5 bio shampoos: centuries-old recipes for your hair

Only clean and healthy hair can be beautiful. We must learn to properly care for them, and then you will become a real queen. The scalp is constantly updated, replacing one hair, others grow. Why do women and men sometimes experience hair loss? Loss is observed at a strong nervous tension, and growth at a normal state of health of the person. Conclusion - do not be nervous and take care of your hair, then you can feel better, and your hair will thank you with a healthy and gentle shine.

Basic rules for the health of your hair

Lack of vitamins in the body can increase dryness of the skin and provoke hair loss. In order for a woman to look beautiful and well-groomed, you need to know the basic rules for effective hair care:

  1. Monitor your health.
  2. Follow the mandatory rules of personal hygiene.
  3. Regularly comb, systematically massage, wash your head.
  4. Keep track of your hair.

If you wash your hair thoroughly every day, and then rinse, then you should use a mild shampoo, it is better to have an environmentally friendly shampoo at home that will not dry the hair roots.

Bioshampoo with such useful components as oil from germinated wheat (grains), royal jelly, jojoba, soy, while washing make dry hair strong and shiny.

Long hair is desirable to wash with a nourishing shampoo. Who is in a hurry, shampoo, it is better to take a soft one, and the conditioner in one tube is the best option.

If you have thin hair, then there should be a thorough care. Whose hair is naturally thick or curly should use a balsam conditioner.

It is necessary for every woman to adhere to these rules so that they are well-groomed and look great.

Different shampoos are suitable for each hair type. To find the right one, you need to check whether the scalp is irritated. It is advisable to make nutritional or wellness masks.

Shampoos with essential oils

When we dye the hair or do a chemical perm, the hair loses its strength and becomes brittle, as well as split. We need special shampoos for dyed, bleached hair. Hair should be rinsed with cold water in order to close the pores and prevent the release of sebum. This is important for those women, girls and girls who have oily or oily hair.

Healing Oil-Herbal Mask

This hair mask will require the following ingredients: one tablespoon of nettle, linden flowers, chamomile, 1 teaspoon of honey, better than flower and 10 cap. Tea tree oil, two crusts of bread, preferably rye, vitamins - A, B1, E, 1 capsule. Preparing a decoction of the above herbs in one hundred milliliters of water. Mixture infused for 30 minutes. and bread rye crusts are added to it for another 15 minutes. Vitamins are dissolved in honey with tea tree oil, after which all the compounds are mixed. When a healing mask is applied to the hair, the head is wrapped tightly with plastic wrap with a towel and left for 60-80 minutes.

Shampoos, ointments, rinses for dry hair

Dry hair requires careful care for the reason that if you choose the wrong shampoo, then they will split and the appearance will be unsightly and not beautiful. To do this, we offer you a great shampoo for dry hair, homemade masks and rinses.
Shampoo for dry hair.

To prepare nutritious shampoo for weak, dry hair, you will need 1 egg yolk, in which you need to put 2 tbsp. spoons of castor (ricinovogo) oil. All should be mixed and add 6-7 cap. Myrrh oil and 5 cap. ylang ylang. After bringing these ingredients to a uniform composition and wash the hair as well as a simple shampoo, while intensively massaging the scalp for 8-10 minutes. After the procedure, the hair should be washed with warm water, wiped with a soft towel and allowed to dry naturally in a warm room.

Ointment to strengthen dry hair

Experts recommend using ointment to strengthen weakened dry hair made according to popular recipes. Required to take 1 tbsp. a spoonful of dried burdock root, pour 200 ml of boiled water in an enamel saucepan and boil for another 5 minutes. on low heat. Broth should be reduced to half. After add 75 grams of nutria fat. The composition must be stirred until the fat is completely dissolved by adding 10-12 drops. tea tree oil. To completely saturate the fatty basis with the added herbs, cover the pan with a lid, cover the slits with dough and set in a warm oven for half an hour.

Shampoo for brittle hair

Shampoo for brittle, splitting hair itself is not difficult to prepare, if you have two (2) egg yolks that need to be mixed with one hundred milliliters of water with the addition of 100 ml. Russian vodka or alcohol. In the mixed ingredients are added 10 cap. juniper oil and a teaspoon of ammonia. Apply this tool on the scalp and, massaging it, evenly distribute. Within 10 min the head is easy to massage, and after all wash off the composition with running water.

All for greasy hair

Egg shampoo for oily hair

The recipe includes a minimum of components: 1 egg yolk, 2 tbsp. spoons of warm water, 10 cap. camphor oil. Mix all the components of this composition and wash the hair thoroughly with the resulting mixture, massaging the scalp for 10 minutes. After the procedure, wash the shampoo and rinse the hair with warm water.

Hair mask with burdock oil and brandy

Water is required for the recipe - 125 milliliters, 2 egg yolks, 130 milliliters of brandy and a few drops of pine oil. Cool boiled water to room temperature and pour brandy into it. Combine the yolks with pine oil, pre-whipping them. Both formulations should be mixed and the ointment obtained can immediately be rubbed into the scalp for 8 minutes. The product is washed off with warm boiled water.

Hair mask with garlic and honey

To prepare this mask will require 3 tooth. Winter garlic, finely grate and mix with 2 tsp of honey. Add beaten egg yolk, 7 drops of eucalyptus and tea tree oils. Separately prepare 1 liter of nettle tincture. Everything is thoroughly mixed. The resulting composition is rubbed into the scalp for 5 minutes, easily massaging and distributing the composition over the entire length of the hair. After covering the head with a plastic bag or a small polyethylene cap and tightly wrapped with a thick towel. Fifteen minutes later the mask is washed off.

Tips for those who are allergic to shampoos

Shampoo is used by a huge number of people daily. There are those who prefer to use natural products, but such people are few, because often they have been preparing their own shampoo for a long time, and there are also some disadvantages in them. But not everyone thinks that there are those who can not use shampoo due to skin reactions.

Shampoos with oils

When someone has a negative reaction in the form of an allergy to food, this product is excluded from the diet and after a while, maybe a long time, the allergy can stop appearing, and this product can be consumed again.

For those who are allergic to shampoo and just need to wait a moment, the best option is egg yolks. The first thing is that you do not need to cook anything. Enough to separate the white from the yolk. Probably everyone understands why they need to be separated. Because if the protein remains, it coagulates with warm and hot water. Therefore, if there is no desire to spend time in order to clean the hair from it (should be long) you only need to use the yolk. It is spent a little, for an average length of three pieces is enough. The wash itself happens as usual. Apply to hair and do the same if it was a shampoo. Of course, there will be no foam, as with shampoo, but it will not be difficult to distribute through the hair. Then flush everything with water and here is the most important point, let's say.

Shampoo and soap

Often in the network you can find reviews and even hear from friends who have tried this option, which then smells of hair and that they quickly become fat ... Although this point is discussed with regard to other popular methods used to cleanse hair. When you rinse everything off with water, type water in a basin and add a little lemon juice.

Another option that can be advised is a chamomile decoction. It is also good for hair, it becomes stronger and it will also help to clean the hair. Therefore, this option will be more suitable for you. In general, if you wish, of course, you can use different decoctions, this is from your imagination and preferences, different plants affect hair differently, but as you understand this positive effect.

Pea shampoo

It will take:

  • 100 grams of dry peas and water.

Peas need to grind in a blender or coffee grinder, pour warm water, stirring until liquid sour cream, and leave the mass to infuse in a warm place for 8 hours. Stir the mixture before use, rub it into the roots and leave as a mask for half an hour. Then rinse with warm water.

Such a component is traditionally loved to be prepared in China. It perfectly cleans the skin from dirt and grease, scrubs it and helps to stay fresh longer.

Dry homemade shampoos

Dry shampoo is an express shampoo. Fast tool that will help to bring hair in order without spending a lot of time, a find for often greasy hair. This method will clean the fat from the hair in the intervals between full-fledged washing of the head, taking you a maximum of 15 minutes.

How to make a dry shampoo at home: prepare a blender, brush and containers for it.

You can apply with: pepper shakers, brushes for blush.

Remove: comb, bamboo massage comb.

Dry shampoo with soda

By experimenting, there were a few simple recipes for dry shampoo with soda:

  1. Simplest. It only requires baking soda. It should be applied to the dry scalp and rub in with massage movements. Soda will quickly absorb fat from the hair. Then it must be carefully combed out with a comb. Water is not required.
  2. Mix one-to-one mixture of soda and potato or cornstarch and apply to the root zone, massaging the head with hands for up to 5 minutes. Then comb the mixture comb.

This homemade soda shampoo is suitable for oily and normal hair type.

Dry oatmeal shampoo

For oatmeal shampoo you need 3 tablespoons of dry oatmeal, 2 drops of calendula essential oil, 3 drops of any favorite essential oil.

The flakes need to grind into flour and then add essential oils. To stir thoroughly. The mixture can be used as a shampoo. It is suitable for owners of chestnut or dark brown hair.

Dry cocoa shampoo

The usual cocoa powder without impurities is acquired. For one use you will need 3 tablespoons. They also put on the roots and comb. Cocoa is perfect brunettes. It will emphasize the depth of the dark color and well absorb fat and give a pleasant smell.

The uniqueness of bio shampoos from the company "Home Cosmetics"

Homemade cosmetics Bio Hair Care is made from natural ingredients, therefore, contains the minimum amount of preservatives. The unique properties of bio shampoos:

  1. nutrition, strengthening the hair roots and bulbs,
  2. strengthening the skin of the head,
  3. protection from the harmful effects of the environment (ultraviolet radiation, oxidation),
  4. cleansing hair follicles from the accumulation of dead cells,
  5. Preventing the section or breakage of hair
  6. growth promotion
  7. restore natural shine.

Bio shampoo will help restore your hair

The labels on the shampoos indicate the composition, but the list does not contain silicone, parabens, dyes or sulfates. Refined products, as well as other aggressive harmful components also destroy the hair structure.

Organic shampoos are easily recognizable by the following features:

  • no strong smell (no synthetic fragrances),
  • natural muted colors (no artificial colors),
  • medium or small fluffiness of the foam (no sulphates),

Bio shampoos do not contain sulfates

  • special icons on the packaging or a jar, denoting naturalness,
  • soft wash base
  • the presence of natural essential oils or extracts,
  • lack of components of animal origin.
  • In addition to the above, organic shampoos are poured into modern eco-friendly packaging that can be recycled.

    All products are made from environmentally friendly products.

    Egg product for restoring damaged hair

    Egg bio shampoo basically has lecithin, which heals damage to the structure, restores each hair from the inside. Means provides good moistening. The curls become smooth, elastic, begin to radiate shine, radiance.

    Milk cosmetics with a moisturizing effect.

    Milk bio shampoo is created on the basis of goat milk with the addition of various extracts that moisturize and nourish the hair along with the skin of the head. Unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins contained in milk, control the work of the sebaceous glands, saturate the strands with vitality, radiance, beauty.

    Milk Bio Shampoo

    Beer shampoo for soft and silky strands

    Beer bio shampoo based on natural brewer's yeast strengthens and protects the hair. Vitamins of groups B and D return natural shine to curls, reduce brittleness, return elasticity, softness, and silkiness.

    Home Cosmetics

    High quality is confirmed by numerous reviews.

    The products of the company "Home Cosmetics" made from natural materials and has a democratic price. A nice bonus is that the price of the above-mentioned shampoos from the company "Home Cosmetics" is quite affordable, so that everyone can afford to try the tool on their hair. Affordable price in no way affects the quality of funds. And the use of time-tested folk recipes in combination with their improvement ensures the quality and naturalness of the products for hair care.

    Dry almond shampoo

    It will take 1 cup of peeled almonds. They need to grind into flour and use like any other dry shampoo. Most of all, it is suitable for light brown hair color. It will not give an additional shade, but the original color will not change.

    The undoubted advantage of dry shampoo is that it is ideal when there is not enough time to do the washing or new styling, as well as on trips. After all, when you are at an important event, a business meeting, on the road for about 3 days and you do not have time or simply do not have the opportunity to wash your hair in the usual way.

    But there is one rule: you should not use it often, use it as an additional care, without transferring it into the main one.

    Tint shampoos

    Prepare a tint shampoo at home is also easy. If you take the above recipes, obscure the color of the recipe with oak bark. Lighten - banana, clay and honey. A shampoo made from tansy flowers will add a golden hue.

    Gelatin and mustard shampoo hair color, as a rule, do not change. They just pull the dirt from the hair scales and smooth them, thereby emphasizing the original color.

    How to lighten hair without blondeon folk methods? ⇒⇒⇒ Learn more

    The recipes of bio shampoos were used by our ancestors even before the appearance of shampoos with chemical composition. The disadvantage of the latter is that cosmetic products use indelible silicones, sometimes mineral oil and other harmful substances that tritely clog the pores of the scalp and spoil the hair scales.Due to the lack of nutrients in the cuticle, gray hair appears faster, the bulbs fall asleep, baldness is provoked, and the hair itself becomes thinner and split. Recipes for natural shampoos with their own hands are not difficult to prepare and are the best alternative to healthy hair.

    Recipe number 3 - shampoo for colored hair

    It is known that even the most gentle, according to the manufacturer, paint can ruin hair. Therefore, if you dye your hair, cook homemade shampoo necessary, given this factor. The recipe is also suitable for damaged hair and curls with split ends.

    • egg yolk - 2 pieces
    • honey - tablespoon
    • favorite essential oil - a few drops for the smell

    Separate the yolks from the proteins. Warm up the honey a bit (it’s convenient to do it in the microwave). Mix yolks with honey in a bowl until smooth, pour a few drops of your favorite essential oil to give a pleasant smell to shampoo.

    The mixture is applied evenly over the entire length of the hair. Hold the shampoo for 5 minutes, then rinse with warm water. It is worth noting that the part of the honey, perfectly washed off with running water. The effect of the use of shampoo will be noticeable after 2 weeks. Hair will be shiny, healthy and docile. It is recommended to wash your hair 2 - 3 times a week. Contraindications for such a shampoo.

    Recipe number 4 - shampoo for normal hair

    Owners of normal hair type, you can use herbal infusions, essential oils, dairy and other products. The easiest recipe is banana shampoo.

    • banana - 1 piece (half of this berry is enough for short hair)
    • egg - 1 piece
    • lemon juice - tablespoon

    Grind a banana (it is convenient to do it with a fork or blender), add egg and lemon juice, mix all the ingredients well, you should get a mushy consistency. The resulting mixture should be smeared with hair and hold for 3-5 minutes. Rinse with warm running water.

    There are no contraindications for shampoo, it is recommended to keep it for no more than 2-3 days, but still it is better not to be too lazy and make a new, fresh batch before washing. The effect of shampoo appears after the first application. Hair comb well, shine, get a healthy look and stay clean for a long time.

    Recipe number 5 - shampoo for hair growth

    Good powdered mustard stimulates hair growth.

    • mustard powder - 2 tablespoons
    • warm water - 500 ml

    Pour the powder into a convenient container, slowly pouring water into it while stirring. You should get a mass similar to thick sour cream. It is applied to the entire length of the hair, left for a few minutes and washed with water. The procedure must be repeated at least 2 times a week to achieve the best result.

    The mixture is best prepared immediately before use and do not leave for future use. The result will be noticeable in a few months.

    And finally, dhomemade hair shampoo, in comparison with the purchased one, it will always have the best effect, because it contains only natural, fresh ingredients.

    Advantages of homemade products

    Most purchased shampoos contain ingredients that adversely affect the hair structure. As a result, the strands look dull and unhealthy, and a day after washing you have to repeat the same procedure again to return a fresh look to your hair.

    It is necessary to note the presence in the composition of almost all shampoos sodium lauryl sulfate, also known as SLS. This substance washes away not only dirt, but also the natural fatty covering of the hair. The product with the content of this surfactant must be quickly foamed, distributed over the entire length of the hair and rinsed well. Before this, wet your hair well with water so that they cover with a protective, a kind of film.

    Hand-made shampoos have a number of advantages over their counterparts, including:

      Formulation development and its implementation in practice is a very interesting process, it can easily go into a hobby.

    You make shampoo only from those components in which the useful properties of which you have no doubt. You know exactly what this or that ingredient is responsible for, in what dosage it can be used, etc.

    High-quality natural ingredients in the correct dosage will not only harm the hair or scalp, but also have a beneficial effect on the structure of the curls.

    The effect of using "home" shampoos is much higher than the result of the use of conventional purchase means.

  • Knowing the principles of making shampoos for different types of hair, you can make good money by selling your own hand-made products to other “natural” lovers.

  • What ingredients can be used in shampoo

    There are many ingredients for hair care, here we will examine some of them.

      Base Lavante neuter BIO - neutral washing base. This French is a completely natural product that can be used not only as a base for shampoo, but also as a shower gel. It is a clear liquid with a yellowish tinge, does not contain dyes, synthetic fragrances, silicones, parabens and other harmful components. Only one base will be enough to wash your hair well, but it is better to add active ingredients to it to get a full-fledged cleansing product. The shampoo, which is certified according to Ecocert standards, is suitable for all types of hair and skin, even sensitive. Base Lavante neuter BIO includes natural ingredients, including mineral water, Damascus rose hydrolat, linden and verbena, and lactic acid.

    Panthenol (Provitamine B5) - colorless viscous liquid, widely used for the manufacture of cosmetic products marked "natural". Provitamin B5 strengthens hair along its entire length, contributes to better combing of the strands, better hair growth, soothes irritation and reduces itchy scalp. The optimal dosage is 2-5%.

    Squalene (Squalane v? G? Tal d'Olive) - fatty colorless liquid that prevents dehydration of hair. The product, which has emollient and antioxidant properties, is used to care for dry and dyed hair in an amount of 5-15% of the total weight of the finished product.

    Lactic acid (Acide lactique) - colorless liquid, widely used to reduce the pH of cosmetic products to the desired value, including shampoo. This substance makes the hair softer and shiny, while eliminating dead cells from the skin of the head.

    Natural Coconut Silicone (Emollient Coco Silicone) - fatty colorless or pale yellow liquid with a neutral odor, makes the hair silky to the touch, protecting them from environmental influences. Used for curly, dehydrated, dyed or damaged hair in the amount of 3-20%.

    BTMS Emulsifier (Emulsifiant BTMS) - white granules with a slight smell of ammonia, which is a plant emulsifying wax. The component can be used in shampoos, conditioners and masks at a dosage of 2-10% to obtain a stable emulsion for hair care, making them soft and silky. This wax reduces the pH of the final product.

    Nettle powder (Poudre d'Ortie piquante) - green fine powder, strengthens the hair, helps to cope with their loss, regulates sebum. Used in an amount of 10-20% of the total mass of shampoo.

    Ceramides (Actif cosm? Tique C? Ramides v? G? Tales) - a valuable brown viscous liquid, withdrawn from sunflower oil, which improves the strength of the hair. This substance helps to protect the curls from damage as a result of painting or straightening with the help of ironing, prevents dandruff, makes the strands more shiny. The optimal dosage is 1-5%.

    Active honeyquat - component derived from honey, used in shampoos "2 in 1", conditioners and masks. Improves shine and texture of the strands, makes the hair more resilient and soft, facilitates combing. Good effect on dry and dehydrated hair, curly and damaged by perm or painting. In the finished product takes 2-5%.

    Mac Active (Actif cosm? Tique Maca vital) - a viscous fluid that stimulates the growth of strands, preventing hair loss by improving the resistance of the bulbs to external factors. Used in quantities of 1-5%.

    Active keratin'protect - a viscous liquid from light brown to brown color, extracted from the extract of brown seaweed. It is noted for its ability to make curls more shiny and resistant to high temperatures. In addition, the component boasts moisturizing properties. Add to other ingredients shampoo in an amount of from 1 to 5%.

    Hydrolyzed rice protein (Prot? Ines de Riz hydrolys? Es) - an asset used in shampoos, aimed at giving the hair volume and to prevent loss of moisture. Also, this substance with an optimal dosage of 0.5-5% facilitates styling.

  • Babassu Foam (Tensioactif Mousse de Babassu) - component, which is a very mild surfactant, which has foaming functions. Babassu foam in an amount of from 2 to 10% gently acts on the strands and facilitates easy combing.

  • Essential oils simultaneously play two roles. Firstly, they give the product a special aroma, and secondly, they really can be combined with other components to solve some problems (greasy hair, hair loss, dandruff, etc.).

    For dry hair, you can use the essential oil of mandarin, frankincense, sandalwood, jasmine, and others; for oily hair, sage, rosemary, grapefruit, pine, and when you fall out, use rosemary or petigreina oil. If you have other oils in stock, do not rush to order the above-mentioned esters, it is quite possible that your options are perfect for adding them to the shampoo and improve the condition of your curls.

    Shampoo for dry hair: a recipe

    For the preparation of shampoo for dry hair will need the following ingredients:

    • Neutral base (Base shampooing neutre BIO) - 87.6%.
    • BTMS emulsifier - 5%.
    • Xanthan gum - 0.3%.
    • Natural silicones (Silicone v? G? Tal) - 3%.
    • Active Fucocert - 1%.
    • Asset Squalene - 3%.
    • Aroma "Amber treasure" - 1%.

    Place neutral base and emulsifier in one pot, put in a water bath until BTMS is completely dissolved. Remove the phase from the heat and mix the components well for three minutes. To quickly reduce the temperature of the mixture to 40 degrees, put a bowl containing refrigerated for a few minutes. Now add xanthan gum, it should be mixed with the base and emulsifier for 10 minutes, then the rest of the ingredients.

    Shampoo for oily hair: a recipe

    For oily hair you can make shampoo from such components:

    • The neutral base is 90.6%.
    • Essential oil of noble laurel - 0.3%.
    • Asset MSM - 1%.
    • Algo'Zinc active - 5%.
    • Active Honeyquat - 3%.
    • Dye "Liquid chlorophyll" - 0.1%.

    Place neutral shampoo in a bowl, add the rest of the ingredients to it, mixing well between each batch. Transfer the mixture to a clean bottle.

    Shampoo for normal hair: a recipe

    If you think your hair is of a normal type, you can pay attention to the following shampoo formulation:

    • Tensioactif Base consistance (SAW) - 35%.
    • Babassu foam - 7%.
    • Distilled water - 32.6%.
    • Lime hydrolat - 20%.
    • Orange essential oil - 0.5%.
    • Aromatic cherry extract - 0.5%.
    • Active Rice protein - 2%.
    • Lactic acid - 1.8%.
    • Cosgard Preservative - 0.6%.

    Mix in one container surfactant and Babassu foam. For a homogeneous translucent consistency you can prepare a water bath. Carefully add water and hydrolat to them, then the remaining ingredients. Pour the finished product into the jar using a small funnel or in another way.

    Shampoo for dull hair: a recipe

    If your hair has lost its luster, you can prepare a product whose formulation includes the following components:

    • Distilled water - 57.9%.
    • Emulsifier-conditioner - 4%.
    • Lactic acid - 2%.
    • Weak surfactant (Base moussante Douceur) - 20%.
    • Babassu foam - 6%.
    • Active Phytokeratin - 5%.
    • Aromatic pineapple extract - 2%.
    • Lemon essential oil - 0.5%.
    • Grapefruit seed extract - 0.6%.

    In a clean heat-resistant container, add an emulsifier-conditioner, lactic acid and water, put in a water bath. For better dissolution, mix the ingredients with a spoon or a special glass rod.

    In a different container, mix the surfactant and Babassu foam. When the components that were heated in the water bath melt, slowly pour them into the second phase, stirring with a cappuccino or a stick.

    When the mixture has cooled slightly, supplement it with the rest of the ingredients, mixing the contents after each injection. The optimum pH of the finished product is 4.5-5.

    Dandruff Shampoo: Recipe

    You can not get rid of dandruff and, at the same time, want to have shiny beautiful hair? Why not make your own shampoo by preparing the following ingredients:

    • Surfactant, Base moussante Consistance - 5%.
    • Cade essential oil - 0.05%.
    • Grapefruit essential oil - 0.3%.
    • The neutral base of the shampoo is 88.65%.
    • Asset MSM - 3%.
    • Vegetable ceramides - 3%.

    Heat a surfactant slightly in a water bath until a translucent mixture is obtained. Add essential oils, mix well, and later - a neutral base. At the final stage of shampoo production, pour the assets into the mixture, mixing before each addition. The optimum pH of the finished product is 5.5-6.

    Shampoo for hair volume: a recipe

    Owners of fine hair are recommended to use products that are designed to increase the amount of strands. If you can not find a suitable tool for your hair, you can prepare it with your own hands, for this you will need:

    • Neutral base (Shampooing neutre BIO) - 83.7%.
    • Emulsifier-conditioner - 5%.
    • Lactic acid - 3%.
    • Babassu foam - 5%.
    • Essential Oil Sweet Orange - 0.2%.
    • Aromatic apricot extract - 0.6%.
    • Active Vegetable Collagen - 2%.
    • Asset Rice proteins - 0.5%.

    Put on the water bath conditioner, neutral base, and also lactic acid, and when the mixture is completely dissolved, remove from heat. The next step is to add Babassu foam and orange essential oil, as well as other ingredients.

    Finished shampoos must be kept away from light and heat. Subject to this recommendation, the expiration date of the funds will be from three to six months.

    Watch the video: Homemade Natural Shampoo (November 2019).