Beard goatee: how to become more serious and more attractive?

A goatee beard is a short vegetation under the lower lip in the form of a wedge. Usually accompanied by a neat mustache, but sometimes without them.

Experiment with different types and styles to find the best type of gossip for your face.

The Spaniards began to wear such a beard during the time of the Crusades, the famous heir to the fashion was King Henry IV.

The beard has always been considered a symbol of male maturity, she was attributed witchcraft power. And today, a stylish beard is considered a fashionable and courageous attribute.

Who can wear

Goatee goes for almost everyone, except for chubby men. In the latter case, the wide lower part of the vegetation under the lower lip further emphasizes the roundness of the face, depriving it of masculinity.

The cuneiform goatee especially to the face of thin brown-haired young people. They look like romantic travelers. Nice short beard and dark-haired men. With her, they look a little careless and self-confident, like a macho.

Among those who like to wear goatee are noted celebrities: Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Tony Stark, Sylvester Stallone, George Clooney. No wonder this stubble called "Hollywood beard."

Beautifully decorated vegetation always looks elegant on a man’s face. The style of the goatee is in its clear form and regular contours.

Types of Espanyolok

There are three main areas among Espanyolok:

  1. Traditional - a clear wedge under the chin, no mustache. Wedge is located around the chin.
  2. Goatee Van Dyke, named after the eponymous Flemish painter of the 17th century. Chekhov wore the same beard. It is a neat wedge that does not connect with a thin mustache.
  3. Circular - beard rounded, connected with thin mustaches. Vegetation under the lower lip is made in the form of a broad base.

A goatee is sometimes called a goatee. However, this is not the same thing. The latter is a small island on the chin. Hollywood beard is wider, it hides the jaw and chin.

How to grow and make goicles

In order to grow a beard of a goatee, you need to have patience, for some time not to shave, not to level the stubble.

You can do a beard shape when it grows one centimeter. In some men, the hair under the lip does not grow: it is laid genetically. In this case, it is worth finding another type of beard.

The next stage is the selection of a form of a goblin and a mustache, which will fit the face and hair. Perhaps there will be a desire to remain without a mustache, letting go of the vegetation only on the chin.

When all preparations are completed, you can begin to form a beard. This is done in several stages:

  • Begin to form a beard around the edges, so the vegetation is trimmed. Do this neatly, to give the desired contour.
  • The contour is marked and leveled with a sharp blade, and better with a trimmer, moving it in the direction of hair growth.

To care for a beard is to get a set of tools. This is primarily a small comb with frequent teeth, nail scissors.

It will take two mirrors: one ordinary, the other with an increasing effect.

Of cosmetics - shaving cream and after shaving. For hair styling and giving them the desired shape, you can buy a special wax.

If you are not confident in the formation of a beard, you should purchase a special template that is designed so that it can be adjusted to fit your face shape.

For this, the template is equipped with a mouthpiece: it is tightly bitten by the teeth.

The device is then set up and the excess hair is removed with a razor.

How to care for a goatee

In the future, you need to carefully monitor the vegetation, and it does not matter - you have a goat beard or Hollywood.

To do this, shave off excess hair, after eating, rinse the bristles with water so that no pieces of food are stuck in the hairs.

This gives an untidy, repulsive appearance. In the morning and in the evening, after brushing your teeth, you should rinse the bristles. This should be done in order to prevent boils.

Once a week, when washing the beard, you should use hair conditioner to make the bristles soft. And wash your beard better with soap and not shampoo.

If the stubble on the chin is rare, you can use professional hair growth products. Over time, the appearance of the beard will improve.

Gray hair is worth dyeing. The color of the paint is chosen two shades lighter than your hair. Sometimes men do not want to paint a graying beard, some give it a very impressive look.

To make the goatee look well-groomed, it needs to be brushed periodically.

Maintain outlines constantly, otherwise the beard will look sloppy. In general, the best care is cleanliness and neatness.

Do not be afraid to experiment with your appearance, your dreams should be realized without hesitation.


Even in ancient times, many men wore different types of beards, even once Henry IV had a pointed beard, which all women admired. To date, beard goatee - it is very stylish and at the same time fashionable, and make it simple. She has enough fans, among whom there are celebrities, for example, Brad Pit.

The unusual combination of mustache and a small beard, gives the man solidity and confidence. It is not recommended for owners of a round face to release such a beard, as the wide lower part of a goatee only ruins the appearance of a man.

Let's talk about the beard "goatee". This is the name of the part of the hair that is under the lower lip in the middle of the chin, which is wedge-shaped.

Who is most suitable for this type?

Goatee is suitable for almost any type of person. Best of all, she looks with short mustaches that are located above the upper lip. Thin men with such a beard look will look like romantics, and guys with dark hair will be real machoes. Very often, this beard can be seen in your favorite actors and famous people in show business.

Growing a desired beard is easy.

Are you tired of your image, and you want to change something in your appearance? It must be remembered, in order to grow a beard of a goatee and to properly care for it, you need to have a lot of patience, practice and, of course, self-confidence.

There are 3 types of goatee:

  • traditional - hair placed under the chin
  • The beard Van Dyke - wedge-shaped beard connects with a thin mustache,
  • circular beard - has a circular shape and is connected with a small antenna;

Whichever type you choose, it will always give you confidence and a male core.

And so, what is the best way to grow this desirable all-male gobble? Let's explore with you the main steps to a rapid result:

  1. You need to stop shaving to see all the facial hair on your face and analyze if you can make the right beard.
  2. After that, visit the pages of the Internet or look through magazines to choose the type of gossip that you like and will be most suitable.
    • If you shape your beard yourself, follow these guidelines:
    • gently trim the edges while doing the contour,
    • carefully inspect that both edges have the same shape,
    • make a smooth contour only with a new sharp blade or a razor,
    • move the blade in different directions, since not all hair grows evenly in one direction,
    • give the mustache a shape, if necessary, shave off the vegetation between the nose and the mustache,
    • Give your beard sharp corners.
  3. It is necessary to constantly monitor the shape of the beard, shave off excess facial hair.
  4. After each meal, rinse the goblet with water to remove excess leftover food that could ruin your appearance.

How to mow and make a stunning shape of a goatee?

All respectable men want to make a cusp, but not all of them know with what and how best to produce it.

  1. First, take a trimmer and trim all facial hair to 3 mm.
  2. Use only high-quality equipment with which to create a round beard.
  3. Using a high-precision trimmer, make the sharp ends of the whiskers so that they touch the main bristles.

Video how to make goatee with a trimmer.

In addition, do not forget to trim the mustache, so that they reach only the contour of the lips. It must be remembered that the goatee should not hang below the chin.

Naturally, you need to take care of gossamer as well as the hair of the head. If there is no permanent care, then you yourself understand at what level your reputation will be.

The main methods of courtship

  • do not need to wash the beard every day
  • once a day use hair conditioner, no more
  • comb your beard as often as possible so that it has a decent look,
  • It is best to wash your beard with soap, not shampoo,
  • If you see that your vegetation has “disobedience”, then the best thing to do is change the type of beard.

Do not be afraid of change, experiment with your appearance and you will not only look solid and confident, but also achieve a successful result. Pay attention to your old haircut, a beard with it will look even more luxurious.

What does goatee look like

To confuse goatee with other types of beards is difficult. This small rounded stubble of bristles in the very center of the chin is worn by many celebrities and men just watching.

A goatee is a rounded hair edging running all over the chin. This beard can be supplemented with light antennae and even combined with sideburns. Someone likes to wear it only as a thin strip under the lower lip, but more often it is combined with an elegant mustache.

This is a spanish beard

This style of stubble looks unusual and will suit many men. It is not recommended to wear a Spanish beard for those who have a round face. At one time, and even now it is not uncommon, there was a fashionable peak on a cusp among actors, directors, broadcasters, or simply famous people in the media.

Especially beautiful is the goatee on the face of the brunet, making the man handsome, manly and sexy. By the way, thin men can add romance to their face with the help of a Spanish beard. A man with a well-groomed goatee reveals an image of a person who dictates conditions and has authority, which has a positive effect on career growth in a serious sphere.

Such a beard will help to hide possible flaws on the face, to emphasize a strong chin, cheekbones.


Neat, pointed beard, fitting the entire chin, no mustache.

The wedge-shaped beard is connected to a thin mustache by a rounded island in the center of the chin. The mustache is abundant on the lower lip, but there are no hairs on the sides. To create a circular goatee, the side gaps are carefully shaved.


She is called the name of the artist from Flemish - Anthony Van Dyck, it was he who always wore this style of facial hair. Such a goatee looks like a wedge-shaped island on the chin with elegant whiskers, which are not connected together.

How to grow a goatee

We decided to grow a goatee - forget about the razor. Let the hair grow by itself and in its direction. As the Spanish beard grows, watch if it covers the right areas of the face. It will take a couple of days. This is the most difficult period when growing a beard - the appearance leaves much to be desired, everything looks chaotic and untidy. Be patient!

Hair covers the necessary parts of the face - then grow further, to lengthen. If there is no stubble where you need it, then you should think about another kind of beard.

The length of the beard is chosen only by you, think a little and imagine yourself with a finished beard. Now you can decide on the shape and length, picking up fashion magazines or a mouse to surf the Internet. In addition, it is possible to choose a cusp for yourself with the help of computer programs that help to simulate a suitable appearance for yourself.

How to cut a goatee: video

The most convenient master-classes on the creation of gossip, of course, are video examples.

See how to cut a Hollywood beard (this is a kind of gossyped):

How to shave a goatee trimmer

Beard trimmer can ease the task. There are special nozzles, they are used in turn.

First, without the nozzle - shake large areas of the face, then apply the nozzle later to shave narrower zones in the Spanish beard. Finally, the nozzle is taken in 1-3 mm and the mustache and beard are trimmed. Again, do not lose symmetry.

Watch the X-TRIM trimmer video for beard, mustache and other excess vegetation:

Wireless compact razor X-TRIM with special beard and mustache tips.
“I received this razor as a gift, I would never have thought of buying it myself before. I use it to model a beard and mustache, as well as a haircut,
copes with all this with a bang. You can also frighten the cat))) I use it for about 3 months, while it is new, the nozzles are also normal. Now I use this razor all the time, a really useful gift! ”
Sergey, 39 years old, Volgograd
Learn more >>>

How to shave a goatee: video

There are a lot of master classes in video format for shaving Gossip, be sure to watch a few videos:

Pattern (stencil) for goatee: how to use

Technology beauty in place are not worth it, for men and their beards, too, there is something - templates for goatee. If you are making yourself a fashionable beard for the first time and are not really sure how this will all happen, then make your work easier and buy a template for a fake bead.

Universal stencils for the Spanish beard will suit all men, any face shape. The template provides for adjustment of the size and has three positions.

The settings of this gadget are easily adjusted to the shape of the face, making the shaving and the finished composition individual. After adjusting the template, firmly place it against the face and hold it steady with one hand, and shave the extra stubble with the other.

For reliable fixation in the template provides clamps installed in the mouth. To make the template fit your face tightly, you need to eat a special mouthpiece. Fit density will help maintain the correct shape of the beard.

Adjusting the curve, be sure to consider the features of the chin and face in general. Choose a type of goatee on the template and fasten it tightly on the face. Use the razor to remove the unnecessary stubble around the pattern - that's it! Spanish beard is ready!

What does a goatee beard look like

Goatee beard is one of the most elegant and sophisticated varieties. She will always adorn any male face. For many, this type of beard is associated with musketeers. Modern male goatee is also popular because it gives the image sophisticated features and aristocracy. That is why the fashion for it remains unchanged today.

A goatee is distinguished by the presence of a small island of facial hair located below the lower lip in the center of the chin.Such a beard has the shape of a wedge, therefore it is often confused with a goat beard. However, these are completely different species, since goatee has a more rounded shape and a larger area. A goatee can be supplemented with a mustache or sideburns, although it is often worn without these elements. Quite often, with a goatee, men grow stylish short mustache. In this case, the beard should occupy only a small strip of vegetation under the lower lip.

Pattern for goatee: where to buy

These templates are sold in specialized hairdressing shops, as well as on the Internet. Make them from durable plastic, they are easy to wash, can be used with shaving cream.

In addition to such plastic templates, there are wooden and iron stencils for shaving, they look like a weird ruler plus a comb on the other edge that is applied to the face and the boundaries of the bristle removal are outlined.

Pattern for goatee: do it yourself

Patterns for creating a Spanish beard can be made by yourself.

Instead of a purchased gadget, smart people take a plastic bottle and cut off the most valuable thing from it - the bottom. It is very important to make an even cut so that it does not spoil the whole picture on your beard and does not hurt you with the sharp side.

The template for the Spanish is ready, but it is very hard to hold this device. Therefore, you can make a hole in the middle of the piece and insert into it some object that looks like a mouthpiece or baby pacifier to hold the template with your teeth.

In addition, the network has all sorts of "bearded templates" for printing, which are cut and simply glued to the face. The durability of such devices, of course, is small.

Beard care tips

Beautiful and well-groomed beard draws attention to itself, and dirty and sloppy - catches the eye instantly. A man needs to follow the hairline on his face; one should not forget that this is a potential accumulator of microbes and crumbs.

  • Wash your beard several times a week with shampoo. Use less air conditioning. The use of various cosmetic products for the beard is useful, but do not overdo it.
  • Daily beard care is a standard face wash. Morning and evening water treatments will help prevent the formation of boils and ulcers under the bristles. If something has appeared, as soon as possible get antiseptics for regular cleaning of the center of bacteria.
  • After eating, make sure that food debris (crumbs, drops, oil, pieces of greens) are not stuck somewhere in the hair of the beard. To do this, do not interfere with a small mirror in your pocket.
  • Brush your beard, it will give her neatness. If your goatee belongs to an elongated version, the combing procedure should be repeated every 2 hours.

Features and varieties

A distinctive feature of a goatee is a relatively small area covered with hair. Stylists divide this beard into three types:

  • Traditional. All facial hair is removed, except for a small section of a wedge-shaped form under the chin. If the beard at the same time is quite long, it is often called the goat beard. The width may vary, but the free area around remains unchanged. Thus, the contour of the lower lip is not completely hidden by hair.
  • Vandaykovskaya. It got its name from the name of the Dutch artist Anthony van Dyck. This kind of goatee can be seen in the portraits of many noble grandees and rulers of that time. A narrow wedge-shaped beard is complemented by a thin mustache, they do not connect with each other.

Type of male beard goatee

  • Circular. This option, unlike the previous two, does not have a sharp form. The shape of the beard is softer, it combines with a small mustache. Under the lower lip and on the lower part of the chin, the vegetation is very abundant. At the same time, the hairline is narrowed in the central part of the chin, and on both sides there are islands of smoothly shaved skin. This allows you to maintain the sophistication of the image, even with a sufficiently large area covered with hair.

Who is the goatee

Goatee successfully conceals the flaws of the lower part of the face and at the same time emphasizes its merits. Cheekbones and chin become more expressive. The short length of the beard allows a man to always look well-groomed and tidy. At the same time, facial hair adds masculinity to the face of its owner. Therefore, the Espanyol can safely grow almost all men, regardless of the oval of the face and hair color. Depending on their preferences, face shape and overall style, they can choose the one that suits them best.

What is a

What is goatee and how does it look? A goatee is a type of beard, characterized by versatility, it can be worn by men of different types of faces: from oval to trapezoid.

The Spanish woman has smooth aristocratic outlines, rounded contours, easily combined with additional vegetation accessories: whiskers or mustaches, but even without them she always looks stylish.

The lightweight version of a goatee is made in the form of a small strip of vegetation in the area below the lower lip. This type is considered vegetation, covering the chin and gently descending to the neck. Spaniard is performed with a mustache and without, they can merge with other vegetation, and can exist separately from it.

The kind of Spaniard that does not go over into the beard: in this form, the mustache exist independently of the main hairstyle, the cheeks are shaved, this form requires constant correction and care.

Goatee, connecting with a mustache - this look draws a contour around the lips, creates an effect of massiveness, this look helps to hide the flaws of the chin of the face.

A feature of this type of beard is the ability to hide the flaws of the lower part of the face, the Spanish woman places a favorable emphasis on the chin, thereby emphasizing the cheekbones and lips. Hair does not require long stubble, thanks to this it looks unobtrusively, naturally fitting into the image of a man.

What type of face suits this style?

Correctly shaped Goatee is a rather universal style and looks aristocratic on any man's face, except the round one, on which a narrow goatee emphasizes roundness, depriving the image of masculinity and harmony. Such a beard visually lengthens the face, making it even narrower than it really is.

The goatee beard looks beautiful on the faces of thin men. Hair color does not matter. The beard fits both brunettes and blondes. In some men, the hair under the lower lip does not grow. In this case, they also do not fit such a style.

Among the three types of style there are still many styles. It is important to choose the most suitable for a particular person. For example, a beard can disguise sharp cheekbones, distract attention from the second chin. Van Dyck's beard does not fit men with a very long face and a sharp chin, because it will make the face even longer, and will turn the image into a caricature. In general, the beard should be in harmony with the clothes, with the lifestyle.

How to make goatee?

Those who wish to grow this style should hide the razor for a while and wait until the hair has grown to the desired length. It usually takes 3-4 weeks, until the hair grows 1 cm. Independently, with your own hands, at home it is quite difficult to make a pin. It was not by chance that there were special hairdressers in Europe who knew how to create the perfect shape of a beard. If, after all, it was decided to make a cusp on your own, then you need to purchase a template for the correct edging of the hair. The template is a three-position fixture with a lock-mouthpiece, which is held in the mouth. You can buy it in specialized stores or order online. The device adapts to the individual characteristics of the person. Then it is fixed on the face with the help of a plastic mouthpiece with one hand, while the other shaves the vegetation outside the outline of the template.

The template can be made independently of thick cardboard by downloading the pattern from the Internet. The advantages of such a template is that it will have an exclusive, individual form.

The template is designed in such a way that it covers parts that do not shave, and open parts of the face outside the template that must be carefully shaved. After that, scissors trim all hairs to the required length. It is possible to give a goatee a gobble when hair grows up to 1 cm.

Before the haircut, it is necessary to decide on the selection of the shape of a mustache and goatee. Begin the formation of a beard from the edges, creating the desired contour. The contour can be trimmed with a trimmer, ensuring that the edges of the beard are symmetrical. If the whiskers are present, they are also shaved to the desired shape. If not, the hairs on the upper lip are carefully shaved off. The beard is wedge shaped, sharpening the corners.

Care and Correction

In order for the beard to really be a man’s adornment, it is necessary to carefully care for it. This particularly applies to the beard of a goatee. If you do not pick up the growing hairs, do not use shampoo to wash it 2-3 times a week, do not give the beard shape with the help of wax, then all the beauty and elegance will quickly disappear. Washing is a necessary and indispensable part of care. Shampoo and hair conditioner gives them softness, promotes better styling. Special gel allows you to maintain shape in perfect condition. If the hair on the beard is sparse, then you can use the means to enhance hair growth. Over time, the beard will be thicker. It is advisable to have with you a frequent comb, which every 2-3 hours to comb the beard and mustache. This massage will make hair silky, stimulate their growth. A gray beard can be painted at the hair salon or on its own. The color is better to choose two colors lighter than your hair.

The tools needed to create a gobble-face style:

  • Manicure or hairdressing scissors.
  • Two mirrors - one ordinary, the other - magnifying.
  • Comb with frequent teeth.
  • Trimmer with nozzles.
  • Razor.
  • Shaving cream and after shave.

For laying should buy a special wax.

It is convenient to correct the outlines with the help of a pattern for shaping the cut. If you do not be lazy, caring for the fake, then admiration for your extraordinary appearance is provided to you.

Main varieties

Today beard goatee is presented in three main types:

  1. The classic version is a neat wedge with a sharp end, occupying the entire area of ​​the chin. At the same time, the classic version does not provide any whiskers.
  2. Vandaykovskaya beard is named after the famous Flemish artist who painted portraits in the seventeenth century. This version of a goatee looks like an island of vegetation in the form of a wedge without a connection with a graceful thin mustache.
  3. Circular beard does not have a typical wedge shape. It includes an interesting combination of an island of vegetation with round outlines on the chin and a thin mustache. At the same time under the lower lip should be a fairly large accumulation of hair. On the sides there are gaps that need to be regularly shaved.

How to grow a beard goatee

To grow a beard of this type, you have to start from the preparatory stage. To do this, stop using the razor and see how the hair will grow. After a few days, you will understand whether the stubble appears on those parts of the face that are necessary for growing the goatee. If it grows normally, then you need to calmly wait for the hair to become longer. Otherwise, in the absence of hair on the chin, it is better to think about another kind of beard.

Useful tips:

  • If the beard does not grow as well as we would like, you can use various means to accelerate hair growth.
  • To find the most suitable beard shape for your face, do not be afraid to experiment.
  • When you have grown a beard, you should use a trimmer with narrow nozzles for shaving the inner corners under the lower lip.
  • To give the cusp a neat and regular shape, it is best to use a trimmer with certain nozzles,
  • If your beard has started to turn gray, you can paint it.
  • A goatee will look good with sideburns that do not extend beyond the earlobes.

Who is the goatee

Since the goatee is wedge-shaped, it is not recommended for men with a round face. Wide vegetation under the lower lip on the background of a round face will ruin the whole look. For all other representatives of the stronger sex, this version of the beard fits perfectly. Goatee looks especially good on thin men, as it gives the image a certain romanticism. At the same time, if you have dark hair, then with such facial hair you can claim the role of a macho.

Character on beard

Traditionally, goatee characterizes a man as a courageous intellectual. At the same time, she is very often found among famous people, in particular, stars of show business love her. Here are the most famous personalities who prefer such a beard:

  • Orlando Bloom,
  • Robert Patinson,
  • Brad Pitt,
  • Robert Downey,
  • Dima Bilan.

What to use to care for a beard of a goatee

In order for your beard goatee to always look stylish, you need to take care of it regularly. In particular, facial hair should be washed with running clean water at least 2 times a day, thus avoiding contamination of pores and the formation of pustules. In addition, a beard requires periodic shampooing, which should be done about 2 times a week. At the same time you can use hair conditioner. When leaving, it is very important to comb it frequently, which needs to be done every 2-3 hours so that mats do not form. After each meal, it is advisable to look in the mirror and carefully clean all the crumbs left over from food. If your beard has started to turn gray, stylists recommend tinting it, which is a perfectly acceptable option. It is better to entrust this manipulation to professionals who can perfectly match the tone. It should be the same as your hair color or a few shades lighter.

Thus, the goatee is a stylish and refined beard. In this article, you were able to read all the highlights on growing and caring for her, which will help you grow a beautiful and stylish beard.

Circular beard

It has no wedge-shaped form and consists of the original combination: thin antennae neatly connected to rounded islet in the central part of the chin. On the lower lip there is a rather heavy mustache, on the sides of which there are no hairs.

How did it appear?

It was the Spaniards who were the first to fashion a beard of a goatee. During the Crusades, this type of beard was quite popular among the soldiers.

They shaved carefully, leaving hair on the lips and under the lower lip untouched on the face. From the 16th century Many notable grandees of Europe were pleased to wear a fake, thus emphasizing their status in society.

Sometimes barbers had to spend a single hour of time so that the nobleman’s face had a refined and beautiful goatee.

Henry IV himself was the owner of such a beard, bringing this element of decoration into fashion. Therefore, we can safely say that it was from these times that the beard of a goatee became fashionable and did not lose popularity until our time.

Over the centuries, it changed its name, but the English version of imperial is considered to be the most beautiful, because in translation it means - majestic.

Appearance history

The story of a goatee has Spanish roots. The soldiers of Spain mainly wore this form of beard, they carefully shaved the vegetation, while leaving the area around the lips intact. In Europe, this style of vegetation in the 16th century, fell in love with famous officials, the tradition of wearing such a beard, led to its identification with a certain status. The historical personality of Henry the Fourth was very fond of this type of hair, even tried to decorate it, since then this beard has not lost its popularity among the barber.

Of course, taking into account the time, the hair style has undergone certain changes, but the basic principles remained unchanged.

Photo beard goatee

Who is suitable?

Goatee is a versatile beard that is ideal for all men, except those with a round face shape. The beard looks good on thin men.

The whole image then acquires a touch of aristocracy. No wonder she is very popular with celebrities show business.

Goatee - perfect for burning brunettes. It gives them a special charm and appeal. Without a doubt, it can be argued that such men will easily win the heart of the fair sex, who will not be able to resist the real macho.

How to make yourself?

The first thing to do is to forget about the razor for a while and let the hair grow to the required length. Next is the following scheme, which will help yourself at home to make a cusp.

  1. To get the desired result, it is recommended to purchase special pattern.
  2. The pattern represents mouthpiecewhich bite your teeth in such a way that it is as close as possible to the skin. It will accurately repeat the anatomical structure of the face.
  3. Further, having studied the instructions, it is necessary tune pattern, so that it is exactly the contours of the beard.
  4. Do not be afraid of errors. The pattern is designed in such a way that it will precisely shape beard, keeping the necessary parts of the hairs on the face in complete immunity.
  5. Use a razor to remove all vegetation that is located. outside the template area.
  6. Now, using scissors to gently trim the hairs, giving them the desired length.

How to grow a beard?

Of course, an important step in the design of the beard, is the growth of bristles. First, the man already at the initial stage will understand whether his beard is coming.

Secondly, he will be able to see enough whether the number of hairs grows in the desired area for the formation of gobies.

If on the right parts of the face bristle is not enough, you should think about another kind of beard.

Those who are accustomed to shaving smoothly may feel unpleasant sensations in the form of an itch at first. Also on the face all the hair grows in a different direction.

Each zone has its own growth time. Therefore, a beard may have an untidy appearance. And let it not add to the attractiveness, it is worth to endure, as in the future, the goatee will really decoration image of a man.

Hair should be grown to the required length. If you want to know how to make a beard thicker, follow the link.

During this period, you can not trim the hairs or adjust their growth with a razor. For most men, the ideal option is a beard with a hair length of up to 2 cm.


  1. Using a trimmer without a nozzle, gently shave off all the excess hairs that are located behind the cheekbones.
  2. The beard is given a round shape due to shaving off the bristles under the chin.
  3. Take a nozzle with a blade of 1-3 mm and trim the mustache and beard.
  4. For shaping a detailed trimmer, shave the bristles.
  5. Scalp barb and whiskers neatly shareThe beard is wedge-shaped with a narrow nozzle that removes hairs from the nose. Between the nose and the antennae leave a clear gap of skin.
  6. Remove all excess stubble from cheeks.

Forming a beard, watch out for her strict symmetry.

Care rules

  1. Morning and evening recommended rinse the beard with water. This will help cleanse the skin pores from excessive secretion of skin fat.
  2. 2 times per week beard washed with shampoo. Hair conditioner can be used once a week.
  3. To improve the attractiveness of the beard, you can use essential oils or herbal-based shampoos.
  4. Beard recommended comb up to several times a day. This will not only contribute to a neat appearance, but also improve hair growth due to more intensive blood circulation.

A man regardless of age should look attractive. There is no shame in the fact that he watches appearance.
Uses all the beard care products - soap, balsam, wax and others.
And the beard - one of the ways to express themselves and attract attention. The important thing is that after growing a goatee, it follows regularly care.

Principles of growing a beard

Time. Before shaving, you must wait for the growth of the desired length, while suppressing the desire to take up a razor.

Elimination of defects during growth. If the beard grows by foci, you need qualified treatment, the use of special procedures to stimulate growth.

Care. During the growth, you can strongly stimulate hair growth, improve their condition. This can be done with the help of special masks based on essential oils.


Goatee - a universal beard, it brings to the image a note of aristocracy and sophistication, hair is unpretentious in the care, does not require special skills and abilities. Therefore, do not be afraid to try on this stylish image.

If you do not grow a thick beard, hair on your cheeks is missing, hair is thin and sparse,
- There is a tool that is valid for 2 weeks! This is a unique product consisting entirely of natural ingredients. The result is a thick and beautiful beard!

Watch the video: Beards Are Scientifically More Attractive -H3H3 (November 2019).