How to make a hair with a rim?

Hairstyles with a rim on an elastic band are suitable for hair of any length. The universal accessory allows you to create an original styling in 10 minutes. The bezel with and without decor will support the shape of a voluminous beam, stylish retro styling and a Greek hairstyle.

Without a wide rim, decorated with rhinestones, feathers, it is difficult to imagine a hairstyle in the style of Chicago. Even a smooth carriage will change thanks to a stylish accessory. Choose an interesting option for your length, study the photo and description of styling.

Benefits of the accessory

The popularity of a simple device is easy to understand:

  • the elastic hoop fits tightly on the head, but due to the elastic does not squeeze it,
  • the accessory is easily attached to the long curls and ultrashort strands,
  • the bezel of different widths is suitable for any type of face, evens out proportions, allows you to hide minor flaws
  • Stylists offer dozens of options for everyday and evening hairstyles: from simple to extravagant,
  • the hoop is combined with most styles: from trendy to retro images,
  • strands, tucked under the bezel, give the image of femininity, tenderness,
  • interesting decor options are possible: from modest beads, strips of fabric to luxurious flowers and rhinestones,
  • a stylish accessory is combined with tails, braids, bunches, flowing stripes,
  • a beautiful rim decorated with flowers, ribbons, pebbles is often used to create wedding styling,
  • A simple accessory allows you to create a new, original image in a quarter of an hour. Practice, find a suitable width of the rim, the best methods of attachment. The elastic hoop is a great accessory for busy women.

Little tricks in creating styling

It seems nothing complicated: put a hoop on top of a braid or loose hair and everything, the new image is ready. It turns out that there are several nuances, knowledge of which will facilitate the creation of hairstyles on strands of different lengths.

Little tricks:

  • the bezel will not slip from the flowing curls, if you wash them in the evening, not in the morning,
  • curl soft curls lightly: so the hoop is holding tight,
  • to keep the hairstyle in shape, to help the accessory to keep tightly on the locks, help mousse or foam applied to the hair,
  • for a retro hairstyle, lightly add a head of hair in the right place: on the lush, voluminous hairs the hoop is held much easier,
  • for Greek styling, wedding look, hairstyle from loose strands, create luxurious curls, slightly peel at the roots,
  • Do not have time to wash your hair? Rescue double or wide hoop. Hang strands, collect in a braid or a tail, put on a stylish accessory. A light "staleness" strand will not be so noticeable.

Stylish hairstyles with elastic band

Which image to choose? Repeat the length of the curls, quality hair, hair texture. The rim on the long, thin strands only emphasizes the poor condition of the hair shafts.

For a large person a large width of the accessory is permissible. Casual and festive look requires a different decor. Study the description of a fashionable hairstyle with a rim, look at the photo. Surely there are interesting options.

Look at the options for hairstyles for ballroom dancing for girls.

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Original braid

How to act:

  • curl locks, lightly spice up the volume,
  • put on a soft accessory, release part of the order (about half of the total volume) upward so that the elastic will disappear under the hair, fix the side parts of the hair with invisible hair,
  • braid a braid of any kind: French, cone, fishtail, two braids, three-dimensional braid for wedding hairstyles,
  • secure the ends of the strands with a rubber band, decorate the weaving as desired,
  • For the celebration, lightly spray the styling with varnish.

Greek style

Soft natural curls comb, apply a little mousse or foam. Smooth hair curl slightly.

Step-by-step instruction:

  • put an accessory with a width of no more than 2–3 cm on the head, fix it with stealth,
  • turn the narrow straps under the hoop, starting from the sides,
  • Your task is to create a volume roller,
  • gradually pick up all the hair, straighten the Greek roller,
  • if desired, add ordinary or decorative studs with beads at the ends,
  • apply some varnish.

High beam

The original image is appropriate in the office, on a romantic date. Stylish styling is suitable for a retro fashionable party. Hairstyle should be slightly negligent. For a retro image, create a strong pile. Looks stylish styling with a double hoop or floral decor.


  • Easily comb the hair over the entire length, collect a high horse's tail. Tighten gum moderately tight
  • Put on the double bezel on the head of hair so that the first strip passes closer to the forehead area, the second - in the middle of the head,
  • comb with a thin end slightly pull the strands from the forehead, add volume,
  • create prickle on a ponytail, the more magnificent the better
  • remove from the total mass of hair a narrow strand, roll up a ring, fasten below the crown with a hairpin, if necessary - stealth,
  • pick up the next strip, tuck it in the same way. The result should be a magnificent bundle resembling a babette (flower),
  • correct the design, drizzle styling varnish.

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Styling for short strands

You can create an original retro look in 20 minutes. Choose a hoop of any width, richly decorated or concise.

How to act:

  • comb the hair, apply a little soft foam or mousse,
  • if length allows, curl your hair lightly with a curling iron or fasten velcro curlers to give maximum volume,
  • did the hair completely dry? Time to spin the strands
  • comb the entire mass of hair back, create a radial pile. With a sufficient length, add strands not only closer to the head, but also at the tips,
  • smooth the hairs with your fingers, then with a soft brush, apply a little varnish,
  • put on an elastic accessory, correct the design, once again sprinkle the top of the styling with a spray of strong fixation.

Loose hair

For reliable fixation, create a curling or styler soft or elastic curls. Think about what kind of image you need.

Slip the bezel closer to the eyebrow line or higher, like a tight hoop, picking up the front strands upward. The choice of option depends on your preferences, face shape.

Look at what images you can create with a rim of different shapes, widths and thicknesses. Owners of thick hair can leave strands straight. For convenience, carefully fasten the bezel a pair of invisible to match the hair.

A popular decor is a braid made of artificial hair from 1 to 3–4 cm wide, which women wear as a bezel. Elasticity gives the elastic attached to the ends of the pigtails. Spectacular consignment braid rim of different widths and thicknesses in fashion for several seasons.

Another simple, but spectacular image: the elastic is hidden under the bulk of the hair, a bandage with decorative elements passes through the forehead. The width of the soft hoop is from 1 to 2–3 cm. Check the reliability of the fastening of the original accessory.

Chicago bob haircut

A spectacular aristocratic image will help to create a tight bezel made of fabric, decorated with rhinestones, feathers, and an exquisite flower. Feature - a soft hoop with elastic on the elastic band is worn horizontally, parallel to the eyebrow line or above the hairline.

When choosing the width of the elastic strip, consider the same factors as in other cases. Owners of a small, narrow face is hardly suitable width of 5-6 cm, plus a huge flower or feather. A thin strip looks ridiculous on a full face with round cheeks and a double chin.

Wedding Hair Ideas

Romantic, gentle hairstyle with a rubber band firmly entrenched in the TOP - 10 styling for brides. Rhinestones, delicate beads, luxurious flowers are a must-have item of a fashion accessory.

Snow-white, silver, milky-white ornaments look spectacular against the background of dark hair. Blondes also fit the original decor. It will emphasize the sophistication of delicate ornaments with a border of a contrasting color, and the decoration of the petals of artificial flowers with gold and silver threads.

Shortly before the wedding, refresh the color of light blond strands. Choose the warm tones of the blond, emphasizing the expressive eyes. Exquisite bezel-gum will look luxurious on the background of shiny, healthy hair.

Important! For wedding styling with a fashion accessory, curl soft curls. Leave the strands loose, stab to the side, or braid a luxurious side braid.

Fashionable, interesting images are easy to create if you have a collection of accessories for all occasions at home. Hairstyle with the original rim on the elastic is enough.

A few more options for creating hairstyles with a rim on an elastic band in the following video:

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Rim benefits

The bezel has several advantages:

  1. The material from which the bezel is made is soft and does not cause discomfort.
  2. To make a beautiful hair with a rim, special skills are not needed.
  3. By preferring the bezel, you can hide the problem of fine hair.
  4. Reasonable price of a product allows to get them for each dress.

Popular hairstyles step by step

At this time, the most popular hairstyles with a rim are considered below.

This hairstyle, in the style of the 70s, instantly changes the image of a woman. It is suitable for long hair or curls of medium length. Better to do it for a solemn occasion.

Hairstyle with rim on the elastic band

Creation is carried out in this way:

  1. Hair is carefully combed to the side and tied in a high horse's tail.
  2. On the head put on the bezel. To keep it well, it is desirable to secure it with the help of invisible women.
  3. Hair should be divided into neat strands. One needs to select and fix on the line of the rim.
  4. Of the other strands form the harnesses, which are tightened, to get something like a boucle, which is fixed on the head in any order, with pins. With the strands that remain, do the same.
  5. With the strand fixed earlier, they do the same. At the end of the image the finished hairstyle is fixed with varnish.

Such a hairstyle with a rim on an elastic band will look festive and pretty cute.

Bezel trim

This option will be ideal for hair of any length. It is especially suitable for those who naturally have curly hair.

In this case, the girl does not need to perform the preparatory stage, but should immediately begin to create hair:

  1. Hair cheat on curlers or use iron. Tight curls should be gently beaten with your hands and fix with varnish.
  2. On the head wear a bezel.
  3. The hair is divided into four sections, of which two are side. All strands preferably a little combed, giving the hair volume.
  4. First of all, the strands on the back of the head are tucked in, rolling them into a roller, and the undercuts are studs slightly higher than the rim.
  5. Further, the side curls are slightly twisted and fixed in the direction from the temples.
  6. Curls pull a little and fix varnish.

Loose curls

Beautiful hairstyles with a rim for long hair are easy to do, following the recommendations.

But the combination of loose curls and a rim is especially popular:

  1. Hair comb and curl curling.
  2. Put on the bezel and fix it on the occipital region of the invisible, to keep it safe.
  3. There is one small curl, which is wrapped around the elastic of the accessory. Gently straighten it, securing the tip of the invisible.
  4. They take a few more strands and perform the same manipulations. At the same time, part of the hair remains loose.

Classic option

It will be indispensable for the solemn occasion:

  1. The bezel is put on the head.
  2. On the one hand, the curl is curled with a curling iron and, when folded, is laid over the rim, fastened with a pin.
  3. So, you need to do with the rest of the curls, alternately twirling them and stacking.
  4. If there is a bang, it is combed to the side.
  5. As decoration hair, you can use the studs with stones or beads.

The bezel is a hair accessory that allows you to experiment in every possible way, so the girl will have no difficulty in changing her hairstyle every day without buying additional funds.

How to make a simple hairstyle with a rim

First of all, you need to understand the basics, and then - your imagination. Laying can be varied colors, invisible color and intricate weaving.

Hairstyles with rim - simple and elegant. They are perfect for those cases where you have little time left to make an intricate styling, but enough to put your hair in order in a couple of minutes.

How to make the simplest packing with tape:

    Comb your hair and separate it with a parting.

Gently put on the hoop or tape and secure stealth in unobtrusive places.

  • Take a strand of hair, twist it into a bundle and tuck in the accessory.
  • Do the same with the rest of the strands.

  • Hair tips can be curled if desired.
  • At the end of the laying should fix the varnish. To give it a more romantic look, use your fingers to pull out a pair of strands from your face and curl them with a curling.

    How does this look, look at the photo:

    Beautiful hairstyles with a rim-crown

    Hairstyle with rim-crown is an elegant element for an unusual evening look. This styling is perfect for a wedding event or a romantic dinner. Accessory gives its owner a note of mystery and sophistication. With this crown, you will feel like a real queen (or young princess).

    The crown may differ in size and position in the piling. It can be mounted from the back on curvaceous curls or as a hoop - on top. It all depends on your preferences and solemnity of the event.

    To do this styling, three steps are enough:

    1. Stir hair at the roots and curl in curvy curls.
    2. Put the tiara on your head.
    3. Secure the styling varnish.

    The tiara is fastened by a comb or a special hairpin. Also, it can additionally be fixed invisible to the hair color in inconspicuous places. The hair at the back, if desired, is collected in a bundle of curls to make a new, unusual look.

    Look at the photo of how the tiara styling looks exquisitely:

    Hairstyles with a hoop and bangs

    Owners of bangs will certainly be happy with this accessory. After all, he is able to hide annoying strands during sports or windy weather. The essence of this styling is very simple: it is enough to put on a hoop, as if “diving” into it and thus tuck the hair back.

    For girls who like to experiment with their appearance, but are afraid of unforeseen consequences, a hairstyle with a fringe-bang will be an excellent solution. This accessory helps to instantly change the image without any consequences. If you wanted today to look unusual, in a new way, to surprise others, then a hoop with bangs will be the best solution.

    Using it is extremely simple:

    1. Comb your hair and tie a tight tail.
    2. Make a bunch in any way you like: using a special roller or just wrapping your hair around the elastic.
    3. Put on the hoop on the top of the head to create the effect of bangs.

    Your new unusual image is ready. The most important thing is that the bang can be removed at any time if it starts to cause you inconvenience.

    Look at the photo, what hoops with bangs look like:

    Wearing the rim on the elastic band

    Recently appeared headbands on the elastic band have managed to gain popularity among modern fashionistas. This option (this is a hirat) has several advantages:

    1. Hairat is very convenient because it is made of soft material, which is why it does not squeeze the head.
    2. The rim is easy to use. It does not require any professional skills to build a hairstyle with his help.
    3. With this gum, you can build many types of hairstyles.
    4. If you do not have time to wash your hair, hairatnik will help to hide this shortcoming.
    5. Hair with rim can be done both in the salon and at home.
    6. You can purchase several such accessories and each time pick them up to a new image or together.

    When buying a bezel on an elastic band, be sure to try it on: it should not squeeze your head or hold it loosely.

    Here are some tips for using this accessory:

    1. When the hair is clean, it is more difficult to style, so it is better to start doing the hair on the second day after washing your hair.
    2. If there is a need to put clean hair, use a mousse, apply it to the hair and blow dry with a hair dryer, after that you can do all the manipulations.
    3. Many of the fair sex even unwashed hair can hardly give in to styling, in this case it is worth applying mousse for the night, tying the hair into a bun.
    4. Another option is lightweight bouffant.
    5. In order that the bezel does not move and sat tightly on the head, at the base of the gum it is fixed invisible.

    If you follow these simple rules, even hairstyles for short hair will last longer and look perfect.

    The band on the elastic band will be an indispensable option for both long hair and hair of medium length. It is suitable for special occasions and for everyday life. There are many variations on this topic: you can wear a bezel on loose hair or you can build a roller out of it, tucking curls under the elastic band. You can braid the braid or make a tail, and put such a bezel on top. It will look very cute.

    Beautiful hairstyles with rim

    Retro hairstyle looks elegant and original in our days. The styling is done on loose hair. To do this, straighten hair strands using the ironing. Top to make a little bouffant. Bangs fixed rim. Properly laid curls emphasize the femininity of beautiful women. This hairstyle with a rim should be combined with the style of clothing. For example, she does not fit a sports suit at all, but it will look great with an evening dress or business suit. You need to choose the right shape and type of rim.

    Greek hairstyles with a rim are probably the most common in modern fashion trends. Such a packing is quite capable of doing himself.

    1. The hair is parted in the middle of the head. The bezel is put on over the hair and fixed by the invisible. Starting with strands from the ear, gradually wrap them all inwards.
    2. Also comb the hair, divide it in part and put on the bezel. The strand is twisted into a bundle and tucked into the rim, so all strands are tucked in.
    3. For a more voluminous hairstyle, which is suitable for special occasions, the bouffant is made at the roots of the hair and the comb is slightly smoothed. Just as in the first two versions, the strands are laid under the gum. One curl can be left without tucking, let it hang beautifully along the face. To give the image a more romantic look, you can release a few of these curls. Such a hairstyle is good for weddings.

    Make a high beam with a rubber band. This hairstyle is good for everyday use. By itself, styling is characterized by the fact that the lateral hairs are knocked out of the bun and give the image a casual look. The bezel also keeps its shape and does not allow the hair to take on an irregular shape. This makes it more practical.

    But it is worth remembering that when choosing a bezel, you need to take into account the style of clothing, its color and the environment in which you will be.

    If you go to a business meeting or to work in an office, you should purchase an accessory of neutral colors: black, white, beige. In the summer, suitable options for bright colors. Headbands with rhinestones, flowers, sparkles and sequins are ideal for parties, weddings and other celebrations. To complement the image, you can make beautiful headbands with your own hands.

    How to make a hair using rim-gum for long hair (with photo)

    Headbands always amaze with their endless variety. Among this set, special attention should be paid to the hoop with a rubber band. He firmly holds thick hair in the desired position. Its main advantage lies in the fact that it perfectly keeps on top of the head, does not slip and does not diverge. Hairstyles with rim elastic are effective on long hair, collecting them in a tight, strict styling, which with confidence will last until the end of the day. We will talk about how to make hair with the help of rim gum in just a couple of steps:

    1. Comb your hair and separate the parting.
    2. Tilt your head forward and perekin'te hair.
    3. Put on the rubber band by putting the hair in it.
    4. Bend back and flatten the hair to a neat look.

    At will hair it is possible to curl and fill under an accessory. Due to the hair elastic at the roots creates a small amount.

    Look at the photo of hairstyles with rubber band:

    Headband for loose hair: how to make a hair with curls

    Piling with bezel - this is not always a strict, cleaned hairstyle. Headbands, hoops perfectly complement the romantic image, if you wear them on loose hair. Strands can be curled into strong, airy curls. This can be done through a wide curling or ironing. Hair with curls and rim looks unusual and natural. Strands can be tied into a low tail, while creating a bundle of curls so that the styling has a more strict look.

    Loose hair with a rim - hairstyle that has become a global trend. Especially popular are the so-called "ears" - they decorate the head with rhinestones or lace. The hoop will perfectly complement the evening look and bring flirtatiousness and mystery. One option: just wear a hoop on top, and you can remove hair from the face. But remember that in the latter case, all the flaws of the face will be immediately visible. Curl the curls and decorate the top with a floral crown hoop. This will give the image of femininity. This accessory is perfectly combined with a light pastel dress.

    When choosing a hoop, pay attention to the presence of small teeth on the inside: such a bezel will hold tight and will not slip from the head.

    Look at the photo how trend hoops look like:

    Evening hairstyles with a braid rim: photos and step by step instructions

    If you prefer a more natural look, then the headband can be made from your own hair. This option is best suited to owners of long and medium length. On short hair, this is a little more difficult, but still possible. Hair with braid rim looks very feminine and natural. In addition, it will create a hoop effect if it is not at hand.

    Braid around the head is perfect as an evening hairstyle with a rim. Laying can be varied studs with beads or ribbon.

    Make this installation is not difficult:

    1. Comb your hair and separate the parting.
    2. On each side, in the place where you want to place the bezel, take 2 strands of hair.
    3. Braid pigtails on each side. It can be either a regular braid or a fishtail.
    4. Place the braids on the crown in the form of a hoop and secure with stealth.

    Look at the photo, step by step instructions on how to make a braid rim:

    Festive Christmas hairstyles with a rim

    Every girl wants to celebrate the New Year in a unique way. New Year hairstyles with a rim are distinguished by their simplicity and elegance. In preparation for the holiday forces to create a masterpiece of his hair just does not remain. In this case, a stylish accessory comes to the rescue.

    Festive hairstyles with a rim-tiara look elegant and are suitable for a noisy event, if you want to chain yourself to a lot of eyes. Laying can be varied intricate weaving: braid French openwork braid on its side and decorate it with a floral wreath or tiara.

    For young girls, a high beam with a rim will be an excellent option. It is enough to tie a taut tail and make the bundle in any convenient way, then decorate the crown with a hoop.

    Hairstyles with a rim for the New Year (with video)

    On the New Year hairstyles with a rim are very popular. After all, they are created quickly, and look gentle and elegant.

    Look at the photo options for such styling:

    If the hoop or bandage is constantly moving out and do not want to sit on your head, use a few of our tips:

    • secure the bezel with pins or stealth,
    • if you just washed your hair, a little bouffant will help with unruly hair,
    • To make the styling last longer, apply the mousse before you do the hairstyle.

    Every girl deserves to look feminine. Feel free to experiment to highlight your true beauty.

    Long hair with fleece

    Variant of an evening hairstyle with a rim for going out to the club, restaurant.

    Hair is stacked as usual (iron, hair curlers). A volume is created on the back of the head with a pile. Bezel fixes hair and bouffant. You can leave your hair loose or collect the strands from your face back by holding them invisible under the fleece (as shown in the picture below). In this case, the rim is better to “drown” with the ends in the collected back strands to create a more refined image.

    Greek hairstyle

    The rim for a Greek hairstyle is most often a ribbon or a bandage. This is a very stylish styling, it goes equally well to the dress and to the trouser suit. To create it you need to put a bandage on your head so that it borders the back of your head, and fasten it.

    Take the first strand of face, curl with an iron and pass through the bandage, additionally jokes invisible to the head. And so on, strand by strand hide all hair in a bandage. Lift the hair at the roots on top, fix with varnish.

    Braid with rim

    Chip this hairstyle in the "free braid". That is a soft, not tight, even sloppy spit, from which thin locks of hair are knocked out in places. Usually, it braids immediately to one side and is fixed either by an invisible one or a transparent rubber band so as to look the most natural.

    How to make a hairstyle with a rim and a scythe: it is enough to “fluff” the resulting braid, gently twitching it with your fingers to the sides. Bangs or hair on the face can be left freely flowing on the forehead. And on top of the resulting braid to fix the rim or a bandage, lifting his hair with his fingers at the back of the head. To fix a varnish.

    The resulting image is perfect for summer dresses, sundresses, jeans.

    Tail with rim

    Hairstyles with rim are collected and strict. To create such an image, you can use a simple bezel of a solid neutral color (or match your hair color).

    The tail can be collected on the back of the head. To create this hairstyle with a rim fit both low and high tail. The second option looks spectacular.

    Hair stacked in the usual way, going to a neat tail with a slight pile on the back of the head. The headband or bandage should be worn on the head as usual and slightly moved forward to create a small amount of hair at the forehead.

    As a rule, this hairstyle looks perfect with business attire and strict evening gowns, so the color of the bezel is chosen accordingly along with the image.

    Bezel with collected hair

    Well, finally, hair with a rim on the hair pulled back. Very stylish option, equally effective and practical.

    You can create both a classic strict image of a teacher, and a sloppy image of a dancer who has gotten her hair in a hurry, or a romantic neutral image of a girl, as shown in the examples of hairstyles with a rim in the photo below.

    The main nuance in a smooth and strict hairstyle with a bandage: carefully put all the hair back and fasten it in a bun at the base of the head. It does not hurt a little bouffant. The bandage is gently worn on the head, framing the face. Its color is best combined with lipstick and / or shadows to give the whole image harmony.

    Another feature of this hairstyle: even a little greasy hair looks very good in it. Therefore, if suddenly there is no time to wash your hair, you can safely choose this hairstyle with a rim / bandage.

    The scruffy image of the dancer: for this variation of hair, you can use a wide bandage. Hair gathers chaotically at the back of the head, strand attached to it behind the strand of invisible hair. You can take all the hair back straight, and you can create a side parting and release some of the strands from the face.

    Headband fixes the hair, giving it a finished look. Again, it is better to match the color to the lipstick or the details in the clothes, so that the image is complete and harmonious.

    The last variation of this hairstyle: a bun on the back of the head with a thin rim. Ideal for parties and business events, as well as for everyday office work.

    The hair is gathered by an elastic band into a magnificent bundle on the back of the head so that the elastic band is not visible. Use your fingers or a thin comb to slightly release the strands from the beam on the head, and then put on the bezel (single, double, triple). Released strands need to be adjusted so that they look evenly. Secure with hair spray.

    Needless to say, headbands and headbands are very popular among sports enthusiasts.

    This is a very simple and quick way to bring your head in order, look simple and stylish.

    From each of the above options hairstyle with a rim, you can create a few more variations. Your world of images, in fact, is limited only by your imagination. It is important not to be afraid to experiment and feel free to try new colors and styles, combine them with different outfits and look for your unique image.

    Hairstyles with elastic band

    This decoration is very stylish and relevant, with the help of which it is possible to create a lot of hairstyles - a bun, in Greek and retro styles and many others. In addition, its price is quite low, so an accessory can be available to every fashionistas.

    I am glad that the owners of this thing can use not only long curls. Excellent bezel elastic band for short hair, giving the hair unusual and light charm.

    The rim is an ornament that requires skills in its handling. There are many options for how to wear it to look stylish and elegant.

    Greek hairstyle

    Stylized under the Greek style hairstyle world stars have long fallen in love, because it looks so tender and romantic. This is one of the most popular options for wrapping your hair in a bezel gum.

    Greek styling looks very cute and gentle

    1. comb the curls and part,
    2. Wear a rubber band over the hair so that the strands at the temples and bangs (if there is one) remain free,
    3. put strands under the gum, starting from the face (at the part), ending approximately in the ear,
    4. Do the same action on the other side,
    5. comb create an additional part on the hair in the back of the head,
    6. twist the remaining strands in the form of harnesses and gently tuck under the gum,
    7. twist loose hair into bundles and alternately tuck under the gum,
    8. hairstyle can fix varnish.

    For this version of the Greek hairstyle rims are perfect in the form of weaving, based on leather, leatherette or suede.

    Step-by-step instructions for creating an elegant hairstyle in the Greek style

    Hairstyles with a rubber band rim for the hair in the form of a beam, in almost all cases, look very appropriate and stylish. In this case, it is better to use a double bezel-gum.

    1. create locks volume with the help of a pile,
    2. gather the hair in a high tail, securing them with a rubber band,
    3. put the double bezel on the head in such a way that its lower part passes over the line of the forehead, and the upper part - in the middle of the head,
    4. using a comb-tail, add volume, pulling the strands around the forehead,
    5. divide the hair of the tail into several parts
    6. each strand well,
    7. roll them up in such a way as to create the appearance of a flower,
    8. secure with studs
    9. fix the hair with lacquer.

    The bundle is suitable for all occasions

    Blonde braid - girlish beauty

    Very effectively, and at the same time, the braids in a tandem with a rim look romantic. There are many variants of weaving - a spikelet, a fish tail, an inner spikelet, a French braid, etc.

    It is very simple to make such a hairstyle with your own hands: over the braided braid, an accessory is worn so that it passes in the middle of the forehead. For greater solemnity, the braid can be decorated with sparkling rhinestones, flowers or ribbons.

    Laying option with oblique and elastic band

    Rim on loose strands

    The easiest way to create a hairstyle with this jewelry is to put it on loose hair. Despite its simplicity, the effect of this hairstyle is not lost at all.

    In order for the bezel not to blend with the color of your hair, it is better to choose contrasting shades.

    The rim on the loose curls - quickly and in an original way will give a special charm

    With loose curls, the bezel can be worn in different ways:

    • wear the accessory so that it passes over the forehead, and the rest of it is hidden under the strands,
    • if there are various ethnic prints on the jewelry, then it can be put on just over the curls, leaning towards the hippie style,
    • It looks quite interesting if the gum is hidden under the bangs on the forehead line,
    • You can wear it on top of bangs, just on the line of its separation from the rest of the strands.

    To make your hairstyle look more stylish and original, it is better to wear jewelry on voluminous hair.
    So it will give the impression that your heavy hair curls hold thin rims.

    When choosing and buying a rim, it is important to always consider what image you will try it on, here you need to take into account the style and color of clothing, the event itself and the situation.

    • For example, accessories of the same color and neutral colors are best suited for official events. - beige, black, white.
    • For parties and discos, ideal with rhinestones, sparkles and sequins.
    • In the summer period - all bright colors, with the addition of various decorative elements in the form of flowers and weaving..

    A great decoration option for summer

    If you are a creative person, then it will be easy for you to create a beautiful decoration with your own hands. To do this you will need a suitable rubber band and various decorative items. A bezel created from the same fabric as your clothes will look even more original, so you will create a unique addition to the overall look.

    The most positive thing about creating jewelry with your own hands is that your works will be one of a kind, and you can not be afraid that someone at a party has the same thing.

    Experiment, change and be always beautiful!

    We hope that the options listed hairstyles, you take a note. And armed with fantasy and excellent mood, your look will be extremely attractive and stylish. If the information received is not enough for you, the video in this article has many more interesting tips.

    Hairstyles with rim

    • The bezel made of soft materials does not cause discomfort to the scalp,
    • The bezel masks (focusing on itself) not too fresh hair,
    • The bezel is an available accessory, you can buy them about ten, so that each outfit has its own color accompaniment,
    • With the rim you can experiment at home, coming up with new hairstyles,
    • Using a bezel with a rubber band, you can make many different hairstyles, ranging from the simplest to the most complex, which can take more than one hour to create.

    Short hair

    As an everyday styling, you can comb your hair back and fix it with a thin rim.

    For the business version of styling on short hair, you can curl curls behind the ears, and remove the bangs to the side. At the same time, put the bezel on the base line of the bang.

    Asymmetrical haircut

    Owners of asymmetrical haircuts can choose rims of any size. To perform the evening styling, it is necessary to slightly curl the hairs on the back of the head, to lay a long bang on one side, opening the shaved temple. Wear a luxurious hoop in stones between the bangs and the fleece.

    A well-chosen bezel in combination with a bob will accentuate the shape of the haircut. Moreover, if the hair align, then the image will be strict,

    and if curled into neat curls - naive and gentle.

    A combination of bezel with braids will look quite interesting.
    For a casual look, you can braid two tight braids and put the bezel on top of the bangs.

    As an evening look, you can choose a volume braid. To do this, you need to wind the hair along the entire length on a large curling iron or hair curlers and perform the comb from forehead to the top of the head. Having collected hair on a nape, to braid a volume braid. A thin elegant headband with rhinestones in the middle of the head will help to give a finished look to the hairstyle.

    With bulk styling

    A careless shell, complemented by a rim - a good option for special events. Laying can be done on hair of different lengths, while you can twist and style your own hair or use a foam pad.

    No less interesting is the volume beam on the back of the head with a hoop of two thin strips that create characteristic waves on the hair.

    Voluminous bouffant on loose hair looks good with a thin smooth rim. Hair should be combed all over the head and laid back with a soft comb. At the base of the bangs should wear a hoop.

    With a high hairstyle

    It is simply luxurious in combination with a rim look high hairstyles. To perform it is necessary to tie all the hairs into a ponytail at the crown and divide them into strands. Roll each strand into a bundle, put it with tow, and fasten it with a pin. Align the bangs and put on the bezel decorated with pearls over it.

    With flowing hair

    Therefore, it is very convenient to wear a bright catchy hoop of large flowers with flowing hair. To do this, it is enough to separate the curls with a flat parting and put the bezel closer to the forehead.

    Depending on the situation, you can braid the headband with your own hair or choose a ready-made accessory with a small hat in a sequin and a veil.

    Glam rock

    Diversify your casual look with the spiked hoop and leather jacket. To perform such a styling all the hair must be thrown to one side and wear a hoop, removing bangs under it.

    In original style

    Lovers of extravagant things even without styling will be able to stand out with the help of the original rim. Recently very popular hoops in the style of Mickey Mouse

    or in the form of cat ears.

    Retro style

    A luxurious hairstyle in retro style will be decorated with a large gold-colored hoop with stones. To perform such styling, it is necessary to twist the locks in the face on the inside, and close the hairline with a wide accessory.

    As an evening styling, you can perform the popular hairstyle “Babette” by lifting the hair at the back of the head with the help of a pile. After that, the curls along the entire length should be curled on the curling iron, and the bangs should be laid sideways. Hoop with stones to wear at the bottom of the pile.

    Any wedding hairstyle will look more romantic if you decorate it with a neat thin rim or tiara. In this case, it is desirable to release several light strands from under the rim.

    The latest trend of wedding fashion is a wide hoop of fresh flowers. With large waves in her hair looks very feminine.

    The traditional version of the Greek hairstyle with a rim

    We need: the bezel and ... great mood!

    • Carefully comb the strands, and put the bezel over them,
    • Weave neat little flagella from curls, pass them through the bezel and straighten.
    • Leave another part of the curls in the form of flagella.

    Get an elegant and feminine hairstyle.

    Retro hairstyle

    This hairstyle in the style that was traditional for actresses of the past, for example, like Sophia Loren or Brigitte Bardo.

    We will need: fixing mousse, comb, hairspray, bezel.

    • Wash hair, dry and grease with mousse for strong fixation, directing fingers from the forehead to the back of the head,
    • Make a pile
    • Spread and neatly lay strands
    • Put on a decorative band-bandage,
    • Secure the result with varnish.

    Other Greek Hair Style

    An example of a gentle and sweet hair, which will attract attention in any company.

    We need: comb, bezel, firming varnish.

    1. Comb your hair and part,
    2. Put on the bezel so that the strands around the temples and bangs (if any) are free.
    3. Begin to fill the curls under the bezel, first around the parting, moving gradually to the back of the head,
    4. Repeat the same steps on the other hand,
    5. Make another part in the hair, in the back of the head,
    6. From the remaining curls form small flagella and also thread them under the bezel,
    7. Secure the hair with lacquer.

    Bouffant with rim

    For this hairstyle you will need: a strand of hair on the hairpins (the color of your hair), a strong fixing lacquer, a comb for a comb, a hairpin, a bezel.

    • Attach the curls on the hairpins (they are needed if you have short hair, but you want to do this hairstyle).
    • Create two strands and secure the top barrette.
    • Then add the hair located above the strand and fix it with fixing varnish (spray it is necessary inside and always only near the roots). Hold for ten seconds in an upright position, then put the strand back and straighten it.
    • The strand should remain approximately in this position.
    • Similarly, perform the second strand pile.
    • Follow the same steps for the next layers until you have filled and varnished all your hair.
    • Strands on the sides you can not comb, just fixing them with varnish and slightly combing them towards the back of the head.
    • Then go over the comb all over the head ...
    • and again spray hair with varnish.
    • With the hair on the sides, you can do anything, and you can make pretty curls using forceps. Then comb the curls so that they are not tightly twisted.
    • To complete the image, wear a bezel on top (a bandage or a hair clip with a flower will also work).

    High hair with a rim

    For hairstyles need: curling tongs, studs, fixing lacquer.

    1. Separate one strand on the right side of the face, and with the help of forceps, make a tight curl.
    2. Pin secure it at the top. Follow the same steps for the following strands.
    3. After waiting ten minutes, remove the pins that hold the curls, and begin to braid the strands into knots.
    4. Like this.
    5. Then fix them again with pins.
    6. Lay the hair, located on the sides: twist the strand in the flagellum, wrap back and secure with a hairpin. A flagellum can be one, but you can make several of them.
    7. To create a more elegant look, wear a stylish headband on your hair.

    Greek style hairstyle with double bandage

    To create a hairstyle you will need: lacquer to give volume, a means of thermal protection, hairspray, hairpins, elastic, curling irons, a comb, a double rim or a bandage.

    1. Separate the top of the hair with a comb and, after gathering it in a bun, wrap it back. The bangs do not touch. Secure the bundle with a pin.
    2. Tie the hair from the bottom and tighten it with a rubber band.
    3. Thread one end of the dressing into the stud and secure from the back. Then circle around the head with a bandage and secure the second end with a pin. Make a second round.
    4. Remove the elastic from the lower bundle and make two strands of hair.
    5. Form two small braids, and then circle them around the head. Secure the dressing with studs.
    6. Make curls out of the rest of your hair.
    7. Twisting each curl around your finger, attach it to the head with pins.

    Beautiful and very attractive hairstyle is ready!

    Headband will be indispensable, even if you are in a hurry, and you do not have time for complex hairstyles. After all, hairstyles with a rim are made very quickly and simply. You can simply comb your hair and put such a bright addition on top of it.

    Watch the video: The ULTIMATE Guide To Adding Rim Lights !!! (November 2019).