Shampoos Grandmother Agafya's Recipes

For hair restoration, our readers successfully use Minoxidil. Seeing the popularity of this tool, we decided to offer it to your attention.
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The pharmaceutical company “First Solution” produces high-quality domestic products for beauty and health, including shampoos “Grandmother Agafi’s Recipes”. Such shampoos are made only from natural raw materials - preservatives, dyes, etc. At the moment, there are 9 collections and 30 types of such cosmetics. Such shampoos are medicinal, for daily use, thick, liquid, and also have different colors.

Shampoo from Grandmother Agafi popular among those who are very fundamentally related to the harsh chemicals for hair

  • Types and properties of shampoos
  • All series of shampoos from Grandmother Agafi: Secrets and other
  • The main specimens for strengthening hair series "Recipes grandmother Agafi": composition and purpose
  • Shampooing series “Grandmother Agafi’s First Aid Kit”: tar shampoo against hair loss and dandruff
  • A series of shampoos "Grandmother Agafi's Bath" without sulfates for the growth of hair: Black bath for lush volume, Sea Buckthorn, Cedar

This article talks about what is the shampoo "Recipes grandmother Agafi" - the composition of the shampoo "Recipes grandmother Agafi" and its use on women's hair.

Types and properties of shampoos

Before the start of sales to consumers, Grandma Agafi’s Recipes shampoos are checked by experts from the French Ecocert Association. As a result, there is no doubt that such cosmetic preparations are 100% natural substances.

Such shampoos are thick and fragrant medicinal preparations.

However, many girls complain that when applying such a tool on the hair a little foam is formed.

The average cost of shampoo is 45 p. for 1 bottle in 350 ml.

Shampooing series “Grandmother Agafi’s First Aid Kit”: tar shampoo against hair loss and dandruff

Cosmetic series “Grandmother Agafi’s First Aid Kit” consists of the following medical preparations:

Manufacturers produce shampoos of the “Agafya First Aid Kit” series according to the recommendations of dermatologists. Girls put on the hair with such funds when getting rid of dandruff and fungal seborrhea.

Shampoos tested in clinical laboratories of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. According to the results of clinical trials, the “Agafya Grandmother's First Aid Kit” cosmetic products (in particular, the Degtyarny shampoo of the Agafya First Aid Kit, “Against Hair Loss”, etc.) are recognized as the best medical cosmetics of the “First Solution” company.

A series of shampoos "Grandmother Agafi's Bath" without sulfates for the growth of hair: Black bath for lush volume, Sea Buckthorn, Cedar

The “Grandma Agafya's Bathhouse” series consists of the following shampoos:

Choose the right product and protect your hair with natural shampoos.

Today, after reading the above information, a girl can choose a shampoo suitable for her hair from grandmother Agafya. As a result, the female hairstyle will become strong, or bright, or voluminous - depending on the purpose of the cosmetic and the current state of the female head of hair.

Spit to toe is no longer a myth with Grandma Agafya shampoo for hair growth: main components and nuances of use

Long, well-groomed hair is a decoration beyond time and fashion.

Recently, the market of caring cosmetics is flooded with all sorts of growth promoters, ready to help all who are haunted by Rapunzel's laurels.

The products of the “Grandmother Agafya” brand belong to the budget price segment, which did not prevent her from finding her fans. Separate attention deserves shampoo-activator hair growth "Bath Agafi".

The product is sold in soft packaging type doy-pack in a volume of 100 ml and contains in its composition 100% natural plant extracts.

  • What's inside?
  • How to wash and do no harm?
  • Shampoo "Bath Agafi": buy or not buy - that is the question?
  • Useful materials
  • Useful video
  • Reefs to be aware of

What's inside?

The main active components of the “Agafya Bathhouse” are the following herbal extracts:

  • soap extract - gently cleanses the scalp from dirt, without disturbing the hair structure,
  • Altai sea buckthorn oil - a source of vitamin A,
  • Hypericum extract - fights brittleness and dryness
  • Burdock root extract - nourishes the skin with beneficial proteins, reducing hair follicle loss,
  • wild pepper oil (Eleutherococcus) - nourishes the roots, gives volume,
  • cedar elfin extract - stimulates growth,
  • Potentilla shrub extract - tones up, gives a healthy shine.

Read more about the use of various oils to accelerate hair growth: burdock, castor, jojoba oil, olive, sea buckthorn, almond, lavender.

How to wash and do no harm?

Apply growth activator "Bathhouse Agafi" can be just as usual shampoo.

A small amount of the product is applied to the hair and whipped to a foam condition.

The whole process takes from 2 to 3 minutes, after which it is recommended to wash off the shampoo with water.

Among users there is an opinion that in order to achieve the maximum effect the activator must be kept longer than usual.

This is a serious mistake that not only leads to a decrease in the effectiveness of the product, but can also worsen the condition of the hair follicles.

On our site you can get acquainted with a huge number of recipes for homemade hair growth masks: with nicotinic acid, from coffee grounds, with vodka or brandy, with mustard and honey, with aloe, with gelatin, with ginger, from henna, from bread, with kefir, with cinnamon, egg and onion.

Shampoo "Bath Agafi": buy or not buy - that is the question?

The effectiveness of natural shampoo for the growth and reduction of hair loss prove numerous positive user reviews. In most cases, the use of Agafya Bathhouse has an awakening-stimulating effect on the hair follicles, significantly speeding up the growth process.

Attention! To achieve maximum and quick effect, you need to use a comprehensive care system. It usually includes: shampoo, growth activator balsam, “Seven-strong mask of Agafya”, as well as hair oil.

Useful materials

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Reefs to be aware of

Agafya shampoo for hair growth is positioned as a 100% natural means of hygiene, which excludes the presence of silicones in its composition.

As a result, the majority of customers note increased dryness and confusion of the strands. It should be remembered that such a reaction is absolutely normal.

In the case of transition from sulphate-containing shampoos to natural cosmetics, such phenomena are quite acceptable. Over time, the feeling of dryness is leveled, after which it completely disappears.

Another feature associated with the natural composition of the shampoo - low foaming.

Since the composition of the “Agafya Bathhouse” is used sparing sodium coco-sulfate surfactant, the amount of foam produced is significantly lower than that of sulphate shampoos.

This fact clearly proves that the growth activator “Bathhouse Agafi” is not aggressive with respect to hair, unlike most conventional means.

Attention! Buying shampoo-activators of hair growth, do not hope for instant results. Most natural products are characterized by a cumulative effect, which manifests itself after a certain period of use. In addition, sometimes, to give the hair follicles an impetus for growth, it is necessary to take vitamin-mineral complexes.

Properties and types of hair care products

The composition of the shampoos grandmother Agafi includes natural ingredients. All products smell like herbs and most often have a thick texture. But despite the density, many women complain of poor foam formation. Foaming agent in shampoos is the soap root extract. Products are very economical and profitable. The average cost of a 350 ml bottle is 100-200 rubles.

The collection of hair washes is represented by the following series:

  • Founded
  • "Herbs and fees Agafi",
  • "Agafya First Aid Kit"
  • "On the melt water"
  • "Seven Wonders of Honey"
  • “Amazing Agafya Series”
  • "Bathhouse Agafi"
  • "On floral propolis"
  • "On five soap herbs"

Photo: the appearance of the package.

The main series of the collection “Grandmother Agafi’s Recipes”

Shampoos from the main series are represented by such species:

  • Means for restoring dull lifeless hair based on ginseng extract and lime honey.
  • Shampoo for the volume of hair on the basis of milk thistle extract, hop and sweet clover. For all hair types.
  • Gathering of 7 herbs to nourish normal hair and prone to fat.
  • Anti-dandruff based on a decoction of oak bark nettle and Althea.
  • For thin, split ends on the basis of lingonberries, birch buds and meadowsweet.
  • Means for moisturizing dry hair with a decoction of snowball bark and cedar oil.
  • Strengthening curls collection of 7 herbs.
  • Daily care shampoo with honey and linden for all hair types.
  • Firming beer shampoo for men.
  • Shampoo for fat curls based on burdock, chamomile, soap root and centaury.
  • To restore dyed hair.
  • For normal hair with yolk eggs.
  • Product for the whole family with chamomile, nettle.
  • Recovery for curls of any type.
  • Bread shampoo for all types of curls.

The above products for the care of curls the most popular and affordable. New series with components of natural origin are constantly coming on the market.

Photo: the Agafya First Aid Kit series is presented in 300 ml bottles.

Shampoos "First Aid Kit Agafi"

This collection consists of products that have a healing effect:

  • Treatment of seborrhea with 1% climbazol, cedar capsules, decoction of herbs: lungwort, elecampane, calamus, borage, Baikal skullcap, Althea.
  • For the treatment of seborrhea, dandruff. The composition includes birch tar, vitamin PP, climbazol 1%.
  • Treatment of oily seborrhea based on climbazol 1%, black currant seed and oil.
  • Against hair loss with flax oil, vitamin C, calamus extract and keratin.
  • Moisturizing dry hair based on arnica extract, mink oil, D-panthenol.
  • The shampoo restoring for a dyed hair on the basis of a cedar oil, lecithin and beeswax.

All treatments for hair are developed with the participation of dermatologists. Shampoos have been clinically tested. According to the test results, the “Dyagterny” shampoo is recognized as the best product of the company.

Photo: sold in 350 ml bottles and 100 ml economy packs.

Shampoos “Bathhouse Agafi” is represented by such products:

  • Shampoos to increase hair growth. They include vitamins, grass proteins and oils. After using the product, the hair stops falling out, becomes obedient, soft.
  • Means for restoring weak and dry hair. It consists of flax, ginseng, primrose, amaranth, pine nuts oil. This composition restores the hair structure, prevents hair loss.
  • White bath Agafya. Shampoo thick consistency based on the extract of Siberian berries.
  • Black bath Agafya. A remedy with a strengthening effect on the basis of medicinal plants.

Shampoo on melt water

These products can be attributed to new products. Now the range is represented by such products:

  • Shampoo thick consistency of 17 herbs.
  • Black dandruff based on black root, 17 herbs and siksha berries.
  • Means against fragility and hair loss.
  • Shampoo for daily care.
  • Means for restoring curls.

A series of shampoos "Photo on floral propolis"

Medicinal properties of propolis has long been known. On its basis, the company has released shampoos for strengthening and growing hair, restoring the structure of curls. To consolidate the results of shampoos, experts recommend using balms for hair care.

Rituli recall:
Used thick Agafya shampoo for strength, strength and growth. The tool has a pleasant smell of pine needles. A bottle of 350 ml was used by 3 family members, enough for 2 months (despite the fact that I am the owner of long thick hair). In general, I used to wash my hair every other day, and with this tool I washed my head 1 time in 3 days. After 2 weeks of use, the hair began to fall out less, became lush after the first use. The only thing that did not like is the fact that after this shampoo it is problematic to comb the hair. Although using a balm, this problem is easily solved. In general, shampoos pleasantly surprised.

Natalia's review
I really liked Agafya shampoo for hair loss. Hair, really stopped to climb. I also recommend trying shampoo for brittle and damaged curls. After its application, the curls do not break, they become voluminous.

Review Alla:
Recently I bought a growth activator shampoo from granny in a supermarket. I have long not too thick hair. She washed her hair twice, then dried it with a hair dryer and was terrified. The hair looked unwashed and dirty. I will not buy funds from this brand anymore.

Tatiana's feedback:
I bought a thick shampoo from my grandmother to strengthen and grow. The consistency is not thick at all, but it washes the hair well. My long hair after him became beautiful, soft. But in order to comb my hair, I applied Agafya balsam to my hair. The result is satisfied, and the price is cheap.

Photo: before and after

Onorina in the photo on the left put 5 points, Oksanochka..ksuxa on the right put 4 points and noted that she had to wash her hair very often.

Pupa-Barbie is generally satisfied with the shampoo, but noted the lack of it in the nearest stores, rating 4 points.

redfox1609 was very pleased with the use of the series “to strengthen and grow”, 5 points, also noted a pleasant smell, reasonable price, shiny and silky hair after washing.

Series "First Aid Kit Agafi"

In the series “First Aid Kit of Agafi”, dermatological products with a therapeutic effect are presented:

  1. For the treatment of dry seborrhea with Climbazol 1%, cedar capsules, an extract of medicinal herbs: elecampane, althea, Bogorodskaya grass, lungwort, calamus, Baikal skullcap and borage. Rated 3.8 from 4 people.
  2. Tar for treating dandruff, seborrhea. Contains Climbazol 1%, birch tar, vitamin PP. Tar shampoo is a classic method of treating dandruff in traditional medicine. Score of 3.3 points and reviews from 59 respondents.
  3. For the treatment of oily seborrhea based on black currant seed oil, climbazole 1%. Score 3.8 points from 4 people.
  4. Firming against alopecia (hair loss) with keratin, linseed oil, calamus extract, vitamin C. Score 3.6 points and reviews from 103 people.
  5. For deep moisturizing dry hair. Contains mink oil, arnica extract, D-panthenol. The tool was highly appreciated - 4.5 points out of 5 and reviews from 8 people.
  6. Revitalizing, for dyed and permed hair. Contains lecithin, cedar oil, beeswax. Score 3.7 points from 22 people.

The products of the “First Aid Kit of Agafya” series have been developed with the assistance of dermatologists and are recommended for the treatment of dandruff, seborrhea caused by fungus. Shampoos have undergone clinical trials in the Central Research Institute of Health of the Russian Ministry of Health According to the results of the research, the “First Aid Kit Agafya” series is recognized as one of the best products of the company “First Solution”, in particular the Degtyarny and Against Hair Loss shampoos.

Series "Bathhouse Agafi"

The “Agafya Bathhouse” series is represented by:

  1. White bath Agafi - thick shampoo-balsam based on extracts of fireweed, calendula, Kuril tea, tansy, meadow geranium, sea buckthorn, berries of cranberries, viburnum and amaranth oil.
  2. Black bath Agafi - infusion shampoo based on wood St. John's wort, clover, sage, burdock oil, meadowsweet, linden, blackberry leaves, black alder.
  3. Care for dyed curls on whey with extracts of skullcap, tsetrarii, alder, rhodiola and Manchurian aralia.
  4. Nutritious shampoo from Grandmother Agafi with extracts of ginseng, primrose, amaranth oil, cranberry, melluna, pine nuts, linseed oil.
  5. For hair growth with soapstone, burdock, Siberian elfin, Kuril tea, hunter, sea buckthorn, wild pepper.

A series of shampoos for melt water

The novelties of the “Grandmother Agafi’s Recipes” series based on melt water are presented:

  1. Thick shampoo with extracts of 17 herbs of Siberia, burdock oil, white honey to grow and strengthen hair. Thick shampoo was highly appreciated - solid 4 and reviews from 196 people.
  2. Black dandruff shampoo on the basis of black root, popularly known as "live grass", 17 herbs, siksha berries. Black shampoo was rated at 3.6 points out of 5, 26 people left feedback. Black color is provided by birch tar.
  3. Home for every day. Contains a herbal collection of 17 herbs, propolis, hops, rye bread. Score 3.6 out of 5 from 41 people.
  4. Particular against hair loss and brittleness. Contains mummy, juniper, herbal collection of 17 herbs, golden root. Rated 4.1 out of 5 out of 120 people.
  5. Soft to restore shawls based on mulberry, wild rose and flax milk. A score of 3.9 b. and reviews from 77 respondents.

Hair cosmetics "Secrets of Siberian Travnitsa" or "Grandmother Agafi's Recipes" has earned a leading position in the market, and yet manufacturers are cunning - artificial preservatives, stabilizers and blowing agents are present in shampoos. But the advantage is the fact that there are not so many of them as in other analogues. This is evidenced by a weak foaming, despite the fact that the shampoo is quite thick.

Product Benefits

The most important advantage of products from this domestic brand is their qualitative composition. It is checked by experts of the famous company Ecocert. This in itself is a guarantee of quality. So if the manufacturer indicates on the packaging that the shampoo consists of natural substances, then it is.

Funds from this company are thick and slow. However, they are inexpensive. So you can safely buy the packaging of such products, without fear that the money will be spent completely in vain.

The only minus that many girls say is that this type of shampoo doesn’t wash well. But it is impossible to call this a full-fledged minus. After all, the fact that the product foams poorly means that it was created without the addition of sulfates, which, on the contrary, is good for hair, especially if it is brittle and tired of constant drying, straightening or dyeing.

Feature of composition

Shampoo manufacturers from this brand claim that all their products are made using natural ingredients. The history of the company reports that the recipe of each shampoo has a long history and was passed down from generation to generation by the family of that same grandmother Agafya.

Most likely, the image of the good Siberian herbalist Agafi Tikhonovna is just a beautiful story that attracts buyers. But the composition of the products from this company is really natural and unique. Each of these recipes has already been tested by several generations of beautiful women, and it definitely allows you to get the desired result without damaging your hair.

At the heart of every single product is a natural element or herbal extract. This makes shampoos not only a medical product, but also a medical one. Means save and thin hair and dry skin, making the hair more well-groomed and alive.

If you still have any doubts about the quality of products, you can convince yourself that all products from this company are certified. The marks of Ecocert and ICEA are present on all packages. And the specialists of these international companies can be trusted precisely.

All shampoos from this company are free of parabens and sulphates.. These hard detergent components, which often harm the hair, in shampoos from grandmother Agafi are replaced with soap root. This is a natural product that allows shampoos to foam, even without being sulfated.

This tool is known to domestic beauties for a long time. Moreover, it is not that difficult to use it to obtain the desired foam. It is enough just to clean the root dug out of the ground and immerse it in warm water for a couple of hours.

Also in the shampoo you will not find all sorts of mineral oils, synthetic flavors and other components that are obtained during processing.

But, alas, not all chemical components can be excluded from the composition along with sulphates. So, without the addition of preservatives, any natural shampoo would be spoiled in 5-10 days. Therefore, it is necessary to extend the life of cosmetics is not quite natural.

But here, manufacturers are trying to use the most gentle option. They select components that do not harm either the curls or the scalp, and also do not have a neutralizing effect on the extracts of herbs that are in the composition of the shampoo.

In addition to the soap base and preservatives, in the composition you can find many extracts of those herbs that have been growing in Siberia for many centuries. Vegetable raw materials allows you to carefully care for your hair, making them better and more alive.

These components include Siberian spring, licorice and amaranth.

In combination with soap root, they allow you to create a noticeable foam and effectively clean the hair. Of course, they will not foam as much as the usual synthetic shampoos, but the process of cleansing the hair will be little different from the usual to you.

Another important detail is that all products from Grandma Agafya's Recipes company contain unrefined vegetable oils. The use of first-pressed oils is designed for the fact that all other components contained in the product will be revealed in a new way and act more efficiently.

Due to the presence of oils in the composition, shampoos nourish the hair better, make it stronger and moisturized.

The remaining components are more individual and are used only in individual lines.. For example, in the popular series of tar shampoos, the main ingredient is birch tar. This component gently regulates the process of sebum production, which is why hair becomes less greasy. Just for the hair, prone to fat, this product was developed.

"On black soap"

Products from this series are also made on the basis of soap root. Shampoo "Thick black" - This is a product rich in burdock oil and extracts of various herbs, from lime, to sage, blackberry and spike.


Shampoos from this series are really amazing. They are great for girls who are already desperate to find the right care product for their naughty hair or sensitive scalp. The product under the pleasant name "Soft" is an excellent tool for the most gentle cleansing of the entire length of the curls and scalp.

Other products from this line - Special and Krapivny shampoos also receive good feedback. They can be used even on a daily basis, without fear that your hair will get tired of excessive use of detergent.

"Herbs and Fees"

The grass series is considered one of the most popular in the domestic market. Products from this line are created according to old herbal recipes, which skillfully used the gifts of nature to their advantage.

Effective "Burdock" shampoo from this line will be a real find for girls who dream to grow their own long curls. Shampoo perfectly strengthens the hair and makes them more durable. Therefore, growing, they will not break.

Another popular shampoo is “Cloudberry”. Since ancient times, cloudberries have been considered a very valuable berry, which has a good effect on health and appearance. In the case of products from the company “Grandmother Agafi’s Recipes”, in addition to the extract of useful berries, the shampoo contains also oils, as well as propolis or honey.

And now the video - a review of cosmetics for hair care "Recipes Grandmother Agafi ".

Organic shampoos are now causing great interest in the wake of the popularity of everything environmentally friendly and safe for health. Products from the brand “Grandmother Agafi’s Recipes” are no exception. As a part of all their shampoos, there are practically no chemical elements, besides those that are really necessary for the shampoo to be sold and used for more than ten days. Therefore, products for hair care from this domestic company and get mostly good reviews.

At first, many are confused by the low price. After all, we are accustomed to the fact that for such money we are usually offered either a low-quality product or a fake. But everything is much simpler here - shampoos created according to secret recipes of the Siberian herbalist should be accessible to everyone, therefore the company tries to do everything to ensure that the prices of their products are not unreasonably high.

So, after using the girls, they are pleasantly surprised at how effective such cheap shampoos really are.

Also in the comments noted and thick consistency. This ensures minimal product consumption. Therefore, one bottle of shampoo from this brand is enough for you for two or three months, provided that you have long curls.

Many organic brands sin by making shampoos that are poorly soaped. In order to get the desired foam during washing, you have to spend a lot of time and actually scoff at the hair, rubbing the product in them. But with shampoos from the firm “Grandmother Agafi’s Recipes”, everything is different.

The use of soap root in the composition of all products allows you to make them easier to use. Of course, they will not foam as easily and abundantly as products with sulfates. But you also do not have to torment your hair.

Well, the most important thing is, of course, reviews of the effectiveness of the products.

Shampoos of this brand, as confirmed by the reviews, really do what the manufacturer promises. Therefore, if you buy a regenerating shampoo, you can be sure that after using it, your hair will really become stronger and more alive. A medicinal shampoo from the "pharmacy" series helped to solve serious problems with a huge number of girls hair.

Positive reviews, organic and recognition not only in Russia, but also in other countries can be called a real guarantee of quality shampoos come from Siberia. After all, bad care products could not have so many fans buying products of one brand over and over again. Therefore, you can feel free to try something from the assortment of Grandma Agafi’s Recipes company, focusing on the rating of popular series and the reviews that girls leave about products.

All series of shampoos from Grandmother Agafi: Secrets and other

The collection of cosmetic products “Grandmother Agafi’s Recipes” consists of the following series:

  1. the main one is 15 varieties,
  2. “Grandmother Agafi’s First Aid Kit” - 6 types,
  3. "Grass and fees" - 3 varieties,
  4. "7 honey wonders" - 3 species,
  5. "On the melt water" - 5 species,
  6. “Grandma Agafi’s Bathhouse” - 5 species,
  7. "Amazing Grandmother Agafya's series" - 6 varieties,
  8. "On 5 soap herbs" - 6 varieties,
  9. "On flowery propolis" - 4 species.

The main specimens for strengthening hair series "Recipes grandmother Agafi": composition and purpose

Cosmetic series “Grandmother Agafi’s Recipes” consists of the following shampoos:

  • to moisturize hairs. This cosmetic restores dull and brittle hair. Consists of ginseng extract, honey, etc.,
  • to increase the volume of hairs. Such a thick shampoo has in its composition hop extract, sweet clover, etc. It can be applied to all types of female hair,
  • anti-dandruff agent that can wash all types of hair. This cosmetic product contains in nettle sheets, marshmallows and decoction of oak bark,
  • nutrient for normal and greasy hairs. Consists of 7 different herbs,
  • nutrient for refined and brittle hairs. It contains birch, meadowsweet and lingonberry berries,
  • tonic for strained hair strand. Consists of soap root, burdock, etc.,.
  • cosmetic for moisturizing dry female hair. It has cedar oil and a decoction of viburnum bark,
  • to strengthen hair strand. It has a herbal composition "7 herbs of Siberia",
  • drug for daily use. It consists of lime and honey. The girls put a similar remedy on all hair types,
  • drug for moisturizing male hairs. It has a beer,
  • for colored hairs. Consists of sour milk,
  • for normal hair strand. It consists of egg yolks,
  • cosmetics for all family members. It consists of nettle sheets, chamomile,
  • bread cosmetic for any type of hairs. It contains wheat proteins, oats, etc.,
  • cosmetic product to restore all types of hairs. Consists of bearberry, coltsfoot, etc.

Shampoos Grandmother Agafya's Recipes

Agafya shampoo has appeared on the store shelves long ago. It gained its popularity due to its unique composition, unusual design of bubbles, an affordable price. Detergents brand "Recipes grandmother Agafi" made of herbs that are rich in our country.

A series of hair care products contains a huge amount of products made to suit the particular way of life of Russian people. Shampoos of Grandmother Agafi are represented by nine collections, in which there are over 30 types of different shampoos. Among them are products for daily use, medicinal, for oily and dry hair, liquid and thick.

Shampoos Grandmother Agafya recipes to strengthen hair

“Grandma Agafya's Recipes” is one of the best linear series of domestic shampoos created according to old recipes of Siberian herbalists. Among the proposed variety, a special place is occupied by shampoos to strengthen hair. The main components of shampoos are a variety of medicinal herbs, fruits and berries of the Siberian Earth, as well as honey, propolis and oils.

Firming shampoos of this series do not contain harmful chemical ingredients, although a small part of them is still used in production. It should be understood that without them there can be no talk of any long-term preservation of the product, like the aroma of herbs.

Unlike other shampoos, the basis of “Grandmother Agafi’s Recipes” is not hard detergent components, but soap root (mylnälka medicinal), which provides a sparing effect and has a beneficial effect on the hair and scalp.

The root has long been used by residents of Siberia. He was soaked in water to obtain a natural soap solution, which then washed his hair.

A series of firming shampoos "Grandmother Agafi's recipes" is provided for all types of hair, including damaged and lifeless. The medicinal herbs and active ingredients in their composition strengthen, prevent hair loss (other shampoos from hair loss) and gently care for hair, betraying it with vitality and a healthy natural look.

Firming shampoos from the “Grandmother Agafya's Recipes” series

Traditional Siberian shampoo №1 Created on the basis of soap root (soapworm drug) with the addition of such unique ingredients as:

  • cedar propolis, spruce gum, Siberian barberry,
  • chieftain-herb, veronika officinalis, ginseng,
  • meadow geranium, high zamaniha, cedar cones pollen, centaury,
  • catharian essential oil, cedar essential oil, vitamins PP, E,
  • organic floral wax and a minor component of chemical ingredients.

Agafya's grandmother's shampoo “Traditional Siberian No. 1” is distinguished by a pleasant delicate texture with a light sweetish aroma and subtle notes of propolis. It foams easily and gently, is well washed off, economical to use.

Already after the first application, it is felt how the structure of the hair has improved, they become stronger, vibrant and docile, acquire a healthy shine, weaken and comb easily.

The shampoo has an original black bottle with a bright floral emblem, an easy-to-use dispenser that opens with a light touch. Volume 350ml. Price 90 rubles.

Shampoo for bath "Cedar" Firming - a unique combination of collecting 18 medicinal herbs and Siberian cedar oil, make this shampoo one of the best and high-quality domestic products.

As for the Siberian cedar oil, in its number and combination of microelements, polyunsaturated fatty acids (vitamin F) and vitamins (B1, B2, B3, D, E), it has no analogues in nature.

Its rare healing properties have a healing effect on the scalp and hair, fully restoring their structure and strengthening the roots.

Shampoo is suitable for all types of hair, especially relevant for split and dyed. It foams well, is economical, makes hair elastic, lively, bulky, with a natural healthy shine.

The unique formula of the shampoo is designed in such a way that the effect of the effect increases when heated, that is, when used in a bath.

"Cedar" Firming has a pleasant aroma with hints of pine needles and a thick jelly-like consistency. Volume of 500 ml. Price 100 rubles.

Shampoo collection Firming for all hair types developed based on the collection of five soap herbs (amaranth, quality Siberian, Ural licorice, red and white soap roots) with the addition of birch water.

Medicinal herbs of Siberia gently cleanse the scalp and hair, eliminate brittleness, prevent loss and improve the structure. Birch water has a beneficial effect on the scalp, strengthens the hair roots, eliminates itching and flaking.

The shampoo has a delicate pleasant texture and a natural herbal aroma. It is economical to use, it foams well and is easily washed off. Volume 350ml. The price is 50 rubles.

Agafya thick shampoo for strengthening, strength and hair growth developed on infusion of pine resin in melt water, extracts of 17 medicinal herbs with the addition of burdock oil and white honey.

Melt water provides an ideal washing and sparing base for use, a unique combination of active ingredients (herbal extract, burdock oil and white honey) provide comprehensive protection, nourish, strengthen and improve the structure of thin and weak hair.

Shampoo is well washed, easily washed off, economical to use.

It has a thick texture, golden color, pleasant herbal aroma. Volume 350ml. The price is 50 rubles.

Firming shampoo based on soap root with extracts of the collection of seven taiga herbs designed for all hair types. The infusion of soap root gently cleanses the scalp and hair.

The extract from the herbs of nettle, St. John's wort, eleleutrococcus, yarrow and althea medicinal, roots of calamus and heather provide a long-term comprehensive protection, moisturize, nourish and restore the structure of the hair and strengthen the roots.

After application, the hair becomes healthy, has a natural shine, remains voluminous and clean for a long time.

The shampoo has a thick, transparent greenish consistency with the scent of herbs. It foams well, is easily washed off, economical to use. Volume 350ml. Price 40 rubles.

"Grandmother Agafya" (shampoo): reviews, use, composition. Grandma Agafya's Tar Shampoo

Hair has always claimed to be the main decoration of a woman, and beauty requires effort, labor and consistency.

In recent years, shampoos, balms, serums and hair masks, shower gels, scrubs, creams, oils, etc. under the label “Herbs and Fees of Agafi” have appeared on the cosmetics market designed to care for hair and body. They quickly became popular among consumers.

Do you have problem hair? Will Grandma Agafya's Shampoo help to improve their appearance? Reviews of those who suffer from excessive fat or dry scalp, say: "Yes!" Why? This is our story.

Shampoo in everyday life

Who is this notorious grandmother Agafya? Shampoos ... reviews on the Internet, conversations of friends at personal meetings - it seems, today they are just talking about them. These amazing products heal and strengthen hair better than many others. Take, for example, at least the shampoo “Grandmother Agafia. Firming.

Reviews of young women he receives extremely enthusiastic. Older women express more restraint about him, however, all the same as very good and effective. The topic is urgent, because in the bathrooms of almost every modern person you can definitely find bottles and tubes with a variety of shampoos.

If someone claims that he does not use them, then this sounds rather outrageous than the norm.

When shampoos appeared

How long have shampoos been established in our lives? In the 70s in the Soviet Union, small plastic amber-colored pads with egg shampoo were an amusing exotic novelty.

Everyone washed their heads with a solid soap, although liquid shampoos for washing hair in mass production and sale appeared in the 30s of the last century.

Slowly but surely, they firmly entrenched in the standard set for hygiene.

What would we wash our hair if there were no shampoos

In former times, people used different means in different parts of the world to keep their bodies clean. In our country, our hair was washed with herbs growing in the area, in the summer with fresh, and in winter with dry gatherings, soaked rye bread in water, egg yolks, etc. .

For shine and better combing rinsed with vinegar solution. In eastern Europe burned rice straw. The resulting ash washed. Since the high content of alkali overdried the hair, they were lubricated with oils, most often the most affordable, coconut after washing.

Filipinos used aloe vera leaves to care for their hair, and in Arab countries they used quince skin. The Indians of North America softened the water by the root of the soap grass, and the infusion of oak leaves and bark, which has astringent and fungicidal properties, helped in the fight against parasites.

In India, the widely used soap tree berries.

The uniqueness of the cosmetics grandmother Agafi

All the old ways are united by one thing in common - natural origin. Emulsions under the logo “Secrets of Grandmother Agafi. Shampoo ”reviews are identical to those addressed to the hair products of our grandmothers or luxury brands that have long won the world market. This is due to the fact that they are not inferior to them in efficiency, are very practical in use and are not too expensive.

“Grandmother Agafya. Thick shampoo "reviews now receive similar to any good cosmetics. The first mass shampoos in the form of dry mixes of various herbs began to be released about a hundred years ago. They are constantly improved.

LLC “First Solution” has chosen its own, unique way to give consumers the joy of using organic cosmetics. In order not to raise the price of its products, this company buys raw materials in Russia. They do shampoos on thawed snow which is produced at their own enterprises.

After freezing and cleaning, the water changes its structure, it becomes soft, as experts say, “alive”.

Requirements for shampoos

Manufacturers of hair care products are trying to adhere to the old, time-tested folk traditions. They compete with each other, releasing more and more new drugs with improved properties.

Requirements for consumers to shampoos, are as follows: means must be good to remove grease, dirt and remnants of varnishes and gels for styling and fixing hairstyles, easy to wash off with water, not to overdry hair, smell nice and not cause allergic reactions.

Sanitary and hygienic norms established by law must necessarily meet high standards. Also important are the appearance and convenience of packaging.

"The first solution" - the first step to a good haircut

Russian entrepreneur Andrei Trubnikov, the current head of the company for the production of skin and hair care products, began its activities in the late 90s. It was a time when the total deficit had already begun to recede, but the release of shampoos in our country was not yet debugged.

Andrei Trubnikov undertook the solution of this most difficult task. As a result, we got excellent shampoos. It is very inconvenient to look after hair in the old-fashioned way, and “Grandmother Agafi’s Shampoos” have absorbed the best secrets of natural cosmetics, tested by experience of many generations.

It took quite a bit of time, as they were recognized, tasted - and now they are collecting numerous positive reviews. "Oh, shampoo" Recipes grandmother Agafi "to strengthen the hair! This is something new! ”The joy of regular consumers can be understood, because everyone is free to choose the care for his particular hair type.

"Herbs and fees Agafi" suitable for frequent use, and it does not threaten to ruin the family budget.

What are the "Grandmother Agafi shampoos"

It is no secret that we began to wash our hair much more often than was customary in ancient times. Significant changes have occurred in our physiology. They are caused by the fact that the shampoos that we regularly use include substances that dry out the skin and force the sebaceous glands to work more intensively.

The load on the epithelium increases, the cells work in an emergency mode. This greatly weakens the entire body. Our hairs have lost their pomp and density of their ancestors. A few years ago Grandmother Agafi’s Shampoo was on sale. Reviews about him are varied and sometimes contradictory.

Someone praises the composition, they say, a lot of natural ingredients, and someone, on the contrary, argues that it is impossible to create a homogeneous emulsion of water, oil, herbs, honey and tar without the use of artificial surfactants. Nevertheless, the products of this brand has a certificate for organic cosmetics, and the production process is controlled by the requirements of Rosstandart and Ekosert.

LLC “First Solution” uses natural, environmentally friendly products for its shampoos - soap herbs from Siberia and Altai, for example, soapstone, medicinal, weave silky, Ural licorice, Siberian and amaranth sources, infusions of succession, celandine, sage, nettle, yarrow, lemon balm , decoctions and extracts of oak moss, siksha and Siberian larch, usnei, pine resin, golden root, black alder cones, deviasila, bearberry, oil of burdock, linseed, sea buckthorn, dogrose, yeast, woody birch fungus, sm from the bark of birch and others.

"Tar shampoo Agafi"

In order to have thick, lush, docile and shiny hair, you need to properly care for them - to ensure that they are clean and healthy. Soap is not an assistant here. There is too much alkali in it, which accumulates on the hair in a dull white bloom. What will help? "Grandmother Agafya" (shampoo).

Customer reviews unanimously state the excellent quality of hair as a result of their use. Changes come quickly and very noticeably. Curls better combed and perfectly fit into the hair.

Some consumers of products with the face of Siberian travnitsa on the label sincerely, based on their own experience, say: "If the packaging says that shampoo relieves dandruff, then this is true, if it is written that it strengthens the hair, then this also corresponds to reality." Tried on themselves and carefully studied “Recipes grandmother Agafi.

Shampoo ”, reviews and comments to them, doubt that high effectiveness can be expected from a mass product. They, they say, a priori, can not compete with the old methods of hair care that our ancestors practiced. These people, of course, are mistaken. Take, for example, “Grandma Agafya's Tar Shampoo”. Reviews he receives only laudatory.

Tar from birch bark, or Russian oil, has been used for centuries as an effective means of fighting skin diseases. It is well absorbed, but the specific and intrusive smell of this resin is not very popular. To neutralize it, fragrances are necessary. Perfumes are one of the many strengths of this makeup.

Aromas of natural herbs

Fragrant oils of the first extraction, infusions of wild herbs - this is the secret of the pleasant and delicate fragrance of the cosmetics line “Herbs and Fees of Agafya”.

In the bath series there are bee products: honey, pollen, bee bread and beeswax.

Russia is rich in a variety of vegetation, so you should not be surprised that Agafya “Shampoos” smell like cedar or juniper oil, pine, chamomile or lungwort.

Alternative to Grandmother Agafya's Shampoo

Kharkiv Avicenna shampoos and Grandmother Agafya series reviews get similar to each other. Perhaps, despite the hardest situation in Ukraine, this manufacturer will stand up and compete with “Pervoye Reshenie” LLC. In the meantime, from among the inexpensive hair washes, we will choose the shampoo “Grandmother Agafi’s Recipes”.

"Agafya thick shampoo" in retail outlets is not so easy to find. It is snapping up extremely quickly. Many people like black gel bath soap from LLC “First solution”. It completely replaces any “Grandma Agafya's Shampoo”. Reviews of those who used it confirm this.

It not only does not cause dandruff, but even removes it, the hair falls out less, there are no cases of allergies.


As for the foam obtained by soaping, here it is necessary to clarify something about the products under the brand "Grandmother Agafia." Shampoos receive such reviews: "Foaming is just fantastic!" And this is truly excellent, because many people like the frothy cap to be high. And the more it is, the easier it is to wash off.

By the way, folk remedies based on soapy root or soap berries foam a little, and mustard, which is famous for its ability to cleanse from fat, does not form foam at all. In this sense, “Recipes grandmother Agafia. Shampoo "reviews are fair and honest. It completely corresponds to national traditions and wishes of consumers.

Does modern man need to be afraid of the new

What kind of hair care to prefer? Maybe the old fashioned way? If we weigh the pros and cons, then people are mostly in favor. Those who tried the “Secrets of Grandmother Agafya. Shampoo "reviews leave amicably positive. Who knows this series and got used to it, they no longer want to return to authentic antiquity. According to the main indicators, “Grandmother Agafya” is also not lagging behind.

Shampoos receive similar reviews - after the very first applications, the hair and scalp become noticeably more beautiful and healthy.

Those who purchased the products of this brand and read annotations on labels recognize that today it is the best that the hygienic cosmetics industry can offer to all, without exception, categories of citizens who care about their cleanliness, beauty and health.

A kind and wise grandmother Agafya, a gatherer and keeper of ancient beauty secrets, is able to combine the patriarchal nature of the past and the high technologies of our time donated by scientific and technical progress.

Shampoo recipe grandmother Agafi: composition, reviews

Many women know for sure that most shampoos for hair care contain an aggressive chemical component - louryl sodium sulfate. In this regard, the demand for natural cosmetic products is constantly growing. Popular now considered to be not only in Russia, but also in neighboring countries shampoo recipe grandmother Agafi with natural composition.

The fashion for naturalness touched not only the appearance of women, but also the requirements for personal care. Women now appreciate natural products, which is Agafya's grandmother's shampoo recipes.

The manufacturer has focused on the composition of products and low price, so today shampoo scatters from store shelves.

It is worth figuring out what secrets the shampoo contains and how expedient it is to apply it.

Description and production

Today, the Russian company “First Solution” is responsible for the production of shampoos of this brand.

In the arsenal of this manufacturer there are many other well-known brands, for example, “1000 herbs”, Planeta Organica, etc.

But it was precisely the products of Grandmother Agafya that became a certain brand; in addition to the low price, the consumer pays attention to old Russian recipes and folk traditions, according to which a cosmetic product is created.

Connoisseurs of domestic production immediately turned their attention to such a brand of shampoos, and the main feature consisted in the absence of lowlyl sodium sulfate and any other chemical compounds. All types of products with this name contain useful and nutritious components in accordance with the age-old Russian traditions and recommendations from specialists.

At the heart of the production of such products are used exclusively natural raw materials, namely, harmless and 100% natural analogues of surfactants, dyes, preservatives and flavors. In addition, the attention of customers can neither attract an extraordinary design in the traditions of the Russian people, a huge assortment of varieties of hair care products and affordable prices for them.

As mentioned earlier, Agafya's grandmother's shampoo contains exclusively natural raw materials of plant origin.

The necessary resources for shampooing are grown and later extracted in ecologically clean and flora-rich areas of Siberia and the Baikal region.

The basis of the shampoo in the domestic brand is a soap root, while most other brands assume louryl sulfate in the composition.

The plant base ensures gentle hair care, the soap root does not dry the hair, does not cause irritation of the scalp, while effectively cleans the hair and epidermis.

In addition to the base, other soap herbs from the same ecologically clean and rich terrain are added to the composition. The plant components that are most often found in the composition are amaranth, the known licorice, valuable and rare Siberian source, and other components.

Depending on the variety of shampoos, other valuable plants will be included.

Liquid components of the shampoo often act water from melting snow and ice during the spring warming and snow in Transbaikalia and Siberia. Studies have confirmed that such a liquid is much softer and more gentle in comparison even with spring water. In addition, an additional advantage of the product is the inclusion in the composition of natural, unrefined first-pressed vegetable oils.

Popular product series

Today, in addition to the “Grandmother Agafi’s Recipes” brand, the same manufacturer produces the less well-known, but no less useful for hair care products, The Secrets of Siberian Travnitsa.

In total, there are about 15 types of products from the main series in the arsenal of such a brand, several varieties of the “Agafya First Aid Kit” series and “Agafya Herbs and Fees” series, there are products based on melt water, for the bathhouse, “The Amazing Agafya Series” and much more.

The line of hair care products from this manufacturer includes the following types of cosmetics:

  1. Shampoo aimed at hair restoration due to the content of linden and ginseng honey.
  2. Shampoo to give hair volume due to milk thistle, hops and clover extracts.
  3. Anti-dandruff oil or dry with oak bark, extracts and decoctions of Althea and nettle.
  4. For oily hair type in women, 7 healing herbs are the basis of such a product.
  5. For brittle and split ends with the purpose of nourishing and strengthening, which includes lingonberries, tavogla, etc.
  6. For oily hair, it is a tonic containing chamomile, burdock, centaury, etc.
  7. A cosmetic product for nourishing and moisturizing weak dry hair, which includes a decoction of viburnum bark and cedar oil.
  8. Phytosol of 7 herbs for strong curls.
  9. Shampoo with a standard set for daily washing hair based on lime and honey.
  10. Beer shampoo for the stronger sex.
  11. Product for the care of dyed hair, in which the basis is sour milk.
  12. Universal shampoo for normal hair type on the basis of chicken egg yolks.
  13. Soft bread shampoo for gentle care.
  14. Universal shampoo for all family members from Agafya containing nettle, chamomile, etc.
  15. Universal regenerating shampoo, valuable components such as bearberry, coltsfoot and other plants.

The listed products for the care of curls are classics and gold standard from the manufacturer, most often it is these products that are in great demand. If the consumer suffers from any diseases of the hair, a first aid kit from Agafya was created separately, where there are remedies for alopecia, seborrhea, dandruff, etc.

The latest novelty from the manufacturer was a series of shampoos based on melt water. Today it presents 5 types of products for different types of hair.

The Bathhouse Agafi series also includes 5 products, these are both nourishing and thick, growth-stimulating shampoos, herbal concoctions.

Due to this abundance of varieties, unique composition and naturalness, hair cosmetics “Grandmother Agafi’s Recipes” occupies a leading position today.

The main advantages of shampoo

The main distinctive advantage of all shampoos from this manufacturer is the inclusion of only natural ingredients in classic cleansing compositions. The base of the shampoo is soap root, medicinal ingredients are healing herbs, extracts and vegetable oils. All recipes for creating cosmetics for hair originate from ancient times.

Another advantage of such cosmetics is the absence of chemical compounds, such as low-grade sodium sulphate, parabens and much more.

Despite the fact that Agafya shampoos can not be considered completely organic products, the composition has a mild effect, no harm to the scalp and the hair itself.

Well, another significant advantage of such products is the pricing policy, thanks to which the products are available to almost every potential consumer.

According to the reviews of the majority of consumers of the “Grandmother Agafi’s Recipes”, shampoos are really drastically different from the usual means and imported expensive brands. Natural Siberian plant composition gently affects the hair, does not cause dryness of the scalp, does not entangle the hair with each other, gently cleanses the curls and epidermis.

After regular use of such products, many note a decrease in the degree of hair loss, giving the head of hair volume, shine, healthy appearance in general.

And if earlier reviews on the Internet were most often left by women, today among consumers of the domestic product men often appear.

Negative reviews of shampoos are as rare as the lack of product on store shelves.

Of course, it’s understandable that the grandmother Agafya herself is a fictional character and such a marketing strategy for creating a certain Russian flavor. Despite this, many consumers of products trust this brand due to its valuable composition and the absence of low sodium sodium sulfate. Yes, and a reasonable price has a positive effect on the growth of demand for shampoos.

Shampoo Recipes Grandmother Agafi: reviews, composition, types

Grandmother Agafi’s shampoos are produced by Pervaya Resheniya, which is engaged in the creation and sale of high-quality domestic products in the field of beauty and health.

Firm "First Solution" owns several brands that are known to Russian consumers. Among them are Planeta Organica, Organic Therapy, Baikal Herbals, Lactimilk, and 1000 Herbs.

Since then, the products of this manufacturer are loved by many Russian buyers.

The composition of shampoos, balms and other means of the brand contains a large number of natural caring and nourishing ingredients.

If you want to know the secrets of shampoos, which are released by the brand “Grandmother Agafi’s Recipes”, read this article telling about the most popular products of the brand.

The brand "Grandmother Agafi's Recipes" produces a large number of shampoos that are designed for different types of hair.

The assortment of the brand has products for dull and dry curls, products for oily hair and shampoos that fight against hair loss and stimulate their growth.

Brand shampoos belong to the affordable price segment of the modern Russian market of household chemicals.

They are sold in ordinary supermarkets offering their customers a wide range of products of this and other brands, which are united by a common owner - the “First Solution” concern.

The benefits of shampoos "Grandmother Agafi"

The creators of this brand claim that they prepare their shampoos, balsams and hair serums according to ancient recipes, which were passed down from generation to generation and were preserved by the family of Siberian herbalist Agafi Tikhonovna Ermakova.

Agafya Tikhonovna is a collective image, since there is no actual evidence of its existence.

But the evidence that the products of the company really has a good effect on the hair - a lot.

Grandmother Agafya is just a beautiful marketing move that attracts the attention of consumers.
However, other manufacturers statements are true.

The key components of the recipes that are used to create the “First Case” preparations are, indeed, medicinal herbs and natural ingredients.

They have a vivifying effect on curls and skin. The advantages of cosmetic products brand Grandmother Agafya's recipes can be found below.

The brand's products are certified by the International Cosmetic Council, as evidenced by the ICEA and Ecocert signs located on the packaging of each of the company's products.

This means that thorough checks of the means confirmed that their composition is saturated with organic components.

The main advantage of any product produced by the Grandma Agafya Recipes brand is its composition.

The formulas of many products for washing curls produced by this brand do not contain sulfates and parabens.

Instead of hard detergent components that are added to the classic deep cleansing shampoos, the formula of “Grandmother Agafi’s” products contains a soap root - a natural ingredient that has great foaming.

Since ancient times, soap root has been used as a natural product for washing hair and skin.

Unfortunately, the shampoos of this brand can not be called completely organic, since they contain preservatives that prevent the natural components from spoiling.

The creators of this brand claim that they use the most benign compounds that can save the benefits of medicinal herbs and natural ingredients, while not having a harmful effect on the scalp and curls.

The formulas of the brand do not contain silicones and their derivatives, synthetic flavors, mineral oil and other refined products.

The composition of the funds free from sulfates and parabens.


The main components that contain the formulas of the means are natural plant raw materials grown and harvested in areas of Siberia and the Baikal region, which are distinguished by favorable ecological conditions.

Instead of sulfates, which aggressively curl, manufacturers of products in accordance with the folk tradition of herbalism use the soap root.

This plant base has a gentle effect, does not dry the skin and hair. As a supplement to this plant used soap herbs that grow in Siberia.

These include licorice, amaranth, silky rock and Siberian source. When interacting with water, soapy root and herbs provide abundant foam, which perfectly washes the body and hair.

The company's specialists use melt water as the liquid phase of shampoos, which is collected in the spring during the melting of Siberian and Baikal snow. Such water is softer and cleaner than ordinary spring water.

The list of active ingredients that stimulate the growth of curls and fight against hair loss, open extracts of medicinal herbs.

They have a regenerating, firming and moisturizing effect on curls.

Reviews of girls who use shampoos of Grandma Agafya's Recipes company say that many people love this shampoo more than other products on the modern cosmetic market.

Such ingredients are best disclosed in the composition of those products that do not contain sulfates, which is why the “Grandmother Agafia” shampoos are able to moisturize curls and imbue them with useful components of the formula.

Birch tar is an ingredient that contains several products of the company. Tar shampoo is good for oily hair.

This component regulates excess sebum secretion and has an antibacterial effect.

Tar shampoo effectively fights against hair loss, causing increased blood circulation in the scalp.

Popular shampoos series

Traditional "Siberian shampoo number 1" - one of the most famous brand products.

The composition of this tool contains propolis and pollen of cedar cones, barberry, extracts of ginseng, geranium, centaury, ester bone, cedar, nicotinic acid and vitamin E.

The tool has a pleasant texture of medium thickness, which has a light, unobtrusive aroma of herbs and propolis.

During the shampooing process, it forms a strong, abundant foam that effectively scrubs the hair roots and strands from excess sebum and dust.

Reviews of girls who use this tool say that it does not dry the curls, strengthens the hair roots and gives the hair a beautiful shine.

The cost of the product varies around a hundred rubles for 350 milliliters of shampoo. Packaging is equipped with a convenient push-button dispenser.

Sulfur-free Cedar shampoo without shampoo contains the mark “for the bath” on its packaging. Despite this, it can also be used with ordinary washing of the head.

The composition of the product is enriched with extracts of eighteen herbs with medicinal properties.

The healing properties of this component restore and thicken the structure of the curls, fight the first signs of dandruff and moisturize the strands and scalp.

This shampoo will be to the liking of the ladies who regularly dye their curls.

Such a head of hair requires careful, but gentle care, and “Cedar Firming” shampoo from the “Grandmother Agafi’s Recipes” series can be used in this capacity. The cost of funds - one hundred rubles per five hundred milliliters.

“Firming” shampoo produced by the “First Solution” concern contains a collection of soap herbs that gently but effectively clean the hair.

Thanks to the birch sap, which is saturated with the composition of the product, the product softens the curls and makes them more docile.

Shampoo perfectly fights brittle hair and prevents dry tips. As part of the product there are no chemical fragrances, a light grassy aroma is given to it by natural ingredients that the formula contains.

For 350 milliliters money will have to pay fifty rubles.

"Agafya thick shampoo" is enriched with pine-wax, aged in melted water. In addition to these ingredients, the composition contains honey, burdock oil, and extracts from seventeen medicinal plants.

The undoubted success of the brand is the creation of "Grandma Agafya's Tar Shampoo". This tool receives positive feedback from many people who, before they met him, had unsuccessfully fought dandruff and seborrhea.

The product is enriched with extracts from herbs, essential oils and the main product - tar, which is obtained by smoking birch bark.

Many products that contain this element have an unpleasant, pungent smell that remains on the skin and hair for a long time.

Tar shampoo from this company has an unobtrusive grassy aroma, as the creators took into account the wishes of customers and neutralized the smell of tar with the aromas of medicinal plants and essential oils.

After reading this article, you have learned all the secrets of the company “Grandmother Agafi’s Recipes”.

Choose for yourself a suitable product and use it with pleasure. Convenient pricing of the brand allows you to try not one, but several tools that its experts create to care for curls, body and face.

Please note that the products of this company have a relatively short shelf life, because shampoos and balms “Grandma Agafi’s Recipes” contain light preservatives and a large amount of quickly perishable natural ingredients.