Pros and cons of hair cautery

Hair cauterization is a procedure that allows you to restore completely damaged hair. In addition, it also protects them from environmental exposure, which allows them to be beautiful and healthy. The technology of the procedure includes a range of products that are specifically designed for deep cleansing and bringing hair back to life.

Hair care should be gentle, because the hair follicles are very easy to injure, and as a result they will not be healthy. Hair cauterization will help to cope with the most difficult problem, since its effect on the hair does not harm them at all.

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Stages of hair cauterization

The master uses a whole range of preparations for hair recovery. Their main component is natural substances from bamboo wood. Due to bioremediation of the hair structure, it is completely safe. In general, the cautery procedure takes place in five stages:

    Before conducting a therapeutic therapy for the hair, the master washes them with a special shampoo, which contains many proteins. They penetrate the structure of the hair follicles and help repair damaged strands.

Next, a serum is applied to wet hair, which contains bamboo oil. Thanks to biologically active substances, the oil makes them shiny and removes excessive dryness.

Then they are dried with a hairdryer and smoothed. Thermal effect is needed for better penetration of biocomponents into fibers.

Then the master again thoroughly washes them and applies a protein-based therapeutic agent. In order for it to be well absorbed into the hair, it is left for 15–20 minutes.

  • In the end, everything is washed off and sprayed with a special spray that will protect the hair from the sun, frost and other weather conditions.

  • In general, the procedure lasts about 1 hour. To achieve an excellent result, it is recommended to conduct the entire course of the procedure. It consists of 5–6 sessions, the length of which will be inflated by the condition and type of hair. For example, if they are slightly damaged, hair can be cauterized once a month, if it is very weak, it should be done once a week. As a preventive measure, cautery can be done once every 2–3 months, then you will never know what split ends and naughty hair are.

    Types of hair cautery

    Salons that specialize in the procedure for hair cauterization make it of two types:

    • cold cautery,
    • hot cautery.

    Cold cautery is that all of the above steps are performed, except for the use of an equalizer for hair. Most often, such cauterization is done for hair whose structure is not completely damaged.

    Hot cautery. In the second case, the master aligns the hair with a flat iron so that all the necessary medicinal substances penetrate well into their structure. As a rule, hot cautery is indicated in cases where the hair is severely damaged and needs careful and health-improving therapy. For example, after a perm, frequent dyeing or environmental exposure (frost, wind, sun).

    Hair care after cautery and contraindications

    After the procedure of cauterization, the hair becomes shiny, soft and lively. To keep the effect as long as possible, it is recommended to use special masks, gels and lotions. The best advice you can get from your hairdresser, who did you bioremediation. He will select the tool that is suitable for your hair type.

    For those who want to carry out the procedure of cauterization at home, it is best to use the cold form of cauterization (read, cauterization of hair at home). And even if you decide to do it yourself, it is very important to do everything according to the instructions. After all, a violation of the procedure of the procedure can greatly harm your hair. In order to avoid negative consequences, it is advisable to do everything in the salon, where an experienced specialist will help you choose a more benign method of bioremediation.

    It is not recommended to do cauterization on dyed hair. After all, the use of different tools during the procedure may slightly change their color. Perm is also a contraindication of this therapy. It can not be done after cautery and before it.

    Damaged and dull hair is not a problem. Indeed, thanks to cautery, it is possible even in the most hopeless case to save them without any harmful effects. Therefore, do not rush to take scissors, now they have a simple alternative.

    Real reviews of cautery strands

    Lera, 29 years old

    Did this procedure several times. Of course, the hair after it is wonderful - silky, the tips do not split, the scalp becomes healthier (dandruff goes away). Especially if you do it for several weeks in a row. The procedure itself is of course lengthy, an hour at least in time. I recommend doing it only in a professional salon; at home this effect is hard to achieve - buying the necessary cosmetics will not be cheap, but the effect will not be so good.

    Vika, 26 years old

    Recently went to the salon for a procedure called cauterization. Honestly, when I was walking, I didn’t expect anything special, I thought it was a normal advertising move. but, as a result, I got a lot of pleasure from the procedure and the result I was very pleased! This is especially true for blondes. After all, our hair from becoming permanently bleaching becomes thin and brittle, and already after the first procedure I saw that my hair ends became even and smooth. In essence, this is an ambulance assistance for our curls. Be sure to go if you have the opportunity! Particularly pleased that the result can be seen after the first procedure (although about four are needed for the full effect).

    Video how capping is done:

    What is hair cauterization?

    Cowterization is the “soldering” of each hair into a restorative capsule of therapeutic and cosmetic products. A hair is a living substance consisting of proteins (proteins), fats (lipids), pigment and water. The cuticle is the hair shaft, the keratinous cells that contain keratin. Keratin (protein) is composed of amino acids.

    Under the influence of staining, frequent use of a hair dryer, chemical perming, the rod may swell or dry out, which will lead to disruption of the structure. Protein production may be impaired. Nutrition of hair follicles depends on the state of health in the body.

    External factors also affect the hair structure, such as:

    • high dryness air,
    • low temperature,
    • sharp drop temperatures.

    Keratin replacement and restoration of the cuticle with the help of phyto-keratins and lipids - this is the basis of the restorative cautery method. The protective sheath not only nourishes, but also protects the hair shafts from drying out and temperature fluctuations. Cauterization is an additional healing method for metabolic disorders.

    All about botox hair

    • Olga Leonidovna Yanova
    • Published on September 24, 2018 December 6, 2018

    Cauterization is recommended to treat and give a beautiful appearance to hair that has the following characteristics:

    It is also shown for healthy hair:

    • for giving softness and shine
    • protection against the sun wind and frost.

    Contraindications fall into the following categories:

    • for recently discolored or stained curls,
    • after chemical waving,
    • with diffuse baldness
    • at allergies on the components of the means used
    • at of pregnancy and breastfeeding
    • when injuries and scratches on the scalp.

    It is not recommended to paint, discolor and do chemistry before and after the treatment and aesthetic procedure. As a result of heat treatment, the dyes will be washed away, the curls will straighten.

    Painting and perming, carried out after the cauterization session, will break the treatment-regenerative layer. Incompatible chemicals will be neutralized. As a result, the color of the curls will remain unchanged and the restructuring will be broken.

    The technology of the procedure in the cabin

    There are two methods of cautery: hot and cold. The most effective is hot. It is applicable to all degrees of damage. Execution is possible only to a specialist in the conditions of a beauty salon, center or hairdresser.

    To conduct the necessary special preparations, equipment and a qualified cosmetologist. The cold method is suitable for use at home.

    The procedure can be divided into several stages:

    • headwash special shampoo
    • application cauterization serum or protein pro-concentrate,
    • thermal impact
    • washing shampoo
    • application protein composition,
    • flushing water not absorbed means
    • protective application spray

    The sequence of operations must be observed in strict accordance with the technology of the method of placement.

    Warming up

    The main operation, due to which the introduction of nutrients into the cuticle is achieved:

    • hair dried hair dryer
    • using hot curling or a special ironing carefully straightened every strand along the entire length.

    Heating temperature - 120 gr. Heated serum penetrates the damaged cuticle and glues keratin peels together.

    The essence of the procedure

    Cauterization is a deep hair restoration with melted hair. In the course of certain actions, it is possible not only to restore, but to restructure hair, i.e. necessary elements are added to the voids of the hair structures. This happens both outside and inside. Kauterization allows you to cure all layers of the hair, leaving no problem area.

    The procedure, unlike lamination, affects the strands not as a cosmetic, but as a therapeutic agent.

    Bioremediation occurs due to the action of drugs of natural origin, specially designed for this purpose. The basis of such substances - extract from the core of the bamboo stem, which is rich in silicon, very necessary for the health of curls.

    Hot exposure: quality tools are important

    Only a highly qualified professional can perform cauterization actions in this way. Otherwise, you can not improve, and aggravate the health of curls.

    After applying special means, they clean the hair and “open” the scales of the curls, put bamboo oil on the entire length of the strands, then with the help of a hair dryer and a special ironing give the desired position to the hair structures.

    The use of protein concentrate (within 20 minutes) after washing the strands, repeated treatment under the stream of water, the impact of a special aerosol means for "sealing" - the final steps in the course of actions cauterization.

    Do not flatter yourself and wait for the effect after the first cosmetic session. For persistent and visible results, you must go through four procedures. This is the number of sessions that include the wellness course of hot cautery.

    Without the necessary funds can not do

    Indications for use

    Before going for the restoration of the hair structure, it is necessary to clarify to whom such cosmetic sessions are shown:

    • holders of hairstyles with split ends,
    • carriers of hair with a dull and lifeless view,
    • person with thin and rare strands.

    Hair should be treated on time

    To think about passing a course of cautery treatment is necessary for those who constantly curls locks with electric tongs, dries and puts hair into a hair dryer, pulls out strands with an iron. The adverse effect of the external aggressive environment - the direct influence of ultraviolet radiation, severe frost, wind, environmental negative moments - factors that are also the reason for turning to cosmetologists.


    Do not be mistaken and immediately run to the salons for bioremediation of curls using this technique. There are a number of points in which this hair kauterization is contraindicated:

    1. Problems with the skin part of the head - rashes, wounds, burns, etc. The procedure can adversely affect these formations and worsen the condition of the skin.
    2. Diseases of the skin in the acute stage. The presence of lichen, psoriasis, eczema require prior consultation with your doctor and his permission to conduct the procedure.
    3. Coloring or discoloration of the strands, carried out shortly before cauterization, will be an obstacle to the course treatment in this way.
    4. Hair loss. Weighted for bioremediation may not hold on the head, and the process of loss will become even stronger.
    5. Pregnancy and lactation.
    6. Tendency to allergic reactions. Prior to cauterization, a sensitivity test should be made to the drugs used to prevent a possible negative reaction of the body.

    Expected results depend on the price.

    The effect of using this method of hair treatment can exceed all expectations. Sealed scales will help strands become:

    • beautiful and elastic,
    • obedient (easier to lay and longer form),
    • smooth and shiny
    • without split tips,
    • increased in volume.

    The effect of the application of the procedure is cumulative, so for a full result, you need to go through not one procedure, but a whole course of recovery sessions.

    The result of the procedure is immediately visible.

    Positive and negative points

    Cauterization allows you to cure all layers of hair, so the curls are literally transformed and look attractive, which pleases not only the owners of such beauty, but all those around them.

    The positive moment of the course of hair restoration sessions is a stable result. The effect of cautery is noticeable to the naked eye within two to three months after the procedure.

    Hair treated in this way is easy to lay, hair does not fall apart from the light breeze of the breeze, and lasts a long time. External environmental impact can not damage the curls, making them ugly and lifeless.

    Protecting the hair will help keep it healthy and beautiful.

    But, despite all the advantages of this technique, it has its drawbacks:

    • high cost of cautery,
    • the impossibility of parallel treatment of hair and their perm and dyeing,
    • the presence of contraindications
    • lack of results in case of permanent damage to the hair.

    Details of the procedure at home

    Step-by-step description of the actions of specialists:

    Applying bamboo oil (in a warm condition). Hair after the first step does not dry out, in this state the oil penetrates better into the deeper parts of the curls. Massage movements of a specialist in performing these actions are not only useful, but simply necessary.

  • The use of special aerosol means - in order to “seal” the straightened hair structure.
  • Do everything right and contact the master, everything will turn out!

    What it is?

    Cauterization is a medical procedure designed for deep nutrition, restoration and biological hair restructuring.. Under the influence of bamboo-based products, the hair is absorbed by moisture and trace elements from the inside and smoothed out from the outside. After the procedure, the hair is noticeably transformed, stronger and more resistant to styling and the negative effects of the environment.

    Reviews about the procedure are contradictory: some claim that cautery is the best thing that happened to their hair, others - that the procedure is no better than the usual moisturizing mask. However, it should be borne in mind that each girl has his own hair type.

    To achieve a stable and noticeable result, the procedure will need to be repeated 4-5 times. Therefore, if you want to get luxurious hair - you have to pay a round sum.

    What is different from lamination?

    Cauterization is often compared or completely confused with lamination, however, these are completely different procedures. Lamination is a superficial restoration of the hair shaft, and cauterization is a treatment and restoration from the inside. The hair not only looks better, but also becomes healthier.

    But it is worth noting that the smoothness and shine after lamination hold on the hair a little longer.

    Indications for the procedure

    If you find yourself having one or more of the problems in the following list, then it's time to think about cautery.

    • Dry and lifeless curls.
    • Section along the entire length.
    • Thin, sparse, prone to hair loss.
    • Frequent staining or clarification using strong oxidizing agents.
    • Regular use of a hair dryer, curling iron or curling iron.

    Hot or cold - what to choose and what is the difference?

    The main guarantee of a successful procedure is compliance with step-by-step instructions and recommendations of specialists. And also you need to remember that:

    • Hot cautery intended for heavily damaged and exhausted hair, after repeated lightening, burning out in the sun, improper care or hot styling.
    • Cold cautery - for moderately damaged hair or curls, prone to cross-section and porosity by nature.

    The composition of the set Alfaparf Semi Di Lino Reconstruction

    The cauterization kit from Alfaparf is a real hair bioreconstruction, thanks to which you will be able to forget about the section, fragility and dryness.

    Hair becomes 100% moisturized, soft and silky.

    The kit includes:

    1. Shampoo for restoring damaged hair - 250 ml.
    2. Oil for structuring - 2 blisters of 6 ampoules with a volume of 13 ml.
    3. Mask against cross-section and fragility - 200 ml.
    4. Anchoring spray fluid - 125 ml.

    How to perform at home?

    The procedure of hair restoration occurs in several stages:

    1. Cleansing using a specialized shampoo with elevated lipids and proteins. Shampoo needs to be foamed and massaged firstly over the roots, then over the entire length. Next, wash the foam with warm water, wipe with a towel and allow the hair to dry slightly naturally.
    2. Whey recovery. Serum should be evenly distributed over the hair. It is better for this purpose to use a brush for dyeing and gloves so that the tool does not remain on the palms. It is important to treat each hair, so you need to start with hard-to-reach places - the occipital and temporal areas.
    3. Heat treatment. Hair should be dried under a hot jet of a hairdryer, and then healed with a curling iron. This activates the nutritional properties of the cosmetic composition and seals the hair scales.
    4. Wash. At this stage, it is necessary to wash the remnants of the product from the hair with running water without using shampoo.
    5. The application of protein concentrate. Unlike whey, protein concentrate should be applied, retreating from the roots by a few centimeters. This composition is very thick and can adversely affect the scalp, making it greasy.
    6. Spray. This is the final tool responsible for sealing the scales and restoring the hair lengthwise.

    On average, the procedure takes 1-1.5 hours.

    Cold cautery differs from hot in that there is no thermal effect step. All means you just need to wash off and allow the hair to dry naturally without using hair dryer and curling.

    Before and after pictures

    We offer you to get acquainted with the photo of hair before and after cautery.

    Advantages and disadvantages

    The procedure is becoming more and more famous, and not in vain - it has a rather impressive list of advantages:

    • Aesthetic perfection of hair - strands become smooth, shiny and soft.
    • Improvement - hair is saturated from the inside, the scalp is restored.
    • The hair easily combed, it becomes more susceptible to styling.
    • Protect hair from the sun and hot air by strengthening the protective layer.

    But, disadvantages of this technique too:

    • High cost - for many, this drawback is decisive.
    • It takes several sessions to get a steady result.
    • Imperceptible result - on pre-bleached and parched hair, or on straight and smooth from nature.
    • A large list of restrictions - for the entire recovery period, you will have to abandon dyeing, perm and deep-cleaning shampoos.

    Cauterization is a great way to not only improve the appearance of the hair, but also to restore it from the inside. This is extremely important, since the beauty of the curls is primarily based on their health. To enhance the effect of cosmetic procedures - watch your diet and follow the drinking regime, and in summer also cover your head with a scarf or headgear to protect your curls.

    What is cauterization?

    The procedure is the treatment of curls with a special composition, which:

    • nourishes hair with valuable substances
    • closes scales
    • "Solder" the whipped ends,
    • restores damaged hair structure.

    Not without reason, cauterization is called bioremediation: the preparations through which the procedure is carried out, contain natural components in the composition. Means for the procedure are made on the basis of bamboo extract, which contains silicon, which has a beneficial effect on the condition of the hair.

    Cauterization preparations are made from bamboo: the plant contains silicon that is valuable for the health of hair.

    What is the difference from lamination?

    Lamination gives only a cosmetic effect, and cautery has healing properties.


    • cold (without ironing),
    • hot (using ironing).

    The choice of method is determined on the basis of the state of the curls: the more damaged the hair, the more useful the hot cauterization will be, providing a deeper penetration of the active substances.

    Who would suit kauterization?

    The procedure is recommended for weakened, damaged, split ends. Most often owners of natural, unpainted curls resort to cauterization.

    Cauterization is an excellent solution for those who want to get rid of split ends, but at the same time preserve the length of hair.

    Are there any contraindications?

    Resort to the procedure should not be when:

    • individual sensitivity to the components of the composition,
    • pregnancy and lactation,
    • enhanced hair loss
    • diseases and open scalp injuries,
    • colored hair (the procedure may change the shade of the curls),
    • perm.

    The procedure is not suitable for those who can not accept the need not to dye the hair for a long period. And also to those who are not ready to fork out for a whole course: the effect of cautery is achieved only after a few sessions.

    Chemical hair curling is not recommended before and after cauterization.

    Cautery in practice

    1. Deep cleansing hair with a special shampoo.
    2. Applying a revitalizing serum to the hair.
    3. Drying hair with a hair dryer (during hot cautery, each strand is additionally processed with a special iron, under the influence of which the nutrients penetrate deeply into the structure of the curl).
    4. Rinse hair with running water without using shampoo.
    5. Application of protein concentrate (for 15–20 minutes).
    6. Regular washing of the hair with clean water.
    7. Treatment of curls with a special effect-fixing aerosol that smoothes scales and “solders” split ends.

    Cauterization of hair from a proven master is a guarantee of good results.

    At home

    Preparations for the implementation of cauterization are commercially available. Whether to do the procedure yourself, everyone decides for himself. However, it is important to understand that the professionalism and experience of the master serve as a guarantee of good results.

    How to carry out the procedure yourself?

    1. Purchase the necessary drugs in a specialty store. It is important to use only professional tools.
    2. Carefully read the instructions.
    3. Rinse hair thoroughly with shampoo for deep cleansing.
    4. Dry curls with a towel and apply the serum, departing from the roots of 5-7 cm.
    5. Without washing the product, dry the curls with a hair dryer. If desired (hot cautery) - to process the strands with an iron.
    6. Wash your hair without shampoo, dry hair a little.
    7. Apply a special mask to the curls, put on a shower cap and warm the hair slightly with a hair dryer. Wash off the composition.
    8. Spray curls.

    Hot cautery requires a professional-grade special iron that heats up to high temperatures. The appliance is not suitable for household use.

    What drugs are used?

    For house and cabin cauterization, the Midollo di Bamboo line of products from the Italian company Alfaparf is most often recommended.

    For hair cauterization, products of the Italian company Alfaparf are used.

    The implementation of the procedure requires the use of the following products:

    • Restructuring Shampoo (pre-hair and scalp shampoo),
    • Cauterization Serum (regenerating serum),
    • Recharging Mask (mask, restoring the structure of curls),
    • Renewal Lotion (Bamboo Nutritional Extract)
    • Daily Repair Spray (two-phase spray to fix the effect).

    Reviews hair cauterization

    I recently decided to treat my hair for damage. The most suitable procedure was hair cauterization. What it is? This is a bioremediation of hair in salon conditions, when every hair is filled from the inside. The procedure is a bit long, but effective. First, the wizard makes cleansing hair - washes with shampoo, then a brush applies serum to the hair, dries it all with a hair dryer and holds it for 15–20 minutes. After that, everything is thoroughly washed off, and another mask is applied, which is held for another 15–20 minutes, washed off thoroughly with water. At the end of the procedure, an aerosol is applied to the hair in order to cover all the scales on the hair. After your hair will look shiny and healthy, as they say, shine from the inside! No worse than the model of advertising shampoos!

    Katerina Nikolas

    Recently went to the salon for a procedure called cauterization. Honestly, when I was walking, I didn’t expect anything special, I thought it was a normal advertising move, but as a result I got a lot of pleasure from the procedure and I was very pleased with the result! This is especially true for blondes. After all, our hair from becoming permanently bleaching becomes thin and brittle, and already after the first procedure I saw that my hair ends became even and smooth. In fact, this is an “ambulance” help for our hair! Be sure to go if you have the opportunity! Particularly pleased that the result can be seen after the first procedure! (Although about four are needed for the full effect).


    This review focuses on hair cauterization. Other names: restructuring, bio-restoration, hair bioreconstruction. If the manufacturer Alfaparf - then it's all about him. This manufacturer currently has only one program for deep hair restoration. The kit includes shampoo, serum, mask, lotion, spray. I had all this, tried everything. What can I say: the real value is only serum (serum), well, in some way a mask. Everything else - zilch, aimed at appreciating the procedure. But I get the serum for the second time. Experienced way, doing differently, brought the perfect way in which the hair get the maximum shine. Any shampoo. My hair. Apply whey to slightly dried hair. 3. Blow dry with hair dryer until completely dry. 4. Wash off with the help of a drop of shampoo foamed in the palm. Focused on the roots. The tips can not touch. If you do not carefully wash off, then one day is nothing, and the next - hair will be very oily. 5. Enjoy flowing shiny hair. Since I cannot boast with the volume of hair, I have to rely on gloss and silkiness. And I definitely like this tool.

    This is how the curls look after the procedure.

    Photo of hair tips after the procedure


    Cauterization is a procedure that improves the appearance and health of hair. This is a cumulative effect method, so several procedures are required to achieve visible results. The procedure can (using professional means) be carried out at home, but for a better restoration of curls, it is recommended to contact a specialist. And the more strands are damaged, the more desirable is the participation of a proven master in their treatment.

    Hair cauterization - what is it?

    Women tend to experiment with appearance in pursuit of the perfect appearance. In particular, it refers to the hair. Permanent dyeing, curling, use of pleyos and tongs, creating intricate styling lead to loss of health and attractiveness of hair. But modern cosmetology is constantly evolving, offering new methods of hair restoration and recovery.

    It also protects hair from negative environmental factors and preserves the natural attractiveness and health of hair. The technology of the process of cautery includes the use of a whole range of tools deeply nourishing hair and sealing cuticles and scales of each hair. In this way, biological restructuring of the hair, increasing their elasticity, strength and gaining a healthy shine is achieved.

    Cauterization is resorted to when the condition of the hair greatly deteriorates due to regular and prolonged negative exposure from the outside. Outwardly, this is manifested in dullness, dryness, loss of gloss of curls and split ends. For a noticeable and persistent effect, a single cautery procedure is not enough. Depending on the degree of damage to the hair The full course can be from 3 to 6 procedures.

    Cauterization can help only if the loss of beauty and health of the hair is caused by external causes. In cases where the condition of the locks becomes depressing due to diseases, hormonal disorders, etc., that is, internal causes, the cosmetic procedure is powerless. Here it is necessary first of all medical examination.

    Indications and contraindications for cautery

    Cauterization is not only a cosmetic, but also a medical procedure, therefore it has appropriate indications. It is worth going to the salon if:

    • Hair suffered from weather and climatic factors - wind, frost, polluted or dry air, sunlight.
    • Curls have lost their health and beauty due to aggressive everyday procedures - blow-drying, curling tongs, straightening curling iron or irons.
    • There is a combination of the two factors mentioned above.
    • The tips of the hair split and broken.

    Not in all cases, cauterization is allowed. In particular, Contraindications to the procedure include:

    • damage to the skin of the head - burns, scratches, abrasions, wounds, etc.,
    • skin diseases - psoriasis, eczema or versicolor in the acute phase,
    • recent staining or discoloration (the effect of cautery will be minimal or absent altogether),
    • intense hair loss (after the procedure, the curls become heavier, and weakened hair follicles can not cope with the load).

    Cautery products

    Currently, the preparations of the Italian company are recognized as the most popular and effective means for hair cauterization. Alfaparf. Midollo de Bamboo line of hair cosmetics is created in the laboratories of this well-known company for exclusive technologies.

    In line restorative preparations for curls includes an intensive protein mask, nourishing mask, medicated shampoo, nourishing extract, serum, nourishing oil and a two-phase spray and thermal filler. The compositions of the funds are enriched with lipids, proteins and minerals.

    Alfaparf Midollo de Bamboo Shampoo Regenerating Shampoo

    The shampoo contains in the composition of mineral salts and extracts and extracts from the bamboo core. The tool thoroughly cleanses the scalp, moisturizes curls at the cellular level. Thanks to the active ingredients, the hair is transformed, becoming shiny and smooth. The shampoo should be applied to hair moistened with water, gently massage and remove with a large amount of warm water.

    Advantages and disadvantages

    Judging by the reviews, the hair begins to shine after cautery, as in the photo in glossy magazines. They are transformed literally before our eyes. The surface is leveled, split ends split off, visually the hairstyle seems to be thicker and more voluminous.

    Also, users note other advantages:

    • strands are protected from the negative influence of the environment and high temperatures,
    • styling and scratching are much easier,
    • increases the elasticity of hairs,
    • the hair is noticeably healthier after completing the full course.

    Without any drawbacks, as with any salon procedure, it wasn’t enough. Besides the fact that cautery has a number of contraindications, it has other disadvantages:

    • high price and the need to complete a full course of recovery,
    • inexpressive effect when processing strands that are too damaged,
    • incompatibility with staining - throughout the treatment it should be excluded.

    Funds for the procedure

    Absolutely all products used for cautery must be from the same series. The salons use the Modillo de Bamboo line from Alfapart. It contains all the tools necessary for the procedure.

    The composition of the preparations includes bamboo extract. It is rich in silicon, which is necessary for the health of curls, their elasticity and strength. The thermal filler contains extracts of lavender and sweet almond, and the biphasic spray contains serum and other useful ingredients. All products are sold only in professional stores.

    Care after cautery

    Stylists assure that the result from the salon procedure will please you for at least three months. However, for this you should properly care for the hair.

    The best choice would be to use shampoo, lotion and a mask from the same series as the preparations for the restoration. You can buy Modillo de Bamboo products in the salon itself or in professional stores.

    You will no longer have any problems with combing and styling after cautery; therefore, you will not need to use strong fixing styling. However, do not forget about thermal protective equipment, without them the glossy film on the hair will quickly collapse.

    Draw conclusions

    Cauterization can improve the condition and appearance of the hair. This is an innovative procedure that provides not only a cosmetic, but also a healing effect. If you have no contraindications to it, feel free to sign up to the salon.

    Literally after the first time, the result will be noticeable, and when you complete the full course, the hair will recover completely.

    Hair cauterization. The whole truth about the procedure

    The beauty industry is not standing still and with a certain frequency it brings to the market a new “innovative” service that can solve all your problems overnight. For example, with hair. Hair cauterization is another novelty that gradually fills the price lists of metropolitan beauty salons, promising women the “wow” effect after the first procedure. Let's look at kauterizatsiyu hair from all sides, find out whether it is possible to carry out the procedure at home, and whether it is worth the money.

    What is hot hair cauterization

    Translated from English, the word cauterization means "cauterization". In Russian, this word is used when it comes to chemical and thermal burns, inflicted for therapeutic purposes. The therapeutic goal is good, the burns are bad.

    However, the procedure of cautery does not imply burns of the curls in the literal sense of the word. This is the treatment of damaged hair with a special medical composition containing vitamins and microelements that get inside the hair through open scales, and then sealed with hot air of a hair dryer or a iron.

    Cautery vs lamination

    Hair cauterization resembles lamination popular in the ladies' community, however these procedures have cardinal differences. In the process of lamination, each hair is covered with a protective film, due to which the hair looks smooth, becomes a mirror shine and become more docile. Lamination provides only a visual effect.

    The new procedure is positioned as a healing, restoring structure from the inside. However, it does not imply sealing the composition inside the hair, and therefore it is quickly washed off.

    How to carry out the procedure

    1. The hair is washed with a special protein-lipid shampoo, which causes the hair scales to open.
    2. Curls lightly dried with a towel and applied to them active serum. The first manufacturer, who introduced a series of hair causation products, uses the extract from bamboo oil as the main component of serum.
    3. Further, if the hot method of hair cautery is chosen, the master dries the curls with a hair dryer and polishes with an iron to improve the penetration of nutrients into the hair. If the curls are burned with paint or perm, then before treatment with hot air they are applied thermal filler.
    4. After that, the head is washed again (yes, after drying) with a shampoo from the same series, then protein concentrate is applied, left on the hair for 15 minutes and washed off.
    5. Before the final styling, the curls are treated with a protective spray that coats the hairs and seals the scales.

    On average, the procedure takes from an hour to one and a half, so if you have long hair, be patient.

    The result of hair cauterization

    According to the stylists, after the first procedure, the hair becomes healthier, noticeably more elastic, gaining healthy shine, the tips are less pushing and confused. However, a lasting effect can be achieved only after a set of procedures. Still, the magic pill for beauty curls does not exist.

    There are a lot of positive reviews and “before and after” hair cauterization photos on the Internet, but the effect on your hair may be completely different, so be prepared for this.

    Procedure cost

    The price of the service hair cauterization in salons can vary greatly. So, on average, the cost fluctuates from 1 to 5 thousand rubles. The price is based on the amount of funds required for your length, as well as the level of promotion of the cabin. Top stylists will charge more for the service, but they value their reputation and, as a rule, use genuine expensive cosmetics. But in the most budgetary studios you risk getting a job done poorly. In addition, in the price of small salons may not be at all this new procedure.

    Is it worth it or not?

    • Hair noticeably revive, change and become more healthy after 1 procedure.
    • After the course of procedures, the hair breaks and splits less, due to which more noticeable growth.
    • Laying and combing unruly hair becomes easier and faster.
    • The procedure is good as a hair preparation before the beach season, when they will be adversely affected.

    • Owners of long hair kauterization in a decent salon will fly into a pretty penny.
    • The effect is short-lived and comes to naught faster if you wash your hair daily. Therefore, you need to regularly repeat the procedure.
    • For heavily neglected unhealthy hair, a standard course of treatment may not be enough. And after the first you may not see the effect at all.
    • Components of specialized cosmetics for cauterization conflict with chemical dyes, so it is not recommended to dye hair during the entire course.

    In general, the procedure for hair cauterization is quite easy, so you can purchase the necessary cosmetics and perform it at home. However, the first time is still to surrender into the hands of the master.

    The action of this procedure is based on the nutrition of hair rods with serum with a high concentration of vitamins, microelements and plant extracts. The same effect can be achieved by regularly applying the mask ALERANA intensive nutrition, which restores not only the curls, but also the health of the scalp.

    Its composition includes valuable extracts of avocado, centella, he-wu, and alfalfa, which deeply saturate the hair, stimulate intensive growth and the normal development of hair follicles. Jojoba oil softens the scalp, strengthens the hair cuticle and makes it more elastic. In addition, the mask contains the natural growth stimulant Capilectine, which activates blood circulation in the scalp and cellular respiration. Regular use of the mask will allow you to avoid the need for salon procedures to restore curls.

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    Alfaparf Midollo de Bamboo Daily Repair Two Phase Spray

    The active component of the spray composition is bamboo extract. In addition to a nourishing and moisturizing effect, the drug delivers trace elements to the cuticles, protects hair from mechanical damage and negative external influences, and makes it easier to comb. The method of use is simple: the spray is evenly distributed on the hair moistened with water.

    Safety procedure

    Spray application is intended to create the surface layer of the cuticle and to protect against adverse external effects: dryness, overcooling.

    The whole cosmetic session lasts about an hour.

    When performing an operation on clarified, dyed or after perm curling, thermal fillers (fillers) are added to the serum. For each case applies its own form. The drug is mixed with serum or pro-concentrate. The mixture is slightly heated. Apply from the middle to the ends with light massaging movements.

    On such a head of hair, the first session will be almost imperceptible, since the colored or bleached cuticle has a hollow structure. To fill it you will need to conduct an additional one or two sessions.

    Means used

    Cosmetic preparations necessary for cauterization are produced by the Italian company Alfaparf of the Milano di Bamboo line. The series includes several tools based on nano-technologies:

    • shampoo,
    • protein concentrate
    • serum,
    • spray,
    • thermal fillers.

    Alfaparf Midollo de Bamboo Pro Concentrate Intensive Protein Mask

    The mask actively regenerates hair at the expense of a special protein complex with a regenerating effect. The product includes vegetable oils, phytoextracts, biotin and a complex of proteins. The tool completely closes all scales and restores the beauty and health hairstyle. As a result, you can achieve smooth shiny hair without any damage. The mask should be applied to wet clean hair and evenly distribute. Then you should keep her head. for 6-8 minutes using heat (for example, klimazon) and thoroughly rinse with water.

    Nutritious Alfaparf Midollo de Bamboo Recharging Mask mask

    This mask contains bamboo extract, proteins and a complex of lipids. The tool has a pronounced nutritional and regenerating effect. Proteins provide a replacement for the deficiency of this building material in the hair structure, and lipids are “responsible” for combining the cortex and cuticle. A slight effect can be noticed after the first use. The method of application is as follows: apply a mask on slightly damp hair, hold 4-5 minutes wash off without residue.

    Serum in ampoules Alfaparf Midollo de Bamboo Cauterization Serum

    The composition of the serum is enriched with hydrated proteins, an extract from the bamboo core, oligo-elements, and cottonseed oil. The drug restores lipid chains in the hair structure, strengthens the connection of the cortex and cuticle. Through the use of serum curls become elastic, elastic and healthy. The use of the drug for a long time guarantees 100% hair regeneration. Method of use: the composition of one ampoule should be applied and spread on cleanly washed wet hair along the entire length. Flush means not necessary.

    Thermal filler Alfaparf Midollo de Bamboo Termal Filler Form

    The active ingredient of the drug is lavender extract. The tool is designed to increase the effectiveness of salon kauterizatsii. Its addition to other drugs helps fill the empty structures of the weakened hair. The filler is applied in this way: the agent must be mixed with Alfaparf pro-concentrate or serum, distributed over the hair. Then smooth the hair with an iron, or another device with warm air, and then wash your hair with a regenerating shampoo from the same line.

    Hair cauterization is an effective procedure that acts in two directions at once: curls become not only beautiful, but also healthy. However, for a good result, it is important to go through the whole complex of procedures, and after that, at home, use additional care products from Alfaparf - shampoo, lotion and nourishing masks. Then the effect of cautery will last long, and the hair will not lose its beautiful shine and strength over several months.

    Watch the video: LASER MOLE REMOVAL (November 2019).