4-strand braid - features, types and weaving instructions

Oh, spit! It is associated with a huge variety of folk traditions and beliefs. She never went out of fashion, and if suddenly such a thing happened, it was just for a while.

Thanks to her, you can easily change your image - from a mischievous girl to a business woman.

She is adored by eminent stylists and socialites. And the most important thing is that it is not difficult to braid the braid, even a child will cope with it! This is especially true of simple braids of 3 strands. Other types of weaving, for example a braid of 4 strands, require a little training and additional skills.

Hairstyle without a statute of limitations

Spit - this is hardly the first hairstyle of our distant ancestors. It is not known for certain in which corner of the globe a simple braid was first braided, but the fact that this hairstyle was the most popular among all nationalities is a historically proven fact. By the way, it is easy to check - just look through an ordinary history textbook, paying particular attention to the pictures.

Indians, Africans, Egyptians, Jews, Greeks, Romans and Eskimos wore not only simple braids, but also complex hairstyles consisting of many different braids. Each such hairstyle could tell about from what class its owner and what he does, whether he is rich or poor, lonely or has a large family.

Who is suitable?

This hairstyle is versatile, it is perfect for any image: business and romantic, sporty and evening. It can be worn to work, to school, it will suit both a young active girl, and a solid business woman.

It can be decorated with various accessories, in this case the hairstyle will be appropriate at the gala event.

It is great for thin hair, looks great on thick strands. Ideal version of its creation on the highlights of curls. In this case, it looks very beautiful due to the fact that the colors shimmer and turn one into another. Unlike the 3 strand braids, this option is more relief and voluminous.

To create this hairstyle requires that the curls were below the shoulders. The 4-strand braid harmonizes well with any type of face, giving the woman an unusual look.

How to weave a braid of 4 strands

You can figure out how to create your own hair, according to the schemes and descriptions.

Basic weaving is made in several stages:

  1. Hair preparation. It is better to weave on clean hair, you can slightly wet them to give obedience, and carefully comb.
  2. Curls are divided into 4 equal parts.and combed again.
  3. The right side strand is superimposed on the next.then both strands overlap on top of the third. The leftmost strand is wound up below and placed between the first and second to the right.
  4. Similar actions are performed on the left side.then switch to the right one again.

The ends of the strands at the end of the weaving should be fixed. Originally look two braids connected by a ribbon.

4-strand 3D Spit

The work is performed according to the following scheme:

  1. Hair is divided into 4 strands of equal volume.
  2. Extreme left - under the 2 following from the bottom, the extreme right - under the 2 following from the bottom, bring to the second.
  3. Extreme left connects with new side strand - under the next 2, to bring to the second from above, the extreme right with the seizure of a new strand - under the two adjacent and on the second from above.

Continue weaving according to the pattern to the end, fix the tip with an elastic band.

This hairstyle itself looks very impressive. But if you want it can be improved and decorated. It has become fashionable to make weaving with a ribbon, in this case, for a start, you can try to make the hair on the tail, it is easier. To create a spit of 4 strands with a ribbon, you can use the basic weaving scheme, but instead of the fourth strand there is a ribbon. Upon termination, the tip is fixed by a tape.

The hairstyle looks original, in which the fourth strand is a thin braided pigtail. For this, the curls are divided into 4 parts, from which one three-strand braid is woven. Weaving begins in 4 strands, it is released under the third and the second, 1 - at 4 and under 2, 3 - under 1 and at 2, 4 - at 3 and under 2. Thin braid should be in the middle.

The braid is woven to the side according to the basic scheme. The difference is that all the curls are combed on one side. As an option, tie the tail to the side and make a weave.

Bundle of four-spit

A bunch of braids originally looks, it does not require additional volume. This hairstyle is perfect for publication. Put the finished braid neatly in a bundle, it is not necessary to tighten it much. Fix the result with studs.

Unusual hairstyle is obtained if the work starts from the bottom as a spikelet, but out of four strands. To do this, head should be tilted and combed hair forward. Finish weaving at the crown, form a bundle and fix it.

French 4-strand braid

This version looks original and unusual. It is perfect for a solemn event.

For a change from the finished braid, you can stretch the side strands to add extra volume to your hair:

  1. On top of it stands a small strand.ü, combed and divided into 4 parts, one of which is more voluminous.
  2. The extreme right strands are alternately held under the third and second. The extreme left is under 2, above 3, under 4.
  3. Repeat pattern, gradually adding new strands. To add volume, the individual beams are slightly drawn out of the braid.

The end is fixed with a barrette.

To create a hairstyle you need patience, you should not be distracted, because the work is quite complicated and takes time. It is advisable to do this in front of a large mirror so that the process can be seen.

When creating you should remember about some nuances:

  1. At implementation of the scheme it is very easy to get confused. In order not to stray, you need to remember the rule: a strand from the left edge always comes from above, from the right edge always goes from below.
  2. When weaving To create a unique hairstyle, you can use ribbons, braid, rhinestones, beads or cords of different colors, chains.
  3. For more convenience can be smeared with mousse, gel or dry oil. But most often the curls are just slightly wetted with water.
  4. When weaving, do not tighten the parts strongly, for a change, you can pull out some strands, this is true for owners of thin hair.
  5. Medium length hair can be complemented with chignon.to weave a longer and bulk braid.
  6. To keep the hairstyle for a long time, you can sprinkle the finished braid with varnish.

You can use a variety of beautiful and unusual hairpins, invisible with rhinestones and stones, different forms of clamps, gum with flowers and elements of stucco. This option is perfect for an informal atmosphere.

Varieties and weaving options currently there are a great many. In order to find your unique image, do not be afraid to experiment, try something new and unknown. The advantage of this option is that the braid looks great on thin hair, allowing you to solve the problem, give it a volume and a beautiful look.

This can significantly diversify the collection of their images, a woman each time can be original and unique, attracting the attention and enthusiastic views of others.

Weaving patterns

Pigtail is ideal for both schoolgirls and adult women with long and thick hair, and owners of rare hair can weave it by resorting to some tricks.

A hairstyle decorated with ribbons, hairpins, chains and other decorations is well suited to the evening dress.

For weaving pigtails of 4 strands will need:

  1. Comb with rare teeth to create a parting.
  2. Brush with natural bristles ..
  3. Gum.
  4. Elements for decoration.
  5. Mousse for styling and fixing.

It is worth noting that weaving such a pigtail is not an easy task. For the development of technology necessary training.

Classic option

This method is the easiest and is ideal for thin and sparse hair. To create a flat and wide braid, it is necessary to thread the side parts alternately between the central parts.

  1. Thoroughly combing and divide the hair into 4 parts.
  2. Take the first section, which is closer to the neck, transfer it to the second and pass under the third.
  3. Take the fourth section and stretch it under the first, located in the center. During work, you must firmly hold the hair so that the braid does not slip out of hands.
  4. Next, put the four sections on top of the third and thread under the second. To simplify the work, it is necessary to adhere to this order: first, pass the extreme part on the left between the two near parts, and then do the same with the right extreme part.
  5. Continue weaving to the required length and secure the end with an elastic band.

Another quick and easy way to weave:

  1. Comb and make a clear parting.
  2. Separate the thin strand and braid the three-row pigtail.
  3. Divide the hair into four sections - one of which is a braided pigtail.
  4. Stretch the fourth section under the third and place it over the second.
  5. First throw on the fourth and wrap the second.
  6. The third stretch between the first and second.
  7. The fourth place on the third and wrap the second.

Repeat this pattern and end the tie with a rubber band.

Spit with one central strand and icicle

This hairstyle looks airy. In order to braid it you need to do the following:

  1. Comb and divide the hair into 4 parts.
  2. The first right strand to lay under the second and bring to the third.
  3. Fourth - put on top of the first and skip under the third.
  4. The second - to bring under the fourth and put on top of the third.
  5. The first one is to skip under the second one, start on top of the third one and skip under the fourth one, and once again under the third one.

Continue to weave to the required length.

Interesting pigtail in the form of an icicle is good for thick and long hair. 4 strand pigtail pattern:

  1. Comb and split hair into 4 equal parts.
  2. Start weaving with two parts in the center. Strand number 2 lay on top of the third.
  3. Extreme first strand first skip under the second and third, and then lay on top of the second.
  4. The leftmost part of the skip under the two adjacent and placed on top of the second.
  5. Tie the end with a rubber band.

Make a luxurious hairstyle can master the weaving of volumetric braids:

Comb and split hair into 4 parts. Lay the third part under the first. On the fourth to impose the second. Then cross over the third and second. The third to skip under the fourth, and the second to lay on top of the first.

In order for the weaving to become openwork - gently stretch it. Loose hairs tuck inside the pigtails and spray it with varnish.

Variants of weaving braids with ribbons and hairstyles with them

Chic braiddecorated with a ribbon, suitable for both everyday wear and for celebration. To create it you need to stock up:

  • Ribbon - a length of two times the length of your hair. For dark hair it is better to take light ribbons, and for light hair - any colors. The width of the ribbon to choose, depending on the thickness of the hair. The thicker they are, the wider the tape should be.
  • Two invisible - to fix the tape.
  • Gum - to secure braids.

Comb and separate part of the hair on the part of the head where the pigtail will begin. Raise the detached strand and under it attach a tape fixed to the Invisibles crosswise. Ribbon mount in the center - it will be the central strand. Divide hair into 3 identical parts and weave a regular pigtail of 3 strands. Throw the right extreme strand on the tape, the left - just put on the tape. The leftmost strand to hold under the ribbon and throw it over the next. Hold this order under the right extreme.

Weave this scheme to the end and tie the finished braid with an elastic band.

Instead of stealth, you can use a small rubber band:

  1. Tie some hair with a rubber band.
  2. For the edge of the gum thread tape.
  3. Bring to its middle, so that the tips were the same.

When working use the tape from two parts, as one unit.

After mastering the technique of weaving chetyrehpryadnoy braids, you can perform hairstyles with its use.

The decor can be used: ribbons of different colors and sizes, beads, chains, thin scarves, etc.

Four-strand bundle

Weaving such a braid can be completed by assembling the braid into a volume bundle:

  1. Braid a four-strand braid, for example, in the middle of the head, to the side or around the head.
  2. Fix the tip of the braid with a rubber band.
  3. Spit braid in a luxurious bundle, winding it on the base, without tightening - to give volume and lightness.
  4. Secure the bundle with studs.

A spit braided from the bottom to the top looks very interesting:

Bend your head forward and comb the entire head of hair in advance. Starting from the bottom of the neck, braid the braid to the crown and secure with a rubber band. Then hide the tip of the braid, tucking it inside and fix it with the help of pins.

Recommendations for creating a spit

When weaving a braid, you should follow these tips:

  1. Owners of rare hairs before weaving need to comb it on top.
  2. Girls with an oval face spikelet can be placed at the top of the head.
  3. Do not braid hair tightly.
  4. To create a smooth hairstyle - moisten the hair with water or wax for styling.
  5. You can remove the electrification using a varnish or gel.
  6. Work to do on a clean head of hair.
  7. Weave on wet hair lasts longer.
  8. Use the decor - to decorate and camouflage weaving imperfections.
  9. Make a braid on the head of the same length.

Thus, using the various patterns of weaving a four-strand braid and adhering to the recommendations, you can make a beautiful hairstyle for every day, and using elements of decor, create a solemn version of the hairstyle.

Preparatory moments

Before you master the intricacies of complex weaving, it is worth getting acquainted with the method of how to weave a 4-strand braid in the usual way.

Important is the preparatory stage:

  1. Only a pure hair can be made a noble and well-groomed braid, so you should wash and dry your head before weaving.
  2. A small amount of styling products - foam or mousse - is applied to the wet hair. And after fully dried.

Such procedures will make the hair more docile and ductile. Instead of the above means you can completely dry hair sprinkle with varnish.

Then the hair is combed to the occipital region and divided into four equal parts. Now you can begin to weave.

Important advice from the publisher!

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These chemical components destroy the structure of the curls, the hair becomes brittle, lose elasticity and strength, the color fades. Also, this stuff enters the liver, heart, lungs, accumulates in the organs and can cause various diseases. We recommend not using the products that contain this chemistry. Recently, our experts conducted analyzes of shampoos, where the first place was taken by funds from the company Mulsan Cosmetic.

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Weave the usual basic braids

For an excellent result, especially without experience, step-by-step instructions can best help where each item is described in detail:

  1. It is necessary to take one strand in the right hand and place it on the next strand. In this case, both strands that are intertwined, must be kept very tight.
  2. After the left hand, the next strand is taken and shifted to the one on the right.
  3. That strand that remained, wind up under the first, which becomes central.
  4. The second strand is transferred to the third, and the fourth - to the second.
  5. The first strand is pulled under the second, and the third leans on the fourth.
  6. The first is placed on the third, and the second under the third.
  7. Braided to the desired length, the hair at the end is fixed with a hairpin or rezinochki.

This pattern of weaving braids from 4 strands allows you to create a ready-made hairstyle. But there are other, more complex methods, which are also based on 4-strand weaving.

Spit "waterfall"

This is a luxurious hairstyle, consisting of loose hair, decorated with ornate hair. How to braid the braid so that it becomes a real decoration?

You can use the following algorithm:

  1. Take part of the hair from the temporal region and divide them into three equal strands. One becomes the top, the second - the middle, and the third - the bottom.
  2. The middle one should be placed on the top, and its, in turn, on the bottom. Thus, the middle moved to the top, and the bottom - in the middle.
  3. On the side of the crown it is necessary to select the 4th strand, then it will turn out to be a drop. It is laid under two strands - the top and bottom, on the one in the middle.
  4. The top strand is passed under the middle one, passes over the bottom one, then under the fourth one, which is then “released”.

Such a phased weaving is repeated to the end, and all the time it is necessary to pick up the strands that are next to the previous ones, constantly moving from one ear to the other. When the braiding is finished, the remaining tip must be carefully fixed with the help of an invisible one, so that it is invisible.

There are several variations of hairstyles with Waterfall braids:

  • openwork braids, which use the stretching of strands,
  • the hairline frame is made up of thin braids,
  • double-sided weaving, braids are connected in the center, secured with an elastic band and decorated with hairpins.

Any hairstyle has a detailed description and it is best to use a detailed scheme.

Stylized braid for any occasion

If it seems to someone that braids are an attribute of little girls or schoolgirls, then this is more misleading. Braid a neat braid of four strands to work, and you will see that it will not look childish.

Spit the 4-strand braid as follows:

  1. It is necessary to comb the hair and separate their part where the weaving begins.
  2. One strand should be raised and under it attach the tape, folded and secured with the help of invisible cross crosswise. The tape should be attached in the center, as it plays the role of the central strand.
  3. Hair is divided into 3 parts, equal in thickness.
  4. Spit braided in the usual way - from 3 strands. The extreme right is pounced on the tape, then the same is done on the left.
  5. The extreme left is held under the ribbon and thrown over the next. This strand must be held under the right strand from the edge.
  6. Then the braid is woven according to the proposed algorithm to the end, and at the end of a rubber band or invisible is fixed.

What you need to braid braids of 4 strands - the scheme, the desire and hair of the appropriate length. In fact, this hairstyle is suitable for long hair of absolutely any type and of the fair sex of different ages. It will favorably emphasize the play of highlights, will add volume to thin hair, and thick will make it just gorgeous!

Symbol of girlhood

In Russia, the spit was almost the main personification of the girl's freshness, modesty, tenderness and chastity. The first, most ordinary braid of the three strands, girls braided in 13 years. This meant that childhood passed, the girl grew up and became a girl. Braided hair signaled that it was possible to woo her.

One braid was worn only by unmarried girls, and the young lady with whom she was the longest and thickest was considered the most desirable, beautiful and worthy bride. Grooms lined up, competed in strength and agility, promised generous wealth and promised their future wife a happy, comfortable life.
The same girls, who were not too lucky with the length and thickness of their hair, resorted to various dishonest tricks, for example, they wove horsehair into a braid.

After the matchmaking, the wedding walked, and the girl became a woman. Her hairstyle consisted no longer of one braid, but of several. And it was clear to all that she was a husband’s wife, and an encroachment on her threatened with major troubles, even death.

Loose and cropped hair was not worn - it was considered the height of shame. If a woman behaved lewd and stained her honest name, she had her braids cut off in public. This was considered the worst punishment.

Unraveling the braid without malicious intent was possible only a few times a year, for example, on the feast of Ivan Kupala. The girls led round dances, woven wreaths and lowered them into the water, and their hair was freely flowing in the wind.

Time passed, and gradually this tradition has sunk into oblivion. All kinds of short haircuts and creative coloring came to replace weaving, and if the hair was braided into braids, it was not for beauty, but for convenience. And even more so, no one made complicated braids, for example, such as a braid of 4 strands.

Fashion trend in the world of hairstyles

As you know, everything new is well forgotten old. Passed the fashion for haircuts "square with a corner" and "asymmetry." Girls polls began to let go of hair. And for good reason!
A few years ago, braids once again became incredibly popular. Actresses, singers, politicians, artists, fashion designers, designers and ordinary girls who want to look stylish, just fell in love with this uncomplicated weaving.

This hairstyle has become very fashionable, and the love of various braids does not pass to this day.

In order to let go of hair and braid braids, young ladies spend a lot of time and money on special masks, moisturizing conditioners and nourishing oils for hair growth and care. Rinsing with a decoction of hop and burdock root, cutting the tips according to the lunar calendar and recipes of homemade masks based on mustard and honey are used.

Variations on the subject of weaving

"Spit of 4 strands", "fish tail", "dragon", "spikelet", "French", "Swiss", "afro" - this is an incomplete list of methods of popular weaving. Fashionistas collect woven braids into intricate hairstyles and adorn them with all sorts of beautiful hairpins, feathers, rhinestones. A little imagination and skill - and a gorgeous haircut with which you can go both to a corporate party and to your own wedding is ready!

With braids it is appropriate to appear at the prom, a romantic dinner, a celebration of his or someone else's birthday. With such a hairstyle, it is not a shame to come to an indoor rout or go to a nightclub.

Clever simplicity

One of the most fashionable among braids is a braid of 4 strands. It is beautiful, unusual, elegant, and most importantly - not at all difficult! It is enough to try several times - and it can be braided with eyes closed. Learning to make braids from 4 strands is better on long hair, and preferably on others. So it will be more understandable and convenient than to do it on yourself.

To braid a 4-strand braid, you need long hair, a thin hairbrush with a long tail (it is called a “spike”), a rubber band (preferably with a hair color), a spray bottle with water and a little patience:

  • First of all, you need to very carefully, carefully comb your hair and sprinkle it lightly with water so that they do not tangle and electrify,
  • then you need to comb the hair from the forehead and temples to the back of the head and divide them into 4 identical strands,
  • for convenience and in order not to confuse strands, it is better to mentally number them from left to right - 1, 2, 3, 4,
  • it is advisable to start weaving on the left side and, accordingly, with 1 strand.


  1. We take 2 and 3 strands and cross them together so that 3 strands are on top of 1.
  2. Then we bind 1 and 3 strands so that 1 strand is over 3.
  3. Then we cross the strands again - this time 2 and 4, and 2 should be above 4.
  4. Next, weave a braid of 4 strands, repeating points 1, 2 and 3 in order, to the very end.
  5. When a small tail remains from the braid, we fasten the hair style with an elastic band so that the weaving does not disband.
  6. If desired, you can sprinkle the braid with hairspray, so that it retains its original appearance for a long time.

If you do not hurry, do not be nervous and carefully follow the instructions, you get the perfect braid of 4 strands, the weaving scheme of which is provided below.

The conventions in the diagram are:

  • blue color - 1 strand,
  • olive color - 2 strand,
  • pink color - 3 strand,
  • yellow color - 4 strand.

Choosing jewelry

Any braid can and should be decorated. For example, the French braid is wonderfully combined with a chiffon or satin bow. To spit-basket ideal flowers. The usual spikelet looks great with beads or rhinestones, and a fishtail and 4 braid strands - with a ribbon. And the tapes can be several, from any fabric and with various colors.

In fact, it is completely unimportant what the hairstyle of braids will be decorated with. To fantasize and experiment is not prohibited. The main thing is that everything looks beautiful and harmonious. Exquisite hairstyle - it's simple: just enough to braid a braid.

The scheme of weaving the base four-spit braid and its variations

There are several variants of weaving a braid from 4 strands; they can be divided into two groups: symmetrical weaving (“fish tail”) and the usual braid.

The second variant is based on alternate crossing of the strands: from the edge, in the middle, from the other edge (side strands intersect with the neighboring ones alternately, one from the bottom, and the other from above).

Having mastered the basic weaving, you can go to the more complicated options.

  • classical (the scheme of weaving is painted above),
  • openwork (obtained by stretching strand, it looks beautiful when laid out around the head),
  • French chetyrehpryadnaya (tight to the head due to braids on top),
  • French on the contrary (the beautifully protruding element of the hairstyle is obtained by placing the braids under the oblique)
  • with the tape playing the role of the fourth central strand,
  • with a change of location (vertically, around the head, diagonally),
  • a combination of several braids that can be combined into one.

French four-strand braids

The method of weaving braids in French is obtained chic hairstyles for walks and celebrations.

French braid of 4 strands, description:

  1. Three partings to divide the entire head of hair, starting from the top of the head into 4 zones. To understand the sequence of actions will require the numbering of these zones from left to right: 1, 2, 3, 4.
  2. In the upper part in each of the zones take one strand. The third order must be the thickest - no hair is added to it.
  3. Hold the first strand under the second, then - above the third, then - under the fourth.
  4. The fourth “goes” under the third, then above the second.
  5. Attach additional curls, taken on the sides, to 1 and 4 strands.
  6. Repeat steps 3, 4, 5 with increasing strands.
  7. Slightly pulling the side strands to obtain a voluminous hairstyle, walk to the end of the weave and fix the tip with an elastic band.

Tip: for a hairstyle to have a neat look, and for the convenience of performing weaving, it is worth applying hair styling on your hair.

Step-by-step instructions for creating a hair "Spit Falls" with an additional strand

French Falls - an unusually beautiful haircut, suitable for young girls. She is able to make any young creature irresistible because she shows her hair "in all its glory."

The “regular waterfall” is made by interlacing three strands. But if we add a fourth strand to this basis, the appearance will only benefit from this.

How to weave a braid of 4 strands in the form of a "waterfall", the sequence of actions:

  1. Pick up part of the hair at the temple and divide them into 3 strands. In the hands are: upper, middle and lower parts. "Middle" put on top of the "top" and "top" on top of the "bottom". Now the “middle” has become “upper”, and the “lower” has become “middle”.
  2. On the side of the parietal part of the hairstyle, select the fourth strand, which will then fall down freely. Lay it under the "top" and "bottom" on the "middle".
  3. Skip the top strand under the “middle”, above the “bottom”, under the fourth free, which is then “let go”.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until the end of weaving. Strands choose next to the previous ones, moving to the opposite ear.
  5. Reaching the edge of the weaving, hide the tail and imperceptibly fasten the invisible.

  • Creating an openwork effect by stretching strands,
  • Weaving "waterfall frame" pigtails (the main strands are woven into thin pigtails),
  • Weave from two sides to the center at the junction to secure with a rubber band, decorate with a beautiful hairpin.

How to make a braid backwards

Four-spit braid inside out is not an ordinary variant for giving an image of refinement.

Description of the weaving process:

  1. Bundled hair divided into 4 equal parts.
  2. Extreme strand stretch under two adjacent, then - over the other extreme.
  3. Repeat the same thing on the other hand: stretch the outer strand under two mediums, and above the other extreme.

The same method can be used to weave a French cone, weaving loose curls at the sides of the braids.

As a middle strand you can take a scarf. In this case, the hairstyle will acquire a grandiose volume.

Spit benefits

This state of affairs is due to the fact that the pigtail is fairly easy to make. Plus, this hairstyle can last for a day. Moreover, braided hair is not subject to tangling. But, of course, sooner or later, the standard braid, which is usually created from three parts of hair, is simply annoying. Today we will tell you how to weave braids from 4 strands.


In fact, it seems only at first glance that it is difficult to make this hairstyle. If you look at how a spit of 4 strands is created step by step, you will understand that there is nothing difficult in such weaving. For example, we will describe how to make an original hairstyle using an additional element. So, let's begin:

The first thing you need to do is to braid a small pigtail of three strands.

Next, pick up the remaining curls and divide them, in turn, into three strands.

Number the strands mentally from left to right. So, the fourth part of your account should be under the third, but on top of the second.

Further, it is necessary that the fourth strand be under the first, and the first was under the second.

The first part should be above the third, but under the second.

The third strand should be under the fourth, and part number two, in turn, cover the fourth.

The final stage will be the release of the side strands of weaving. If you do everything right, then you will have a hairstyle with an extra pigtail in the middle.

Well now it has become more or less clear how to weave braids of 4 strands. In the photo in the article we gave a clear example of what will result from such efforts.


This hairstyle is suitable for both daily wear and for special occasions. But if you are going to any event, then your head should not look everyday. That is why we will tell you how to make a braid with a ribbon (4 strands). With this hairstyle you will look amazing on any occasion.

Four-strand braiding with two ribbons

In order to realize the conceived hairstyle, you will need a comb, tape, wax for laying naughty curls.

The first thing you need to do is to divide the hair into 4 strands and fasten the ribbon on one of them, tying it in a knot. It is up to you to decide what color the ribbon will be.

Count the strands from left to right. After that, place the ends of the tape so that they are between the first, second, third and fourth parts of the hair.

Put the first strand on the second, while passing the ribbon through them. Do the same with the third and fourth.

Then cross the ribbons between them.

Take the first and fourth strands and put them inside the ribbons.

Next, you must skip the end of the fabric over the second strand, which, in turn, should lie above the first. The same must be done with the third and fourth strands.

After that, you should have a 4-strand braid, the creation scheme of which is similar to that described above.

There is nothing difficult in this type of weaving. With a little practice, you can proceed to a more complex hairstyle. It will include elements of French weaving.

How to weave braids from 4 strands, you will understand after the first workout. The most important thing in this case is patience.

Will a four-strand braid suit you

In fact, this hairstyle will suit a woman at any age. In addition, a 4-strand braid can be worn with any clothing. Also recall that it can be braided for a solemn occasion, and to create a casual look. You can make this hairstyle both under shorts with a T-shirt, and under a business suit. In any case, your image will be complete, and your head will look beautiful and neat.

Additional funds for weaving

In order to understand how to weave braids of 4 strands, you need to know not only the technology, but also the tools that will be required in the process of creating hairstyles. Of course, the first and most necessary is a comb and an elastic band to fix the hair at the very end. In case you need to keep your hair for the whole day, you can easily use fixing tools such as polish or mousse. In addition to the simple gum, you may use a variety of ribbons, beads, coins and even live flowers during weaving.

In conclusion, we note that such a hairstyle, as a four-strand braid, can not only save you from tangling your hair, but also make your look delicate, calm and sweet. Plus, you don’t have to think about whether this hairstyle will suit your toilet, or whether you will need to change your costume or give preference to a different head decoration. After all, the braid of four strands is suitable for all occasions.

Another way

  1. Divide all the hair into three parts and begin to braid the usual three-strand braid. You should leave a free area of ​​hair.
  2. After the spit is ready, you must take the remaining curls and also divide them into three sections.
  3. Number the sections, then take the fourth one and place it under the third one. At the same time he should be on top of the second.
  4. Then the fourth part should be placed under the first, and the first one should be placed under the second.
  5. The third is under the fourth, and the second should cover the fourth.
  6. Weave this braid to the end. You can slightly release individual hairs. If everything was done correctly, you get a pigtail with weaving in the middle. In conclusion, the hair should be secured with a rubber band so that it does not break up.

Another unusual option

A four-strand braid has various weaving options. There is another interesting way:

  • wash and dry well,
  • divide the entire head of hair into 4 sections,

  • middle strands intertwined. Then take a part of this medium hair on the right and lay it under the part on the left, and the left one should be worn behind the right one. So the plots are swapped
  • A section is taken which has not yet been involved in weaving. It should be stretched over the remaining area. It is necessary to monitor the alternation and weave the braid carefully - then it will be beautiful,

    Using tapes

    Bright satin ribbons will decorate your hair, and it will look festive. A braid of 4 strands with ribbons will require patience, but the result is worth it.

    Consider the following scheme:

    1. Divide the entire head of hair into 4 parts. On one of them to fix the ribbon, which should be tied in a knot, because such products are very slippery.
    2. Enumerate all areas and position the ends of the tape so that they are between all areas of the hair.
    3. The first section is placed on the second, while between them is skipped tape. This manipulation is worth doing with the remaining sections.
    4. Cross between the ends of the tapes.
    5. Put the first and fourth strands inside the ribbons.
    6. Skip the end of the tape over the second, and he should go above the first. Do this with other parts.
    7. Weave continue until the end.

    1. If weaving a braid on schemes is difficult, it is worth taking a video.
    2. It is better to braid the braids in front of a large mirror, which will allow you to see your reflection, and all the errors will be noticeable immediately.
    3. Weaving such a braid causes difficulties on its own, so it’s best to ask your mom or friend for help.
    4. It is not necessary to bind the strands tightly, but too loose hair, too, can not be done. It should be stretched, but not too much.
    5. The finished braid can be decorated with ribbons, beautiful pins or barrettes.

    4-strand braiding

    To begin with, to make your braid look noble and well-groomed, experts recommend washing your hair, gently drying it.

    Next, comb the hair to the back of the head and divide into 4 parts. These strands should be visually the same size. You can start weaving. With your right hand grab one strand of selected and shift it to another, located next. Hold these two stranded strands tightly.

    Then take the next strand with your left hand and shift it to the one on the right side. The remaining order must be made under the first one, which is in the center of the weave. Then throw the second over the third, fourth to second. Next you need to take the first strand and stretch it under the second, put the third on the fourth, then put the first on the 3rd, and the second under the third.

    Weave a braid to the length that you would like. It remains only to secure it with a rubber band or barrette, and the hairstyle is ready.

    If the description you can not navigate, learn weaving braids of 4 strands on the scheme. So, it will be easier and clearer.

    4-strand braiding

    We advise you to read about weaving braids on medium hair in this article. Russian, French and Greek braid, fishtail, plaits - all this is available to girls with shoulder-length hair.

    To suit four-strand braid

    A braid of 4 strands is an optimal and suitable option for a variety of life situations and ages.

    For example, this can be easily braided to school or work, worn with a business suit or evening dress. And with a sporty look, this braid will be in harmony. In nature, in the club, in the theater - everywhere such a hairstyle would be appropriate. In addition, it can additionally be decorated with various accessories.

    How to stylize a braid

    Splashing ribbons will help make the look more romantic. Enough when weaving a braid to include a beautiful satin ribbon in it, and your image will be as feminine and cute as possible. You can also complement this hairstyle with various hairpins - you can easily find interesting and unusual options in various accessories stores. Invisibles with stones, clips, rubber bands, decorated with cameos, stucco elements, etc. - All this will make the braid of 4 strands as informal as possible.

    Alternatively, you can close the braid of 4 strands not with an ordinary rubber band, but with a pretty chiffon scarf. Such an accessory will turn you into a real Turgenev lady - sweet, touching and tender.

    What to consider when weaving

    To get a spit dense and attracting the views, it is necessary to follow some tips that give popular stylists. For example, it is recommended to maintain tension when weaving on all the strands, due to which the braid will turn out to be even and neat. If you are going to make a voluminous hairstyle, work with weaving more freely - this will allow you to pull out the side strands.

    Allow yourself to dream up, and you will manage to braid elegant braids for long hair with your own hands, which will delight you in any situation. With such a scythe, you will not go unnoticed and gather a whole flurry of admiring glances from the side.

    Video on how to braid a 4-strand braid

    Instructions for weaving volumetric braids of four strands. This braid can be braided not only on straight hair, but also on curly.

    Weave braids from 4 strands. Watch the video and practice. In time, you will be able to braid such a scythe neatly and quickly.

    Watch the video: How to braid with four strands (November 2019).