Face shapes and hairstyles for them

Hair - the most important step in creating a unique image. The variant depends on the variety of the face and the grooming and the quality of the strands. If you choose the right hairstyle, it will help highlight the dignity of appearance and carefully hide the flaws.

The color of the curls is also important: the dark strands visually make the face narrower, while the light ones make it more round.

You can pick up a haircut on the computer. To do this, there are specially designed programs.

When choosing the package takes into account many parameters. It is worth paying attention not only to the shape, but also to the constitution and length of the neck. In order to choose the right haircut, it is necessary to take into account the fat content of the strands and their thickness.

Hair should emphasize the style of women.

How to choose the right model for the oval face type

It is easy to choose a haircut to the face of the oval type, since this type is considered ideal.

If the curls are thin, then you should not wear long curls. It is better to choose a multilayer installation.

Women with an oval type fit short styling. To emphasize the oval, strands along the contour are lightened. Experts recommend quickly pick up the hair color on the computer.

It should be borne in mind that even and long hair can slightly stretch the face. The same effect I have high bouffant on the head.

Computer selection of hairstyles recommends all sorts of horse tails for such a person.

An interesting option are braids and weaving for this type. When creating loose curls worth choosing small curls and waves.

It is considered fashionable styling with a little mess on the head and chaotically curled locks.

A short female haircut is best done with a side parting, which creates softer lines.

Oval faces look great with or without bangs. Such options as a long caret, a cascade or a classic bean are recommended.

Styling options for round shape

The program for the selection of hairstyles for round faces does not recommend the use of too lush and wide bangs. The roundish lines undermine any kind of curling. You should not do styling with the tips on the cheekbones or near the cheeks.

A hair color matching program will help you find the best shade for a round face. Do not pick a single color. For such an oval, uniform parting or horizontal lines will not work.

Defining face shape with a mirror

To do this, take a washable marker or lipstick and stand at a distance of half a meter from the mirror. Light must necessarily fall from above, and not on the face. You need to gently circle the contours of your face, starting from the chin. Then go to the cheekbones and forehead.

After that, you can begin to analyze the face: where he has the widest part, how much the cheekbones, what width of the forehead. Having determined these parameters "by eye", you can calculate your type of face.

With the help of tailor's meter

  • First need measure cheekbones on protruding parts. These parameters will correspond to the width of the cheeks,
  • Jaw width is measured as follows: A centimeter should be applied just below the ear and bring it to the middle of the chin. The resulting figure must be multiplied by "two",
  • The forehead is measured by its widest part: measuring tape must be laid from one temple to another,
  • Face Length: A centimeter is applied in the middle of the forehead and lowers to the most protruding point of the lower jaw.

The method of "four measurements"

With it, you can quite accurately determine the shape of the face and conclude which hairstyles are suitable for it.

How to measure:

  • 1st measure to make horizontal, and hold on the top of the forehead,
  • 2nd — at the top of the brow,
  • The 3rd parameter is measured on the lips, at their highest point,
  • The 4th measurement is performed vertically along the hairline, through the nose and up to the lower jaw.

Forms of faces are different and hairstyles for them, too, need to choose the appropriate.

If you correctly calculate your parameters, you can achieve a perfectly created image.

In total, stylists and hairdressers distinguish 8 standard types.

Stylists allocate eight standard face shapes. For each of them, certain types of hairstyles are recommended.

Oval face

This type is easily recognizable by sharp protruding cheekbones. Such faces resemble an egg, which is turned upside down with its sharp part. Usually, The forehead and jaw of the owners of this type of face are almost identical, the chin is slightly rounded. A classic example of this type is Sarah Jessica Parker.

Triangular face

In this type of face, the width and length are almost the same. But the forehead is the widest part of it. Sometimes there are varieties of this person, in which the forehead and cheekbones may be the same in width. Such a face ends with a pointed chin. A typical example of a triangular face in "Blonde in law" is Reese Witherspoon.

Diamond face

This type of face is a bit oval. The only difference is that his chin is pointed. A forehead resembles a cone. Such a person has Sophia Loren. Looks no less impressive and the type of her American counterpart "Catwoman" Halle Berry. Madonna, is also among the owners of a diamond-shaped face.

Round face

The name of this type speaks for itself. The widest part of such a face is cheekbones. But usually the measurements in width and length are almost the same. Drew Berimore and Cameron Diaz - bright representatives of this type.

Rectangular face

Almost perfect rectangle is achieved by straight lines on the border of hair growth. Cheekbones in shape - angular, and the proportions of other parts of the face are the same.. Britney Spears, Gwyneth Paltrow, Heidi Klum - these recognized beauties have rectangular faces.

Trapezoid (pear) face

The width of the face is slightly less than the length. It is gradually narrowed down. The forehead is usually wide, and the border of hair growth is clearly defined and almost straight. Kelly Osbourne, Jennifer Aniston and the Mini Driver are owners of this type of person.

Heart-shaped face

It is believed that this type is the most feminine. The shape of the “heart” is underlined by a special hairline: a “tick” is clearly expressed on it, which is formed by the hair.

This type of face is characterized by a broad forehead, narrow chin and protruding cheekbones. Representatives of this type: Eva Longoria, Kim Basinger and Marilyn Monroe.

Stylists say that all face shapes are good in their own way, if you choose the right haircut and hairstyle for each of them, then you can visually correct the flaws that each person has.

How to choose a good hairstyle in the shape of the face - what else you need to know.

Makeup artists warn their clients: when changing the image, in no case can one be guided only by fashion trends.

Incorrectly chosen hair color or haircut style can cause irreparable damage to the overall image.

It was not by chance that experts classified the basic forms of the face and selected hairstyles for them.

Here are the main tasks that real professionals set themselves when working with a client:

  • Hide the flaws. Ideal faces do not exist. Not all hairstyles will suit even an oval face,
  • We emphasize the merits. With the help of a haircut, you can hide imbalances in the face, and focus on the most attractive parts of it,
  • Avoid extremes. Even the most correct facial features can be distorted as a result of incorrectly selected hair length and shape of the haircut.

The choice of the right image is influenced by several factors that the master must take into account:

  • Hair color. Light tones will make the face visually wider. And dark shades significantly narrow it. As a classic example, the main character from the movie “The Adams Family” is Martis. Long black hair visually lengthens the already narrow face,
  • Hair length. A short "hedgehog" can only afford the owners of perfectly regular head shape. A round head from such a haircut will look like a soccer ball. A narrow skull should not be framed with long hanging locks,
  • Hair structure Hard and curly hair will stand on end if you cut it short. A thin and light hair is better to cut than to pull them on the back of the head.
  • Individual characteristics Faces also need to be considered when choosing hairstyles and haircuts.
  • Hair and makeup should be a perfect match. Properly selected make-up will complement the image, and make the flaws of the face less noticeable.

Stylists advise: before visiting a beauty salon, you need to look critically at yourself in the mirror, assess your merits and see the flaws

What haircuts are suitable for a round face

This type needs visual lengthening. Since the width from the top of the forehead and the distance between the cheeks are the same, it is necessary to balance the proportions. This effect can be achieved on long and medium hair.

For a round face type haircut cascade and large curls. If you do a short haircut, then she needs to give a maximum volume, so that the hair seemed larger.

Not bad will look on such a face and asymmetrical bob car. Its length should be well below the chin line, and the back of the head must be raised.

Hairstyles for round face shapes

With a round face, a classic square to the middle of the cheek is strictly contraindicated. It is better to completely abandon the direct parting and short bangs. On such a head, it will ideally look like a side parting.

What haircuts are suitable for a square face

According to stylists, the square face is very expressive. But it requires a special approach.

To soften the harsh lines of the square, women need to choose haircuts that will make the face softer.

Ideal - caret, below the level of the chin. But it should not be too voluminous at the cheek line.

What haircut is suitable for an elongated face

For this type of person, you need to select hairstyles and haircuts that will visually round it. Women belonging to this type, you need to forget about the long and absolutely straight hair, say stylists.

An obligatory element of a hairstyle for an elongated face should be a fringe. It can be any: long, short, straight or beveled.

Hairstyles for an elongated face

The main goal is to divert attention from too long a face. For this type of suitable various options for graded and multi-layered haircuts. Look great graduated "bob"

What haircut is suitable for an oval face

Oval face shape from hairdressers and stylists is considered ideal. All variants of hairstyles and styling are suitable for it.

A cascade, a classic caret, or a short “hedgehog” - an oval will perfectly fit into any frame. Some stylists still believe that haircuts "under the boy" violate the natural harmony of such a face and deprive him of femininity.

Hairstyles for an oval face

An oval face is equally suited for bangs and their absence, you can collect hair in a "tail", or dissolve them along the face.

Hairstyles for the triangular face.

Certain restrictions in the choice of hairstyles are imposed in the case of a combination of a narrow chin with a wide forehead. With the help of hairstyles, you must visually expand the lower part of the face. Curls and squares with styling "on the face" is an ideal option for such a type.

Hairstyles for square face

On a square face, hair looks good with a volume at the top of the head. Thanks to the easy "pile" on the fringe, you can visually stretch your face. Ideal oblique parting, beveled bangs and large curls.

Hairstyles for a square face

Women with a square type of face should avoid haircuts in the style of the square, and tied in a "tail" of hair.

Heart-shaped facial haircuts

Ideal haircuts that visually reduce the forehead and make the chin wider. A car on a side parting and with beveled bangs is the best option. The main thing is to choose the desired length.

Ladies with a heart-shaped face will suit a square, the length of which will be below the level of the chin. And the hair should be laid in the direction of the face.

Hairstyles for a rectangular face

Even a steep forehead in combination with a protruding chin and clearly defined cheekbones can be beautiful if you choose the right hairstyle. With the help of lush shapes, you can divert attention from the obvious flaws of the face and turn them into advantages.

Hairstyles for a rectangular face

Suit almost all options haircuts. The main thing is to give them as much volume as possible. No "licked" strands, warn stylists!

Pear face shape: haircuts

With this face shape, both long haircuts and medium-length hairs are allowed. The main task of the stylist is to avoid a large amount of hair at the chin.

Pear Shaped Haircuts

You can not choose haircuts with the same length of hair and ultrashort. They will visually enlarge the top of the head. Haircuts with oblique bangs are welcome, for example, bob-caret with a length below the cheekbones.

Diamond-shaped hairstyles

Wide and high cheekbones, narrow forehead and pointed chin - these disadvantages can be turned into advantages if you visually narrow your cheekbones and maximize the line of the forehead with the help of a hairstyle. If the hair is long, large curls are ideal.

Stylists say that with such a face hair can not be combed into a straight parting. Lines should only be asymmetrical.

Diamond-shaped hairstyles

On the hair of medium length is appropriate to make a square or elongated bean. Short hairstyles with this type of face are allowed, but they should be as voluminous as possible.

Long nose

If nature has not rewarded with a neat nose, then you should give up smooth hair. Voluminous haircuts "distract" attention from this drawback.

If everyday hairstyle involves wearing a "horse tail", then the hair can not be fully tightened with a rubber band. At the face and behind they need to give a small amount. The only possible option bangs - oblique and torn. If this part of the hairstyle is straight and thick, then it will only increase the nose.

Owners of a long nose is better to choose medium length haircuts

Sarah Jessica Parker is not at all shy about her rather big nose, just with the help of a properly selected image she managed to turn this disadvantage into a distinct advantage.

Short nose

To a snub-nosed person or with a nose “potato, smooth hairstyle is contraindicated. For this type of person fit hairstyles, allowed bouffant. Victoria Beckham style icon successfully masks your not too neat nose with a shovel of hair.

Owners of snub nose better to choose voluminous hairstyles

Large curls and large bunches will do. Style "lyrical mess" - a great option. The shape of Sandra Bullock’s nose is by no means perfect. But the right hairstyle makes it irresistible.

Short neck

To visually lengthen the neck, you can make a haircut "under the boy." This option is not for everyone, but only for the most courageous. Low hairline is easy to correct using a typewriter. But then you have to visit the hairdresser quite often.

A short bob with extra long strands and a maximally raised nape will also help visually make the neck longer. If the hair is long, then they can be collected in a high "tail", or leave loose on the shoulders.

Long neck

In order to balance the proportions and make the neck too long, one needs to discard the hair gathered in a “tail” or shaved head. The cascade haircut will look perfect. Any version of the hairstyle that covers the neck at least to the middle will visually “shorten” this part of the body.

Big facial features

Stylists advise women with large and expressive features to choose voluminous hairstyles. Smooth and too short haircuts "like a boy" are absolutely not suitable for such people.

Volumetric square or curls can visually reduce the proportions of the face. This effect can be achieved with the help of properly selected highlighting.

Small facial features

Owners of persons with small features, in contrast, are contraindicated voluminous hairstyles with large curls. Against the background of hair, the face will become completely invisible. These women need to choose short hairstyles that open their face. Ears should be as open as possible.

Heavy chin

This natural flaw can be masked with the help of properly selected bangs. It will divert attention from the heavy lower jaw. Suitable caret with a length below the level of the chin. Hair in this case should be laid “to the face” and make the lower part of the hairstyle as lush as possible.

Flat face

In this case, stylists recommend not to be shy and completely open the face to the eyes of others, and the main focus should be on the hair from behind. No need to try to hide a flat face with bangs, it only emphasizes this shortcoming. For such a face will go hairstyles with curls and curvaceous curvaceous.

Each face is beautiful in its own way, and if a woman is dissatisfied with her image, then you need to choose the right hairstyle. Knowing what forms of faces are and what hairstyles are suitable for them, you can completely change your image.

Useful video materials on the subject “Face shapes and hairstyles for them”. Straightening curly hair and creating volume at the roots

How to choose a hairstyle according to the shape of the face. Stylist tips:

How to straighten hair without harm for them:

Round face shape

Every woman tries to look fashionable and perfect, so the question of haircut (hairstyle) appears more than once. For the owners of the round face stylists have prepared a lot of options for hairstyles and haircuts. Please note the hair length may be different.

A round face is smooth, soft lines, gives the appearance of childlike immediacy and has to itself. The type is determined simply: its length is almost equal to the width. Give the image of femininity, slightly stretch it, you can use some simple techniques:

  • Asymmetric, oblique bangs, laid on its side, with any hair length - a great option to hide a wide forehead, visually lengthen the face. A striking example would be Ginnifer Goodwin's short haircut. With the help of volumetric asymmetrical bangs, the girl managed to hide the fullness of her cheeks, to give an image of femininity.

  • Soft waves, calling on the face, will focus on the cheekbones and hide the “delicious” cheeks. At the same time, the parting should be straight, shifted to the right or left. This secret is clearly demonstrated by charming Mila Kunis.

  • For lovers of graded haircuts, you should move part of the volume to the crown. Cascading haircuts are suitable for medium hair lengths, but each of the tiers of the hairstyle should end below the chin line.

  • For girls with even hair, you can correct the rounded shapes by moving the parting from the nose bridge. In the photo, Kelly Clarkson, who managed to narrow the face, thanks to an increase in volume at the crown and offset parting.

  • Another bright, successful example of how to visually lengthen a face is the image of Marilyn Monroe. Voluminous curls, bangs, falling on the face, transfer the volume to the crown and distract attention from plump cheeks.

  • Pixie haircut is a suitable option for bright and courageous personalities. But be careful, the bangs should casually fall to the side, and the main volume should be concentrated above the cheekbones. You can visually stretch your face using the example of famous actress Michelle Williams.

  • Another successful version of the shortened and fashionable pixie you can see in the following photos. Due to the multi-layered, gradient hairstyles on the top and side bangs at an acute angle, stylists managed to visually lengthen the face, divert attention from rounded cheeks.

Now consider hairstyles that are categorically inappropriate for chubby beauties:

  • straight bangs - a taboo for girls with a round face,

  • bob haircut with styling off face,

  • hair pinned on top, forehead fully open. To make the image harmonious in this case, it is enough to select a few strands of the face,

  • a parting strictly along the bridge of the nose with no bangs.

Rectangular shape

The rectangular face type is also called angular. Characteristic features of the exterior are massive, heavy jaw and straight hairline along the forehead, and the width in the forehead area is equal to the width at the chin. Angular outlines characteristic of a male face, and they give women rudeness.

The main task when choosing a hairstyle is to smooth the corners, visually give lightness to the image, narrow the width of the forehead and chin.

The following secrets of stylists will be useful to owners of a rectangular face:

  • For lovers of short hairstyles, pixie haircuts are ideal, a la garcon without bangs and with additional volume at the temples. Also important is the direction of laying - the curls are guided away from the face, opening the forehead.

  • A short haircut with thick, asymmetrical bangs will do. The extra volume on top of the chin will visually narrow. Pay attention to how harmonious and feminine Russian singer Valeria looks.

  • Bob-square, square, cascade will hide coarse features, provided that the length of the strands will be slightly below the chin, and part of the hair will go on the face, stylists recommend adding an image with a slanting long fringe and offset parting. A good example of successful transformation is the following images of Sandra Bullock.

  • Owners of long hair, you can use the example of the charming Angelina Jolie. The side parting and soft curls from the face help her to hide the angular outlines. The forehead remains open.

  • Ragged cascading haircut, asymmetrical bangs - a worthy solution. The method works on both smooth and wavy hair.

What mistakes should be avoided in choosing hairstyles:

  • symmetry is absolutely contraindicated for owners of a rectangular shape,

  • curls, curls should not cheat on the face,

  • smooth bangs hide your forehead and make your chin even more massive.

Square shape

If the width of the face at the level of the upper edge of the lips is equal to the width along the line of the eyes, most likely you are the owner of a square shape.

This appearance is rough, angular. To round out the outline, to give an image of femininity, sensuality will help such recommendations:

  • Short haircuts with additional volume at the temples open the neck, visually lengthen the face. In this case, asymmetric, but not even bangs are allowed. This act was used by American actress Natalie Portman.

  • Hide protruding corners of the jaw can be cut bob, elongated bob. It is not necessary that the hair be straight. Light curls with volume in the ear area round the face.

  • For long hair, it is better to use graded, cascading haircuts. Note that the shortest strands should be at shoulder level. A great example of such a reincarnation is the supermodel, actress and TV presenter Heidi Klum.

  • The socialite, famous sexy blonde Paris Hilton successfully manages to hide angular outlines, thanks to the extra volume at the neck and the asymmetrical, long bangs. Take note of this technique.

  • A pile at the crown, an open forehead and large curls in the neck - a great way to visually stretch the face. Rate this reception you can on the photo of world famous actress Demi Moore.

  • Another option to pull out and flatten a square face is demonstrated by American supermodel Cindy Crawford. An oblique parting, an open forehead and a little volume at the temples and below the chin helped make the image feminine, sensitive.

Frequent mistakes made by the owners of a square face:

  • straight bangs do not hide, and emphasizes angular shape,

  • cascading haircuts that frame the face, under the ban,

  • ladder that starts at earlobes,

  • additional volume in the cheekbone with a short haircut,

  • haircuts with hair length at chin level.

Diamond shape

The owners of the diamond-shaped face have a narrowed line of the forehead and lower jaw against the background of wide cheekbones. It is easy to correct the deficiency, it is enough to visually expand the area at the temples.

In this case, stylists recommend:

  • Oblique, angular or fluffy, rounded bangs - a condition mandatory in many cases. Notice how harmoniously feminine with her Lisa Kudrow looks.

  • Open forehead in combination with additional volume at the crown - an ideal technique for smoothing the massive cheekbones. It was successfully used by Sophia Loren, additional volume was added with a side parting.

  • The hair below the shoulders, styling, widening downwards, visually round the chin, make the image soft, soft.

  • Short asymmetrical haircuts with bangs - a great option.

  • There are curls, twisted at the chin line. It is possible that several strands cover the bulk cheekbones. At the same time, it is better to open the forehead, add volume at the roots, as Lisa Kudrow did.

Unsuccessful options for girls with a diamond-shaped face:

  • short, high-cut haircut and full forehead,

  • even hair without volume at the top,

  • styling, volumetric in the cheekbone,

  • central parting in combination with perfectly even strands.

To summarize: hairstyle is a magical tool with which you can hide some defects in the shape of the face, give it femininity and smooth out angular outlines. Recommendations of experts in our article will help to correctly place accents and choose a good haircut for every beauty.

How to determine the shape of the face?

  1. Take your hair away from your face. If you have a long hair, make a horse tail. Short hair can be wet and combed back.
  2. Take a picture full face. When taking a picture yourself, hold the camera in your outstretched hand right in front of your face.
  3. Print the photo. Using a pencil and a ruler, draw a vertical line on the center of the face - from the hairline to the extreme point of the chin.
  4. Now make three horizontal lines running parallel to each other. The first line is in the middle of the forehead, the second is under the eyes (close to the lower eyelids), the third is above the upper lip.
  5. Measure the resulting segments. Now compare the data and determine your type using the table. Knowing the shape, you can easily pick up a female or male haircut.

middle line is greater than upper and lower


This type of guy is more common than girls. It is characterized by an angular wide chin, straight hairline. The jaw, cheekbones and forehead are the same in width. Men with a rectangular face should refuse high and voluminous hairstyles. They fit short haircuts with bangs. Women, on the contrary, require additional volume. It will look good curls and curls, cascade hairstyles, elongated "bob". The optimal length is short and medium hair. Avoid haircuts with open ears, parted part, magnificent crown.

Women fit asymmetrical haircuts, softening the angularity of the face. These include: cascade, ladder, bob-square, rhapsody. If you have long hair, it is better to choose a “wave” styling. Bangs may be arched, layered. Accentuate the height and pomp of the hair. Make a zigzag parting.

Tips for men, how to choose a haircut to the face of a square shape, the following.

  • Prefer high hairstyles.
  • You will fit haircuts with torn edges, with a bang and short temples.
  • Choose styling with the effect of tousled and wet hair.
  • Your option - hairstyles in the style of 50-60-ies.
  • Will look good and smoothly combed back hair.

Stretched oval

Rounded chin, long nose, high forehead - these are the main signs of this type. Visually shorten the elongated face helps thick bangs to the eyebrows. It can be oblique, slightly filleted. Men need a hairstyle trapeze, which is characterized by unshaven temples, fringe on the side and the average length. Good will look hairstyles with careless styling.

How to choose a haircut on the shape of the face of women? To give the missing volume to the elongated face will allow a graduated bean, elongated pixie. Owners of long hair should look at haircuts page, cascade, ladder.

It is not difficult to choose a haircut for a man with an oval face. Owners of this form are both short and long hair. To emphasize the natural proportionality of the face will allow a small bang, the lack of a clear contour on the back of the head and temples. The best men's haircuts for oval shape: underrkat, boxing, Briton, halfboxing.

The choice of female hairstyles for the "oval" even more. On short and medium hair haircuts look great bob, garcon, square, pixie, sesson, on a long head of hair - a ladder and a cascade. Properly chosen hairstyle will only shade the existing contour of the oval face.

Chubby men lack angularity. To distract attention from the cheeks help haircuts Underkat, Briton, Quiff, Canadian. Visually stretch the face allow short temples with a long top. Asymmetrical haircuts go well with a round face. If you have long hair, lay them on one side.

Tips for women how to choose the right haircut for a round face, the following.

  • If you have long hair, choose a cascade with a slanting bang.
  • You will suit elongated in the face of the face bob and bob.
  • Do asymmetric styling, hair on the crown.
  • Oblique fringe will be an excellent addition to a short haircut.
  • Hairstyle "under the boy" is also your option, provided that the hair on the top of your head will be very short.
  • Medium and long hair lay down with light waves.

To balance the wide cheekbones and narrow chin, both men and women will be helped by stepped haircuts, graduated at the top of the head. It is undesirable to shorten the hair on the sides. If you have wavy curls, wear medium-length hair. Choosing a hairstyle for the type of person, give up hairstyles with volume in the cheekbone, short bangs, parted.

Men suit creative haircut with tattered bangs and short temples. A narrow beard will help to hide the narrow chin. For women whose face looks like a heart, we select a bean, as well as light curls from the middle of the head. You should abandon the short stumps, the volume at the temples and on the crown, torn strands at the cheekbones, fully open ears.

The main problem of such a person is too massive jaw. That is why both men and women of this type should avoid short haircuts. You will not fit hairstyles with open ears or forehead, parting. Pick up volume and air haircuts. Wear a long oblique bang. If you have wavy hair, comb them to face.


If the curls are thin, then you should not wear long curls. It is better to choose a multilayer installation.

Women with an oval type fit short styling. To emphasize the oval, strands along the contour are lightened. Experts recommend quickly pick up the hair color on the computer.
It should be borne in mind that even and long hair can slightly stretch the face. The same effect I have high bouffant on the head.
Computer selection of hairstyles recommends all sorts of horse tails for such a person.
An interesting option are braids and weaving for this type. When creating loose curls worth choosing small curls and waves.
It is considered fashionable styling with a little mess on the head and chaotically curled locks.

A short female haircut is best done with a side parting, which creates softer lines.
Oval faces look great with or without bangs. Such options as a long caret, a cascade or a classic bean are recommended.


The program for the selection of hairstyles for round faces does not recommend the use of too lush and wide bangs. The roundish lines undermine any kind of curling. You should not do styling with the tips on the cheekbones or near the cheeks.
A hair color matching program will help you find the best shade for a round face. Do not pick a single color. For such an oval, uniform parting or horizontal lines will not work.

The following recommendations will help you choose a hairstyle according to the shape of a round-shaped face:

  1. To approach the oval type, it is recommended to use multi-layered models and fluffy tops.
  2. With curly strands it is better not to stop the choice on shortened versions.
  3. Pulls face towering tail.
  4. If the curls are watery, it is necessary to hide the ears.
  5. Haircut selection program shows the varieties of uneven bangs that go to this type.
  6. Chunky girls fit short styling layered type: pixie, shortened bob or elongated square.

With rounded shapes, you should not perm. Wavy curls are aligned with the iron. In this case, you can leave curls on the tips.
The program for the selection of haircuts shows that for the round type you need to choose a cascade, asymmetric bangs or a luxurious tail.


No need to create extra pomp in the area of ​​the crown and long strands with even parting.

To choose a haircut on the shape of a face of this type, it is worth considering the following options:

  1. Bangs that close the forehead and shorten the oval are suitable.
  2. An additional volume of layered styling and curly curls is used.
  3. Hair selection program will help you choose bangs. They can be thick or oblique. They should cover the eyebrows and end below the cheekbone line.
  4. It should prefer a short length.
  5. A good option is an elongated bob with a fluffy strand.

If the rectangular face shape and hairstyle are voluminous, then a graduated ladder is chosen. This option will shift the focus from the cheekbones.


Selection of a hairstyle according to the shape of a square-faced face is characterized by certain difficulties. It is not recommended to leave straight strands, short curls or open forehead. In this case, symmetrical models and thick bangs are not suitable.

You should choose a haircut on your computer and consider the following options:

  • asymmetric options and bangs of oblique type are selected,
  • will go a little volume at the roots,
  • oblique bangs to the line of the cheekbones are selected,
  • strands, trimmed with steps,
  • Parting should be oblique.

To lengthen the face you need to choose a haircut with straight curls with a length below the shoulders.
Short models and thick bangs are not recommended.


In the barbershop you can choose a haircut for every taste. For the triangular type, wide and ultra-short bangs are not suitable. It is not necessary to pick up short models and lay heavily combed side curls. It is better not to use horsetail options.

Choose a hairstyle in the shape of the face for women, subject to the following recommendations:

  1. Trapezoidal styling is used, as well as carriages with tips curled to the outside.
  2. Decorated with oblique bangs with thinning.
  3. With a wide forehead is to prefer the elongated model.


To choose a haircut can women with elongated type of face. For this, a bang is used, which visually shortens the oval and masks its open part.
For an elongated type, styling of medium length is suitable, which are laid in magnificent waves on the sides. Do not use straight strands that act lengthening.

Practically all variants of bangs are suitable for this case.
It is recommended to caret with tips that fall below the ears. Fits combed to the side or asymmetrical bangs.

To choose the right haircut, you should not use direct partings in the image and open the forehead area. It is not recommended to make licked styling.


Thin and thin face shape and hairstyles for them require special attention. Cannot use combed back styling. It is necessary to leave locks and curls to visually round the shape.
In this case, the shortened bob looks, the length of which focuses on the middle of the ear.
To correctly choose a haircut on the shape of the face, you need to pay attention to the correct bangs.
A thin face will fit to the shoulders. It also looks like a ladder with rounded tips.

Short hair

The most common - haircut "bean". Curls smooth, slightly disheveled, voluminous, neat. Looks very stylish. For example, Kira Knightley has a “bob” on the back of her head, a short one and a long front.

"Care": short, voluminous, better suited to thin hair.

Pixie. Often the hair is about the level of the ears. If they are straight, thin, curly, pixie suits you. She is called boyish. Are you brave, athletic, stylish? Then the pixies are perfect, as for Rihanna.

Medium hair

"Caret". Looks very good, has a lot of differences. Thick hair - graded style is the thing. It is suitable for ladies with a nose larger, as it distracts with the pomp of curls. Long, short, shaggy. Open all sorts of images - from the vamp to the aristocratic woman.

"Bob-car". Outrageous, bright representatives of the fair sex. Usually with this type of strands are painted in bright colors.

Bob-kare well combined with curly curls. Cutting the average length of the straps on the exterior of the oval hides the extra length of the cheekbones due to the extra curvature of the curvature.

Long hair

What hairstyle to make to be the real queen of the evening? We offer:

Wind curls with large curls. Give them wealth. At the end put a special tool.

Strands, combed smoothly, oval face will go.

Curls that curl are good when collected. So you emphasize the gorgeous neck, focus on jewelry.

"Cascade". For this form - the most popular haircut, giving expressive, picturesque.

"Ladder" thick strands. From the chin line is cut out shorter, the length as a whole remains the same. Those who do not want to immediately shorten the length significantly.

Also this form will suit densely combed curled curls (curlers). Long strands with an oval face - a harmonious image.

Options for haircuts for an elongated face

This visually expands the oblong oval, making it prettier, balancing. Madam with an oblong face often have a sharp long chin, a massive elongated forehead. All these nuances are interestingly handled.

Selecting the elongated appearance:

  1. Bang. Better long, straight. This will give ovality.
  2. The “middle” cascade is the optimal solution.
  3. Long, straight curls draw more on the face.

Options for haircuts for a rectangular face

Some girls believe that this form makes it rougher, suggesting sharp tones. Meanwhile, this type is very strong-willed, stylish, fashionable. By selecting a suitable haircut, the hard edges are smoothed, the image softens, becoming more romantic.

First, we find out the appropriate elements to the "rectangular" face:

  1. The bangs should be tight, visually reducing the vertical view, softening the forehead in the corners.
  2. Asymmetric components, cutting, reducing diagonally the angular shape of a rectangle.
  3. Smooth out the angularity of the curls at the level of the chin.
  4. Smooth silhouette light wave strands.

3000 hairstyles

The software on the market is only a few years old, and it is already in high demand. The name comes from the number of men's, women's, children's hairstyles in the catalog - exactly three thousand. Upload your photo, choose a color, length, forming an “image”.

You can choose the styling, model the image. That is, eyebrows trim, apply lipstick, eye shadow, mascara. There are also options for the example of hairpins, hoops, necklace, earrings. The interface is simple, the work is carried out with two or more layers. You can save changes of several variations in one project.

Salon styler pro

Popular program in the salons, hairdressers, used by fashion professionals. The database is updated via the Internet. This software has new extravagant hairstyles in front, half-turn, side. The existence of the auto-match function will allow you to monitor the overlay of various images. Interval - 3 seconds. Press the "stop" button when you see the haircut that suits you.

The program also gives you the opportunity to look at yourself in the lenses, try on the frames for glasses, a hat, jewelry. Also you are modeling a lift, slimming, makeup. Options that you like can be saved to your personal gallery.

Stylist recommendations

If you want to change the image or make an original hairstyle, we advise you to read the main rules of face selection by the leading representatives of fashionable extravaganza:

  1. Chubby representatives are well suited as a short pixie (short bangs), and longer. It is better to bypass the long hairstyles shortening a face. Rounded out too exclude.
  2. Oval type look short disheveled hair, medium curls along the entire length. Straightened strands of dense structure will do. Bangs can be, but it is better to avoid too thick.
  3. Square type recommended longer than the level of the chin, in many layers. Long strands with lengthening obliquely fit perfectly.
  4. The triangular face should take into account: layering, a short “bob”, the volume in the jaw area, hairstyles, where there is a smooth bang.
  5. Those who have an elongated appearance - follow the volume.
  6. Rectangle. We prefer hairstyles, softening features. This curls, curls, asymmetrical haircut, long on the sides at the level of the cheekbones.
  7. Diamond face is relevant to where there will be bangs, preferably asymmetric, extended along the edges to the line of the cheekbones.

Watch the video: Good hairstyles for your face shape & how to determine your shape. Justine Leconte (November 2019).