Titanium or tourmaline coating

For more than 10 years, straighteners have been loyal assistants to girls of all ages - they give hair perfect mirror smoothness, but to some extent harm the health of hair. Hence, new developments and difficult choices: which is better - ceramic or tourmaline coating of plates. Different surfaces have their own characteristics. We conducted a comparative analysis and collected recommendations on the choice of styling tongs.

The principle of operation of hair straighteners

Female nature is changeable and contradictory. Straight hair certainly wants to curl, and curly - straighten.

How does the rectifier?

  1. The curl fixed by the forceps heats up and, due to the light pressure of the plates, takes a predetermined shape (using straight lines, straight, ridged ones wavy, etc.)
  2. From exposure to high temperatures, the curl leaves moisture, it becomes crumbly and keeps its shape for a long time.
  3. Gliding movements, heat and dryness cause the hair scales to close, which makes it smooth and shiny.

But along with the positive moments, there is the other side of the coin. Straightener desiccate hair, they become brittle and split off. The higher the temperature, the greater the damage.

Curly hair is especially vulnerable to various irons and curling irons. This is due to uneven keratin coating and slightly open scales on the folds of the curls. All hair treated with chemicals (paints, curlers) are also at risk: due to the altered structure, they easily deteriorate from any aggressive effects.


So that girls can be beautiful and at the same time their hair remained healthy, experts are constantly upgrading styling equipment. The first irons and curling had metal plates, which not only heated unevenly, but also had a small size and unregulated temperature.

Modern styling devices have been improved to the maximum. For the safety of women's curls cover do:

  • tourmaline,
  • titanium,
  • with the addition of marble
  • ceramic.

In addition, most modern tongs have a temperature regulator, which allows you to choose gentle (130-160 ° C), normal (165-180 ° C) or maximum (185-230) mode. And for fast straightening the plates produce different widths, from 2 to 8 cm.

For long and thick hair it is better to take an iron with wide plates - 7-8 cm. So straightening will occur faster and more efficiently, the duration of hair heating will decrease, and they will remain healthy.

Ceramic coating features

Ceramics - reliable and eco-friendly material. Massively for rectifiers, it began to be used relatively recently. Before him, the tongs were made of metal, which strongly dried out the hair and could even light up the strand. Today, the harsh Soviet predecessor has completely replaced ceramic plates (except for improved types of tourmaline or titanium coatings).

The obvious advantages of ceramics:

  • uniform heating,
  • easy glide
  • isolation of negative ions - antistatic effect,
  • gentle evaporation of moisture to maintain healthy hair.

Disadvantages of ceramic coating:

  • long warm-up (in the newest models, this drawback is eliminated),
  • brittleness - chipping is possible when falling, the appearance of cracks.

Rectifier with cracked ceramic plates can not be used for its intended purpose. Need a repair or a new device for leveling.

Features tourmaline coating

For rectifiers use tourmaline is not in its pure form. Dust crystals are applied on top of ceramics or add crumb. The gem has piezoelectric properties and is a powerful source of negative ions.

What is the effect of tourmaline coating?

  • Carefully closes scales.
  • Keeps moisture in hair.
  • Prevents cross-section of tips.
  • Removes static electricity.
  • It gives smoothness and incredible shine curls.
  • Heats evenly and quickly.
  • Differs wear resistance.

The disadvantages of such irons can be attributed perhaps to the high price (an average of 5,500 rubles. Against 1,500 rubles for ordinary ceramic).

Which rectifier is better?

Ceramic and tourmaline hair care products are by far the best-selling. They are very careful, eco-friendly, do not emit harmful substances when heated. The tourmaline-coated curling iron, which curls hair in shiny Hollywood curls, is also gaining popularity. In general, both options are decent and fully comply with the requirements of modern fashionistas.

If you choose which is better - ceramic or tourmaline coating on tongs or curling iron - the answer is unequivocal. Tourmaline ionizes better, and devices with its addition are more wear resistant. However, it costs an order of magnitude more. Should I buy a flat iron 3 times more expensive with slightly improved functions, everyone decides for himself.

If the issue price is not worth it, you can look at other types of forceps. Along with tourmaline, ceramic plates are covered with titanium, they are made to move, they embed the function of steam or a retractable comb into the device.

The best manufacturers today:

Summing up, it is worth saying that the tongs and curling irons with a ceramic coating are in no way comparable to the first metal styling tools. They treat hair carefully and practically do not harm even with frequent use. Tourmaline coating improves the already good performance in all respects and has only one drawback - the high price. Therefore, the choice should be based on their material capabilities.

Comparative table of the best ceramic flat alloys

Super smooth black plates are as gentle as they can slide right through the hair from section to section. We reviewed the top selling ceramic and titanium flat irons on the market today. Be it even high temperature, high temperature or several settings. Whether it is lightweight, smooth model or the latest technology.

Look no further than these terrific collections for titanium and flat ceramic irons. When it comes to choosing a flat iron for your hair straightening needs, it is easy to get confused with all the options there. The technology has certainly progressed in recent years, and with fantastic sound parameters such as ion, nano-alloy, and infrared radiation, it can be overwhelming to decide what features you want in your hair straightening iron. Even if you reduce it to the basics, it can be misleading, even trying to decide what material you want to make plates from.

Which coating is better to choose for a hair straightener, so as not to harm them? The uniformity of heating and heat conductivity depend on the used material for coating the plates.

The coating can be made of the following materials:

  • Ceramics,
  • Ion ceramics,
  • Tourmaline,
  • Teflon,
  • Marble ceramics,
  • Gland,
  • Titan's

Since each coating has different physical indicators, the effect on curls will be different. Iron tongs without additional coating are used in the cheapest irons.

Such plates can not warm up evenly, slip badly and as a result, the curls get injured and dry out.

Tourmaline or ceramic coating - which is better

Many fashionistas are interested in what is better to choose: ceramic or tourmaline coating? To answer this question is to understand how they differ.

Ceramic coating has a more sparing effect on the curls, although it takes longer to heat up. Ceramics keeps the temperature and evenly warms up. This provides a good slip, resulting in a decrease in the number of damaged curls.

The iron with a tourmaline coating is the safest device for straightening curls. Most often, tourmaline coating is applied to ceramic plates. The use of a rectifier with such a sputtering provides curls with minimal drying. This is due to the soldering of hair scales. In addition, tourmaline coated curling iron heats up quickly and evenly, and is also able to maintain the required temperature throughout the operation.

Based on this, we can conclude that the safest type of pleyok - with tourmaline plates.

The action of teflon is similar to the action of tourmaline. It is also applied on a ceramic base. Due to its properties, Teflon protects the plate from sticking of styling agents - this ensures smooth sliding.

Ion-ceramic plates produce negatively charged particles that protect the structure of curls from destruction, so they will not electrify. The use of such an iron for straightening hair minimizes the risk of getting split ends.

Marble ceramic coating provides straightening strands due to ceramics and their cooling thanks to marble. Using these rectifiers, you can not worry about the state of curls, as they lose a small amount of moisture.

Titanium plates have such properties as ceramic. A distinctive feature of these rectifiers is the high strength of the material used, which is almost impossible to damage.

What is tourmaline?

Tourmaline coating has a complex composition. The material itself is a semi-precious, fairly durable mineral that perfectly conducts heat. But in its pure form for the production of plates it is not used. Tourmaline crystals are fused into a ceramic coating, which is then ground and polished.

The main feature of this composition is its ability to release negatively charged particles when heated. It neutralizes static electricity (because the hair has a positive charge) and helps improve the overall condition of the hair.

Advantages and disadvantages

Iron plates with metal plates are no longer being released - they cruelly ruin the hair even after several uses. They were replaced by various types of coatings: ceramic, teflon, tourmaline, titanium and even tungsten. But each of them has its drawbacks: the ceramic is too fragile, the titanium is quite quickly erased, the tungsten can be strongly burned hair.

But tourmaline has proven itself so well that it is used for both professional and high-quality household appliances.


Tourmaline coating ironing makes the device more gentle to the hair and gives him a number of advantages compared with other types:

  • it is smoother and more dense than ceramic, so it is easy to clean,
  • tourmaline is perfectly polished, which guarantees perfect sliding and smoothing of the strand,
  • the plates are uniformly heated, providing the same temperature at each site,
  • they perfectly smooth the keratin scales, giving the hair a beautiful shine,
  • Ionization helps to maintain the health and elasticity of the hair, partially eliminates the effects of strong heat.

For frequent use, as well as clarified blondes and those who regularly dyed, experts recommend buying only a straightener with a tourmaline coating and ionization. Any other type of plates (except silver and jade, which are several times more expensive) will quickly worsen the condition of the hair.


The main disadvantage of a tourmaline hair straightener is its relatively high cost compared to ceramic and teflon models. Such devices for the most part already belong to the professional, and the price for them is appropriate. Yes, and you will not find a wide variety of models - each manufacturer usually has only one device.

Tourmaline coating is stronger than ceramic, but also requires regular maintenance. After each use, it is advisable to clean the plates of any residue from styling products. This should be done as carefully as possible, with a soft, dry or cloth moistened with soapy water.

Tourmaline iron is afraid of blows - cracks and chips may appear on the plates.

Top models

Experts advise nevertheless to opt for professional straightened hair straighteners. They are more reliable and durable, and usually have a number of convenient additional functions: electronic temperature control, auto power off, hair cooling system.

Some models are equipped with interchangeable nozzles: flute, spiral and wavy. And the difference in the price of professional tourmaline irons with household ones, according to most reviews, is not too great.

The leading places in the ratings most often occupy such brands:

  1. PHILIPS HP8323. Small in size, it is suitable for any type and thickness of hair. Its important advantage is the plates elongated to 100 mm, which allows the strand of hair to be distributed as evenly as possible between them. Heats up quickly, has two temperature conditions - 180 and 220 degrees, the ionizer.
  2. Ga.Ma Attiva Digital. Qualitative and compact professional model with a wide temperature range - from 140 to 220 degrees. The current temperature is displayed on the display, which makes it possible to constantly monitor the process. The working plate is too narrow - only 23 mm wide, the device is not very convenient for very thick hair.
  3. VITEK VT-8402. Relatively inexpensive, but well-proven model. Capable of heating up to 210 o C, plate length 90 mm, power and temperature indicators, electronic thermostat, overheat protection, successful cord length - 1.8 m.
  4. Ga.M Laser-Ion 1036. A rather expensive model that can be found in good salons. Recommended for those who are seriously concerned about the safety of hair. It has a built-in laser analyzer that automatically reads the condition of the hair and selects the optimum temperature. The downside is the high price.
  5. Kemei KM1088. Another great professional model with a wide range of heating - from 150 to 230 degrees. It has touch switches and temperature display. The thermal protection case does not heat up during operation, protecting your hands from burns.

With proper use and proper care, a hair straightener with tourmaline plates can serve you well for several years. Therefore, an investment in a good device is justified.

Rules of application

The technique of using tourmaline ironing is no different from the usual. Pull with it you can only clean dry hair, which previously applied thermal protection and / or styling products.

But there are still a few secrets that are open to us by professionals, allowing us to make styling more beautiful and safe:

  • before straightening the hair must be very well combed so that there are no knots or creases left,
  • work begins from the occipital zone, moving to the side and temporal, and the last process bang,
  • if the hairstyle should be perfectly smooth, then first pull the lower strands, and the top while you can pin,
  • when you want to keep the volume, you can only pull out the top layer of hair, without touching the lower strands,
  • the iron should slide along the strand smoothly and at the same speed so that it warms up evenly,
  • you can create a basal volume, holding the iron at the base of the hair perpendicular to the scalp for a couple of seconds,
  • the temperature should correspond to the type and condition of the hair: from 150 o C - for dyed and damaged, up to 200 - for hard and finely curly,
  • Immediately after leveling, you cannot comb a hair - let it rest for at least a few minutes.

And remember that even the best quality iron is harmful to use more than 2-3 times a week. In order to neutralize the harmful effect of strong heating, regularly feed the hair with masks and cut dry ends every 2-3 months.

The most common coating materials

Tourmaline is a mineral with high ionization abilities. Its crystals are used in the creation of medical instruments, jewelry products, air ionization devices, in the radio engineering industry. Read more about the properties of tourmaline, we told in our blog.

Which is better tourmaline or ceramic coating?

  • neutralize the positive ions of the hair, which eliminates static electricity,
  • help to improve the appearance of hair
  • enhance the effect of used cosmetics
  • provide giving to hair of the necessary form, gloss and smoothness.

Coating properties

  • warms up much faster and more evenly,
  • is the safest
  • not erased and more durable compared with ceramics.
  • beneficial effect on the hair structure, eliminating their electrification,
  • maintain water balance, after applying the hair have a more healthy look.

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Ceramic plates: affordable quality

Rectifier models with a tong force made of ceramic are distinguished by the fact that they have soft effect on hairwithout damaging their structure, and also prevent breakage due to easy slip.

Another advantage of the ceramic surface is a uniform temperature distribution when heated. This suggests that there will be no need to hold many times with curling tongs in order to straighten them. Overheating and excessive heat exposure are also prevented.

Rectifiers with a ceramic surface can be used at home or for professional salon styling.

The prices for such irons are quite affordable, but, since their cost depends on the functional features, quite expensive models are also presented in this segment.

So, the main advantages of rectifiers with ceramic plates:

  1. Easy glide.
  2. Uniform temperature distribution.
  3. Wide range of.
  4. Reasonable prices.

Disadvantage: when using cosmetics, they can stick, remaining on the surface of irons. Therefore, after use, it is better to clean them.

Tourmaline coating

Tourmaline is a mineral with beneficial properties. It is used in medicine, radio engineering, as well as in jewelry. Often tourmaline plates of hair straighteners have a ceramic base, and a small layer is made of mineral in the form of spraying from above. Tourmaline is the source negatively charged ionstherefore, it is able to eliminate static electricity. This feature gives styling with the help of irons with such a coating antistatic effect.

Tourmaline coating facilitates easy gliding of plates, which minimizes damage.

Using this model of rectifier prevents excessive hair loss of hair, so they look healthy and shiny. Tourmaline flat irons can be used even if curls are thin or weak. It is believed that this mineral even has a special healing effect.

Tourmaline nippers use professional beauty salons, while they are also suitable for home use. This type of irons is considered the safest.

Prices for the most affordable models here are higher than those of simple ceramic counterparts.

The main advantages of forceps with tourmaline coating:

  • Negative ion charge eliminates static electricity.
  • Easy glide.
  • Prevent excessive moisture loss.
  • Suitable for weak, thin hair.

Disadvantages - not a wide assortment, high price.

Similarities and differences

Ceramic and tourmaline plates of irons provide a smooth, easy glide, minimizing damage. Both models of forceps are suitable for professional use.

However, there are a number of differences between these two types of plates.

First of all, straightening with tourmaline helps keep styling, eliminating static electricity due to negative ion charge. After straightening the hair will be smoother, more docile. Also this type of coating prevents moisture loss. it can be used even for weak, thin curls.

However, ceramic plates have other advantages: such models more affordable in price and presented a wide range, which can not be said about irons with tourmaline plates. Opportunities to choose here at times less.

What is better to choose?

If you have strong enough hair, not suffering from dryness and not having a tendency to it, then in this case you can choose a straightener with a ceramic type of coating. In this case, of course, it is better to use the balm after washing to moisturize on a regular basis. This may help prevent flaking under the influence of static electricity. As a possible solution to this problem, you can also use conditioner-spray or special anti-static creams.

However, when using a rectifier, they especially need additional care and protection. Therefore, it is best to use special protective sprays or oils just before using the iron.

Remember that too long exposure to a straightener in one place or repeated holding on the hair can hurt, even regardless of how good the coating is in forceps. Still, do not straighten the curls too often to preserve their natural beauty.

Ga.Ma CP1 NOVA - Your hair will be satisfied. Tourmaline or titanium? Do I need an ionization system? As well as photo styling with a rectifier.

Greetings to all who looked.

My natural hair is rather porous, curly and lush. After shampooing, a styling is required, as it is not very convenient and aesthetically pleasing to walk with a “dowan” on the head. Therefore, after shampooing my hair, I style it either with mousse, or prickles, or just dry it with a hair dryer and braid the braids. How do you understand without a good rectifier can not do. Although there was an experience of creating curls without a rectifier.

Ga.MA. My fifth rectifier, before it, I tried rectifiers from companies such as Braun (ceramics), Bosh (ceramics) and Scarlett (metal). And while this is the best of all.

My previous rectifier (ceramics) worked and works to this day without fail. But technologies do not stand still, and now the "market" offers us rectifiers with tourmaline, titanium plates, indicating their significant advantages over ceramic ones. So I decided to buy.

Purchased in the online store BYFASHION for 4,055 rubles.

Characteristic (art. P21.CP1NOVADTO):

    Kit: hard box, tongs and instruction,

Tourmaline ceramic plates provide uniform hair straightening, making them smooth and prevent tangling, giving the hair a healthy shine. The thermostat allows you to select the desired operating temperature depending on the thickness of the hair. Floating plates provide perfect contact with a strand of hair to create perfect styling.


Before buying, I had a choice:

1) Tourmaline or titanium coating plates to choose,

2) with a laser-ionizer (ionization system) or without.

I answer in order.

Studying the Internet, I found information that titanium is the only material that has perfect uniform heating. But most of all it is suitable for professional purposes when high temperature is needed, for example, for keratin straightening. The disadvantages of such rectifiers can be attributed to a greater likelihood of overheating of the hair due to high temperature, high cost, but at the same time fragility, since titanium has the ability to quickly scratch.

Despite the fact that such plates are called tourmaline, in fact they are ceramic-tourmaline, since special crystal compounds are applied over the ceramic coating. These are the only straighteners with an additional useful property for hair, namely their ionization. This possibility gives them a "tourmaline" - a gem, which, when heated, transmits particles with a negative charge to the hair. Accordingly, the electrification of the hair decreases and they become more docile and lively.

I am not a professional, the rectifier is intended for home personal use, so I made a choice in favor of tourmaline))))

2) I also clarified about the ionization system at the hairdresser, to which I was told “waste of money”, “the next marketing move” and “there was no difference in the use with the laser”. In addition, since the choice fell in favor of tourmaline, and as mentioned above, tourmaline itself will act as an ionizer, then why pay 500-1000 rubles for having some dubious laser. Therefore, I chose without ionization system.

From myself I want to add that the rectifier works fine:

- heats up really for 10 seconds,

- the length of the cord allows you to come close to the mirror and bring beauty,

- the plates slide smoothly through the hair,

- laying with lacquer keeps until the next shampooing (2-3 days) without problems,

- laying time was reduced from 30 minutes to 15 minutes, as it takes 2–1 times to iron the strands until the desired state is obtained,

- on the plates does not remain laying means, does not stick,

- hair after styling becomes really more smooth and shiny,

- The straightener is great for straightening hair and creating curls.

And finally, a few examples of my styling, styling and creating curls myself, without any help.

RECOMMEND. Thank you for attention)

If you are waiting for a baby or have already become a mother, my reviews are at your service.

How to create curls without a rectifier you will learn here.

Jewel vs. Metal

In truth, the main material of tourmaline irons is good old-fashioned ceramics, but with the addition of the smallest particles of tourmaline. Tourmaline - semiprecious mineral, the main property of which is air ionization. It is because of this quality that tourmaline crystals are used in the creation of medical devices and instruments.

Unfortunately, the ironing of tourmaline particles cannot be seen with the naked eye in the plates, but the effect of ionization is clearly visible - the hair after styling is less electrified and does not bulge at all.

Unlike semi-precious tourmaline titanium - simple metal, but it can not be called ordinary. It has a low ability to conduct heat - 4 times less than that of iron. In our case, this means that the titanium plates will not burn or dry out the hair, as it usually happened with old irons and curling irons made of soft aluminum alloys.

And the main feature of titanium plates - they can not be damaged or scratched! So, if you decide to buy a titanium iron for straightening hair, you can be calm - this is a great investment, because the tool will serve you faithfully for more than one year.

Heating temperature adjustment

Starting the process of straightening curls, you should pay attention to the temperature of the device. By setting the correct temperature, you can avoid overheating the curls and retain moisture.

Professional modern hair straighteners have the ability to adjust the heating temperature. In some models, an automatic touch control is provided to select a temperature mode that depends on the type of curls.

You should not choose professional rectifiers, in which there is no possibility to choose the required heating temperature.

This is explained by the fact that very hot plates dry out curls, and those that are not heated enough cannot cope with the task.

Ironing width: which one is better?

Hair length is the main criterion when choosing a flat iron. So, the best hair straightener for short hair will be the one with plates about 3 centimeters. For medium length, a device with a width of 4–5 centimeters is suitable. For long curls, it is better to choose a curling width of not more than 7 centimeters.

Asymmetrical haircuts provide for the presence of hair of different lengths. In this case, it is worth stopping the choice on devices in which interchangeable nozzles are provided.

Additional functions

The best professional hair straighteners are equipped with the following functions:

  • Automatic touch control,
  • The ability to manually select the temperature
  • Auto power off,
  • By ionization,
  • Infrared radiation.

The presence of automatic touch control allows the rectifier to independently choose the best temperature mode, based on the type of curls. This feature reduces the risk of dehydration of curls when straightening.

If you can manually adjust the temperature, you can choose the optimal heating of the device, given the peculiarity of the structure of the hair. The automatic shutdown function allows the device to shut off itself when the pause in operation is prolonged.

Almost all professional models of rectifiers have such a function. This is useful for full-time hairdressers.

Ionization allows you to get rid of the magnetization of the curls due to the closure of the hair scales, which are affected by particles with a negative charge. The effect of ionization in hair straighteners allows them to look healthy and shiny.

Infrared radiation acts on the hair like air conditioners. Therefore, the curls, straightened in this way, remain even for a longer time. At the same time they look strong and well-groomed.

The best hair straighteners should not only align the curls, but also take care of their health. And what kind of coating plates to choose - each woman of fashion must decide for herself.

Features of operation

Whatever device is purchased, it requires proper care. This will not only prolong its life, but also align the hair without harming them. After the alignment is completed, the heating part of the pley should be cleared of the residual styling agent that was used.

This is necessary so that the plates can slide easily. The remnants of the modeling tool in subsequent operation will burn, which will lead to difficulty alignment.

The best manufacturers of pletholes are advised to acquire not only thermal devices, but also means for cleaning the plates, which, without damaging the surface, are able to restore the original smoothness.

Good luck with your choice and bright hairstyles!

Titanium curling irons

If you value quality and care for your hair, then just Titanium coated curling irons are one of the best options for you. Unlike ordinary metal or ceramic stylers, they are suitable for absolutely any type of hair.

Titanium is a durable material. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that when heated, a large number of negatively charged ions are released. Thereby uniform heating is provided, and there is no overdrying of curls.

Such curling irons are among the most sought after. Their use is practiced in beauty salons, hairdressers or private homes.

Types of ploek

Titanium coated curtains are classified for a variety of reasons.

Depending on the configuration:

  • conical, which is a cone without clamping (for classic curls),
  • cylindrical with clamp,
  • triangular, creating broken curls,
  • spiral, the main task of which of the selected strands to form a spiral,
  • triple, which involves creating a waving effect,
  • double with two heating elements designed to form zigzag waves (not very convenient for self-winding).

The choice of curling tailored to the configuration of the rod fully depends on the preferences of the customer. For daily hairstyles, conical or cylindrical curtains will be the best option.

Almost all titanium-coated curling irons are equipped with an adjustment mode. Standard heating rod ranges from 150 to 230 degrees. If you have loose curls, always set the lower limit of the range. For hard or dyed hair, choose a degree of 180-200. Some models are equipped with a timer. This means that you can set a specific time of the device.

Important! If the device is not equipped with a thermostat, then it is not suitable for any fashionista. Pay attention to the thickness of their curls. Do you have thick hair? Then you can save a few hundred, or even thousands of rubles, for the lack of thermoregulation.

Pay attention to the instrument cord: it must be tight or spiral. The thickness of the cable varies in the range of 2.5–3 m. It is best to take a tool with a special stand.

For which hair is suitable

Such curling will suit any curls - bitten, thin and weakened. They gently affect the hair. Such devices can be used regularly, without fear for their curls.

When choosing the configuration of curling, pay attention to the length of the curls and its purpose - you want to get curls or just lift the hair at the roots, giving it volume. In this case oriented on the diameter of the working surface:

  • for long curls, take a product with a diameter of 50 mm,
  • a 45 mm bar provides a romantic look with half-curls,
  • To create volumetric curls on long hair or medium-sized hair, we recommend choosing a working area of ​​38 mm,
  • considers the best option the diameter of the rod to 32 mm, which does not make the curls too tight, however, is suitable for any length of strands,
  • 25 cm base thickness recommended for young ladies with short hairstyles like bob or bob,
  • rod diameter of 10–19 mm is designed for super-curly hairstyles.

Browse popular models

Titanium-coated pletholes that deserve the most attention:

  • Ga.Ma Starlight. The device warms up to 220 degrees and is designed for a curl thickness of 33 mm. There is ionization. Applies to professional. The length of the cord itself is 3 m. The handle has a display that allows you to control the temperature. A curling iron with a titanium heater from Gamma will cost 2000 rubles.

  • Kiepe Titanium Pro. The device for curling curls boasts electronic temperature control, a titanium coating that cherishes the hair structure, and a round curling nozzle with a clip designed to create classic curls. The cost of the product is 2,200 rubles.

  • Titanium Diamond by Babyliss. The cone device has an enlarged working surface, which allows you to create a stylish hairstyle as quickly and easily as possible. The heating element of the curling iron is made of titanium and coated with diamond grit. This unique coating indicates the durability and strength of the material. There is a built-in stand, the ability to adjust the temperature and light indication. This wonderful curling will cost you 3400 rubles.

  • Iron-rectifier Babyliss pro 230 radiance. Due to the special titanium coating of the camera, the process of straightening curls is accelerated by 2 times. However, they are not damaged by high temperatures. The working temperature range is 170–230 degrees. There is the possibility of processing the hair with steam. The device will cost you 2500 rubles.

  • Conical curling iron Moser CurlPro2. Allows you to create curls with a diameter of 13-25 mm. Heating of the titanium nozzle occurs in just 30 seconds. Maximum warming up - 210 degrees. This device will empty the wallet only 1200 rubles.

  • Philips BHB872 / 00. The device will please high-quality curls average thickness. You can independently vary the temperature regimes (there are only 9 of them), and also feel at the curls all the delights of ionization. The claimed device will cost 2300 rubles.

What to look for

There are various product options: tapered, cylindrical, triple, triangular, corrugated, straightening irons and others. The type of configuration of the working surface is determined by personal preferences.

If you are not in favor of creating unusual hairstyles, then in your arsenal there must be a tapered or cylindrical curling iron and a straightener with a tourmaline coating.

When choosing a tourmaline coated ploy, pay attention to:

  • tip thermal protection - it should not be small, so that it is more convenient to hold the curling iron,
  • auto-off feature that turns off the device after an hour of work,
  • cord length and the possibility of its rotation,
  • rod diameter for heating - from 13 to 50 mm depending on the length of the curls,
  • the ability to adjust temperatures
  • the presence of an indicator that signals the readiness of the device.

Note! A nice bonus for you will be a special mat-case, on which it is very convenient to put a preheated curling iron during operation, or a special loop for hanging the device.

What to choose depending on the length and thickness of the curls

If you have too long hair, it is best to take elongated curling irons that allow curls to be made from 38 to 50 mm in diameter. For medium lengths, the thickness of the core varies from 32 to 38 mm, and for the formation of original curls on a short head of hair, the diameter of the core should not exceed 25 mm.

Since tourmaline curls have the ability to adjust the preheat temperature, they will suit different curls. In the presence of dense or colored hair it is best to set the temperature above 180 degrees. Too thin and weakened strands hairdressers recommend reducing the degree to a minimum.

Tourmaline-titanium coated curling irons

Perhaps the most worthy option among the devices for curling hair. The combined coating makes sure that you protect your strands from the harmful effects of elevated temperatures.

A distinctive feature of the titanium-tourmaline coatings is that they not only curl or straighten hair, but also have a healing effect. Due to the release of negatively charged ions, static electricity is reduced, so the hair flakes close and retain moisture. Consequently, drying the hair is minimized.

Differences tourmaline and titanium coating

First of all, the difference lies in the degree of ionization - in tourmaline it is somewhat larger. Tourmaline belongs to the category of semiprecious minerals with a high degree of formation of ions that gently envelop the hair when in contact and protect it from harmful effects.

Titanium is a strong metal, the conductivity of which is several times lower than that of iron. This means that titanium curling irons do not heat up so much and dry out hair. But The main trump card in titanium rods for laying devices is the impossibility of scratching or breaking a product.

If we take a tourmaline-coated curling iron with a ceramic working surface and compare it with titanium, then it:

  • has a lower upper limit of heating up to 200 degrees - titanium can safely warm up to 230 degrees,
  • it releases more ions, therefore it carefully acts on curls,
  • It does not have a flat surface (enriched with mineral crystals), as with instruments with a pure titanium coating,
  • not warming up so fast
  • less durable
  • It is somewhat cheaper than titanium.

What is the best coverage for your curls? All presented models deserve respect. If you purchase a device for home use, then stop your choice on ceramic-tourmaline rods.

Professional masters, we recommend to buy titanium or titanium-tourmaline curling. It is the latter that has no equal in durability and gentle impact on curls. In addition, a higher upper temperature limit allows even a keratin recovery procedure using ironing.

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