous hairstyles. Multi-layered haircuts, ladders, hats and intensely milled tips are welcome. Do not forget that hair accessories can significantly improve the appearance of everyday or festive hairstyle. Do not miss the opportunity to showcase your beautiful hair to the best of a bright natural color.

Hazelnut color: with styling on medium hair

Hazelnut color: with long hair goes to the brown eyes

Dark and cold tones

A good option for summer color type, the main feature of which is the bluish tint of the skin cover. Blue, green or unsaturated brown eyes color diluted with a gray tint. Natural hair color does not glare with red or gold notes, but has a characteristic cold ash tint. Cold and dark nut paints are one hundred percent suitable for this look.

Hazelnut color: cool hair tone with volumetric styling looks harmonious

Hazelnut color: cold tone on straight hair emphasizes the dignity of appearance

Warm and light colors

The use of warm and light nut-colored variants can be recommended to a spring girl with natural light skin, which is distinguished by an unexpressed warm glow. The bright eyes of such girls can be green, gray or blue. Their natural hair color is represented by a golden blond or light chestnut, often it is light brown or light blond. In this case, the light nut is clearly shown.

Hazelnut color: warm tone and parted hair of medium length

Hazelnut color: warm tone with ombre on long hair combined with dark eyes

Golden nut

The skin in the autumn color type may be with different shades, in one case it is pale pink and has a blush, in the other it has a warm olive undertone. The eyes are endowed with green, green-blue or hazel with a golden sheen color. Walnut eyes are most harmoniously combined with the hair color of golden walnut. The girls of the autumn type natural hair may have different colors, but it certainly has shades of red. On such hair gold nut paint goes well.

Hazelnut color: golden tone successfully dyes red hair

Hazelnut color: provides the hair with a natural, well-groomed appearance and fits to bright eyes

Nutmeg and dark walnut

Winter appearance is presented in 2 varieties, the first of them is characterized by dark skin, for the second - white not ruddy skin. The winter type includes blue, green, bluish eyes and various shades of brown eyes. Such girls who have black or brown natural hair, undoubtedly, are the color of nutmeg and dark nut color.

Use the hair color “hazelnut” or other nutty tones, after analyzing the features of your own appearance. The main condition for a good result of dyeing is a strict adherence to the instructions attached to the paint. The best effect can be expected when dyeing healthy and strong hair.

In a fashion nutty hair color

The trend of the season - natural, natural hair colors, so that it was imperceptible that the hair is generally colored. Still fashionable melirovki and techniques that make hair color more diverse. But today's effects are designed to give hair a natural look. For example, simulate sunburn. The bright reddish hair color turns into a copper brown-haired or long-familiar “Titian”, ultra-black into the color of a dark oak, and platinum blond into a golden or light honey. Light brown and dark blond shades, caramel and milk chocolate are back in fashion.

In this range as well as possible nutty hair color fits, it always looks natural and natural. Honestly, this color goes to almost all women, it gives the face a warm glow and softens the features. This color has a lot of beautiful shades, from light to dark, from almond to chestnut. In addition, staining in this color usually does not require strong clarification, since it differs by 2-3 tones from “its” color. This means that when dyeing your hair will not become dry and brittle, on the contrary, modern non-luminous dyes will help to give your hair a well-groomed, healthy look and shine. It turns out great coloring in a nutty color with a tint paint, it allows you to revitalize the hair color and give it a fashionable, expressive shade.

Walnut hair color is generally suitable for haircuts and hairstyles of any length and shape, but the most advantageous on the hair of this color look fashionable "natural" hairstyles. Today, hairstyles that do not require special styling are in fashion, that is, it is enough to comb the hair and lay it with your hands (sometimes with a small amount of medium for volume or for a “wet” effect); such hairstyles are made on short haircuts or on medium-length hair. Long hair to create "natural" hairstyles braided in sloppy braids or tails. Any "natural" hairstyle must look a little disheveled.

Even hair of nut color is very well suited for creating “Hollywood” hairstyles with soft, large curls and for retro hairstyles.

Nutty hair color - neutral, that is, it will be harmoniously combined with any colors of your makeup and wardrobe. This color fits any style of clothing, especially the trendy retro style and feminine romance.

Nutty hair color is very suitable for spring color type girls:

In women of this type, usually light, warm skin and eyes are also quite light, blue, gray, green, less often - light brown. Natural hair color can be light brown, light brown or light blond, golden blond.

Spring girls are especially suited light and warm shades of nutty color.

But the girls of the color type “summer” are suitable for darker, colder shades of nutty, for example, the color of hair “hazelnut”. Women of this type have a bluish skin tone. The eyes may be blue or gray, gray-blue, gray-green or gray-brown. The natural hair color of "summer" girls can be dark and light, but always with a cold, ashy shade.Hair of this type is not reddish or golden.

But among the girls of the “autumn” color type, there are real redheads with pale pink skin prone to blush. In another part of women of this type, the skin has a warm olive undertone. The eyes are green, green-blue, brown with a golden sheen, often have a dark border around the iris. Red hair of all shades: strawberry blond, light or dark brown with a golden, red or copper tint. Of all the shades of hazel color, autumn women are best suited to the hair color of golden walnut.

Girls of the “winter” color type can choose the darkest shades of nutty color, for example, a frosty chestnut (a chestnut is also a nut). This type can have two options, with porcelain-white skin without a blush or tan. Eyes brown and dark brown, green, blue, sometimes the color of blue topaz. Winter women's hair is black or brown.

Summarizing all the above, we can say that the nut color is suitable for all types, the main thing is to choose the right shade.

Color "nut". Who would have that shade of hair?

When choosing shades of hair dye, many factors should be taken into account, for example, eye color and skin tone. Properly chosen color or its shade will not only emphasize the beauty of the eyes, but make them more expressive. How to choose the right shade? Who, for example, will suit golden-red, chestnut, and to whom - just the color "nut"?

Of course, the owners of brown eyes. Golden and brown tones, chestnut or copper shades suit exactly brown-eyed. Dark-skinned girls, dark chocolate — or dark chestnut — are recommended for dark-skinned girls whose skin looks like a well-pronounced tan. But it is not necessary to choose only monophonic option. Hair color "nut" will become more attractive, and look brighter if you make highlighting or coloring with the use of reddish-honey or light caramel color.

Brown-eyed girls with fair skin can use paint of lighter shades or reddish tones. If you do not use dyes with ammonia, then the hair of milky chocolate, light chestnut or caramel will look just amazing.

"Walnut" - the color is very peculiar. For example, "chocolate with nuts" perfectly refreshes the face. The main thing is that dyed hair be healthy and look natural.

Quite often, the girl's own hair has the color of "nut" with a light chestnut or copper shade. To make it more vivid and expressive, it is necessary to apply careful coloring. Just slightly deepen the color by holding the paint less than the allotted time.

Color "nut" with a slight hint of purple will be to the face of the girls with olive skin color. It does not even play the role of eye color: for brown-eyed such a shade will look quite natural, but for blue-eyed - a little intriguing.

Owners of marble with blue skin can safely dye their hair in shades of dark chocolate. If you make a "two-layer" color: to the top - darker, and at the ends - lighter, then such hair looks very attractive. Moreover, a bold combination of shades distracts the eye from fine wrinkles and blemishes on the face.

In the presence of light eyebrows, you can choose a warm honey-nut shade, and for dark eyes - a cool color "nut", sparkling with a gray tint. By the way, to get just such a shade, you can add to the main paint quite a bit of dark green henna.

Brown eyes, too, because there are different shades: from lighter to saturated. This factor is important when dyeing hair. Sandy-colored eyes can be “lost” against the background of too bright or dark hair. Therefore, in this case, the girl is better to choose paint with a reddish, caramel, golden or amber tint.

But for bright brown eyes, rich dark tones are ideal. If the girl’s skin is also pale, the contrast between bright eyes and fair skin looks intriguing and catchy in a pile of hair of rich shades.

Thus, it is precisely due to a wide range of colors that the paint "nut" with warm, ashy or golden hues is a universal remedy that emphasizes the beauty of any girl. Only it should be noted that you should not drastically change your appearance. It is necessary to select colors that will be a few tones different from the natural hair color.

Personal Cabinet Removed

no discoloration before staining.
But when dyeing in a lighter color - its all the same discolored, since the percentage of the solution to get a nutty will have to take at least nine ...
I paint my girlfriend from my chestnut to blond by 12%, but do not discolor it beforehand. Only paint. and great!

Yes, at least a little bit, but in vain just throw out the money and mess your hair, do not paint yourself

buy expensive paint and paint. not short.

Ekaterina Safronova

Recently, I increasingly pay attention to the natural hair. If you take good care of them, there are all sorts of shampoos, masochki, balms to give silkiness, sprayers. Just chic and no need to steam with ever-growing hair

need to look at the table of the source and the resulting color
So I paint Londakolor in "amber" with 80% of gray hair and the remaining medium blond ones get the desired color. Usually resistant dyes can be painted in lighter tones by 2 tones.

yes it is better to do it if you want to get the desired shade)))


This color is characterized by its saturation and depth. It looks great in combination with light skin and brown eyes.

This color is very similar to juicy chestnut tone. It was developed specifically for the skin with a yellow, golden and beige overflow.

Walnut, presented in dark colors, looks great on dark-skinned beauties with brown eyes. Also, a girl with a pale pink skin can experiment.

If a lady has dark skin, dark eyebrows and eyelashes, as well as an ideal face shape, then a walnut with golden iridescent is perfectly suited. It does not contain a red pigment, which is its undoubted advantage.

Green, brown and tobacco eyes are great for golden nuts.

Dark red color is very popular among young girls. He has an overflow of red bosses. Ideal for pale skin.

The tone in question has not very saturated fiery pigment. Red hair shade looks great with honey and amber.

Shade Disadvantages

  • hair nut "nut" is very sensitive and capricious - it is worth exceeding the prescribed exposure time on the strands, and you do not get the desired result, so home painting is better to prefer the procedure in the salon,
  • Women with black and dark cheshatic curls who want to become owners of nut tones, will have to pre-bleach.

The reasons for the popularity of walnut

Walnut tones are unique: they are multifaceted, “adjust” to any type of appearance, perfectly fit on the strands of any structure.

Many beauties pay attention to the hair color “nut” due to its depth and natural naturalness. The attractive color is beautiful in any season: in the summer, sparkling sparkles play seductively in the hair under the rays of ultraviolet light, in winter days soft shades will warm their hostess.

Spinning, painted in this color, attracts the eyes, captivating the surrounding natural attractiveness.

What color type is suitable

Hair colors should be selected taking into account the special features of your image. Walnut is located in a dark color palette, so it suits natural brunettes and brown-haired women. Shade is not contraindicated to fair-haired and red-haired young ladies.

Nut colors are ideal for girls who belong to the autumn color type. Characteristic features of such appearance:

  • bronze, yellowish, golden skin,
  • blond, chestnut, copper shade of curls,
  • bright eyes of any color.

Not bad nut in harmony with the olive tone of the skin, emerald iris and golden hair. In contrast with light skin color favorably emphasizes the noble pallor.


Dark and cold tones are ideal for "summer" girls, they have:

  • bluish tint of the skin,
  • strands of cold ash shades without admixtures of copper, chestnut,
  • light brown, green or sky blue iris.

Light and warm colors are good for tender girls of spring color type, which have:

  • light skin with a warm sheen,
  • blue, gray or emerald eyes,
  • light chestnut, light brown and light brown or wheaten curls.

  1. Classic - deep color scheme, looks good in combination with the skin of a light shade, hazel or blue iris.
  2. The hazelnut is close to succulent chestnut color, perfectly emphasizes the integuments with a yellowish, pale tint.
  3. The light nut is one of the most common colors today, perfectly revives the appearance, gives freshness, youth, tone is ideal for green-eyed and gray-eyed with porcelain, yellowish or dark skin, which can act freckles.
  4. Dark - the perfect color for dark skin with dark hazel iris, as well as the owners of light, pale pink skin with a porcelain sheen.
  5. Muscat - a dark color scheme that combines with porcelain-white or dark skin, dark, emerald or sky blue eyes.
  6. Golden Nut - masks all imperfections on the dermis (redness, pigmentation, pimples), the tone is in harmony with the bright color of the eyebrows, peach or tanned skin, brown or dark green eyes.
  7. Red walnut - casts reddish bronze, perfectly shades the pale face.
  8. Red nut - has not very bright copper pigment, perfectly in harmony with the honey and amber iris.
  9. With a silver sheen - a cold color scheme with a grayish sheen, perfectly sets off the porcelain, pale skin, turquoise, gray-hazel, gray-green iris.

How to dye hair

Practically every producer of coloring agents has a seductive nut in their lineup. In order to avoid disappointment, the selection of paint and its further use should be guided by the recommendations of experienced stylists.

Our recommendations for choosing colors:

Paint selection

To give the shade a beautiful shade, do not save on paint, choose a quality product from well-known manufacturers. Consider the most popular brands:

  • Estel Only Color (7.36) - at the heart of the product there are caring components, so the hair after dyeing gets not only an amazing color, but also a healthy appearance,
  • Estel Celebrity (7/7) - bezammiachny dye with the effect of hair lamination, allows you to get an attractive tone,
  • L’Oreal Prodigy (6.32) - an innovative product based on microoil, which cope with the coloring task, does not contain ammonia,
  • Garnier (No. 5 and 6) - a high-quality, resistant dye on a non-ammonia base, contains useful oils that nourish the hair during coloring,
  • Palette (650) - the dye allows you to get a deep beautiful nut-chestnut color, the product contains a caring formula.

Basic rules and recommendations

  1. Nut dyes are considered to be demanding to comply with the instructions, so read it carefully before starting the procedure.
  2. Streaked hair is best repainted by a professional in the salon, as you first need to align the shade.
  3. Unpainted light and light blond hair can be at home.
  4. Dark, by nature or after dyeing, curls must first be lightened for a couple of tones, otherwise the desired pigment will not be taken.
  5. In case of damaged and thinning hair, you should not use a 2% oxidizer; replace it with a 1% remedy.

Choosing makeup and clothes

Women who choose the nutty shade of the strands should stick to the calm classic style in the wardrobe. They are also recommended romance and retro. In the colors it is better to give preference to the following tones:

  • brown chocolate
  • mustard, honey,
  • yellow, beige, scarlet,
  • green, khaki,
  • purple, purple.

In make-up follow some rules:

  1. need to apply a tonal tool with a warm hint,
  2. bronzer and peach blush will help to give relief to the face,
  3. the eyes should be emphasized with a chocolate or ink liquid liner,
  4. apply beige, golden, chocolate shades to the mobile eyelid,
  5. fair-skinned ladies can focus on lips with scarlet lipstick, coral, golden, beige-brown colors are also suitable.

If you follow the recommendations, you will get the desired result of the coloring and will catch admiring glances of others.

Positive qualities of nut shades

Nut color has a number of clear advantages over other shades, for example:

  • This color is perfect for those women who do not want to blindly experiment and risk and change their appearance dramatically. Not black and not white - nutty will be a great intermediate in coloring,
  • shades of walnut color perfectly harmonize with absolutely any face shape, equally well suited, as older women, and very young girls,
  • short and stylish haircuts, medium-length straight hair, and long curly hair are perfect for nutty shades. You can easily experiment with the length and texture, try on any hairstyle styling,
  • With the help of nut strands, you can quickly and easily revive the annoying blond, give your hair a refined charm and light freshness,
  • nutty color will be a real find for women, faced with the hated gray hair, it perfectly paints gray hair and gives the appearance of a special charm.

Negative qualities of nut color

No matter how good a given color and its shades are, there are still a number of negative points:

  • The colors of the nut palette do not tolerate the inept handling of them, only slightly departing from the attached instructions, you can get a completely unacceptable result on your hair. Therefore, painting should be trusted solely experienced hairdressers and professionals in their field,
  • for women who have naturally dark hair, they will have to undergo additional lightening and bleaching procedures before going to a nut color.

Walnut tones choose many world-class stars, shades of this color are great for any type of appearance, elegantly fall on the hair of any structure and stiffness.

This deep, noble color is beautiful at any time of the year. "Walnut" dazzlingly shines under the rays of the summer sun, shimmers and plays in ultraviolet rays. In the cold season, warm walnut color envelops you with its comfort and beauty, warming up in snowy and windy days.

Who is the "nut" most

This hair color will suit almost any girl and woman regardless of age, but the most advantageous nutty shades will look on ladies belonging to the “autumn” type of appearance: bright eyes of absolutely any color, golden or bronze skin, blond or chestnut hair.

In combination with pale, fair-skinned walnut shades look great, as if emphasizing the nobility of his mistress. Nut color is rich in various tones and shades, each girl will be able to choose her own, individual refined tone:

  1. Classic (natural) nut.
  2. Warm hazelnut.
  3. Pleasant light walnut.
  4. Rich dark walnut.
  5. Gourmet nutmeg.
  6. Shining golden nut.
  7. Juicy red nut.
  8. Playful redhead.
  9. Rich silver nut and others.

Choosing the right paint

You should not save on the beauty of your hair, choose only quality brands and proven manufacturers.Buy paint is best in specialized stores. If you are going to carry out the staining procedure yourself, then carefully study the instructions. If your hair already has highlighting or coloration, in no case do not take up the matter at home. In this case, you should resort to the help of professionals, and pre-align the shade. If your hair is already sufficiently depleted and damaged, you should use more benign products and oxidants.

We select makeup

In order for the hair color to emphasize all the advantages of your appearance and to hide possible defects, it is necessary to choose the right makeup. Tonal tools should be purchased in warm colors. Blush - exclusively peach or golden. For the eyes, chocolate eyeliner and pencil would be most suitable. Eyeshadows should also be applied in warm, chocolate tones. If your skin is light, do not be afraid to make a bright accent on the lips.

If you chose this noble hair color, then you should stick to timeless classics in the wardrobe and accessories.

Choose warm chocolate, brown tones and shades, also yellow, mustard and golden honey. Just as strange as it may seem, lavender and purple would be an excellent option.

Hope this article helped you learn more about the nutty hair color and shades? Tell everyone in the comments about your experience in choosing or using this color. Share this article in social networks and join our groups. Links to groups are at the bottom of the site. Thank you for reading! Beautiful and healthy hair to all of you!

Suitable for hazelnut color

Hazelnut hair looks most expressive and harmonious on girls of the autumn color type. This tone suits you if you have:

  • The skin has a warm golden, bronze or yellowish undertone.
  • You have pale ivory skin with freckles.
  • Reddish and golden shades of natural hair - golden brown, chestnut, red, copper.
  • Light or reddish eyebrows and eyelashes.
  • Bright expressive eyes of any color.
  • Best of all, the color of hazelnut looks on green-eyed gold-silk girls.
  • This shade is suitable not only for the autumn color type, but also for girls with dark hair, blond hair and skin.

How to dye your hair in the color of hazelnut

In order to dye your hair in this beautiful nut shade, just choose a paint with a suitable color or contact a professional. But first, remember a few tips.

  1. If you have a fairly fair skin by nature, then it is worth considering that the hazelnut tone is rather dark. Therefore, you should visit a tanning bed or use bronzers. You will also need a bright makeup.
  2. If your hair is dark by nature or after dyeing, you need a preliminary brightening of the strands by 2 tones. Only then paint the color of walnut.
  3. If you have brown hair - prior clarification is not required.
  4. To imagine whether the hazelnut hair color will go to you look at the photos of actresses with the same shade and your color type.

Choosing a hair color hazelnut

In nature, there are few shades of walnut. But manufacturers of hair dyes offer a lot of various nuances of this color. Each manufacturer creates its own unique nuance of hazelnut, so you need to choose very carefully. The names of such paints can be:

  • The hazelnut is a classic of the genre.
  • Golden or golden walnut - with a soft golden-beige overflow.
  • A light nut is a lighter light brown-nut shade with a golden hue.
  • Walnut or dark walnut - a deep, rich shade of walnut.

Hair dye hazelnut

Makeup, hairstyle and clothes for nutty hair

Hazelnut hair looks good in both short and long or medium hair. Since this is a natural shade, it is better to choose a classic hairstyle, without extravagant experiments. The shape of the hairstyle is best of all straight, rounded, without asymmetry, torn strands and sudden length differences. Long hair is very beautiful and naturally look with weaves and braids. Medium length implies a slightly careless styling, emphasizing the hair texture.

Walnut hair color is a warm shade, so in the makeup you should also use warm colors:

  • Golden, beige, brown shades.
  • Black or brown eyeliner.
  • Brown, coral, reddish or golden lipstick. Light-skinned matte red lipstick.
  • Foundation with a warm hint.
  • Peach blush and bronzers.

Clothing style for women who choose the color of hazelnut hair is preferably calm, romantic, cute or retro. Ideal colors for walnut, emphasizing its depth:

  1. Warm brown, chocolate, mustard, honey and beige colors.
  2. Warm red, yellow and orange.
  3. Purple, eggplant, purple.
  4. Olive, Khaki and Green.

With silver shimmer

This shade refers to the cold, and it combines perfectly with the warm color of the strands. After painting you can get a gray-blue tint. At the same time, attention should be paid to dyes with a gray subtone.

The silvery nut is perfectly combined with gray-brown, turquoise and blue eyes. In addition, the shade perfectly shades the pale covers, giving it a noble look.

How well the nutty hair color for brown eyes looks good on the photo is detailed in the article.

As the color of hair is golden, you can look at the photo in the article.

How good the light nut brown hair color looks in detail with photos and videos is described in the article: http://opricheske.com/uxod/okrashivanie/svetlo-kashtanovyj-cvet-volos.html

You may also be interested to know whether it is possible to dye hair after keratin straightening. For this, it is worth reading the content of this article.

Walnut tone can be used for painting hair is not for everyone. When choosing it, it is necessary to take into account the weight of the nuances, or rather the color of the eyes, skin and the original hair color.

Nutty tone can be applied to the following category of women:

  • leather has a golden or bronze tint
  • natural hair color is light brown, red or chestnut,
  • eyebrows have a light or golden tone,
  • eyes must be brown or green,
  • the skin is light and the hair is dark.

On the video, who is nutty hair color:

Estel Only Color

When choosing a shade of interest, it is necessary to pay attention to No. 7.36 hazelnut. The product is based on a caring formula. Included is not only paint, but also a mask that contains a lot of vitamins.

The hair gets elegant expressive shades, and most importantly, the resulting nut color will delight you for a long time with its brightness and saturation.

Estel Celebrity

When choosing paint you need to pay attention to the 7/7 Hazelnut. This product does not contain ammonia. Has the effect of lamination. When developing they used avocado oil and olive extract. Included is a balm, whose action is aimed at restoring hair after dyeing.

Celebrity paint does not contain ammonia, but also ethanoman. Thus, you can get a rich and beautiful nut color, while without harm to the hair. How well the Estelle milk chocolate hair color looks good on the photo is described in detail in the article.

L'Oreal Prodigy

When choosing the desired shade is worth paying attention to 6.32 Walnut. This series of dyes is the most innovative and unusual. Ammonia is absent, but the composition is rich in micro-oils, which are the main coloring components.

In the process of dyeing oil penetrate deep into the hair and give them the desired shade. To maintain the color or darken slightly help tinting shampoo L'Oreal. What is the thermal protection for hair L'Oreal, as well as what is the process of application, described in detail in this article.

Choosing a nutty color, you should pay attention to such shades as dark and light shade - № 5 and № 6. This product is distinguished by its quality and durability. The composition is designed so that the hair does not receive a negative impact.

The dye is ammonia-free, and the development of used oil Aragon. Thanks to him, hair becomes silky and protects against mechanical damage. What are the colors of hair dye Garnier exist, described in detail in the article.

When buying a Pallet dye you should pay attention to the shade of 650 walnut-chestnut. This brand is very popular, because its development is a well-known brand Schwarzkopf. The main advantages of the product remains the unique composition and texture of the paint.

The composition does not contain ammonia, but the color is rich and beautiful. How wide the palette of palette hair dye can be found in the article.

This dye belongs to the budget category, as it is inexpensive. But at the same time high quality is on top. After the dye has been applied to the strands, it immediately begins to nourish and moisturize them. There are no downsides to the product.

You can use it to purchase a resistant natural shade. In the development of the product used only natural ingredients. Their main task is to make hair strong. In addition, during the painting the skin does not become dry and does not feel the detrimental effect of the dye. No less bright and at the same time, naturally, chocolate dye looks from this palette.

Also popular are the Kapus hair dye palettes, Cieces, Kraal dyes, which have chic palettes of various shades.

You may also be interested to know what types of hair dyeing exist.

Walnut blossom is incredibly popular today. Thanks to him, the hair gets a very beautiful and natural shade. With it, you can update your hair shade, giving it a bright and rich caramel overflow. But the nutty tone doesn’t suit everybody, so think carefully about all the details to make the image look untidy.

Peculiarities of color

In the use of the female part of the population there are tones that will always be burning. These include copper, reddish, honey, and of nuts. Thanks to them, the appearance of the maiden becomes much fresher and younger, and this transformation is particularly suitable for the spring season (see also the article “Hair color under the color type autumn, make-up and clothes”).

Curls look magically attractive

Positive sides

Hair color of nut color is suitable for women of any age and it doesn’t matter what type of face you have - the image will look tender, feminine and sophisticated. If you dare to change your own natural tone of the strands, then such a pigment is suitable for this as well as possible, because it is very unobtrusive and will not change the appearance drastically.

But at the same time, this color scheme can update one hundred percent, becoming your lover and family for a long period. In addition, there will be appropriate any haircuts and styling, regardless of the difficulty of their implementation. More fun is the fact that such a tone will suit any length of curls, be it a small or long haircut.

Glittering curls

Specifically, with such a universal color, there is an opportunity to show all the beauty of the hairdo done - waves and braids, multi-layer volume and curls - everything is clearly and clearly visible. In addition, different haircuts look great, and such elements as a ladder, torn tips or caps will be noticeable in particular.

Having curls with such a tone, you should use different devices for the hair, because it is in their decorations that they look especially charming. Not fundamentally, they will be colorful, or pastel, large or small, in any case, they look sophisticated on such strands.

The current market for the production of coloring tools, for the most part, in the range has this color scheme. The cost of such funds is different, because the paint may be available to all. In addition, this tone perfectly fills the gray hair, which can not cheer.

Popular manufacturers with prestigious color in their own polit.

Today, such a tone is recklessly prestigious, all because it is able to give the appearance of the lady softness, making the face open and fresh. In addition, many confirm that this color is able to work wonders with visual rejuvenation, and what lady will not like it?

Pay attention! If you dare to apply this color scheme and carry out the painting with your own hands, then under no circumstances overexpose the dye on the strands. The thing is that this tone, unlike all others, is very dependent on the amount of time spent on the curls. Therefore, do not forget that the abstract is given in order to clearly follow its Fri.

Do not engage in amateur, if you want to get really generous color.

Hair color Golden Nut radiates wealth and luxury.

Color and type of appearance

So the girls just cool and black tone nut.

Curls are presented in all colors with the color of red - strawberry blond, dark and light brown with a golden, reddish or copper highlight. The representatives of this season will suit the hair color Golden Nut.

Tip! To correctly choose the right color scheme, closely examine your appearance, having determined the color type, you will easily find a tone that will emphasize the features of your face.

In order for this color to look even more profitable, you need to correctly combine clothes. It is very amusing that it will be completely easy to do this, because for walnut girls, things of any style are suitable, especially retro style and romantic images look elegant.

So, for example, girls with the tone of a wood nut should pay attention to such a palette of colors:

  • Beige, Honey, Mustard, Dark Chocolate - All shades of warm brown flowers.
  • Orange, reddish, tomato red clothes.
  • Suitable things are olive, green, khaki, forest moss.
  • Purple, eggplant, lilac - such colors also emphasize the appearance.

You want to change the style, but you are afraid of constructive configurations, then the nut colors are specifically for you!

Now, in their own color palette, many dyes of different brands have this tone, the only thing is that each one is very different, so you need to keep a close eye on their choice. For example, the colors of the forest and golden nutlet have a deep soft and rich golden-beige highlight.

If your curls were painted, the method of highlighting, toning the color of the nutlet is best done at the hairdresser, as in this case, the result can be completely unpredictable, for example, reddish. But, coupled with highlighting, you can achieve a very exciting painting, as light strands will give shine and sun to the hairstyle.

Sample Forest Hazelnut Tone

Do not forget that if you change your own ordinary color of the curls, you should not only review your own wardrobe, but also change the make-up, because the rules for choosing rouge, lipstick and gloss can now change (find out how to use burdock oil from hair loss ).

To the question - who is nutty hair color, we answer briefly - everything! This tone is the traditional version, which is suitable for all colors of skin, hair and eyes, whether it is a pale Scandinavian, or a dark-skinned Asian. The girls just do not be afraid to experiment with hair and styling, and the video in this article will help you with this.

Who is the color for?

When selecting the color of hair color “hazelnut”, the color type of appearance is taken into account:

  • So, it is better for girls of Spring color type to choose light and warm colors.
  • Women like Summer should prefer dark cold shades with a grayish-ash tint.
  • Tsvetotip Autumn harmoniously with gold, reddish and copper tones.
  • Highlight the white skin and facial features of the girls of Winter can be a dark palette of nutmeg, dark or chestnut.

Color palette

In the line of each manufacturer, producing hair dyes, there are shades of walnut. They can range from light to dark, from cold to warm undertones.

The most popular sub-colors of the color of the hair color “hazelnut” (the photo is presented in the article) include:

  • Hazelnut. Depending on the manufacturer, it can be either light or dark, most often it has an intermediate color between light and dark chestnut. Great for brown-haired women and blondes. Beautifully set off dark skin and brown eyes.
  • Golden nut. The shade is characterized by a pronounced golden shine of hair, the color is close to caramel. Suitable for girls, red-haired by nature, with a warm skin tone and green eyes.
  • Dark walnut is in perfect harmony with the color type Winter, has a deep dark color with a chocolate sheen.
  • The light nut is a warm shade, recommended for fair-haired girls with light complexion, with light blue, gray and gray-green eyes.
  • Nutty mocha. It can be described as a deep light brown color with a warm chestnut tint. Gives a healthy glow to pale skin, makes the eyes more expressive.
  • Nutmeg. Light brown or dark blond color, with a cold subtone. Recommended for girls with all shades of blue eyes.

Choosing a manufacturer

The color "hazelnut" is found in almost all series of coloring agents, for example, the hair dye "Garnier", "hazelnut".

Due to constant demand and high competition, manufacturers improve product quality and constantly expand the range of dyes, including the “walnut” shade. So, every year new names of colors appear with a minimum difference in tone or outflow of color.

Today such brands are popular:

  • Estel Celebrity number 7/7.
  • Estel love intense number 7/7.
  • Estel Only Color number 7/36.
  • Wellaton from Wella number 7/3.
  • Schwarzkopf Nectra Color number 668.
  • Garnier Color Naturals number 6.
  • Garnier Color & Shine number 6.23.
  • Kapous Professional number 8.8.
  • L’Oreal Excellence number 6.41.

Hairdressers use professional products for coloring, for example, Estel hair and hazelnut hair dye.

How to dye dark hair?

Dyeing dark hair is better to entrust to a specialist, since the transition from dark to lighter shade is not the easiest procedure, especially if as a result you need to achieve the lightest tone. Tinting alone is not enough, painting is carried out in two stages.

How to apply the paint "hazelnut" on dark hair:

  1. Bleaching. Since the development of hairdressing is not in place, manufacturers every year produce more and more advanced products. Modern brighteners have the best and at the same time hair-friendly action. If a transition to 1 tone is necessary, 3% oxide is used, 2% to 6%, 3% to 9%, and so on. The higher the concentration of the oxidizing agent, the lighter the curls will be after bleaching. The oxidizer breaks down the natural pigment of the hair, which leads to a color change in the light side. A specially designed table determines the tone of the hair on a scale of 1 to 10. In order to tint the hair in a lighter shade, it is necessary to discolor them to level 6 or 7. For example, if the natural color occupies the 8th position, the hair is discolored by 1-2 tones.
  2. Toning. Dyed composition with artificial pigment is applied to bleached hair and aged for 20-40 minutes. The result will directly depend on the combination of the original color and the dye. With the correct selection of paint and properly carried out the procedure of clarification, the result will be exactly the one that was planned.

How to dye blonde hair?

The technique of dyeing light hair hair dye “hazelnut” involves the procedure in one stage. The complex of almost all dyes includes an oxidizing agent and the pigment itself, therefore, lightening and toning occurs simultaneously. However, the coloring of very light and streaked hair nevertheless takes place in 2 stages.

  1. Pigment application. Blond hair has no pigment - it is hollow inside, if the strands are immediately painted in a nutty color, they will become green. Therefore, in the first place they give a golden hue.
  2. Toning. After the pigment has been applied and cured on the hair, it is washed off and tinted in the color of “hazelnut”. The result is a uniform strand coloring.

Two-step dyeing of light hair should be done by a professional in order to avoid the appearance of unwanted pigment.

Mixston use

One of the most popular coloring agents is mikston. It is used to enhance the color or its correction.

In order to make the shade more expressive after dyeing the “hazelnut” hair dye, a micone is mixed with it in a volume part of the total amount of dye. To enhance the saturation of the fiery ebb of the nut, a little golden and copper mixton is added to the paint.

If an undesirable pigment appears during staining, you can eliminate it by mixing mutually absorbing shades, for example, yellow is eliminated with violet, and green with red pigment.

Image and hairstyle

Walnut color can be considered basic, it is suitable for owners of any type and style. It makes facial features more expressive when using makeup and emphasizes their softness in a natural way. Casual, business or evening look looks stylish and fresh. Most of all coloring with hair dye "hazelnut" is suitable for those who love elegant simplicity.

When choosing a hairstyle you should not limit your imagination, this color looks great on short and long hair, straight and curly, curled in soft curls or braided. The hazelnut beautifully emphasizes the severity of the lines of the classic square or the multi-layered cascading haircut.

Hair accessories will decorate not only evening, but also a daily hairstyle. Here will be to the place combs, hairpins, headbands, ties, bows and other decorations.

Makeup and clothes

Of course, the shade of hair does not put in strict frames when applying makeup, but some nuances should be taken into account. Since the color itself is quite expressive, it is better if the makeup is not so bright. In order not to look tasteless and vulgar, you should avoid the simultaneous use of bright blush, eye shadow and lipstick.

Combinations of nut-colored hair with makeup can be achieved by applying warm tones:

  • Blush light pink or peach color,
  • shade in golden or brown tones,
  • lipstick or lip gloss beige, pink or golden brown,
  • Matt make-up base in warm colors.

This hair color is successfully combined with any items of clothing, allows combinations of contrasts, styles and images, the only reservation is that clothes should be in warm colors.

Hair care and tonic use

Regardless of whether the hazel hair dye “hazelnut” was lightened or colored (the result is shown in the article), they need regular comprehensive care:

  • The use of masks for colored hair contributes to their rapid recovery.
  • Fragile, thinned and damaged curls are easier to restore if you use caring agents based on herbal ingredients, almond or olive oil, coconut milk, herbal extracts, and so on.
  • It is desirable to use shampoo and conditioner for colored hair, the products have a softer effect and contribute to the preservation of color.
  • Daily combing before bed for 10-15 minutes. improves blood flow and strengthens hair follicles.
  • Visibly strengthens the hair mask of egg yolk.
  • It is recommended to minimize the use of a hair dryer and ironing, if this is not avoided, it is necessary to use thermal protective equipment.
  • The hairstyle looks much more well-groomed, and the hair grows better if you regularly cut off the ends.
  • Vitamin deficiency primarily affects the skin, nails and hair, so 2-3 times a year it is recommended to take a course of vitamin therapy.

Women leave such reviews about hair dye "hazelnut":

  • To obtain a shade, you do not need to drastically affect the hair with chemical agents, such as, for example, when bleaching to blonde.
  • This color is universal and suitable for all women.
  • Any paint with such a shade evenly falls on the hair.
  • To properly get out of the dark color and paint the hair in a nutty tone, it is advised to contact a hairdresser. Independently difficult to carry out such a procedure.

Color "hazelnut" - a great solution for those who want changes in appearance, but does not dare to drastic changes, or those who want to refresh the image. A wide palette of shades will satisfy the most demanding taste and will allow to emphasize individuality.