Shampoo with tar - the benefits and harm, ranking the best

Today, people are increasingly talking about natural ingredients in hair care - many years of experience have confirmed that there is nothing better than the old proven recipes that our grandmothers used. Tar shampoo from dandruff just belongs to the category of natural products.

Tar shampoo is popular with women, but what does it represent? After all, opinions on its effectiveness are very different - one is ideal, others point out exclusively flaws.

What it is?

Anti-dandruff shampoo on the shelves abound, tar one of them. Its structure includes not only other useful substances, but also distinguishes among the properties an effective fight against dandruff and pediculosis. The tar is able to effectively resist all types of inflammation on the scalp, protecting the locks from thinning and fragility.

The tool is suitable for all types of hair, and people suffering from excessive dryness will be able to overcome two problems at once - the shampoo has a moisturizing effect. It also has a drying effect on greasy curls of hair. It is possible to use means as usual shampoo, for repeated use, or doing compresses. In the second case, a small amount of it is applied to the hair, left for 8-10 minutes, then wash well with water.

Healing properties

It is known that the human body always reacts acutely to stress, constant loads and improper diet - the metabolic disorder today is almost the norm. This is what causes hair loss, dandruff and other troubles. Tar helps to restore curls, because it affects the cause. It improves the environment for normal functioning of the curls, maintaining skin balance.

Tar is used for a very long time - at a time when science could not offer anything, doctors resorted to this tool in order to improve the skin, reduce the functioning of the sebaceous ducts and eliminate the effects of excessive desquamation. Not surprisingly, cosmetic factories began to produce anti-dandruff shampoo on the basis of tar - so you can wash your hair, getting all the benefits of this unique product.

Benefits of tar shampoo:

  • relieves inflammation
  • fights skin irritation, eliminating redness,
  • helps to get rid of dandruff, and for a long time,
  • gives curls lightness and volume,
  • strengthens hair follicles
  • fights hair loss, while accelerating growth.


Even remedies based on natural ingredients may have contraindications. Tar is not an exception, therefore it is reasonable to consult a dermatologist before regular use, especially if the skin on the head is problematic or with a tendency to allergies.

There are only a few contraindications:

  • pathological dryness of the hair of the skin,
  • some diseases
  • individual intolerance to the components.


Any remedy has features that must be considered before using it. Tar shampoo is no exception - many people believe that it is not suitable for daily use, as it can be harmful. As if with frequent use the hair will become stiff. How to proceed, tell the instructions - the manufacturer must specify for what purposes his product was created. If only for medical, that is, the concentration of tar in it is high, then you should not use it all the time. If for daily washing of the head, then there is nothing to be afraid of - the proportion of tar in such a tool is low.

Many are deterred by the smell of shampoo, because the tar itself has a sharp, strong aroma that lasts for a long time. Get rid of it will help a variety of decoctions of herbs that can be rinsed hair after washing.

The use of shampoo involves the use of a small amount of funds that should be applied to wet hair. When soaping, you must carefully massage the skin to loosen the scales, while trying not to damage it. After washing, be sure to use air conditioning, or process the hair with lemon juice.

Choosing shampoo, pay attention to its composition - unscrupulous manufacturers often write large headlines, and when you go to the study of components, it turns out that the tool is not at all natural.

The classic formulation of tar shampoo requires the following ingredients:

  • saturated birch tar
  • herbal concentrate (burdock roots, nettle leaves, chamomile),
  • Allantoin is a sedative effect.

This is basic, but additional components may be used depending on the purpose of the agent. For example, for damaged curls in the shampoo can add special substances that restore the structure of hairs.

You should not choose shampoos with an additional purpose, if your skin or curls do not need it - it is so easy to provoke serious problems, dullness, hair loss, etc.

Does tar shampoo help against dandruff - this question interests everyone who is faced with the problem of peeling. Despite the opinions of people who claim that the tool did not help them, to a greater degree consumer reviews are positive.

Doctors say that tar shampoo will not have the expected effect if it is used incorrectly, it is difficult to wash it off and not to supplement the procedure with rinses. Also, the difference of opinions depends on the manufacturer - the most famous brands are “911”, “Neva Cosmetics”, “Tana”, “Grandma Agafi’s Recipes”. They are all very similar to each other - the color of the shampoo is brown, it foams well, the smell is identical, and the result is almost the same. Even the cost of shampoos is the same.

If new sensations, unpleasant itching or other unusual phenomena occur during use, you should stop using the shampoo and consult a doctor. Although cases with the occurrence of side effects, little is known.

Do it yourself

If you want to use an absolutely natural remedy, prepare it. For tar shampoo need:

  • tar - 1 part,
  • baby soap - part 1,
  • red wine and a decoction of herbs as desired.

You can buy tar in a pharmacy or online store.

Shampoo preparation begins with a grating of soap. Then tar is introduced into it, at the same time it is necessary to stir the composition all the time. Next, form a ball out of the resulting mass and wrap it in a film - you can use the obtained product only after two days, it must be infused.

Before use, a small piece is cut off from the ball and combined with wine or infusion of herbs. Rub the finished product into the scalp, foam and rinse as usual.

When the problem is resolved, you can gradually move to regular shampoos. Thus, addiction will not affect you, and do not forget to use tar shampoo as a prophylaxis once a week.

What is tar

Long since in Russia, tar was widely used for the treatment of diseases and in the household for the lubrication of wheels and other primitive mechanisms. Foreigners called the product Russian oil. So what is this miraculous product? Wood tar is the result of dry distillation of a thin layer of birch or willow bark; pine, juniper and beech bark can also be used. It looks oily, dark brown with a strong odor. Tar consists of a large number of substances, including volatile production, phenol, toluene, organic acids.

Useful properties

Healers have always considered tar the best remedy for skin problems. There was even a proverb in Russia: “where the tar is, the spirit will not be there”, and in Finland it was said that if bathing, tar and vodka did not help, it means that the disease is fatal. After thorough testing, the modern pharmaceutical industry and the cosmetic industry also began to share this opinion, and they started to produce special products with tar: cosmetics, ointments, creams, which contain all the benefits. Beneficial features:

  • antiseptic,
  • anthelmintic,
  • improves blood circulation
  • rejuvenates the skin
  • anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial agent with analgesic effect,
  • reduces redness, suppuration.

Folk remedy is used for a variety of dermatological and other health problems:

  • seborrheic dermatitis,
  • eczema,
  • psoriasis,
  • dry scalp,
  • pyoderma,
  • neurodermatitis,
  • diathesis,
  • fungal diseases
  • respiratory diseases, throat diseases (bronchitis, cough, tuberculosis, asthma, lung cancer),
  • mastopathy,
  • catarrhal cystitis
  • hemorrhoids,
  • joint diseases.

The list of diseases for which tar helps is extensive, but in this case we will discuss hair problems: loss, seborrhea, increased fat formation. Modern ecology, lifestyle imprint on the condition of the hair. In the fight for beauty, all means are good, but in order not to harm the locks, before applying the shampoo with tar, consult a dermatologist and make an allergy test. The tool has the following properties:

  1. Regulates oily hair, reducing the amount of sebum produced.
  2. Stimulates their growth, improving blood circulation and blood flow to the hair follicles.
  3. Kills microbes and copes with fungal skin lesions.
  4. Warns of falling out.
  5. Strengthens the structure of damaged bulbs.
  6. Enhances the regeneration of the scalp.
  7. Gives shine and volume.

If you use birch tar shampoo for two weeks, then the condition of the hair will become noticeably better: they will become strong, shiny, dandruff, itching, irritation will disappear. It should be noted that this tool is a bit hard and after washing it may feel sticky on the hair. It is easy to remove it by rinsing them with water and vinegar, extracting chamomile, or applying a balm after washing. Do not wash your hair with tar shampoo too often, so as not to overdry hair. You should not use it on dyed hair: from the dye they themselves deteriorate, and tar shampoo adds density to them, makes it appear unwashed, and luminosity is lost.

All products of the company Liberiberm is a high-quality cosmeceuticals, designed to solve certain problems with skin health. Librider tar shampoo does not contain parabens, fragrances and other harmful substances. Cosmeceutical products have combined all the latest achievements of pharmacology and cosmetology. One of the popular dandruff remedies is:

  • The name "Tar" Tar,
  • Manufacturer: Librederm,
  • Price: 373 rubles,
  • Description: designed for all types, cleanses the scalp from dandruff and fat. Restores the function of the sebaceous glands, improves the regeneration of the epidermis, strengthens the hair follicles, is recommended for oily hair,
  • Pros: no dyes, perfumes and parabens, acceptable cost,
  • Cons: can not be used constantly.

In pharmacies, you can find another very effective treatment for dandruff - Frederm shampoo. According to reviews, the curls after him are soft, supple. It has a sharp, specific odor, but not as pronounced as that of soap. The consistency of the liquid and not too foam compared with conventional means. No need to get involved in frequent washing - 2 times a week is quite normal. On other days, use the usual means.

  • Name: Friderm Tar,
  • Manufacturer: Mifarm S.p.A. (Italy),
  • Price: 600 rubles,
  • Description: Friederm with tar is intended for the treatment of seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis. The course of treatment is from 4 to 17 weeks (see instructions). It has astringent, vasoconstrictor, antifungal effects. Well cleanses the scalp of fat and dead skin. Recommended for oily skin,
  • Pros: does not contain chemical dyes, fragrances, preservatives. Effectively relieves seborrhea,
  • Cons: considering the volume of the bottle 150 ml, the cost of "bites", watery, with a pungent smell.

One hundred beauty recipes

One of the most affordable dandruff remedies is tar Hundred recipes of beauty shampoo. It is concentrated, you need to take quite a bit to wash your hair. The smell is pleasant, reminiscent of Pepsi-Cola, with a touch of mint and lemon. It does not cure the greasiness, but the hair is washed well. More details:

  • Name: One hundred recipes of beauty "Tar",
  • Producer: the company "Hundred recipes of beauty", Russia,
  • Price: 140 rubles,
  • Description: It has an effective effect on sebaceous glands, regulating their function, kills seborrhea pathogens, relieves symptoms,
  • Pros: hypoallergenic, smells good, inexpensive, without preservatives and dyes,
  • Cons: not the most effective.

In Finland, tar is made from pine bark. Finnish tar shampoo absorbs all the power of pine resin and other herbal ingredients. Residents of St. Petersburg often see the tool on the shelves of stores, and in Moscow you can buy it. If not found in stores, you can order in the online store, but you will have to overpay for mail delivery:

  • Name: Tervapuun Tuoksu,
  • Manufacturer: Foxtel OY, Finland
  • Price: 205 rubles,
  • Description: Designed for daily care, soothes the scalp, makes hair silky, docile, fights dandruff. The effect of the application is visible after the first wash - the hair falls out less.,
  • Pros: low price, effective,
  • Cons: very strong smell, weathered for a long time, liquid, poorly foams.

Grandmother Agafya

Inexpensive popular domestic product of the company "Grandmother Agafya" perfectly proved itself in the fight against dandruff. Although it has a strong tar smell, it quickly evaporates. To get rid of the disease, you will have to conscientiously complete the entire course of treatment. The manufacturer declared natural birch tar as part of the shampoo, but the reviews about this tool are ambiguous:

  • Name: “Tar. Traditional seborrhea "based on soap root
  • Manufacturer: "First Aid Kit Agafi", Russia,
  • Price: 200 rubles,
  • Description: designed to eliminate seborrhea, dry skin, inflammation and rash. May be a prophylactic agent. Regulates the sebaceous glands at high fat, helps to restore the epidermis. Hypoallergenic, antifungal, antimicrobial. Available in 300 ml containers
  • Pros: reasonable price,
  • Cons: reviews do not help.

Those who suffer from dandruff are familiar with the laconic design of the packaging of this shampoo - a white bottle with green letters, nothing superfluous. At first glance, this is something of poor quality, with green-brown content and an unpleasant smell, but do not rush to draw conclusions. As Algopix shampoo works, no other works. After two weeks of dandruff and a trace will not remain. The only negative is to find it difficult to sell. It is sold as a drug in pharmacies, has some contraindications, you should read the instructions before use. More details:

  • Name: Medica AD Algopix (Algopix),
  • Manufacturer: Medica AO, Bulgaria,
  • Price: 1200 rubles,
  • Description: auxiliary prophylactic against dry and oily seborrhea, depriving the scalp. Available in 200 ml bottles,
  • Pros: a very effective tool, economical - a third of a bottle is enough for 2 weeks,
  • Cons: expensive, but according to reviews, it is worth it.

911 tarry

Strength, health, energy of hair depend on proper care. Healthy hair shine, flow silk waves. Skin diseases change their structure, make brittle, dull. Skin affected by dermatitis flakes and itches, inflammation appears, irritability and anxiety arise from the nervous system. For elimination of problems use special means, one of which is:

  • Name: 911 Tar shampoo for seborrhea, psoriasis, dandruff,
  • Manufacturer: Twins Tech, Russia,
  • Price: 95 rubles,
  • Description: Sebostatichesky tool peels off the dead epidermis, inhibits the growth of fungi, well washes the hair, removes excess fat. Recommended for psoriasis, seborrhea. Available in small bottles of 150 ml.,
  • Pros: well foams, does not leave smell, cheap,
  • Cons: removes only symptoms, has a temporary effect, does not completely solve the problem.

How to choose a shampoo with tar

With an abundance of brands and names of cosmetics is difficult to understand. Most women follow trial and error, or prefer to buy drugs at a pharmacy after a doctor's recommendation. To know how to choose a shampoo with tar, you need to figure out what ingredients it contains and what they are responsible for:

  1. Antifungal substances - clotrimazole, ketonazole. Included in the treatment of shampoos used to combat fungal seborrhea. For prone to oily hair, they are not suitable, because such products fat content increases.
  2. Antifungal component ciclopirox - part of the professional medical cosmetics and is used to combat the fungus type Pityrosporum, is involved in the destruction of fungi, relieves itching, gives shine to curls. Instead of tsiklopiroksa on the label may be the name of the analogue - sebopyrox.
  3. Sulfur and salicylic acid - exfoliate dead cells, normalize the sebaceous glands.
  4. Allantoin - softens, soothes and moisturizes the scalp.
  5. Piroctone olamine - a therapeutic component, eliminates the fat content of the roots, softens the skin, relieves dandruff, and the hair becomes obedient.
  6. Zinc pyrithione - often found in medical cosmetics for hair. Reduces oiliness, cleanses the skin and pores.
  7. Panthenol - moisturizes dry skin.
  8. Amineksil - treats seborrhea, strengthens hair follicles with alopecia.
  9. Various herbal ingredients: extract of sage, chamomile, thyme, lemongrass, mint, tea tree.


It is necessary to choose means proceeding from the purposes which are pursued. Dandruff tar shampoo is classified by action and by components, which include:

  1. Antifungal. Apply from depriving, seborrhea, other dermatological problems.
  2. Keratoregulatory shampoo with zinc and salicylic alcohol - normalizes oily skin, nourishes and tones.
  3. Bactericidal - concentrated medicinal product with powerful antibiotics. It is used in the treatment of serious problems (ulcers, seborrheic dermatitis, other inflammatory processes).
  4. Therapeutic. In order to choose the right remedy for the treatment of various problems of the scalp, it is better to first consult with a trichologist and a dermatologist. The doctor will determine the diagnosis, prescribe the correct tool that will effectively cope with the task.

Hair loss

In the old days, baldness was treated with tar, because it contains phenols, esters, organic acids. Tar shampoo for hair loss promotes better blood supply to the hair follicles, thereby enriching with nutrients and stimulating hair growth. It should be borne in mind that it is not recommended to use the product constantly. The course of treatment is 4-6 weeks, then you need to take a break for two months.

Pediculosis or lice is the scourge of modern times. People are ready to try any means, including hoping that tar shampoo for lice helps as effectively as dandruff. Unfortunately, this tool does not kill lice. It is used as an auxiliary drug in the fight against lice. Tar quickly relieves itching, heals wounds from insect bites and scratching, is an antiseptic and prevents secondary infection. In this regard, you should not pin hopes on him, it is better to use specialized tools.

Tar shampoo - what's the feature?

Tar - the main active component of the shampoo. Possessing a bactericidal, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial action, he copes with many diseases of the skin and hair.

Action tar shampoo:

  1. Eliminates dandruff.
  2. Relieves itching, irritation of the scalp.
  3. Normalizes the sebaceous glands.
  4. Dries the rash on the head of various origins.
  5. Strengthens hair roots and fights hair loss.
  6. Eliminates lice.

We also recommend that you read the article on tar soap for hair.

Tar shampoo 911

Tar shampoo 911 effectively copes with seborrhea, psoriasis, desquamation and itching in the scalp. Suppresses the effect of fungi that provoke dandruff and gently exfoliate the dead layer of the dermis. Normalizes the sebaceous glands. Can be used alone or in complex therapy.


  • Tar birch
  • Glycerol
  • Cato
  • Coconut oil
  • Perfume fragrance

Shampoo acts very gently, does not dry the skin and retains the outer sheath of the hair. Itching passes after the first use, dandruff becomes much less after 2-3 shampoos. The average price of a product is from 90 rubles for 150 ml.

Read more about Tar Tar 911 shampoo in the article: Tar Tar 911 shampoo as a remedy for dandruff. Reviews

Tar Tar Shampoo Reviews

Shampoo 911 with tar - my love! More than a year she could not cope with dandruff, spent a lot of time and money, and the medicine was very close - in a pharmacy near the house. Now I know what to do if the problem reappears.

Great dandruff shampoo! I am delighted! Someone thinks the smell of tar is nasty, but I, on the contrary, like it. When washing the hair, it smells a little smoked, and then a light woody scent on the hair. The smell of nature! I can not breathe!

Shampoo 911 saved my son! At age 15, he began to have terrible hair problems. They have become very fat. Tried a bunch of shampoos, but the situation has not changed. The head is as if smeared with lard, and already a few hours after washing. The son washed his hair with shampoo with tar 911 and all day they were in good condition. He used shampoo 1 time per day and gradually the problem of hair greasiness disappeared.

Finnish tar shampoo

Finnish tar shampoo differs in that it contains not pine birch, but pine tar. Also present are bioactive supplements, natural plant extracts that stimulate the blood circulation of the scalp. In addition to eliminating problems, it makes hair clean, crumbly and silky. Can be used for daily use.

Finnish shampoo action:

  1. Eliminates dandruff.
  2. Has an antimicrobial effect.
  3. Moisturizes and strengthens hair.
  4. Normalizes the sebaceous glands.
  5. Facilitates combing and does not tangle hair.

Since the shampoo does not contain fragrances, it smells like tar. But after drying the hair, the smell evaporates. The average cost of Finnish shampoo from 300 rubles for 300 ml.

Reviews Finnish tar shampoo

A stunning remedy for dandruff. I used it on the advice of my friend and it took me two weeks to forget what snow is on my hair. Super super! Super! Recommend!

Dandruff I have, thank God, was not and no. I use Finnish shampoo to keep clean hair longer. I get fat quickly, and for work I have to go on business trips for a couple of days and I don’t always have the opportunity to fully wash my hair and style it. With this shampoo, it is enough for me to wash my hair every 3-4 days. I apply oil on the tips so as not to overdry.

Shampoo, maybe, quite good, but after its application I can not make anything with hair. Soap already 2 times, it seems, and dandruff has become less. But the hair does not comb, do not lay. Already used with my balm, still nothing good. Hair becomes unyielding, dry, bristling tips. He definitely does not suit me, I will look for another tool or a shampoo of another brand.

Tar shampoo from grandmother Agafi

Dermatological shampoo from grandmother Agafya designed to combat seborrhea. In spite of the fact that the soap root is indicated as a base, the shampoo foams very well, washes hair and cleans the scalp. This improves the blood supply to the tissues, normalizes the functioning of the sebaceous glands, inhibits the growth and reproduction of fungi that form dandruff. Tar does not smell, has a slight herbal aroma.


  • Birch tar
  • Climbazol 1%
  • Vitamin PP
  • Soap root

Shampoo can be used for the treatment of seborrhea, and its prevention. Well removes greasiness when oily type of hair. The cost of tar shampoo from Grandmother Agafi from 70 rubles for 300 ml.

Reviews Grandma Agafya tar shampoo

Catherine (Katrina), 41 years old

Shampoo good, helps with dandruff. But I do not believe that for such a price you can buy a product without SLS. Organic shampoos on mylnyanki can not foam so much! Well, okay, the main thing that helps.

Alice (Alisa1212), 38 years old

As part of the specified tar, I expected a specific smell, but not received. The aroma is very pleasant, light. Shampoo perfectly coped with dandruff, put a solid 5.

Larisa (Loka Kass), 25 years

Tortured, I tortured my hair, poisoned with various means of dandruff and nothing really helped. She decided on tar soap, went to buy it, and accidentally stumbled upon a shampoo with tar from Agafya. He coped well with the problem, he washes his hair well, is generally happy and now the manufacturer has decided to look at it. I did not think that such quality is possible for this price.

Tar shampoo Tana

Tar shampoo Tana declared by the manufacturer as a complex homeopathic drug that has antifungal effects and relieves inflammation from the scalp. The product is approved by dermatologists and is actively recommended by them for the treatment of dandruff and psoriasis. The texture of the shampoo is thick, the smell of tar. Foams well, as it contains sulfates.


  • Birch tar
  • Tetranil
  • Coconut oil
  • Lemon acid
  • Glycerol

Action shampoo Tana:

  • Eliminates dandruff and itching
  • Helps to cope with psoriasis
  • Prevents hair loss
  • Normalizes water-salt balance
  • Makes hair shiny and strong

Buy tar shampoo Tana can be from 160 rubles for 300 ml.

From the 911 series from Twins Tack

Helps to get rid of dandruff and seborrhea, removes peeling and itching, contributes to the suppression of fungus and inflammation of the scalp. Its use helps prevent hair loss and normalize the sebaceous glands.

Thanks to coconut oil and glycerin, the shampoo does not dry the skin and outer shell of curls. It helps to overcome various dermatological problems. Itching disappears after the first use, dandruff after 2-3, hair stops falling out after several times of use.

From “Grandmother Agafya”

Due to the presence in the composition of the antimicrobial drug component Climbazol, shampoo effectively fights dandruff and heals the scalp. Perfectly cleanses the hair, improves blood circulation, has a positive effect on the sebaceous glands.

Does not smell of tar. It has a herbal aroma, so the curls get a pleasant smell. Suitable for the prevention and treatment of dandruff, significantly reduces hair loss.

The composition of the tar extracts of celandine, St. John's wort and succession, as well as citric acid. Removes excess sebum and dead cells from the surface of the scalp.

It is an effective anti-dandruff agent.. Another advantage is the prevention of hair loss and acceleration of hair growth. It will be especially useful to owners of fat locks.

Helps to stop hair loss, eliminate dandruff and itching, regulates the sebaceous glands. After using the shampoo, the curls become strong and shiny.

It has antifungal and anti-inflammatory effects.. It has a pronounced tar smell that lasts for a day after washing.

From Belita-Vitex

An excellent tool for those who have a problem hair. Effectively eliminates hair loss and promotes their rapid growth. It is enough to undergo a course of application of the means in order to see positive results for a short period of time.

Hair after this shampoo becomes lively, thick, get a nice shine. Suitable for those who have fat strands, who can not get rid of dandruff and seborrhea.

Tervapuun Tuoksu by Foxtel OY

Produced in Finland. Contains pine tar. It has a liquid consistency and poorly washed. It is necessary to apply foamed shampoo, so you have to try. But the tool has high efficiency and really helps to solve the problem of hair loss.

Due to the various dietary supplements in the composition, hair follicles are strengthened. Curls are easy to comb, even without the use of balms and rinses. Already after the first application, the number of hairs dropped out is noticeably reduced. In addition, he copes with dandruff and peeling of the scalp.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • increasing the flow of blood to the bulbs, strengthens the roots and accelerates hair growth,
  • helps to defeat various diseases of the scalp, destroying microbes,
  • reduces sebum, helping hair look neat and less dirty.

Against the background of numerous advantages there are only a couple of disadvantages of tar shampoos:

  1. unpleasant smell
  2. strong drying effect.

Active ingredients in the composition

Wood tar is an organic product. There are no aggressive components for hair.

When choosing a shampoo, you need to pay attention to the label. If the remedy is natural, then there should be a stigma indicating the absence of SLS and harmful parabens.

Tar shampoos include the following beneficial ingredients:

  • Organic acids, essential oils, phenolscontained in tar. Promote mild dissolution of fats, cleanse the scalp, eliminate dandruff. Stimulating blood supply in the upper layers of the skin, help to stop hair loss and activate their growth.
  • Allantoin. Provides regeneration and hydration of the skin. Stimulates the growth of hair follicles. Prevents irritation. It has a softening effect.
  • In many tar shampoos manufacturers add burdock extract or extract. This ingredient regulates the sebaceous glands and restores damaged curls.
  • May also be present extracts of thyme, peppermint, golden whisker, essential oils of lemongrass, chamomile, sage. They act as enhancers of therapeutic effects on the hair and scalp.

Watch the video about the composition and healing properties of tar shampoos:

How to use?

  1. First you need to pour the tool into the palm or container and foam well.
  2. Then apply on the scalp with massage movements, then spread over the entire length of the hair.
  3. Wait 1 minute and rinse.

The drying effect of the shampoo can be mitigated by rinsing the curls with water acidified with apple vinegar (1 tablespoon to 1 liter of warm water). After use, the hair should be pampered with oils, if this is resolved with an existing problem.

Application course

For prevention, you can use the tool 1 time per month. In the fight against hair loss it is necessary to apply tar shampoo no more than 2 times in 7 days, in courses of 5-7 weeks, with a break of 2-3 months.For oily hair, it is permissible to use the product 3 times a week.

Be sure to alternate with regular shampoo.

What is the efficiency?

Dandruff disappears or decreases after just one use. In 2 weeks After applying the tar shampoo, the curls become healthy and their loss stops. If the hair falls out abundantly, you need to use the tool for at least a month.

Judging by the reviews, the most effective is “Tar shampoo 911”. It is this tool that is able to solve the problem of hair loss in the shortest possible time.

Hair loss

The use of tar shampoo for hair loss is fully justified. The elements found in tar feed the hair follicles and stimulate hair growth. The composition improves blood circulation near the roots and promotes the recovery of the bulbs. Duration of use on average two to three weeks. It is not recommended to use it for more than a month.

Tar shampoo against dandruff is considered one of the most effective natural formulations. The elements included in the connection have a positive effect on the dermis of the head, killing microbes that cause the appearance of flakes. In addition, eliminate excess sebum.

Tar shampoo for psoriasis can ease the overall look, if applied correctly, as a rule, following that and instructions. Helps relieve burning sensation, relieve from itching and peeling. In addition, it is used to prevent this inflammation. Standardly in a mixture of anti-psoriatic tar shampoo there are other elements that negatively affect the fungal infection.

Despite the active influencing elements, tar shampoo cannot be saved from depriving alone. But as a preventive or auxiliary composition fits perfectly. When using it is not recommended to allow drying of the skin of the head, so as not to complicate the quality.

It is quite possible to apply with demodicosis on the advice of a trichologist. Any use of shampoo for medicinal purposes should be appointed by a qualified professional. Otherwise, it is quite possible to mix other difficulties with the existing ones.

Anti-dandruff shampoo performance

To obtain the result, male or female store cosmetic compositions should be used constantly, in which case the result will become noticeable. Pharmaceutical formulations give results after the first washing of hair, because their main task is to cure the disease, and not temporarily get rid of it. As a rule, stopping to wash your hair with a shopping bag, dandruff returns again, because its impact ends.

There are three types of anti-dandruff formulations:

  • Exfoliating. Work as a scrub. Suitable for greasy hair.
  • Antifungal. They prevent the multiplication of fungi, helping to get rid of the disease.
  • Degary. Slow the appearance of dandruff on the dermis of the head, contribute to its disappearance.

Why is tar shampoo useful?

Tar is a natural product that is obtained from the bark of a tree by dry distillation. It is an ancient drug for the treatment of skin ailments, added to the shampoo for seborrhea. After distillation, it retains all the healing elements of wood - esters, phenols and organic acids. The tar has a nondescript color, it has a sharp bad scent.

Anti-dandruff tar shampoo:

  • acts disinfecting,
  • improves blood flow to the hair follicles,
  • peels the horny layer of the skin, replenishes damaged cells,
  • normalizes the function of the external secretion glands of the skin of the head, regulates sebaceous excretion,
  • prevents hair loss,
  • contributes to coping with seborrheic psoriasis.

If you compare tar shampoos against dandruff with other compounds - there are not so many components. The main therapeutic component is tar, auxiliary in the form of extracts from medicinal plants (burdock, aloe, celandine). Complementary components can be: lamesoft, sodium chloride, methyl paraben. It is not recommended to purchase cosmetics, in which there is Sodium Laureth Sulfate, this component dries the dermis, can aggravate inflammation.

Healing characteristics

Tar has an antimicrobial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect. Reduces redness, accelerates wound healing on the skin, removes dandruff. In the early 20th century, doctors began using tar and soap shampoo to treat eczema, allergic dermatitis, seborrhea, folliculitis, psoriasis and other skin inflammations.

How to use anti-dandruff shampoo

Doctors-trichologists prescribe tar shampoo against dandruff, for the treatment of excessive oily skin of the scalp, psoriasis, seborrhea or lice. The course of treatment is on average 3-7 days. There are certain contraindications to use. It is not recommended to wash your hair with tar if:

  • dry dermis of the head and hair,
  • have allergies.

Shampoo is quite possible to use as a preventive measure, but washing the head with tar is important to alternate with the ordinary, so as not to spoil the curls. Consuming such a composition can make strands untidy. Birch tar for hair is quite useful, but due to the excessive accumulation of this element on the surface, they are quite difficult to comb, because they become tougher, more confused and split.

Terms of use shampoo with tar:

  • wet your head with warm water
  • Pour the amount of liquid into the palm of your hand, lather,
  • put foam on the hair, avoiding the skin of the head, massage it,
  • properly remove. If after washing your hair stick, rinse them with chamomile decoction.

In order to eliminate the bad aroma, rinse with water with lemon juice or vinegar.

The best healing tar shampoo

It is problematic to choose the right one from a wide range of medical formulations. To cope with this task will assist the reviews of the compositions:

911 tar. Produced in Russia. In addition to tar, there is coconut oil and glycerin. Effectively relieves itching, fungi, flaking and other skin problems of the head.

Tervapuun Tuoksu Foxtel Oy. Finnish tar shampoo against dandruff. In the mixture there is tar Finnish pine. Effectively fights lice, prevents hair loss.

Recipes grandmother Agafia. Produces Russia. In addition to tar, there is an active component, Climbazol, which prevents the growth of the fungus.

In addition to the listed tar compositions, it is quite possible to find companies on the shelves of the stores: Neva Cosmetics, Perhotal, Psoril, Friderma and most of the others. It is not difficult to buy medicated anti-dandruff shampoo at the pharmacy, the main thing is to find the one that suits you. It must be borne in mind that each person has a different hair type and reaction to the chemical composition of the acquired composition.

Where to buy and how much it costs

The price range for tar shampoos is varied: from 60 to 400 rubles, it all depends on the brand of the manufacturer and place of purchase. It is quite possible to purchase a composition against dandruff in pharmacies, supermarkets, cosmetic stores, on the market, ordered in online stores and on the official websites of manufacturers. Each tar stock has its advantages and disadvantages; user feedback will help you decide your choice.

Which pick

Tar shampoo produced by most manufacturers, but each has its own characteristics. Trust is much better for those who have already proven themselves on the positive side. Below - Top 4 brands of tar shampoo with a good reputation.

"Grandmother Agafya". In this series it is quite possible to meet several varieties. For example, “Grandma Agafya's Tar Shampoo with Seborrhea” is used for seborrheic dermatitis. It has anti-inflammatory, antifungal and anti-dandruff action. In its composition there is an additional substance, Climbazol, which inhibits the growth of pathogenic fungi.

«911». Tar shampoo "911" can be used for seborrhea, psoriasis, dandruff. Composition with proven performance. A lot of good reviews about this particular manufacturer's shampoo. Of course, there are also negative ones, but more often this is due to improper use. Sold in pharmacies in bottles of 150 ml.

"Neva cosmetics". Tar shampoo "Neva Cosmetics" - one of the most popular formulations in the line of tar compositions of this manufacturer. In the mixture there is a component-conditioner to facilitate combing. Has a high rating of reviews. Manufacturer on the market for more than a century.

"Finnish". "Finnish tar shampoo" contains not pine birch, but pine tar. It has an extremely bad flavor, but a fairly high performance. It can be seen in much better after the first application. The mixture contains natural plant extracts and bioactive components, due to which it does not dry, but on the contrary, moisturizes the hair and dermis. It has a sufficiently liquid density, poorly foams. It is quite possible to find it in professional stores, it is not advised to use it more than twice a week.

In order to understand whether it is necessary or not to try the composition, it makes sense to study the reviews of tar shampoo for those who already have experience of its use.

Tar shampoo Neva cosmetics

Tar shampoo from Neva cosmetics possesses anti-inflammatory and antipruritic action. Effectively removes dandruff and excess sebum. Be wary of using on dry and damaged hair, as you can exacerbate the situation. Well foams, has a light natural aroma, effectively relieves irritation of the scalp. Reviews tar shampoo from Neva cosmetics are mostly positive, although the composition is not very natural.


  • Tar birch
  • Ammonium lauryl sulfate
  • Sodium lauryl sulfate
  • Coconut Emulsifier
  • Salt
  • Cocamidopropyl betaine

You can buy tar shampoo from Neva cosmetics from 70 rubles for 250 ml.

Tar shampoo Neva cosmetics reviews

Varenka, 24 years old

Shampoo from Neva cosmetics class! Efficient, inexpensive and great help! Recommend!

Angelina, 36 years old

Never in my life will I buy tar shampoo from Neva cosmetics anymore. My hair fell out and there was a terrible itch. I did not even expect anything like that, after reading positive reviews, I decided to purchase it, since there was a bit of dandruff. Maybe someone he is suitable, but not for me.

Neva cosmetics shampoo is an alternative to tar soap. No more, no less. Hair is the same hard, not very well washed off and the smell is appropriate. But dandruff disappears very quickly, but for this you can suffer a little discomfort! I'm for +++

The main component of any tar shampoo is tar. And he has the ability to dry skin and hair. Therefore, owners of damaged and dry hair should definitely use a moisturizing balm or mask. And then beautiful, healthy and strong hair is provided.

We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the list of the best natural shampoos for hair without sulfates, chemicals and silicone.

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