6 components of Emolium that preserve healthy hair

General information:

Emolium Moisturizing Shampoo is a modern emolent designed for daily care of dry scalp and scalp care for diseases that occur with increased dryness of the skin, including atopic dermatitis, ichthyosis, psoriasis, eczema, and lichen planus. Effectively, and at the same time very gently washes the scalp, and also reduces the skin's tendency to irritation and inflammatory reactions. Thanks to a carefully selected complex of active substances, shampoo effectively eliminates the causes and effects of dry skin: it nourishes with fatty components and moisturizes the epidermis, limits transepidermal water loss, restores the visible lipid layer, and also softens and gives the epidermis elasticity. Does not contain salts and sulfates, so that the tool gently cleanses and does not destroy the water-lipid barrier of the epidermis. A special combination of mild detergents and nutrients allows you to use shampoo daily. The hypoallergenic shampoo formula was developed in collaboration with dermatologists. The tool is recommended for use in children.


  • gently washes sensitive scalp
  • cares for hair
  • has excellent moisturizing properties
  • maintains the skin's natural pH balance.
  • does not cause excessive secretion of scalp and hair
  • DOES NOT CONTAIN salts and sulphates: ingredients like SLES, SLS, sodium chloride
  • nourishes, saturates with fatty components
  • reduces skin susceptibility to irritation and inflammation
  • restores the natural water-lipid layer of the skin
  • protects the skin from excessive drying
  • regenerates the water-lipid layer of the epidermis and leaves a protective layer on the skin.
  • does not contain dyes and aromatic substances
  • hypoallergenic

The tool has received a positive assessment of the Scientific Center for Children's Health, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences and the Center for Child Health (Poland) and is recommended for skin care for children and newborns.


Daily care of the skin of the scalp in children and adults:

  • when dry and very dry
  • with sensitive, itchy
  • after aggressive medical procedures and in complex therapy with therapeutic shampoos
  • with peeling and irritation
  • with atopic dermatitis
  • for other diseases that occur with increased dryness of the skin (including ichthyosis, psoriasis, eczema, lichen planus)

Mode of application:

Well wet hair and scalp. Apply a small amount of the product on the palms, distribute on the skin and hair, lather and rinse with water in 5-7 minutes.

Active substances:

The base of the shampoo instead of the commonly used ingredients of SLS and SLES are mild surfactants (sulfosuccinates and polyglucosides), due to which the shampoo washes gently, without causing irritation and without drying the scalp.

The complex of components of the natural moisturizing factor (NMF), present in healthy skin. It is responsible for the retention of water in the hydrophilic keratin layers of the stratum corneum. The complex includes urea, lysine, pyroglutamic acid sodium salt - PCA and lactic acid. The effectiveness of the product with 2.5% Hydroveg ® VV is confirmed by research: after 4 hours from applying the level of skin moisture increased by 25%.

A complex of amino acids that penetrate deeply into damaged areas and firmly embedded in the hair structure. Smooth hair, regenerating and strengthening them from the inside. Long moisturize and nourish. Hair becomes healthier, thicker and more resilient. Hair is about 90% composed of amino acids, which is why these substances play such an important role in the appearance and condition of the hair.

A derivative of the amino acid glycine. Moisturizes the epidermis, penetrating into its deep layers. Strengthens the water-lipid layer of the skin, preventing water loss by the epidermis. Gently relieves irritation of the scalp.

Soothes irritation of the scalp and has an anti-inflammatory effect. Enhances the hydration of the stratum corneum of the epidermis, limits the transepidermal water loss - TEWL, and also increases the elasticity, softness and elasticity of the epidermis.

Obtained from Magnifolia seedwood (shea). It has softening, restorative and nourishing properties. It protects and strengthens the extracellular matrix and the water-lipid layer of the skin. Stimulates cellular metabolism and restores blood circulation in the end capillaries. Effectively protects against the harmful effects of external factors and softens, reduces redness and irritation and soothes the skin.

Release form and composition

Emolium cosmetic product lines:

  • base series: bathing emulsion - liquid mass for external use (200 ml or 400 ml in bottles), cream gel for washing - liquid (20 ml in bottles, in a cardboard pack 1 bottle), cream (75 ml in tubes) , in a cardboard bundle 1 tube), emulsion for the body - liquid (200 ml or 400 ml in bottles, in a cardboard bundle 1 bottle),
  • special series: special cream (75 ml in tubes, 1 tube in a cardboard bundle), special body emulsion - liquid (200 ml in bottles, 1 bottle in a cardboard bundle), moisturizing shampoo - liquid (200 ml in bottles, in a carton pack 1 bottle), an emulsion for dry scalp (100 ml each in bottles, in a carton pack 1 bottle),
  • triactive series: triactive cream (50 ml in tubes, in a cardboard bundle 1 tube), triactive bathing emulsion - liquid (200 ml in bottles, in a cardboard bundle 1 bottle).

  • Emulsion bathing emulsion: macadamia nut oil, avocado oil, paraffin oil, isopropyl palmitate, caprylic and capric triglycerides, shea butter (shea butter), corn triglycerides,
  • Emolium cream wash gel: borage extract (Arlasilk Phospholipid GLA) - 2.5%, sodium hyaluronate - 0.3%, macadamia nut oil - 3%, shea butter - 3%, corn triglycerides - 0.5%, panthenol - 1%, glycerin - 5%,
  • Emolium cream: macadamia nut oil - 3%, fatty acid triglycerides (caprylic and capric) - 4%, urea - 3%, shea butter - 4%, sodium hyaluronate - 1%,
  • Emolium body emulsion: macadamia nut oil, paraffin oil, caprylic and capric triglycerides, shea butter, urea, fucogel, sodium hyaluronate,
  • Emolium special cream: shea butter - 6%, urea - 5%, corn oil triglycerides - 3%, macadamia nut oil - 3%, borage extract of pharmaceutical drugs - 2%, sodium hyaluronate - 2%,
  • Emolium body emulsion: paraffin oil, corn oil triglycerides, shea butter, urea, macadamia nut oil, borage extract, sodium hyaluronate,
  • Emolium moisturizing shampoo: natural moisturizing factor (NMF), alkyl derivative of glycine, 18 amino acids of wheat hydrotriticum WAA (wheat amino acids), betaine, shea butter, panthenol,
  • emulsion for dry scalp Emolium: NMF natural moisturizing factor - 2%, dexpanthenol - 2%, sodium hyaluronate - 1%, amino acid complex - 0.5%, corn oil triglycerides - 1%, phytririol - 0.2%,
  • triacry cream Emolium: Stimu-Tex (barley pulp wax) - 3%, corn oil triglycerides - 3%, rapeseed oil - 2%, panthenol - 2%, Evosina Na2GP (usnic acid sodium salt) - 1%, sodium hyaluronate - 0.5%
  • triactive bathing emulsion Emolium: Stimu-Tex, Alchem, polidocanol, corn oil triglycerides, caprylic and capric triglycerides, macadamia nut oil, shea butter, paraffin oil.

Pharmacological properties

All products of the Emolium series contain special cosmetic ingredients - emollients, which are cosmetic products that combine effective antioxidant, moisturizing and regenerating components, mainly of natural origin. They are designed for comprehensive care of dry and damaged skin of the body, resulting from the aggressive influence of the external environment or against the background of chronic skin diseases. Regular use of emollients replenishes the missing components in the skin and provides prevention of seasonal problems such as dryness, weathering and severe desquamation, prolongs the period of remission in chronic pathologies, including psoriasis, atopic or seborrheic dermatitis.

The basic Emolium series is designed for daily care of dry and sensitive skin, it includes the following products:

  • cream and emulsion for the body: provide hydration of the surface and deep layers of the epidermis, restoration of the protective lipid layer of the skin,
  • bathing emulsion: allows you to gently cleanse the dry and sensitive skin of children and adults by softening hard water. Specially selected formula, rich in lipid components, helps saturate the skin with intercellular lipids, which are necessary to create a protective layer on the surface that prevents the evaporation of moisture from the epidermis,
  • cream gel for washing: created for the effective and gentle cleansing of dry and sensitive skin of children and adults and its additional moisturizing. Gentle washing does not cause the destruction of the protective lipid layer and the disruption of the natural acid balance of the skin. The gel does not contain soap, does not dry out and does not irritate the skin.

For the care of extremely dry skin, which is prone to irritation and itching, a special series of emollients has been created. During periods of exacerbation of chronic skin diseases or seasonal dryness due to prolonged exposure to the sun, the use of emollients with a high concentration of active ingredients is required, as compared with the basic series. Care for especially dry and irritated skin, including during periods of exacerbation of chronic skin diseases (atopic and seborrheic dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, ichthyosis), should be done using the following emolant of the special Emolium series:

  • special cream and special emulsion for the body: both emolents are designed for complex care of dry, irritated and damaged skin in children and adults. The application provides intensive moisturizing, nourishing and softening of the skin, relieves itching and irritation. Abundant saturation of the skin with intercellular lipids helps to restore its structure,
  • moisturizing shampoo: used for gentle and effective cleansing of the scalp and hair in children and adults. The special formula of the shampoo allows you to maintain a protective lipid layer in the process of care and not to cause excessive secretion of the sebaceous glands. Reduces irritation and moisturizes the scalp without causing disruption of the natural acid balance,
  • emulsion for dry scalp: provides comprehensive care for dry and inflamed scalp in children and adults. It nourishes the skin, restoring its natural moisture, reduces inflammation, promotes healing of injuries.

The Triactive Emolium series is designed to care, effectively moisturize and nourish very dry, atopic and damaged skin. Its use is recommended during periods of exacerbation of atopic dermatitis and other dermatological diseases, including in combination with hormonal ointments. The composition of emollients includes components that have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antipruritic effect.

Emollients of the triactive series have the following properties:

  • triactive cream: thanks to a special formula that includes unique natural ingredients with antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antipruritic effect, applying the cream provides very dry skin with long-lasting hydration and nutrition, restoration of the protective water-lipid layer and potentiation of regeneration processes,
  • tri-active bathing emulsion: softens hard water, which allows you to gently cleanse the inflamed, very dry and atopic skin of children and adults. The abundance of lipid components helps to saturate the skin with intercellular lipids and to create a surface protective layer.

The effectiveness of emollients is due to the following properties of their active components:

  • Stimu-Tex: wax obtained by extracting barley pulp. Contains a natural complex of vitamins, essential fatty acids and phytosterols. It has a soothing effect on inflamed skin, has a soothing and antipruritic effect. Its antibacterial activity helps prevent the reproduction of pathogenic bacteria on damaged skin,
  • Evosina Na2GP: The natural ingredient is usnic acid sodium salt, obtained from lichen. It has antifungal effect. Its high antibacterial effectiveness protects the skin from the recurrence of bacterial infections,
  • corn oil triglycerides: various polyunsaturated fatty acids obtained from corn germs, limit evaporation of moisture, reduce skin irritation, have antipruritic action, are a source of intercellular lipids,
  • rapeseed oil: a source of vitamin E, reduces irritation and inflammation of the skin. Feeding and softening damaged skin, gives it elasticity,
  • sodium hyaluronate: a salt of hyaluronic acid helps to preserve moisture in the epidermis,
  • urea: is a component of the natural moisturizing factor of the skin, provides deep hydration to the deep layers of the epidermis,
  • shea butter and macadamia nut oil: natural ingredients that help restore the protective lipid film. Soften and protect the skin from excessive moisture loss, give it elasticity,
  • triglycerides of caprylic and capric acids: triglycerides of fatty acids compensate for the deficiency of intercellular lipids in the epidermis, limit water loss from the inner layers of the skin,
  • Arlasilk Phospholipid GLA: is a natural extract of borage, contains a large amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA), flavonoids and mineral salts. It has unique properties - softening and nourishing the skin, limits the loss of moisture, reduces the severity of inflammatory processes and itching,
  • paraffin oil: a mixture of solid saturated hydrocarbons, promotes saturation of the skin with fatty components, regenerates the water-lipid layer. By creating a protective layer on the skin surface, it protects against water loss. It has a softening, moisturizing effect, smoothes the epidermis,
  • panthenol (vitamin B5): provides the correct cellular metabolism. It is well absorbed into the epidermis and, penetrating into the deep layers of the dermis, helps restore the regeneration processes of their cells. Potentiates the synthesis of proteins and lipids, accelerates the healing process of the skin. Relieves irritation and discomfort that accompany allergic skin changes,
  • polidocanol: has a slight anesthetic effect, has a moisturizing effect.

All products Emolium dermatologically tested, do not contain dyes, hypoallergenic.

Indications for use

According to the instructions for use, Emolium is recommended to be used as a means of ensuring daily hygiene, care and nutrition of dry and very dry skin.

Basic series products are recommended for daily care of dry and sensitive skin in order to moisturize, soften and restore the protective lipid layer, including during periods of remission of chronic forms of atopic and seborrheic dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, ichthyosis and other dermatological pathologies.

Cosmetics Emolium special series should be used to care for very dry and irritated skin during exposure to adverse environmental factors: temperature changes, cold and windy weather, excessive sun exposure, sunburn.In addition, the funds are indicated for use in exacerbation of skin diseases.

The use of cosmetic products of the triactive series is indicated for skin care in the period of exacerbation of atopic and seborrheic dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, ichthyosis and other chronic skin diseases, including in combination with hormonal ointments.

Emolium, instructions for use: method and dosage

Cosmetics line Emolium intended for external use.

Recommendations for the use of Emolium products:

  • bathing emulsion, bathing triactive emulsion: newborns and children - 0.5 measuring cap (15 ml), adults at the rate of 1 measuring cap (30 ml) for a half-filled bath. Pour emulsion into the prepared water for bathing and take a bath for 15 minutes. Light detergent properties of the products provide gentle cleansing. After bathing, the body is dried with a towel, without rubbing the skin. Then it is recommended to apply an emollient to the skin to prevent its dryness,
  • cream gel for washing: apply a small amount of gel on your hands and rub them gently on the skin moistened with water. After washing the gel with water, the body is gently dried with a towel,
  • cream, special cream, triactive cream: a thin layer of cream is applied to well-cleansed skin 2 times a day, including after taking a bath,
  • body emulsion, special body emulsion: newborns and children - a thin layer of the emulsion is applied to well-cleansed skin of the whole body. Should be applied after each bathing baby
  • moisturizing shampoo: a sufficient amount of shampoo is applied to the moistened hair and gently spreads over the scalp. Then the hair is thoroughly washed with water,
  • emulsion for dry scalp: a small amount of the emulsion is applied to the scalp and is gently massaged evenly distributed over the entire surface without subsequent rinsing with water. The emulsion is used immediately after washing the head, then the multiplicity of procedures is determined individually.

When using triactive cream Emolium in the complex therapy of atopic dermatitis, it should be applied no earlier than 0.5 hours after the use of hormonal preparations, in an amount about 10 times the volume of the steroid used.

Emolium Reviews

Emolium reviews are predominantly positive. Users indicate the effectiveness of hygiene and dry skin care products. They report that as a result of regular use of emollients, the skin becomes soft and supple, well-hydrated. The irritation and an itch decreases. Note the pleasant smell of the products.

Real SALVATION for dry scalp! Caution: photo before and after

This review is dedicated to those who are already desperate to deal with dry scalp and endless "snowfall". Those who, like me, tried all known moisturizing shampoos, masks, popular recipes, but could not overcome this problem. Solution found! And his name is Emolium.

Peeling of the scalp, I have been suffering for 5 years already. And since for a long time I was sure that dandruff, it was her treatment. Sulsena, nizoral, clear vita abe, head & shoulders, rye bread, burdock oil - not a complete list of what I tried. But nothing, NOTHING did not help for long. I was desperate and resigned to the endless exfoliation of the skin, with itching, with white flakes on clothes, when I suddenly came across an article on how to distinguish dandruff from flaking scalp. Dandruff is known to be caused by a fungus, it is accompanied by the separation of fatty skin flakes. treats and does not particularly affect the roots, the dryness of the scalp is manifested by exfoliation dry layers of skin that can eventually even lead to the appearance bald spots and requires another treatment, it is not a fungus, there are many reasons for its occurrence. In my case, the skin was exactly dry. Since my hair is not so thick, so I categorically did not want to bring bald patches, and began searching for a tool that will help to cope with this. I found this emulsion here, on irecommend. In general, I did not know that such funds exist, so I was surprised to learn that it is sold in almost every pharmacy. Bought.

Price - 600 rubles.

Volume - 100 ml.

Place of purchase - pharmacy.

Consistency - white, cream.

Smell - pleasant.

At first, I could not understand how to open it, then I just cut off the cap.

Because the means of pharmacy and the problem really is already tormented, especially did not look at the composition. I didn’t care if there were at least some parabens, if only it would help. Now I already see that there is first place cetearyl alcohol, which is fatty, which means good, alcohols, panthenol, lactic acid, the amino acid lysine, corn oil, etc., for me there is nothing wrong with that. Moreover, I treat the emulsion more as a drug and I apply it less frequently, so I do not demand naturalness from it.

And now the main thing. Yes, Emolium works! The result was noticeable from the 1st (!) Application. In proof of attaching photos before and after (who is not too aesthetic photograph of peeling of the head, do not look, do not write about it, I made a photo for those who have the same problem)

Now I use as needed. Sufficiently economical tool. Hair does not "fatten" (measure need to know anyway, naturally).

Thanks for attention! Wishing you a healthy scalp.

What causes dry skin?

Dry scalp is a consequence of impaired sebaceous glands (an insufficient amount of subcutaneous fat is produced) or if there is not enough moisture in the epidermis cells. The reasons for this condition:

  • Abuse of thermal devices (hair dryer, iron, tongs, curling iron).
  • Insufficient fluid intake (in particular, drinking water), dehydration.
  • Wash the strands with hot water.
  • Problems with metabolism.
  • Smoking.
  • Lactation period.
  • Drinking alcohol.
  • Violations of the day.
  • Frequent exposure to the sun without a hat.
  • Stress.
  • Lack of vitamins, beneficial micronutrients.
  • Unbalanced or unhealthy food.
  • Incorrectly selected shampoo.
  • Incorrect or frequent staining of strands.
  • The use of potent drugs.
  • Serious diseases, disruption of the internal organs.

To understand what to do and how to get rid of the problem, evaluate your lifestyle, diet, health. Try to change the shampoo and buy "Emolium". Use traditional medicine (mask, emulsion). If the situation does not improve, consult a trichologist. He will prescribe additional tests and tell you what to do and what means to take.

Signs of dry epidermis of the head:

  • irritations
  • feeling of tightness
  • dry seborrhea,
  • itch
  • hair loss,
  • dry, brittle strands.

Proper care

Proper care of the scalp includes not only regular washing of the hair, but also observance of the day regimen, a certain diet and the use of various preparations (shampoo for dry strands, masks after washing the hair, emulsion "Emolium", etc.).

To get rid of dryness, follow the recommendations:

  • Pick the right diet. Dry scalp needs healthy fats that can be obtained from olives, sesame, fatty fish, avocados, and sea buckthorn berries.
  • Adjust drinking mode. Drink up to 2 liters of clean drinking water daily.
  • Wash the braids with warm running water. Avoid extreme temperature changes. In cold or hot weather wear a hat.
  • Avoid frequent use of hair dryers and other hair styling devices.
  • Do not use purchased shampoo during treatment. Prepare shampoo yourself (from eggs). As a conditioner, use a decoction of herbs.
  • Eliminate soda and alcohol from the diet.
  • Try to keep the air in the room humidified (frequent airing of the room will help).
  • Go through a full body examination. In the presence of diseases, treat them.
  • Use masks from natural ingredients.

Means to combat dryness

Emulsion "Emolium", traditional medicine masks, decoctions, shampoo from natural ingredients - each of these products has a beneficial effect and is suitable for treatment. Recommend to use the tool that is more convenient to use. It is allowed to treat with several drugs (shampoo and rinse, mask and rinse, etc.).

Emulsion "Emolium"

"Emolium" - an emulsion that is used to treat dry skin. The product contains ingredients that actively influence the skin and eliminate dryness. Emolium contains moisturizing ingredients that act on the epidermis, reducing water loss. Emulsion softens the skin, eliminates itching. "Emolium" helps to restore the lipid layer.

The drug is made from hypoallergenic components, it is allowed to apply even to the skin of young children.

The drug is applied to cleansed scalp. The maximum result emulsion "Emolium" will have if you use the tool 2 times a day.

If possible, use a shampoo made from natural ingredients:

These components allow you to moisturize the skin, to establish the production of subcutaneous fat, reduce hair loss. If the emulsion "Emolium" affects only the skin, then shampoos strengthen the hair follicles, make the strands elastic, shiny.

Castor Composition

To prepare the drug, mix egg yolk and 1 tablespoon of castor oil (if long, then double the volume of ingredients). Mix the ingredients and apply on the scalp and strands. Rinse curls with warm running water.

This drug will not only help to cope with the dryness of the epidermis, but also prevent hair loss, make them stronger.

If the use of natural shampoos does not cause enthusiasm, they are treated with the help of professional hair formulations. You need to purchase funds in specialized stores. These shampoos are expensive, but they help to quickly fix the problem.

If the skin dries out strongly, then masks that are recommended by traditional medicine will help. They not only treat the epidermis, but also have a complex effect on the strands:

  • moisturize
  • eliminate falling out
  • nourish
  • give shine
  • make elastic,
  • give smoothness, elasticity.

To prepare the composition, peel 1 large onion and chop it in a blender / meat grinder. Wrap the resulting substance in folded gauze. Rub juice squeezed from gauze into the epidermis. When the entire skin is treated, wrap the head with cellophane and a warm towel. One hour after application, wash off the mask using a shampoo.

Treatment with the drug is carried out once a week for 1-2 months.

From butter and honey

Oil and honey, which are used for cooking, will relieve itching, dandruff, stop loss. This drug will help cure the split ends of the strands and help brittle curls.

To prepare the product, mix the honey warmed in a water bath and warm unrefined olive oil (one part honey to two parts oil). Rubbing, apply the drug on the epidermis and spread over the entire surface of the hair. After 20 minutes, rinse the mask with warm water.

Use the drug 2-3 times a week for 1-2 months.

From lemon, burdock oil, yolks

This mask will help the epidermis and accelerate the growth of braids.

To prepare the drug, mix 1 teaspoon of burdock oil with the juice of half a small lemon and 2 yolks. The resulting substance is applied to the skin and strands. At the time of the procedure, which lasts 1 hour, warm your head. Rinse with running water.

It is possible to apply structure 2–3 times a week within a month.

From sour cream, lemon juice, eggs

This mask is famous for its strong moisturizing effect. To prepare it, take lemon juice and sour cream in equal parts. An egg is added to the mixture. All components are thoroughly mixed and heated to a warm state in a water bath. Apply the drug after shampooing for 40 minutes. Wash off with cool water. Apply the tool every time after washing the head for 3-4 weeks.

From cream and flour

This tool is prepared from 100 grams. wheat flour. Add cream to the flour, enough to make a viscous mass. Apply the product to clean, dry braids and scalp. The duration of the procedure is 30 minutes. Wash the mask off with cool water. Use the tool 2-3 times a week.

An integrated approach to fix the problem, will help to quickly cope with the dryness of the epidermis. Hair will become healthy and beautiful. If the treatment does not help, the scalp dries, you need the use of drugs, which can only be prescribed by a doctor.

Should I buy Emolium moisturizing shampoo and its average price?

One of the products that are included in the line of Emollium products is a shampoo for dry scalp. The volume is 200 ml. Moisturizing shampoo emolium cleanses the scalp and cares for the curls. Does not exclude use by people suffering from seborrhea, psoriasis. Can be used daily. Does not cause irritation, reduces the feeling of itching. Does not cause excessive secretion of the sebaceous glands of the scalp. Emolium Shampoo prevents the occurrence of atopic dermatitis.

The average price for shampoo emolium is 600 rubles.

Characteristics of the composition and analogues

The base of the shampoo is soft, superficially active ingredients that provide gentle cleansing of too dry hair and scalp, while maintaining the natural PH balance. Does not include salts and sulphates. Does not contain fragrances, dyes, preservatives. Hypoallergenic. The rest of the shampoo emolium provides water balance and scalp health.

Studies have shown that after 4 hours after applying emolium moisturizing shampoo increased the level of moisture in the skin of the head by 25%, and after a week of regular use, the curls became smoother, silky, thick. Itching and irritation disappeared.

Instructions for use by adults and children for dry scalp with seborrheic crusts

The method of application of shampoo Emolium does not differ from other means of hygiene:

  1. wet your head with warm water
  2. apply the agent, foam,
  3. hold on the head for about 7 minutes
  4. rinse thoroughly.

If necessary, the procedure can be repeated. The instructions for use of this tool indicates that the shampoo is used for both children and adults. Allowed and everyday use.

Testimonials from Emolium Shampoo

Before turning to the reviews, it is worth mentioning that the shampoo emolium was highly appreciated by the quality of many European scientific institutions.

Feedback on its use is mostly positive (85%). Here are some of them.

Antonina, 32, Ekaterinburg. “The Emolium series was recommended by our pediatrician after giving birth. At first, I was skeptical of such advice, but after reading that the emolium moisturizing shampoo was developed by pharmacists specifically for dry skin and recommended for children, she decided to buy it. In reality, I really liked this tool, and we use it with the whole family. ”

Svetlana, Krasnoyarsk. “I bought Emolium shampoo on the advice of my hairdresser, as she noticed a dull and dry hair. It must be said that the result of humidification became noticeable after a few uses. More pleased that he does not have in the composition of harmful lauryl sulfates. Hair became docile and soft. ”

Provide yourself with good hydration and moisture retention in the skin cells with Emolium shampoo.

Drug functions

  • Softens and soothes the skin,
  • Eliminates chapped areas and rough spots on the body of the baby,
  • Treats frostbite and burnt skin,
  • Removes peeling, irritation and redness,
  • It helps with allergies, psoriasis, diathesis and atopic dermatitis,
  • Restores the skin after illness,
  • It nourishes and moisturizes the epidermis,
  • Improves material exchange and water balance
  • Promotes blood circulation
  • Strengthens the immune system and activates the protective functions of the skin,
  • Keeps the required amount of moisture inside the skin,
  • Increases the elasticity of the epidermis,
  • Eliminates wrinkles
  • Reduces itching
  • Makes skin smooth and tender.
  • Helps to establish a hormonal background for a woman after childbirth and during lactation,
  • It returns an attractive appearance of the skin and eliminates stretch marks, restores skin cells, which is important for a woman after giving birth.

Characteristics and indications

Emolium cream for newborns is used if the crumbs are fixed excessive dryness of the skin. Cosmetic product improves the condition of the epidermis and the body with allergies, irritations and dermatitis, after various previous diseases. It is suitable for frostbite and chapping, sunburn, and for burnt skin. What to do if a baby has burned or sunburn, read here.

Emolium is suitable for babies and nursing mothers. It solves many problems with the skin, while it contains a minimal risk of allergies due to the inclusion of only natural ingredients. They produce two types of Emolium. Triactive cream is used for allergies and dermatitis or with a tendency to these diseases. In combination with proper nutrition, he effectively copes with the problem and improves the condition of the skin.

Special Emolium is suitable for use every day. It provides deep nutrition and supports regular skin care. Some mothers regularly use this cream after hygienic procedures or under a diaper, if the skin of the baby is too dry and flakes.

However, when using such a tool, be sure to consult a pediatrician, since these compositions are more intended for skin diseases, and not for permanent care.

Emolium Application

Before using ointments, be sure to consult with your pediatrician and dermatologist, read the instructions and follow the recommendations. To achieve a positive result, use the cream regularly. Triactive Emolium is often prescribed to women to restore hormonal levels after childbirth. In this case, the tool is used together with a special hormonal drug.

The doctor may prescribe a remedy for the baby immediately after birth, if the baby has a tendency to allergies, diathesis, psoriasis or dermatitis, or signs of any of these diseases are already observed. It is assigned to the child, if the crumbs are too dry or rough, there is discomfort and irritation after bathing or regularly wearing a diaper. As practice shows, more than 30% have skin problems and symptoms of skin allergies.

Instructions for use recommends applying a classic cream on the problem areas of the body twice a day after bathing or other water treatments. Gently rub the product in the right place with the help of massage movements and carefully distribute the composition over the skin. When using triactive cream with hormonal agent Emolium is applied half an hour after the prescribed drug.

A series of tools and analogues

In addition to the cream, the manufacturer offers an emulsion for the body and for bathing, a cream wash gel and shampoo. The products contain a moisturizing composition that allows you to cope with dry skin of the body, head and hair. Natural ingredients are safe for newborns, infants and nursing mothers, rarely cause allergic and other negative reactions and have a quick positive effect.

However, the cost of the line Emolium is quite expensive. The average price of the cream is 600 rubles. More affordable tax special Emolium is Oylatum cream, which helps with atopic dermatitis, psoriasis or diathesis, and costs about 400 rubles.

To moisturize children's skin, instead of cream, you can take olive oil or special oil for newborns. For more information on what to do if babies are allergic, read the link http://vskormi.ru/problems-with-baby/allergiya-u-grudnichka-chto-delat/.