3 shades of beauty: natural dyes for hair

Beautiful curls adorn any person. To change a hair color is a natural desire of a woman (and often a man), who keeps up with the times and takes care of her appearance. Before giving preference to one or another shade, it is necessary to take into account many factors: the color of the skin, the eyes, and the possibility and presence of the desire to keep the head in order after dyeing the hair. Passion.ru has found for you recipes for dyeing hair with natural products, without resorting to synthetic dyes!

Choosing a shade, you need to take into account the harmony of the whole appearance: for example, blond hair is hardly suitable for women of the eastern type with dark eyes and dark skin, and blond women of the European type are not recommended to turn into black hair.

When choosing a hair color, you must also remember that too dark hair emphasizes age, wrinkles, tired skin and fatigue. If you have a lot of gray hair, choose a color close to the natural, but a little lighter.

The paint should be applied to the hair with a small brush, starting from the roots, and the curls themselves should be divided into small strands for better coloring. Dyeing time depends on the desired color and is selected according to the instructions. After dyeing, the hair must be thoroughly rinsed with plenty of water until the water with which you rinse your hair becomes transparent. When dyeing regrown roots, paint is applied only on these areas of hair, and a few minutes before washing, all hair is covered with the rest of the dye, leveling their color.

Currently, there are so many different chemical paints that everything is not counted. With this diversity, we completely forgot about the most simple, and most importantly - useful natural dyes. At home, dyeing hair with natural dyes is the best option, especially if you have had allergic reactions to hair dye.

Types of natural dyes for hair

Even grandmothers put their hair in order, using the help of such means as:

The unsurpassed advantage of these products is that absolute naturalness does not cause any harm to the hair structure, but rather nourishes and enriches it.

After you have gone through the staining procedure, there is no particular need to make special repair masks or apply other remedies. But after dyeing even the most expensive paint strands are subjected to chemical treatment and in any case suffer.

Henna is a gift of nature for hair

Home staining rules

In order for the procedure to be successful and bring exactly the result that a woman expects, you need to follow some rules:

Basma is an oriental flavor

And now let's look at several options for staining separately.

Natural henna dye

By painting with henna resorted people who love red hair color. The saturation and shades of this paint are different. Much depends on the individual characteristics of the organism. If you decide to get this shade, then do so:

By following all the tips, you will get beautiful curls of red color, which will be envied by everything around, while they will look fresh and healthy.

Basmas for gray hair

This dye gives your hair an interesting shade of dark green. Some fans of non-standard approach to appearance are applied in pure form, but the main part of women mixes with other paints to make a new color. For example, if you mix henna with basma, you get dark brown or black color. For painting, prepare the composition according to the instructions, while taking the same number of components, and apply it on the head, avoiding contact with the skin of the face.

Here it is important to understand that when painting in this way, unexpected results are possible. This is a shade that turned out in the end. It may be too dark, for example. In this case, do not get upset. Just rub your hair with warm sunflower oil, blow-dry, and wash your hair with shampoo. Repeat the process if necessary.

Do everything according to the rules and the result will be

Chamomile for light hair

Not only dark shades can be purchased using natural ingredients. Chamomile, for example, gives the hues a shade of gold. To achieve this, take one and a half cups of chamomile flowers and mix with a liter of vodka. Let the mixture stand for two weeks. Then strain the product and mix with hydrogen peroxide (50 milliliters). Apply the composition to the curls, holding forty minutes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Linden for light brown hair

To achieve a light chestnut color, it is recommended to apply linden flowers.

To do this, mix one and a half cups of hot water with five tablespoons of flowers. Put the mixture on the fire and boil until a third of the mixture has evaporated. Remove a glass of liquid from heat, cool, and strain. Apply the mixture on the hair and wait for the desired color.

Application of nuts to be chestnut

Dark chestnut color can also be achieved with the help of walnuts, or rather peel. To do this, skip the skin through the grinder, and add water to the porridge. It should make a mixture like sour cream. Inflicting on the head for twenty minutes, wait and rinse with water.

Tea and cocoa: create coffee color

Tea combined with cocoa powder is also able to give curls a beautiful brown color. For the procedure you need to pour four teaspoons of tea with a stack of hot water. Boil the mixture for forty minutes and strain. Add four teaspoons of cocoa to the liquid to make a gruel. Putting it on your head, put on cellophane and wrap your head with a towel. After an hour of exposure, wash the strands with water.

Dozens of different recipes and options are offered, and here it’s up to everyone to choose the method that is right for you and makes your hair unique.

Beautiful hair is above all healthy.

Natural hair dyes - how to dye your hair naturally

Women like to change. They like to change their style as often as possible, to bring some “zest” to their image. Something new and interesting ... And this applies not only to the wardrobe! Women are great lovers to change their hairstyle, try some other haircut, a new hair color ...

And, having decided to dye your hair, as a rule, we go to the store and buy paint there. Fortunately, the choice is very large now, for every taste and color, for every budget.

But we must know that even the highest quality, most expensive paint, as a rule, contains ammonia in its composition. And this is a tool that causes irreparable harm to hair.

How? With fairly frequent dyeing, the hair becomes dry and dull, brittle, the tips become split, the appearance of the hair makes a rather messy impression.

Add to this the frequent use of hair dryers, pleyos, irons, stylers for styling (varnishes, foams, etc.), the situation is already very sad ...

What to do with it all?

In order that the procedure of hair coloring does not harm the hair, you can use natural, natural hair dyes! They, as a rule, do not penetrate deeply into the hair structure, do not break their own, natural hair pigment. This means that they are absolutely safe.

Moreover, many products for dyeing on a natural basis not only paint the strands in color, they also provide additional care for curls.

The only drawback that natural dyes have is that they do not give an instant effect. In order to obtain the desired shade, it is necessary to carry out the staining procedure several times.

After dyeing with herbal paints, the natural shade on the hair changes, the structure of the hair itself is healed, the brilliance, beauty and vitality of the curls appear.

Natural dyes work only with the outer layer of hair. To directly change the color dramatically - no, they will not change. But they will add interesting and bright nuances to their natural hair color.

What are natural hair dyes?

Folk beauty recipes offer us a natural coloring, which uses decoctions, extracts, extracts of herbs such as:

  1. Hop - it is for giving a golden shade to blond hair.
  2. Chamomile - it is for a gentle, soft lightening effect and for strengthening hair.
  3. Sage - for giving more red-brown shade.
  4. Walnut - in order to add a darker tone of hair, closer to the cream-brown color.
  5. Onion Husk - will give a spectacular golden sparkles curls.

What other natural products can be used for hair coloring?

  • Cinnamon These are healthy, beautiful curls of a light shade. It has tonic, antiseptic properties. Hair after applying cinnamon masks become shiny, well-disassembled, grow better, there is a light, light brown or golden tone. In order to lighten the hair, cinnamon is mixed with lemon juice and honey.
  • Chamomile - it is clarification and care at the same time for blond hair. It gives hair a golden hue, strengthens the strands, makes them more docile, beautiful and shiny. The itching and flaking of the scalp are eliminated. For this purpose, herbal decoction of chamomile. Calculation - a spoon of flowers in a glass of boiling water.
  • Rhubarb - it will give your hair a light brown and ashy tint. To do this, use a decoction of rhubarb.
  • Coffee - these are chocolate shades on hair. And in combination with henna - it is a beautiful chestnut color. For dyeing, you need to brew strong coffee, rinse their hair, hold it for a while, and then wash it off.
  • Lemon - quickly lighten hair. For this you need fresh lemon juice. Mix it with the same amount of water, rinse hair.
  • Linden - will give rich brown and chestnut tones. To do this, brew a lime color (one spoon for one glass) and process the hair with this solution. Do this for at least an hour.

What else is used for natural coloring? This is henna and basma.

  • Henna gives shade of hair from red to dark chestnut. At the same time, it enhances hair growth, makes strands more silky and shiny.
  • Basma stains in dark blue, but in its pure form it is used quite rarely. It is recommended to combine with henna, while the range of shades is significantly expanding.

Basma for hair coloring

Basma is a luxurious dark hair, completely dandruff free!

It is obtained from a plant called indigofer. Using Basma dyes hair in dark colors, down to blue black. The final hair color depends on the original color.

Therefore, Basma is mixed with henna. From what proportions mixing takes place, and the final color will depend.

In Basma there are a lot of components that are useful for the hair, so when dyeing it is also provided care for the strands.

And above all, it is the elimination of dandruff. In addition, the hair becomes strong, smooth, perfectly shiny.

Henna for hair coloring

Henna is a paint and a remedy for your curls!

This is the most popular natural dye. Henna is obtained from the dried leaves of the Lawsonia plant and is used as an independent paint. Or dilute it with Basma.

Henna gives hair a bright shade, red, golden-red. It all depends on the time, how long the composition is maintained, as well as on the original tone.

Henna is often used in masks for hair. It envelops every hair, protects against adverse external factors, makes curls elastic, silky, very beautiful, hair grows better.

Natural hair lightening by natural means.

If you have blond hair, then you are suitable dyes that you can make yourself from chamomile decoction, linden decoction and onion peel.

  • Linden hair coloring

If you have long hair, you can use the whole pack.

With an average length, divide the amount by two times. Coloring with this tool will give a delicate golden shade and shine, will strengthen the hair follicle. Cardinally change the color, of course, will not work.

For dyeing, you will need some kind of container, gauze and a regular comb.

Prepare a linden decoction for your hair length. Cool it to warm, strain.

Apply the mixture to the hair from the roots along their entire length using a comb.

Leave for 40 minutes. After this, wash the broth.

Thanks to these actions, you will get a beautiful shade of hair, which will be distinguished by a special shine.

  • Chamomile hair coloring

Used decoction. He will make your hair golden and shiny, paint over gray hair.

The hue as a result will depend on how concentrated the decoction you used.

Apply ready decoction to hair, distribute, rub. Leave for half an hour, then wash it off with warm water.

Onion Peeling Hair Coloring

Boil onion peel with water to form a concentrated solution (5 parts peels per 1 part of water) cool, apply over the entire length of the hair.

Such coloring can be used quite often if you want to constantly maintain the hair color in the shade you need.

  • Recipe with white aspen bark and woodlice

Using this recipe, you get good hair that has strength, health and beautiful shine. The bark of white aspen and the grass of wood lice (three tablespoons) need to be filled with one glass of water and boiled for about 25 minutes.

After that, let it brew.

Strain, add 150 ml. homemade yogurt or plain kefir. Apply the mixture on wet hair and hold for an hour.

Then rinse with shampoo water.

How to dye your hair in dark shades with the help of natural products?

This will help cinnamon, tea and coffee. The preparation of such formulations does not take much time, but will bring many benefits for the beauty of the hair!

  • Recipe for the dye with cinnamon.

For the preparation of this paint will need honey, cinnamon, water.

All 100 grams. Mix cinnamon and honey, add water.

Apply a warm mixture to the hair along their entire length. Warm your head with a towel. Coloring is worth withstanding up to several hours.

This recipe will help you get beautiful and healthy hair, because it helps to strengthen the scalp and hair follicles.

  • Hair coloring with black tea

Tea contains tannin and antioxidants, which will give health and shine, as well as a beautiful shade of dark hair.

You can even play with shades, and add some cocoa powder or coffee to your tea.

It is necessary to pour a couple of tablespoons of tea with boiling water, let it brew, strain, cool and apply to the hair, while warming the head with a towel.

Keep it from 30 to 40 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

  • How to dye hair with coffee

Use this great recipe to add extra shine and strength to your hair.

Take and brew coffee, apply it on the strands for 30 minutes. As a result, you get beautiful curls of dark shiny hue.

  • Hair coloring with henna, coffee and onion peel broth

A great effect is the combination of these components: henna, coffee, tea and decoction of onion peel.

This blend is great for beauty and a beautiful coffee shade with dark blond, brown and brown hair.

To prepare the composition you will need a regular glass bowl and all the ingredients.

First, half of one cup of onion peel should be filled with water, brought to a boil, left to stand for about forty minutes.

Then you need to reheat again and add half a spoonful of black tea, leave it for half an hour. Strain the infusion, bring it to a boil and add one tablespoon of natural ground coffee.

Already after about 10-15 minutes, this mixture will need to be heated for the last time and pour one bag of henna there. Stir and apply the composition to the hair. Keep an hour.

Natural hair dyes - how to give your hair copper and red shades?

  • Onion Husk

Take onion peel in equal proportions with water. Boil for about 40 minutes.

Cool, apply the cooled broth to the hair after washing, put a plastic cap on his head and wrap his head with a towel. Hold for two hours.

  • A mixture of henna and basma - for auburn hair

A beautiful chestnut tone on the hair can be achieved by mixing three parts of basma powder and two parts of henna powder. Further instructions are given in the instructions on the packaging.

  • Walnut for hair coloring

Used in leaves with bark of oak.

For the preparation of the coloring composition it is necessary to make a decoction of walnut leaves and oak bark in a ratio of 3 tablespoons of the mixture to one cup of water.

After the decoction is infused, it is cooled and used as a balsam-rinse after washing the head.

  • Coffee and strong tea for hair coloring

Coffee grounds or strong brewed black tea will give a very beautiful dark shade to your hair. To do this, simply apply the coffee or tea leaves as a mask on your hair.

Hold for 40 to 50 minutes.

If you add a few drops of citrus essential oil to the mass, your hair will shine very effectively.

For painting in dark color

To give your hair a darker shade, you can use a combination of natural products like henna and basma. Color saturation is determined by the proportion of ingredients:

  • brown hair - 2 parts of henna mixed with 1.5 parts of basma,
  • in order for a darker brown-haired man to come out, it is necessary to keep a one-to-one proportion,
  • Black color will be obtained if one part of henna and two parts of basma are mixed in the container.

Also, to make the curls darker in color, you can use a decoction of sage, which for some time needs to be applied to the hair roots - this will allow to paint over even gray strands.

For chocolate shade

To get the chocolate color of different shades, you can use decoctions of different herbs, such as linden leaves, black tea or onion peel, but in this case the hair will acquire a brighter brown tone. The saturation of the color depends on the degree of strength of the infusion.

If you conduct several experiments, you can choose the most suitable product and diluting it with water to change the degree of concentration. To obtain a rich chocolate color, an infusion on crushed peel of nuts is perfect.

For blond hair

Get a light brown color with a combination of rhubarb and white wine. These ingredients allow you to achieve the best result in the conversion of white or yellowish hair into a rich light brown tone.

  • For a light brown shade with copper overflow use dye from rhubarb. The recipe for cooking broth: 2 tbsp. l finely chopped rhubarb pour a glass of water and simmer for about 20 minutes over low heat. As a result, you get a balm that needs to be rinsed after washing your hair. To enhance the effect of using rhubarb in the infusion add a little white wine.
  • To get a beautiful light blonde shade I use linden. For the preparation of coloring broth, 8 tbsp. l dried lime pour 400 ml. water, boil, drain. Broth process hair and hold for about 30 minutes. If the linden-based coloring agent is kept for more than an hour, then you can get a beautiful chestnut tint.
  • If you want to go from light brown to chestnut color then use the tool from coffee and henna. For this 4 l. ground coffee pour 200 ml. water and boil for 5 minutes. After cooling the coffee drink, add 1 bag of henna to it. Components need to be mixed and distributed over the entire length of the hair. Put a plastic cap on top and wrap your hair in a towel. Keep the paint from 10 to 40 minutes depending on what shade you want to get, light or dark chestnut.

For dyeing gray hair

If the task is to slightly transform white or gray hair, adding shine and yellowness to them, wash them with a decoction of chamomile. For the same effect may be a mixture of turmeric and cinnamon, infused or diluted in a small amount of water.

If it is necessary to paint the curls in dark, for example brown, color and do it most quickly, then you need to mix together classic black tea, instant coffee and cocoa powder. This mixture is capable of eliminating gray hair in the least amount of time no worse than expensive synthetic sample paints.

  • Cocoa with tea. To create a natural paint 4 tbsp. l Brewing black tea pour 0.4 cup of boiling water. Tea is boiled on low heat for about 40 minutes, after which it is filtered and combined with 4 tsp. cocoa. The mixture should be on fire until the liquid evaporates and turns into a thick mixture. Apply paint on wet hair, wrap and incubate for about 1 hour.

Types of natural dyes and their application

Immediately it should be noted that dyeing with the help of dyes of natural origin should not be carried out on extended strands or hair after perm, as well as curls that were previously dyed using synthetic dyes. Natural coloring ingredients are applied only to clean, only washed, still wet hair. For application it is better to use sponges, brushes or cotton pads, do not forget about gloves, because the skin of the hands can also change its color.

It is also important to note that different types and natural hair colors are amenable to dyeing in different ways - this is partly due to the individual features of the hair. Thin and rare strands can change their color quickly enough - for the procedure of dyeing, a lower concentration of the solution and the number of components in the mixture will be required. Thick, long and coarse curls require longer aging to obtain the necessary tone. Unfortunately, there is no universal formula, which requires additional control over the hair during their saturation of paint. Below are the main types of dyes that will achieve a particular result.

Henna and Basma

Henna and Basma are the most famous and frequently used hair coloring products. Both that and other element represent a powder from the dried and crushed leaves of plants which possess a huge number of curative properties, besides the painting pigments.

Henna in itself gives the hair a copper, rich and bright color, most often it is used as a means to dye the hair red. Basma in turn is a component used as a natural dye only in combination with other ingredients. This is a prerequisite, because in its pure form the grass dyes hair in blue-green, condemning them to immediate correction. Combining both means you can get absolutely any tone of curls, ranging from soft warm chocolate to rich black.

Oak bark for hair coloring

A decoction of oak bark is not only used as a natural substitute for industrial paints, but also as an effective balm that nourishes the hair and gives it strength, volume and natural shine. The tool perfectly tones the curls and is able to darken the strands by four tones.

For the preparation of raw materials will need to pour a liter of boiling water four tablespoons of chopped oak bark. After that, the mixture is covered with a lid and infused for 3-4 hours. After this time, the composition is filtered and applied to the hair. A prerequisite is wrapping the treated strands in cellophane, where they should languish for about 4-5 hours. Over head wrapped with a towel, which is also important during the staining. The duration of the hair aging determines the degree of their darkening, for this reason it is necessary to adjust the time so that the result best suits the expectations.

Chamomile decoction

A decoction of chamomile allows you to get a variety of shades, especially if you combine the tool with other ingredients. Here are some quality recipes for toning strands with chamomile decoction:
To lighten the curls and give them a golden light shine, you should make a chamomile tincture (a tablespoon of dried leaves on the floor of a glass of boiling water) and add it to the hot henna mush,

to paint over gray hair, dry chamomile leaves in the volume of one glass should be poured with half a glass of boiling water, then let the mixture stand for a few hours. At the end of time, 3 tablespoons of glycerin are added to the composition. Now the product can be applied to the hair, spreading it over the entire length and concentrating on areas that especially require dyeing. It is necessary to withstand a coloring compress for about an hour, and then to rinse with water, rinsing the hair after each wash with a non-concentrated extract of chamomile will help to give the strands a golden tone with a natural sheen.

Onion Husk

Onion peel is first and foremost a therapeutic agent that can make it possible to qualitatively strengthen and heal the hair. Dyeing hair with this product can get a golden or light brown shade, but only if the natural strands are not dark. This dye is perfect for blondes in order to lightly tinted curls.

To prepare a mixture of toning in gold, pour 50 grams of raw material with a glass of boiling water and put on a slow fire for 20 minutes. To achieve a darker tone, you need to increase the volume of the original product to 200 grams and mix with the same amount of water and in the same way, boil the composition for 20 minutes.

This dye is recommended to more use for dyeing darker hair in order to obtain a rich black or dark chestnut tone. It is useful to know that the coffee solution will allow the brown-haired women to drown out the redhead and make the strands more even and dark in color. A rich chocolate hue comes out when dyeing with medium and light brown coffee strands. For brunettes, the dye made from coffee will not give a special constructive change in tone, but it will add shine and beauty.

To make coffee paint, you should mix the following ingredients:

  • a teaspoon of coffee,
  • 1 teaspoon tea olive oil,
  • cognac in the amount of one tablespoon,
  • 2 egg yolks,
  • warm water in the amount of 2 teaspoons.

Predominantly dried sage leaves and stalks are used to dye dark hair, but the tool is also suitable for gray strands. As a result, you can get the most unexpected colors, ranging from light brown to yellow and ending in dark brown. To prepare the paint should be 6 tablespoons of raw materials pour 2 cups of boiling water, then let them brew for 30 minutes. This mixture can be used to rinse hair in order to give it a light ash accent, or to apply on strands in greater concentration to get a dark color.

Video: henna hair coloring at home

The video describes step by step the process of dyeing hair with henna. The material includes a qualitative description of the preparation of the mixture based on henna powder, followed by applying the composition to the hair. The author of the video shares his own opinion and reveals secrets that allow him to more precisely choose the tone for himself during the painting process.

Karina: I am a brunette and use a mixture of henna with basma to get black hair - this is an effective option.

Sveta: I often rinse my hair with a decoction of sage - as a result, there is an excellent yellowish tint for my fair-haired strands.

Kira: All I want to try are natural dyes, as I have already spoiled my hair with chemical dyes at the end, but I don’t know if the necessary color will come out. It seems to me that with the help of vegetable dyes it is impossible to get a quality result.

Basma - dark hair without dandruff

Basma is obtained from an indigofer plant. Using this black pigment allows you to dye your hair in dark shades - from light brown to blue-black. The final color of the curls will largely depend on their initial tone and condition. But to use basma in its pure form is undesirable - it can give ugly blue or green shades to the strands. Often, black pigment is mixed with henna. From the proportions in which you mix the dyes, and the final color will depend.

In Basma there are a lot of useful components for hair - you provide them with extra care. The composition contains natural substances that help eliminate dandruff. Using Basma is a safe way to make hair strong, smooth and shiny.

Henna - paint and remedy for curls

The most popular among women natural dye. Get it from the dried leaves of Lawson. Henna is used as a separate paint or diluted with basma. With the help of natural remedies, you can give your hair a bright shade - from golden to bright red. It all depends on the time of composition and the initial tone of the curls.

No wonder henna is often used for the preparation of therapeutic hair masks. Pigment envelops each hair, protecting it from negative external factors. Henna, if all the rules of the procedure for dyeing or applying treatment masks are followed, make the curls elastic, silky, strong. Dye also stimulates hair growth.

Cinnamon - healthy, beautiful hair of a light shade

Cinnamon is often used in home care for skin and hair - usually for the preparation of healthy masks. This aromatic spice has tonic and antiseptic properties. Curls after the application of cinnamon-based products become shiny, degraded, their growth is stimulated.

If you use cinnamon in its pure form, it gives a light brown or golden hues. The final color of the curls will depend on their original color. Red-haired girls will get a slightly reddish tint of hair, and brunettes will add golden colors to the strands. For intensive clarification of curls cinnamon mixed with lemon and honey.

Chamomile - Brightening and care for blond hair

Chamomile - the best natural dye for blond hair. You will not be able to drastically change the color with this medicinal plant - it only gives your hair a golden hue. Using chamomile for blond curls will give them the look of sunburned.

In addition to mild hair dye, chamomile has a whole range of useful properties - it strengthens the strands, making them more docile and shiny. A natural remedy has a positive effect on the condition of the scalp - itching and flaking are eliminated.

Herbal decoction is used to lighten hair with chamomile - a glass of dried flowers of the plant is filled with 0.5 liters of boiling water. They rinsed the strands after washing with shampoo. The effect can be seen after a couple of weeks of applying this balm.

Rhubarb - giving the hair a light brown and ashy color

Rhubarb root has long been used to dye curls in light blond and ashen colors. If we treat the broth of the plant with light strands, they will acquire a light brown tone with copper tints. And the use of rhubarb on light brown hair will allow them to lighten up to the ash color. The plant shows a good effect when dyeing gray hair.

To dye hair rhubarb, decoction is used - 2 tbsp. l crushed plants poured 200 ml of water and boiled for about 20 minutes. The resulting balm rinsed hair after washing. To enhance the effect of the use of rhubarb in infusions often added white wine.

Coffee - chocolate tones of curls

With coffee it is very easy to get beautiful chocolate-colored hair. And if you mix the drink with henna and paint light brown curls with such a tool, you can give it a rich chestnut color.

To dye curls of coffee, brew a strong drink and rinse your hair with it, soak for a while and then rinse. You can periodically repeat the procedure to maintain color.

Coffee tones, helps to increase blood circulation in the tissues, which has a positive effect on the condition of the hair. You can accelerate their growth and make them stronger. To make the coloring procedure even more useful, make a coffee scrub for the scalp - massage the cover with light movements and only then rinse the hair with the prepared coloring composition.

Lemon - quick hair lightening

If you want to quickly lighten the curls, take a lemon. Already after several procedures, the strands brighten by at least 1 tone. Take freshly squeezed lemon juice, mix it with the same amount of water, rinse the curls with the resulting solution, and then dry in natural conditions.

Lemon well cleanses the scalp, gives shine shine.

Please note that it is undesirable to dye dry hair with lemon! Sour fruit has a drying effect that will only aggravate the situation.

Linden - saturated brown and chestnut shades

Lipa gives curls a beautiful chestnut hue. If you hold the prepared coloring agent on the strands for a shorter amount of time, you will get a light blond shade. Lipa is used by blondes and brunettes.

And linden not only makes the hair beautiful, but also heals them. Strands become stronger, shine, do not electrify. Lipa in complex hair care will help get rid of dandruff.

To get beautiful hair, cook lime decoction - 8 tbsp. l dried flowers plants pour 2 tablespoons of water, boil, strain. Process the hair with the solution and hold for at least an hour.