Mohawk - hairstyle for men and women

Men's fashion, like women's fashion, does not stand still. Hairstyle can tell a lot about its carrier, show character and style. The spectacular mohawk is a hairstyle for self-confident men seeking to destroy boring stereotypes in society.

For the first time the Mohawk hairstyle was found on tribal Indians hundreds of years ago, but in the current interpretation it appeared only in the 80s of the 20th century, in the heyday of punk culture. Today there are quite a few options for hairstyles with Mohawk of various lengths and colors. Although it is no longer possible to say with confidence that the hair of a mohawk is only masculine, women with mohawk today are found at least as often as men.

How to choose the right hair Mohawk

The choice of this hairstyle for each is determined by several factors. This is the length, color, amount of hair on the head, face type. For the most courageous and decisive, a long Mohawk, set high, shouting with his aggressiveness and boldness, will do. For less temperamental men, the Mohawk hairstyle is short and has cropped temporal parts.

Eccentric natures can choose a Mohawk with colored hair, shaved patterns and patterns on the sides of the head. There is no limit to fantasies in the field of the Iroquois, masters are ready to perform any incarnation of an extraordinary person himself.

Men's haircut mohawk

Mohawk haircuts in the current version can be quite different in purpose and style. Some are designed to surprise and shock those around them with their brightness and assertiveness, others can bring romance and softness to society, radiating chic and elegance. Of course, such a hairstyle is hardly suitable for a business meeting, but for an evening look it may well be appropriate if the mohawk is short.

The width of the iroquois can vary from 15 to 2 centimeters, it all depends on the preferences of each person. There are no standards for this male hairstyle, unless a reasonable limit. Too long a mohawk will be difficult to lay on a daily basis, spending a lot of time and money on its fixation. Hair on the temporal areas can be either shaved off or short cut. A haircut with shaved temples will suit more truly punk fans, if the temples are neatly trimmed, the mohawk will look more relaxed.

Fashionable styling options Mohawk

Iroquois, for all its originality, quite fashionable hairstyle. Haircuts and styling with Mohawk make many celebrities - actors, singers, football players.

And the comb option is very romantic. Laying it easy, just with your hands and fixing means to lift hair up, and the result will be amazing.

Another fashionable way of styling a mohawk is to walk on it with an iron for hair, setting the right direction and creating a wave. This style looks very stylish, and you can do it at home without the help of craftsmen.

Iroquois - male hairstyle

With such a haircut, very short temples are made, sometimes even they are shaved, and a rather long head of hair is left on the central part, that is, from the nape to the forehead. The length of the main part can be from three to fifteen centimeters.

The male mohawk hairstyle can be suitable for different types of faces, as well as for different hair lengths.

Hairstyle short mohawk

Iroquois men's short hairstyles are now very common. Their appearance is quite decent and allows any man.
When Iroquois, the short hair of the whiskey is cut very shortly or completely shaved off, and the central part is made three or four centimeters long.

This hairstyle is unpretentious in styling, it does not take much time, it is enough to dry your hair after washing your head, combing it up. For better fixation, you can fix all the special means, such as varnish or mousse.

Mohawk haircut with bangs

For men with bangs, there are also haircut options with Mohawk.
With this hairstyle, the curls on the central part and bangs are made quite long. Then they fit in a chaotic manner, and the fringe remains on the forehead.

Bright coloring can perfectly complement the image, making it even more rebellious and unusual.

Creative haircut

A wide selection of various creative additions to the mohawk hairstyle is now available. For example, various patterns and patterns on the temporal part are considered very fashionable. At the same time, a pattern complementing the entire image is created on shaved temples. If the pattern gets tired, then you can shave the whiskey again in a very short time.

An interesting solution is the dreadlocks and all kinds of weaving in the format of Iroquois.

Who is suitable for a Mohawk haircut

First of all, it is suitable for courageous and extraordinary men who can afford to dilute such boring everyday life.

The hair should be straight, as with a different structure you will have to straighten it regularly, which can be very harmful.

Iroquois fits almost any face, but too narrow and stretched can become even longer, which will not look very nice.

Mohawk haircut for boys

For small men, such an interesting haircut will also be very appropriate and appropriate, of course, if parents want to try on this image on the child.

With a haircut, a mohawk a little dandy will feel confident and courageous. There are also additional advantages in that the hair does not interfere at all, and the hairstyle is very simple. Children's mohawk is about the same as an adult.

Mohawk female hairstyle

If a girl wants to show that she is bold and risky, then the female hairstyle of the Mohawk type can do an excellent job with this task.

Nowadays, this hairstyle can be seen more and more often on the head of various celebrities, although earlier it was only people of individual subcultures who preferred it.

Mohawk for women is not very different from the male, as the bulk of the hair is located in the central zone from the forehead to the neck. And in the temporal part, the hair is cut rather short, but imitation of shaved temples is allowed here by braiding from the sides or by smoothing the hair.

Thus, women can experiment and long hair.

Classic option

On the central part, the curls are made longer than on the side. In this case, the side can be completely removed. All the hair in the center rises in the form of a comb.

The classic version of the mohawk can also be performed on curly hair.

It is best suited for women, as the image becomes more romantic. The principle of doing the same, only a little hair straightens and stretched, and some curls remain hanging down.

Variant gothic

With this type of Iroquois, the hair is cut shortly in the center and rises, and at the temporal zone it is completely shaved.

With this hairstyle, the locks are sheared with elongation from the neck to the forehead. At the same time they can be combed up, and you can leave in the usual position. Looks great when the front strands fall on the face.

The long Mohawk gives the image a bit of femininity and tenderness, as the feminine length is maintained.

With one temple

With such a hairstyle, the hair on one side is made longer, and on the other, the temple is completely shaved. In this case, you can experiment with your image, then opening, then closing the temple with the help of opposite strands. Such styling is very fashionable among foreign celebrities who want to demonstrate their hooligan, but at the same time feminine nature.

Hairstyle of this type is perfect for medium hair.

Spit mohawk

But not all girls want to get a mohawk, cutting their curls and shaving their temples. In this case, you can use hairstyles similar to the Mohawk, for example, a stylish Mohawk braid. Doing it is not very difficult, so everyone can try.

The whole hair is divided into 3 parts. Lateral attached to the ears, so as not to interfere. Spit is woven from the central part. In this case, the hair is divided into four strands. Weaving should start as high as possible and continue to the place where there should be a tail. Hair on the sides are fastened with a rubber band with a tail braid. At the same time feathers pigtails can be a little straighten.

You can braid the braid to the end and hide its tip under the hair. With shaved temples, this styling option looks very impressive.

Mohawk hairstyle for long hair

From the middle of the length of the hair is wound. Side strands are fixed under the center. All curls little shag. It is important that the side strands are well hidden.

There are other ideas for creating a Iroquois on long hair.

Tail Mohawk

With this hairstyle hair, which should be shaved off just fit very smoothly and fixed, and the rest are voluminous.

How to make a mohawk hairstyle

For a start, all the curls are divided into three parts, while the central one should be about five centimeters wide. Then the whole hair is transferred to one side and the temple is treated with a razor. The length can be chosen independently depending on preferences. Then everything is thrown in the opposite direction and the same is done.
In this case, the central part can be of the same length over the entire area, or increase to the forehead.
The classic version of the hairstyle, which is suitable for both men and women is the stretching of the central part of the palms up. Then everything is fixed by special means.

See in the next video material how to do a haircut with a mohawk machine.

Distinctive features of haircuts

Characteristic features of Iroquois include:

  • shaven shaven or short-cut temples and occipital part, with a maximum hair length of 5 mm,
  • a strip of long hair of the correct form, located on the crown, its width is selected individually, within 15 cm.

The length of hair in a strip can vary, forming a comb. Original look colored strands. The length and shape of the bangs may vary depending on the individual preferences of its owner.

Hair Mohawk does not require complex care. After washing the head, it is enough to arm a comb, hairdryer and styling gel to give the hair an attractive look.

The mass passion for the Iroquois began in the eighties of the 20th century, when hippies were replaced by more progressive punks. Among the star performers, the first to start appearing in public with unimaginable hair was the frontman of the group Exploited. Today, the Iroquois is preferred by many celebrities: Ukrainian singer Ruslana, American singer R´n´B Rihanna, football players D. Beckham, C. Ronaldo, etc. Even high coca Gwen Stefani and Christina Aguilera, combined with smooth hair from the sides from afar, look like a mohawk.

The haircut owes its name to the eponymous Indian tribe who has long lived in the United States and Canada. Iroquois meant carefully preserved strand of hair on the scalp. She helped to distinguish a person from “her” tribe from a “stranger” from a distance. In battles with enemies, regrown hair made it easier to grip the head and speed up the scalping process. According to the decorations, the length of the hair and the way they were styled, one could judge the valor of the warriors and the number of enemies they killed.

Who will suit haircut

Hairstyle will go to all adherents of an active lifestyle. This style is suitable for representatives of creative professions - actors, musicians, composers, DJs, dancers, as well as young people, athletes, etc.

There are several categories of people whose mohawk will be unacceptable. These include:

  • officials and civil servants,
  • military,
  • occupying a leading position in a reputable company
  • politicians.

When selecting hairstyles and model haircuts, it is important to consider the shape of the face. Iroquois favorably with its versatility, it is suitable for almost all men and women.

Originally looks like a male mohawk

Short version

A short mohawk will suit both young men and adult males. This haircut is the most popular type of mohawk. It will suit men with any shape of face. However, this hairstyle should be abandoned by thin men, as the short comb visually emphasizes excessive thinness. In this embodiment, the haircut whiskey shave completely or leave hair length of 1-2 mm.

Fully shaved whiskey is an extravagant option that will not suit everyone. This style is preferred by football fans and extravagant personalities. For men, whose activity is connected with communication with people, a calmer image is suitable.

The comb itself in a short Iroquois is a strip 4 to 12 cm wide. The length of the hair, as a rule, does not exceed 3 mm.

A significant advantage of this hairstyle is unpretentious care. For laying the short comb you will not need special fixing means. In addition, creating the desired image does not take much time. In the photo below you can see several options for such a haircut.

Mohawk with long bangs

Mohawk with long bangs - the choice of brave and extraordinary people. Technique haircuts in this case no different from the classic versionHowever, the hair in the comb must remain long - in order to make a bang out of them. Laying long strands can be on the face, thereby creating a thick bangs, or back, forming a stylish elegant image.

Unusual patterns

Original drawings on the temples are an unusual way to change your usual image. Today, a variety of patterns on shaved temples are popular in women's and men's haircuts. But such details look especially beautiful with the male mohawk.

Patterns are shaved using a special hairdresser's typewriter. They may be located at both temples or at one of them. Geometric, animal patterns and ornaments are especially popular. However, the most extraordinary personalities can pick up the original drawing at will. The brightest and extravagant patterns on the temples you can see in the photo below.

Styling methods

If a short haircut does not need constant care, then the classic and elongated options require permanent stylingand modeling. For styling will need special tools: gel, foam and mousse, lacquer for fixing, thin and round combs. Consider the most popular styling options.

  • To create a casual hair look to comb, lay a beautiful comb and fix varnish.
  • For business meetings, you can make an elegant male hairstyle. To do this, add strands using special fixing means. put them back.
  • To create an extravagant image you can lay hair in the form of thorns. To do this, divide the hair into several strands and mix each from the tip to the base. Then, using a special modeling gel, form a spike from each strand and fix the hair with lacquer.
  • On long hair, you can create the most incredible styling. Very original looking small spikelet on the ridge or tail below.

The original haircut can be supplemented with unusual staining. Especially popular among men of different ages is highlighting or coloring individual strands. Original images with coloring are presented in the photo below.

How did mohawk become popular?

The first to create rearing hairstyles were warriors from Indian tribes. It turns out that the homeland of the iroquois is America, or rather the states of Ontario and Oklahoma.

Now everyone living in this area is civilians.But past generations of these people waged war with different tribes there.

The Indians raised their hair up, firmly fixing it in this state after soaking with a viscous substance collected from the bark of trees.

In the photo - an Indian warrior from the tribe of the Iroquois.

Then they put bright colors on the strands, which could pretty scare the enemy.

Hair with standing hair was considered the personification of fearlessness and power. She showed the enemy how much the warrior is determined to fight and how aggressive he is.

Men with protruding hair were seen again in the 1970s. Interest in this hairstyle has returned the appearance of various subcultures.

Specifically, the mohawk began to wear punks, who dressed stylishly and brightly.

Only for fixing the hair did not take the resin. To make the hair sticking up, the punks moistened them with sweetened water or beer.

Some even confessed that they put liquid borsch on their hair. At the time of the punk movement, the mohawk was regarded as a symbol of disobedience to generally accepted standards.

After dozens of years, the hairstyle with rearing strands became an original way to show your inner “I”, to emphasize the special style of a man.

Now this haircut does not prove their belonging to a particular subculture and do not show their attitude to the established rules, but follow the fashion trends.

Now Iroquois is perceived as a fashionable and comfortable male hairstyle. But several variants of this haircut are still very brutal.

Despite this, the stylists tried to make them accustomed to the Iroquois.

Mohawk is popular with many of the stronger sex. Some people prefer to make such a haircut in the summertime, in order to attract others with their extreme unusual look.

Photos of avant-garde youth mohawk.

Now the formation of Iroquois does not require any effort. To create it, it is not necessary to extract resin from the trees, which is not easy to wash off, or to use water with sugar that attracts midges.

Means that help maintain the form of Iroquois are represented by a huge assortment of mousses, gels and varnishes.

Types of extreme hairstyles: how to choose the right Mohawk?

Mohawk is not allowed to be worn by any male.

If a man has adopted a certain dress code at work, then he can hardly get a haircut like that. Although a short hairstyle with neatly sticking up hair is appropriate.

Iroquois in its classic version is suitable only for creative individuals engaged in music or dancing.

The rest of the men, who wished to be in the spotlight, can make themselves a short mohawk, as in the photo. This option is the most mundane, but this is no less fashionable.

But before you go to the hairdresser or do the Mohawk yourself, you need to familiarize yourself with some of the nuances. This will help to choose the right haircut, which will become the basis for creating a mohawk.

The first thing you need to pay close attention - is the length of the male hair. Iroquois looks harmoniously on the hair, equal to 5-10 centimeters in length.

Maximum hair should reach twenty centimeters. But such long strands will have to be laid much longer, and a lot of gel will take them too.

It is also important to decide on what area of ​​the head the mohawk will be located. This choice must be made by the man himself.

The strip of raised hair can take only a few centimeters, and may be more extensive, reaching ten or fifteen centimeters.

A short Mohawk is allowed to create on any part of the head. But traditionally it is located in the center. However, some men retreat from the classics and raise on one side of the head.

Other alternatives are possible.

Thinking through the look of future hairstyles, you need to think about whether you need to shave the temples, or it is better not to touch them. If a man decides that a razor is necessary, then he should heed the advice of stylists.

They say that whiskey is better to shave either under zero, as you see in the photo below, or leave a little less than one centimeter of hair.

A prerequisite for the implementation of this haircut - the use of high-quality styling products.

The hairstyle will not be considered a Mohawk unless the hair on the crown is properly fixed in a standing position.

Male short Mohawk will look great if slightly colored hair.

In this case, it is better to make toning or coloring in several shades, close to the natural color of men's strands.

Sticking up a strip of hair is definitely not suitable for a male with a broad forehead. Mohawk will not look spectacular on a man with a square or rounded face.

Big cheekbones, puffy lips and small eyes are also factors that do not allow for a brutal hairstyle, otherwise a man will look frivolous.

How to turn the hair into a mohawk?

Of course, the creation of a iroquois is better to entrust the hairdresser. But it is quite possible to do it yourself.

First you need to accurately determine the type of hairstyle, and then get competent advice from experts.

However, a man must make a choice, guided by his own wishes and fantasy.

The easiest way to make a fashionable raised haircut in the middle of the head.

Hair must be washed and a little dry. But for the process of cutting them better to leave slightly moist.

Man's hair needs to be parted. The strands from which the extravagant hairstyle will be created must be separated from the rest of the hair.

They can be tightened with a rubber band or hooked on with hairpins.

The width of the strips of protruding strands should be selected based on the length of the hair. On the hair of decent length, it is better to do a wide Mohawk.

In the photo - the so-called "studded mohawk."

Hair bunches in the temporal and occipital areas must be removed with an electric shaving machine or shortened with scissors.

The finished mohawk can be assembled into the tail if necessary, and not just stacked in a specific shape.

Laying iroquois may be completely different. Hair can be raised in the form of a crest of a wave or sharp spikes.

If a man wants to change a lot, he can make the hair dye in a rich natural color. Here a man needs to listen to his fantasy.

You can create a haircut with raised strands, without cutting and shaving off a significant part of the hair.

True, then you have to use a special styling tool that men do not like to do very much. Through the gel, you can raise the hair in the form of a tuft over his forehead.

To styling looked beautiful, you will need to slightly adjust the hairstyle. There is no urgent need to shave the head from the sides; you can slightly trim the temporal areas.

At first, this hairstyle will seem unusual to a man. But, noticing the curious and admiring glances of the ladies, the man does not want to part with such a bright way.

4 types of mohawk: how to put the comb

Mohawk is a hairstyle that came to us from the 80s. Throughout all these years, it has not lost its popularity, remaining fashionable and in demand among certain subcultures. Becoming a constant companion of punk lovers, she then turned to fans of grunge, alternative rock. Currently, it is not averse to some hipsters.

You can express yourself in the hair

For more than 30 years of history, it has changed and modernized. But the basic idea remained unchanged. Mohawk is still the choice of those who feel like an individual and strives to stand out from the crowd.

Types (types) of Iroquois for long, short and medium hair

Although initially the Mohawk was never a female hairstyle in the environment in which it appeared, nowadays girls choose this haircut quite often. Followers of certain subcultures, creative individuals with an unusual taste - these girls choose this extravagant hairstyle. Therefore, a female Mohawk haircut stands out in a separate type.

According to the type of form, the following types are distinguished:

  • Classic traditional. Whiskey shaved, two-thirds shaved the back of his head. A narrow strip of hair is left on the frontal and parietal parts and up to the occipital,
  • Non-standard types suggest some work with the temples. They are shaved or cut out the patterns, they are painted in different shades, etc.,
  • Gothic Mohawk involves shaving only temples. The rest of the area is short-cut to elongate in the center of the head,
  • A short male mohawk (like a female) can be elegant. This is achieved by a smooth transition from shaved temples to the central part of the head. At the same time, the zone in the center is left wider. This haircut is universal, because, with proper styling, is acceptable even for wearing in the office.

These types of Iroquois are only the basis for the creativity of the masters and the realization of the ideas of the clients.

Elegant short male haircut with mohawk

Women's or men's mohawk hairstyle does not necessarily look aggressive. It is quite possible to create soft, almost classic lines on short hair. The effect is achieved due to the fact that with short hair the transition from shaved to unshaven parts is not so obvious.

Only three-quarter temples are shaved on both sides. They need to shave, leaving two to three millimeters. On each side there is a zone of “transition” of 3–4 centimeters wide, on which there is a gradual elongation of the hair and a smooth transition from the shaved to the clipped part.

The back of the head is shaved by one third, and then cut to elongation upward to obtain the same smooth transition as from the sides. In the upper part of the head, the hair is cut so that the maximum volume and length is in the area of ​​the bangs. Such a haircut can only be done by a master, whereas a traditional Mohawk can be made a Mohawk at home. It is enough to separate strands of equal width on both sides from the side parting.

Patterns on the head for guys and boys

Patterns on shaved temples - a great way to make your hair even more original. The female hairstyle Mohawk is the most soft and elegant, and wanting to diversify it, many girls resort to drawing patterns.

The traditional option is shaving them. Masters can create a simple geometric pattern using a typewriter. Great detail can be achieved by applying a dangerous razor. Beard trimmers will help you get smooth lines.

Another way to apply patterns is to paint. Through special stencils on a slightly regrown hairs a tint varnish is applied. This option is not suitable for every day, but is good for visiting events.

The most extreme dandies and informals, who wear the Mohawk all the time, perform tattoos on that part of the head that is free of hair (passing on to the neck or small). Also used mehendi.

Evening hairstyle with bangs for women and men: a wide version

This variant of the mohawk is universal. It allows you to create a variety of styling, radically different from each other. Unites in itself features of both elegant, and classical option of a hairstyle. But for its implementation requires a significant length of hair.

  1. Making a mohawk for long hair is harder than for short ones.
  2. In a variety with bangs on the crown, a rather wide area is left, about the same width as in the elegant version for short hair,
  3. Whiskey shave, smooth transition is not done,
  4. The back of the head is shaved like a classic Mohawk,
  5. The remaining part of the hair is cut from the neck to the bang to lengthen so that the farthest from the forehead strands have a minimum length, and the nearest - the maximum.

This hairstyle fits in a variety of ways. You can make a mohawk classic and rebellious by putting it. You can comb the brow back so that it forms a smooth soft line. This option is more glamorous or official. Recently popular.

Fashionable styling for stylish people: adults and children

Independently putting a mohawk of considerable length (height) is almost impossible. It is necessary to do bouffins on wet hair and immediately fix the strands with varnish. Alone it is very difficult to do. The following will be required:

  1. Frequent comb,
  2. Styling foam,
  3. Lacquer strong fixation
  4. Wax or gel.

Wet hair process foam. Start making bouffant on each strand. Immediately fix it with varnish. After doing this on all strands, dry your hair with your head down. Give your hair the desired shape with wax.

Hair can be an expression of your emotions.


Who would suit a Mohawk hairstyle? It is popular among athletes, musicians. Office workers can choose the short option. Only men who have to adhere to the classic style of clothing will have to abandon fashionable hairstyles.

Haircut can be done on long or short hair. The sides can be cut short or shaved smoothly. Temples can be shaved at the temples. Holders of curls from nature should be aware that they will have to straighten. To form a mohawk was stable, you need to use styling.

There are several types of Iroquois:

  • kviff, strands at the neck are short and become longer at the forehead,
  • thorns, the hair is divided into strands in the form of needles,
  • classic, medium length hair,
  • wide, with short hair.


Mohawk Cropped Male Hairstyle - Most Popular. He does not fit unless the guys with a long face, as it will emphasize thinness. A short mohawk will look good only if properly cut. Discuss in advance with the hairdresser what width the strip will be and how long the hair will be.

Mohawk Cropped Male Hairstyle

The strip is made wide, from 4 cm. The hair on the crown is no longer than 4 cm, the temples are shaved or cut very short. This hairstyle practically does not require styling. If desired, you can put the mohawk with a gel.


Mohawk hairstyles for long strands are chosen by people of free views and representatives of subcultures. Classic Mohawk requires styling. Comb with frequent teeth is done bouffant at the roots, a comb is created and fixed with styling tools.

The top of the strip can be divided into several strands and a spike can be formed from each with the help of gel and varnish. It is more convenient to do with the assistant. Spikes are often painted in bright colors.


Modern Mohawk hairstyle can be performed both at the hairdresser and at home. The procedure will require a little experience, a clipper, sharp scissors and a comb. For styling - gel and varnish.

  1. Decide on the type of hairstyle, the length of the hair on the sides and at the crown, the width of the strip. Most often, the bandwidth is 2 or 4 fingers.
  2. Wet your hair with a spray bottle. Wet strands more obedient, easier to work.
  3. Part in the middle of the head. From this parting back down an equal distance on both sides and make side partings. Separate the future crown strip and secure with rubber bands or pins. These strands should not interfere with shaving temples. If the hair on the crown is long, then the strip needs to be made wider, so it will be easier to place the mohawk.
  4. Start cutting the sides. This can be done with scissors or a machine, after which use a shaving razor.
  5. The strands on the crown are trimmed with scissors with a sling up. Divide the strip into thin strands, shorten, leveling first.

To put the mohawk, use the gel. If the mohawk is classic, for long strands, then you will need varnish and hair dryer.First make a pile at the roots, so the hairstyle will last longer. Then straighten each strand with your hands, fix it with varnish and dry it with a hairdryer.

Men's Mohawk haircut is at the height of fashion. She is chosen by determined young people, creative personalities, sportsmen. If a long mohawk looks rebellious, then the short version or quiff becomes more and more popular and is perceived as an original model haircut.

Children's and teenage mohawk

Not only children like this hairstyle, but also parents, because she:

  • does not require complex care,
  • minimizes laying time
  • provides good cooling of the head in the hot season,
  • does not block the eyes of kids.

Each mother can easily give a child a sea of ​​positive emotions and make a haircut like an Indian leader. To entrust the application of unusual patterns, shaving zigzags at the temples better professional.

Laying a mohawk on a child’s head for a simple occasion. It is enough to sprinkle your fingers with varnish and form the desired height.

Men's conciseness

Men value conciseness and simplicity in both clothes and haircuts. The most popular among them continue to remain short forms that do not require complex styling. Decorate such a mohawk is easy, asking the hairdresser to shave a few bands on the temples.

The most courageous representatives of the male are eager to experiment, surprising friends and acquaintances with a long bang, colored or multi-colored strands, as well as bright colored ends and spikes.

For a person with sunken cheeks, the mohawk will not work, since the strip of hair will only emphasize excessive thinness.

The most extravagant version of the male mohawk is the forelock, left not in the middle, but at the side. Its length determines the length of the temples (the shorter the forelock, the rarer the temples).

David Beckham chooses a Mohawk haircut that suits him very much

Women choose extravagance

Iroquois on the female head looks elegant, but at the same time quite bold, throwing a kind of challenge to others. The most romantic will be styling with a thick tuft, curling large strands. At the same time, the temporal zone is not shaved, but simply shortly sheared and laid smoothly downwards.

With thin, brittle, emaciated hair, as well as with high cheekbones and massive chin, ladies better to abandon the iroquois.

Gothic style will require curling back. Over temples will have to work as a machine, leaving a minimum of hair. Here it is allowed to paint individual strands in different shades.

A bold version involves one shaved temple and a long bang, which can be given a different shape:

  • look down
  • change the direction of laying (one side, back, etc.).

Those who do not decide on a cardinal change of the image can be experimented by creating a mohawk in Photoshop. This will allow you to find a suitable option for styling and determine the correct length of the haircut. You can also make yourself a hairstyle resembling a mohawk: for example, braid braids on the temples.

Short mohawk

Classical haircut Mohawk with a short longitudinal strip of hair in the middle of the head - one of the most common. It is popular with both men and women. Whiskey can be issued in different ways:

  • shave almost naked with a machine,
  • gently cut, leaving a length of 3-5 mm.

The hairstyle neatly looks, does not require complex many hours of styling. Suitable for all face shapes, except elongated. Holders of a short Iroquois will have to keep track of their sporting form, as the haircut “obliges” to look good and toned.

It is possible to shape the desired shape in a few minutes. To do this, palm lightly sprayed with varnish, and then simulate styling.

Bangs as an addition to the image

Short temples and the same laconic nape in combination with a long bang produce an amazing effect. This is a stylish haircut, indicating the breadth and freedom of views of its owner. She likes progressive young people, regardless of gender.

Iroquois with a long bang is easy to turn into a trendy tectonic hairstyle. She creates a soft, feminine, at the same time bold and very attractive image. A striking example is the haircut of the famous singer Emma Hewitt, who has a variation on the theme of the Iroquois. On the one hand, the hair is shaved off under the typewriter, and on the other, a neat bob is made.

Iroquois with bangs allows you to make facial features more expressive, and your appearance - bright and memorable.

Emma Hewitt hairstyle draws attention

Shaving of the temples creates a wide field for the realization of bold artistic fantasies. Here, using the machine, you can create a variety of patterns, giving the image extravagance and special chic. This simple technique is in high demand among male athletes.

Shaved stripes that mimic tattoos are bold and active. They can be made broken, discontinuous or asymmetrical. An important plus shaved ornament - the possibility of frequent change of image. After all, the hair on the temples grow quickly enough, and a month later you can create a new masterpiece.

The simplest drawings are zigzags. More complex, but at the same time creating an amazing impression - three-dimensional 3D drawing.

The pattern on the temples needs regular correction, on average once every 2-3 weeks.

Universality of wide iroquois

A neatly made wide Mohawk can be laid in various ways (lift vertically upwards, construct spikes, lower to the side, etc.). With the help of simple modeling techniques with a similar haircut, you can go to a business meeting or a nightclub. Its features include:

  • shaved hair on the temporal region
  • a small ridge on top, formed by the bangs and parietal hair,
  • smooth nape.
A wide Mohawk visually changes the shape of a face, making it square

Haircut is suitable for both young and mature personalities.

It is easy to turn grown hair from below into a stylish tail, and with sufficient thickness, braid into a pigtail. If a wide mohawk gets bored with time, it is easy to transform it into a practical half-box.

How to make a haircut Mohawk at home: a step by step description

Make a stylish men's haircut, not inferior to the salon masterpiece, and you can at home. This will require imagination, desire, a little time and high-quality tools:

  • machines (for cutting and edging),
  • scissors for haircuts and thinning,
  • comb with frequent teeth.

Preparation and markup

Before you start a haircut, you must:

  • to make a parting in the form of a horseshoe with a comb, separating the temporal region from both sides of the head,
  • using a comb and a clipper, perform a shading (the comb moves along the contour of the silhouette of the future forelock).

Tidying up the hair starts from the temples, gradually rising to the back of the head.

Simulation of the occipital region and edging

The center of the head is clearly visible to others, so the slightest flaws here immediately become noticeable. The best option here is the Italian dish, when the middle is a bit down. Beginners need to follow the symmetry of the haircut.

The edging machine begin to perform with the temporal region, gradually moving to the crown.

The bang modeling will be easy if you divide the hair in several horizontal partings, and then in turn scissors give them the desired length and shape.

Creating a forelock

To create a tuft, a control line is marked with scissors, cutting the hair along the longitudinal parting that passes through the center of the head. Then the line is connected to the temples with several vertical partitions.

The front part of the head will require root filing. For its performance use the dangerous razor. This technique will help the hair to maintain volume.

Filirovka and edging

To get a haircut a holistic and attractive look, they cut the ends of the hair. This allows you to give a velvety and ease. The final touch is the edging with the help of a typewriter on the lower back of the head. Optionally, the line can be made flat, rounded or zigzag.

Mohawk is ideal for owners of straight hair. Curls make it difficult for a hairdresser to create a haircut, and for their owner when styling. For their straightening will have to apply additional funds, overdoing with them, it is easy to weight the hair and do not achieve the desired effect.

Styling iroquois

Unlike short, uncomplicated haircuts, styling iroquois should be given close attention. Most will have to tinker with styling forelock (upper hair). The growing out lower strands are allowed to fasten in a small tail.

A variety of styling products with strong fixation will help to give the desired shape to the dark hair and bangs. These include:

  • foam or mousse, which are evenly applied to wet strands, and then give them the desired shape with a hair dryer,
  • lacquer, which helps to preserve for a long time the desired shape of the tuft (applied to dry hair),
  • gel with a "wet" effect - for the construction of thorns,
  • modeling wax, using which you can split the chub into strands,
  • color varnish - to create a bright and creative image.

If the hair of the mohawk is rather long, a thick comb, rather than a massage comb, is useful in modeling hair.

With a studded Mohawk hairstyle you will always stand out from the crowd


The hair on the crown and bangs moisturize, then divided into several separate strands. Carefully combing them at the roots, give the desired shape to the ridge. Only after that it is possible to make drying with the hair dryer and fix the forelock with varnish.

Self-spiked - a complex technique that requires a certain skill. Therefore, you can attract assistants or contact a professional.

Extravagant Romance

Holders of shaved temples and long tuft can easily be transformed, creating a romantic image. To do this, apply a styling agent that does not make the hair heavier on the wetted strands. Then the strands gently combed up, but not with a comb, but with your fingers.

It is very simple and easy to create the required shape with your hands, but the result will pleasantly amaze both the owner of the haircut and those around him.

Owners of long hair

The happy masters of the long spit can also make a mohawk for one day (fauxhawk). To do this, it is not necessary to say goodbye to part of the hair. In the middle of the head high combed tuft or lift the hair, securing the lower part in the form of a braid or tail. The temporal zone is treated with gel, fixed with small hairpins or tightly braided "dragon", hiding the ends behind.

One name - different images

The main characteristic of the mohawk is the width of the strip with long hair left unmarked. It is measured by the width of the fingers folded together. There are such modifications of iroquois:

  • Gothic - hair is removed only from the temporal region,
  • lying - it does not require special styling products, the hair falls freely,
  • a classic, or a short version - in the center of the head there remains a narrow strip of short hair (maximum 4 cm), only a couple of centimeters wide,
  • American - a strip of moderate width of 2 fingers,
  • Siberian - a large strip with a width of 4 fingers,
  • Quiff - almost bald temples, smooth transition of short hair on the back of the head to the strip.

Unlike most hairstyles, where most of the hair remains intact, styling Mohawk implies mandatory haircut or partial shaving.

Quiff version of the mohawk looks very stylish

Mostly attracted the attention of the Mohawk with spikes. To put them, you need professional tools for fixing. The hair is gently combed, then it is divided by a comb into several strands (according to the number of future spikes). From each strand in turn form a sharp spike. The most courageous can paint them in various colors of a rainbow with ink for hair or resistant paint.

Mohawk haircut is suitable for people of any gender and age who are willing to experiment with their own way. Easy installation, versatility modeling and attractiveness - these are its main advantages. Given the variety of options for haircuts, everyone can choose a model for themselves.

Iroquois - hairstyle with history

The idea to make such a hairstyle first appeared in the days of Indian tribes living in America, on the territory of the modern states of Ontario and Oklahoma. Now the inhabitants of these territories lead a calm and peaceful lifestyle, but their distant ancestors, the Indians, were a warlike people. Forming a mohawk from the hair, they used a special viscous substance derived from the resin of the trees. Next, they painted their hair in bright colors, so as to frighten the enemy. Iroquois for them was not just a hairstyle, but a symbol of fearlessness and courage. His task was to demonstrate strength, aggression and readiness for battle.

Much later, in the 70s of the last century, the Iroquois found a rebirth. In these times all kinds of subcultures were actively developing. Especially popular was the punk movement. The main distinguishing feature of punks, besides bright clothes, was the mohawk. The hairstyle was fixed not by the resin of the tree, but by various improvised means, among which were beer, sweet water. And some even claim that borsch was used for these purposes. At this time, the mohawk was a symbol of protest against the standards of the system.

Mohawk in our days

What today symbolizes the mohawk hairstyle? For men, this is a way of self-expression and an effective tool with which you can emphasize your unique style. Haircut is no longer an indicator of some kind of informal judgments or belonging to a subculture, but is usually a sign of fashion. It is worth noting that making the Mohawk is much easier than before. Now it is not necessary to use hard-washed resin of trees or water with sugar that attracts insects. Instead, on the shelves there is a large selection of various tools. Namely: special hairspray, fixing gels and mousses.

How is a mohawk done

Hairstyle, this is often done in the barber shop. In the specialized salon any, even the most complex variations of such haircuts are performed. The master with experience will always be able to get the desired result and make you happy with the new hairstyle. A short mohawk can be done at home with a clipper. The principle of its creation is very simple. First, you need to separate the hair in a middle parting, then in each side is indented by half the width of the Iroquois. These strands are separated and, if possible, fixed. The rest of the hair on the occipital and temporal parts of the head is cut off.

The main task is to correctly determine the cutting center and to ensure that the transition length lines are smooth.

Who is the mohawk?

Before you go to the hairdresser and order a specialist to create a mohawk on your head, you should very well consider all the pros and cons of this hairstyle. Iroquois - male haircut, which may not be suitable for everyone. This hairstyle almost always visually pulls the face up. Therefore, the owners of a thin elongated face with sharp features, choosing this haircut, at risk to aggravate their problem.

In addition, even if you decide on such an experiment, you need to take a responsible approach to choosing the type and form of the Iroquois. People with round face shapes can look ridiculous if the strip of long mohawk hair is too thin. Conversely, a wide band can visually change the shape of a face and make it square.

Now more and more children can be seen, on whose heads there is a mohawk. Hairstyle for boys is quite suitable. Little dandies look cute and funny with similar haircuts.

Types of Iroquois

Those who were interested in the theme of the Iroquois, probably heard that, despite all their diversity, there are several specific types. The name of each of them depends on the width of the strip of long hair, and this indicator is measured with the help of fingers.

If the thickness of the strip is 2 fingers, this Mohawk is called American. When this distance is equal to four fingers, the hairstyle becomes a Siberian Mohawk. Shaving the hair only from the temples, the hair on the frontal and occipital parts of the head can be of any length, implying a Gothic Mohawk. The men's hairstyle is a short classic mohawk that has clearly defined parameters. Namely: hair length 4 cm, strip thickness 2 cm.

There are also more extreme types of Iroquois for the most extraordinary and courageous. For example, studded. When it is created, the strip itself is divided into several parts, each of which is recorded in a separate beam. It is possible to create such a variation only with the help of styling tools or initially to model during the haircut, making special “gaps” separating one spike from another.

Such Iroquois are considered a work of hairdressing, and it does not happen to see them so often. Much more common are the Iroquois, who are called recumbent. The length and shape of this hairstyle is chosen so that it looks attractive and stylish even without special styling.

Mohawk for girls

Not always a mohawk male hairstyle. You can often see similar "facilities" on the heads of girls. The most daring shave the temples and the back of the head, while leaving a thin strip of long hair that can be combed or laid in another way.

Girls can also do a mohawk hairstyle without a special haircut. To do this, you just need to smoothly comb the temporal hair and fix it with invisible top, and with the free strands you can already make the necessary manipulations, put it in or put it into the comb.

Iroquois - the choice of celebrities

Often, popular athletes, singers, film actors and other public figures choose a mohawk to create their bright image. For example, fans of this hairstyle among female celebrities are Riana, Pink, Gwen Stefani. At various times, the mohawk tried on Kimberly White, Ruby Rose, Vanessa Simpson. The same hairstyle can be seen on famous men associated with show business, such as David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo and others. And the soloist of the world famous and popular punk band The Exploited, Wattie Buchan, is even called the father of the Iroquois.

As you can see, a mohawk is a haircut that can give your image brightness, courage and audacity. But not always what looks beautiful and relevant in a nightclub will be also appropriate in the office, at work or in other everyday situations. Therefore, before you go to the hairdresser to carry out such an idea, you should definitely think carefully whether you will always be comfortable with such a haircut.

Watch the video: Different Ways I Style My Mohawk (November 2019).