The fish of my dreams: 10 rules on how to care for hair on vacation

On the beach, no way without sunscreen, so why deprive your hair, because they also need your protection! Use special sprays that create an invisible layer on the hair. So you will save the curls from the loss of not only moisture but also pigment. Treat your hair 30 minutes before going outside and repeat the procedure every two hours.

By the way, do not expect that a degree of protection will be indicated on a sunscreen for hair, as on a body cream. Look for the mysterious letters IPD, PPD, PA, UVA and UVB or the inscription "a wide degree of protection." We recommend:

Hair care at sea: how not to spoil the hair on vacation?

South, sun, sea, beach, summer ... Here it is rest and moments that spin in my head. It's great to have a rest! But do not forget about the hair! How to relax on the sea and protect your hair from relaxing on the beach? How to protect from the scorching sun and salt water? Our masters decided to share secrets of how to care for hair at sea.

Even before traveling to the sea, you need to get a hat. When you come to rest, we recommend hiding your hair for any sun exposure.

What could be the sea without diving into the water!

Before water procedures do not forget to comb. Otherwise, the sea will confuse hair, and you will have to exert a lot of effort to comb the glued hair.

We recommend swimming with hair loose, so the hair is not injured. There are cases when simply not to do without an elastic band. In this case, do not try to remove from a wet head. Wait for the hair to dry itself, and then unraveling remove. It is better if there are a couple of hands)

Comb wet hair should be carefully. Since there is a risk to confuse even more. To facilitate the procedure, wait for them to dry completely. Next, unravel the fingers. A comb start from the bottom up, from the tips to the roots.

At the end of taking water treatments, be sure to attend a shower. Wash your hair with shampoo and balsam. Possible and hair conditioner. We exclude a hairdryer - you already spent the whole day in the sun.

Master Board!

Relaxing yourself, let your hair rest too! Forget about gum and barrettes for a while. Sea water makes your hair heavier, increasing the load on the scalp. And hairpins tend to oxidize, do you want it? And remember: for additional moisturizing hair will only be grateful! Have a nice holiday!

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Preparing for the summer season, be sure to prepare for it and your curls. In summer, hair grows faster, so update your haircut or, if you grow a “braid”, cut at least the tips.

Any “aggressive” manipulations with hair: perm, dyeing, lamination or highlighting - should be done no later than 2-3 weeks before the holidays, so that the curls have time to adapt to the changes.

In the warm season, the usual hair care products should be replaced with summer lines with sunscreens, which practically any cosmetic brand has.

Fat masks for hair change to lighter conditioners. They have a less concentrated caring composition, and therefore do not weigh down strands.

Blake Lively, as well as Blonde Glam conditioner from Redken (1 650 rubles), 3-Minute Shine Boost cream from Alterna (2 340 rubles), Sun Care Protective Hair Veil sunscreen spray (AEDA). ), oil for restoring dry hair with oils of jojoba, babassu and macadamia from Yves Rocher (299 rubles).

Dyed or bleached hair should be given special attention in summer, as they need additional moisture. Pamper your hair: make light moisturizing masks with aloe, kefir, olive and essential oils.

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Apply protective hair for 15–20 minutes before going to the beach. Stylists advise spraying the spray on fat-type curls as they are, and on hair prone to dryness after lightly wetting. During the day, the tool should be updated - re-applied after each swim.

While resting on the sea, do not be afraid to "go into the pool with his head." Contrary to the opinion that salt water dries and spoils the hair, it is very useful: it contains about 26 useful trace elements - ions of sodium, magnesium, potassium, iodine, which strengthen the structure of the hair follicle. In addition, water has a healing and pleasant hydromassage effect on the scalp!

After bathing, do not immediately wash your head, let your hair absorb the beneficial substances of sea water. And only after 1-3 hours, rinse the locks with hot water and a mild shampoo, carefully massaging the scalp. Then apply a special spray to protect the hair from the sun.

Vanessa Hudgens, as well as sunscreen spray for normal and fine hair, Sun Protection Spray from Wella (365 rubles), Absolut Repair shampoo from L’Oreal (400 rubles), body and hair satin oil from Diptyque (50 dollars)

In general, in summer, especially with increased oily skin of the scalp, it is not recommended to wash the hair with hot water, as such effects cause the pores on the skin to steam out and open, and they begin to produce even more sebum. As a result, the hair becomes dirty and greasy faster.

For those who love hats and massive headbands, it is better to refrain from their long-term use when it is more than 20-25 degrees Celsius outside. Under a headdress or hair accessory made of synthetic materials, hair follicles do not breathe, and the pores are “clogged”. Due to lack of air and nutrition, hair becomes thinner and begins to split. If you spend several hours in the open sun, you need to cover your head with a light scarf made of natural fabric.

We are breaking the wave! 3 simple and trendy beach styling ideas

I don’t want to spend a lot of time on bringing my head in order on trips, but at the same time I want to see myself beautiful and well-groomed in my photos from the rest. For those who are faced with such a dilemma, our expert Elena Pisareva offers hairstyles for different hair lengths, which can be done independently in 5–10 minutes.


Curls and waves - one of the most romantic ways to relax. Braid a braid on wet hair and wait until it dries. Dissolve the waves and lightly brush your fingers. For larger volume, tilt your head forward and “beat” the hair with your fingers. The more braids, the smaller the waves. Spray the finished hair with lacquer. The hairstyle is suitable for hair of different lengths.

"Spanish knot"

Easy and beautiful styling that is ideal for wet and wet weather. Having distributed the conditioner on hair length, comb hair and collect them in a tail on a nape, fasten an elastic band. Next, braid the braid and wrap it around the rubber band, stabbed hairpins. To smooth hair, spray hair with lacquer and hold it with a comb to the base of the tail.

12 tips on how to protect your hair from sea water and the sun

1. Headgear

Nobody argues, hair needs air and sunlight. Therefore, in the warm season, most of us go without a hat. And in vain - during a beach holiday or long walks in the sun, a headdress is simply irreplaceable. It will save you from headaches, sunstroke and discomfort that is inevitable during the heat. Moreover, today any fashionable woman has the opportunity to easily choose a hat or kerchief according to her taste, because the choice of hats is simply huge.

2. Wrapping with a special fluid

On the tips of the hair is drier than the grounds. Under the bright sun they lose elasticity and become brittle. Therefore, after a day at the beach, use a special restorative fluid for hair. To enhance the healing effect, you need to wrap the treated hair with aluminum foil.

3. Protective spray

Special hair spray not only saves styling, but also reliably protects hair from the sun. Such products envelop every hair, creating a thin film around it that protects it from drying out sunlight. Particularly effective are sprays that create a fat-free waterproof film.

4. Oil protection

When going to the beach, apply a couple of tablespoons of natural oil to dry hair. It should be rubbed from the tips and above, to the roots. Jojoba oil is best suited as it is very similar in composition to natural hair lubrication. But you can use high-quality olive oil and grape seed oil. Excellent almond oil or shea butter, which is loved by many famous fashion models. Coconut and sesame oils save from burnout, and sasankwa is saved from falling out. All these types of oils do not make the hair heavy and soften the scalp. After applying the oil, you should brush your hair properly so that it is evenly distributed over the entire length. After that, just braid your hair or make a bun, and you can forget about hair care for the whole day. After returning home from the beach, simply treat the curls with natural shampoo and rinse with water. This way you can get rid of the water-repellent effect of the oil and wash your hair properly.

Today, cosmetic stores offer a variety of hair masks that are relevant in the hot season. But the mask can be made at home, for example, from burdock oil, bought in a pharmacy. Just heat the oil slightly and apply on the scalp. After that, put on a plastic cap for about an hour and wrap a towel around your head. As a result, get the effect similar to salon procedures.

6. Optimal haircut

If you have very thin and fragile hair, you should choose the best option for a short haircut. The fact is that the salty sea wind has a bad effect on thin hair - salt binds moisture and makes the hair heavier, depriving them of volume. For thin hair will be good haircuts, in which short lower hair support longer upper.

7. For long hair - comfortable hairstyles.

Many owners of long hair know how many problems arise with them in the summer, especially in hot weather. Of course, going to the beach is not a reason to change your favorite hairstyle, but still in the summer it is better to refuse complicated styling done with a hair dryer. Such styling is still difficult to keep on the beach. Instead, it is better, using a comb, to put a special gel on your hair, comb back your long hair and tie a ponytail. This hairstyle, though simple, looks beautiful and also protects from the drying effect of the sun.

8. For light hair - special care.

Blondes should remember that in summer, blond hair suffers much more than dark. They lack melanin, so they are less protected from exposure to sunlight. It is the blond hair that needs increased care in the summer to preserve its natural color and shine.

9. Funds after the sun

After a sunny day spent by the pool or the sea, hair must be properly washed to remove chlorine, sea salt and sand. For these purposes, special medicinal shampoos and balms containing various oils are particularly good.

10. Help with sunburn of the scalp

Alas, prolonged exposure to the sun sometimes leads to the fact that the skin receives too much radiation. This can not only cause unpleasant and painful sensations, but also permanently disrupt the natural balance of the scalp. If you are still overheated in the sun, tonics for your scalp with yeast extract and tea tree oil will bring relief.

11. Rinsing after bathing is a must!

After swimming in the sea or pool, do not forget to rinse your hair under fresh water. Salt and chlorine adversely affect the hair structure. From sea water, hair loses its natural moisture, and blond hair after bathing in highly chlorinated water can become completely greenish.

12. After vacation

Even returning from hot countries, continue to take care of your hair, making moisturizing and regenerating masks with natural ingredients. Hair dyeing should also be avoided at least in the first days after returning home, as chemical exposure will weaken them even more. Use special moisturizing oils for dry ends, and then your hair will shine with beauty and health.

How to prepare hair for the sea

So, you have tickets to hot countries, and in your head a to-do list: you need to buy a beautiful swimsuit, a summer dress, a comfortable beach bag and much more. However, many young ladies forget one important point - to prepare the hair for the holidays. Care for hair before a trip to the sea comes down to improving and moisturizing tired curls, giving them vital energy and strength to fight the aggressors - the sun, wind and water.

What should be done

Visit your hairdresser

Refresh the tips, make a shorter haircut: long hair is extremely difficult to “sponsor” with nutrients, and the beach season is a lot of stress for hair follicles, which will have to work twice as much to maintain a normal level of moisturizing hair.

An excellent choice would be a short haircut - you not only refresh your image for the holidays, but also make your life easier: short hair is much easier to style in “beach” conditions.

You can resort to hot scissors cutting - this is a popular salon procedure that allows you to get rid of dry, split ends and “seal” hairs.

Perform homemade hair care treatments:

  • moisturizing oil masks,
  • scalp massage
  • darsonvalization,
  • rinsing herbal decoction.

If your hair is prone to dryness and loss, drink a complex of vitamins. A balanced diet will provide vitamin-mineral complex ALERANA ®. Its components are divided into two formulas “Day” and “Night”, taking into account the daily rhythm of hair growth.

Do not forget to add a convenient headdress to your shopping list: an elegant hat will not only protect your curls from the sun, but also become a stylish accessory.

What not to do

Perm and dyeing!

This is something that your hair will not forgive you on vacation, so these are chemical aggressors. Damaged beauty procedures curls need rest and careful care, and not in the company of sea salt and sun.

If you still can not wait to change the image for bright summer photos, do it at least two or three weeks before the trip. So you let your hair "come to life" in the familiar climate and without undue stress.

What to do with hair on vacation

At sea, we try to escape from everyday worries, relax in body and soul. Tight work schedule, lack of sleep, regular stress - all this leads to the fact that our body is literally screaming for help and asking for respite. The same applies to our hair. The poor ecology of megacities, nutritional deficiencies and thermal experiments are depleting the vitality of curls. Therefore, vacation is as necessary for them. To keep your sea hair in good condition, remember the important rules of care.

What do we have to do

Give hair a break

In the literal sense. Discard the use of styling products, do not terrorize the hair with irons, hair curlers and metal pins. Let them feel the energy of the sea breeze and enjoy the fresh air. In addition, natural moist curls look very attractive and seductive, especially in combination with a bikini and summer dress.

In your arsenal should be present means for washing hair withUV protected

Such products are represented in many professional brands of hair care products. Do not interfere and moisturizing oils.Apply them regularly before sunbathing - so you can protect the curls from the effects of the scorching sun. For this perfect natural butter shea, coconut, almond.

If you go on an excursion for the whole day and do not plan to swim, you can in the morning put on your hair a special protective cream or serum. Such tools are present in many cosmetic lines and are designed for daily protection of hair from UV rays. They create a thin film on the hair and prevent the penetration of the "enemy" inside the hair without the effect of fat.

And of course, do not neglect the headgear

A hat with a large brim or a fashionable cap will cover your hair from the sizzling sun and highlight your bright and stylish look.

What not to do

Try to quickly and drastically solve the problem

Perhaps you think that your hair has turned into a straw, and you should cut it off immediately. Or maybe you decide to dye them in an attempt to refine the "desert" on your head? In any case, do not make a sharp "gestures" in the direction of the barbershop: your curls are tired and dry, you should not expect that the new haircut will successfully "lie". And the paint will not only finish off the damaged strands, but also will be quickly washed off: porous hair is not able to hold the pigment for a long time.

Summary: how to protect hair at sea

Going on vacation, do not forget that your hair together with you every day got up early, went to work, experienced all the “charms” of the weather and also want to relax. Therefore, remember the three main points of hair care before, during and after the sea:

  • protection,
  • intense hydration
  • gentle care.

Observing our recommendations, you will be able to fully feel the taste of summer, enjoying vivid impressions, breathtaking sunsets and new interesting acquaintances. And worries about the condition of the hair will pass you by.

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